Oct 3, 2011

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Ao no Exorcist episode 25

Ah geez, another great anime that meets its end. I really enjoyed watching this, really. I’m pretty sure that they could’ve milked quite a few more episodes out of this, but oh well…

Rin and Yukio finally fought Satan and his demon army together; it was the battle that we were all waiting for. The rest of Rin’s friends took off to fight off demons on another front with the use of their special keys. I would like to point out that I still dislike the character Angel, he’s a total tool, but I do have to admit that his attack is badass.

Rin, Yukio and Blackie, Rin’s familiar, headed towards the gate that connected both worlds. They had to destroy it as soon as possible, before it destroys the world. Riding on a demon cat’s back is hard enough, let alone having to fight of thousands of incoming enemy demons. When Rin fell and Yukio grabbed his hands, something happened, the brothers’ powers suddenly merged into this blue-flame phoenix that headed straight for the gate. The brothers finally succeeded and destroyed that damned gate, causing Satan and his followers to lose the ability to shift between worlds like that.

Everything returned back to normal; Rin went back to school with his classmates, Yukio was once again a teacher, Shura and Angel were still fighting demons as well as each other and Mephisto is still the same old sinister bastard that observes things from behind the scenes.  Seriously, he contributed nothing to this fight, absolutely nothing.

After that Yukio, after having obtained some of Satans memories when he was possessed by him, takes Rin to the place where their mother gave birth to them. He was doubtful of their existence, he wasn’t sure if this world was ready for them. But Rin spoke his mind and life went on. The two went back to the world of exorcism, but with a lot of change. Rin finally started following his own sense of justice, no more pointless killing. Every story has two sides, and he wouldn’t kill until he heard both of them.  I was very happy to have seen that, truly a great ending, bravo!

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Sep 26, 2011

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Ao no Exorcist episode 24

Man, I wish I had this episode yesterday when I was tackling that bowl of ice cream. It’s a shame knowing that this anime ends next week, it definitely has to potential to go on much longer.

The time has finally come. Satan, who has taken over Yukio’s body, wants to merge Assiah and Gehenna in order for demons and humans to coexist in the same world. Goes to show that Satan is desperately trying to fulfill Yuri’s wish, that he cared for her and will do anything in order to fulfill that one wish. Sure, his methods of doing so might be wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Vatican wronged him first. I suppose it’s human nature to fear something you cannot understand, fear changes to hate and hate changes to violence.

Satan is constantly guarding the portal that connects both worlds. He plans on using it for his demonic invasion. He wants to fulfill Yuri’s wish, but Yuri didn’t want it like that, she wanted demons and humans to coexist peacefully, without regular occurring bloodbaths. Rin and the rest planned to use that to their advantage. Someone would distract Satan and engage him in battle, whilst the other one destroys the gate while Satan is busy.

One thing led to another and now Rin, who was supposed to destroy the gate when he had the chance, comes help Shiemi and Shura, who were about to be killed by Satan. Rin knows he can’t defeat his father, but he would be damned if he let his friends die. His only chance was to hold out against Satan while he tries to get through to Yukio. Rin keeps shouting his name, but it doesn’t seem to be working, he’s just getting beaten by Satan. Satan was just about to deliver the finishing blow when Yukio hears Rin’s calls. Rin regained consciousness and some of the control over his own body. Yukio wanted to kill Satan along with himself, in order to save his brother and the rest of the world, but Rin stopped him must in time. Rin told him to stop acting cool and to return back to normal, and that’s when Yukio gained full control over his body. Satan’s hold over him was gone, causing Satan to vanish back to the Demon world. But Satan can still destroy the world by merging Assiah and Gehenna, as the gate is still open.

The next episode will be the last, which is a shame, but it also promises to be one hell of an episode! I cannot wait to see how Rin is going to defeat his father, what Yukio is going to do and what Mephisto’s roll is in this, he just sits there in the air watching the show likes it’s a ballgame. We’ll see.

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Sep 20, 2011

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Ao no Exorcist episode 23

I knew it. I damn well knew it! Yukio is just one big tool. He thinks he’s all that, but in the end it’s Rin who prevails. Rin is the type of guy that acts based on his own sense of justice, he has his morals, his own idea of right and wrong. Yukio on the other hand just does everything that his superiors tell him to, which makes him the perfect tool, just one small lie is enough to get his engine fired up.

In the end Yukio ended up awaking too. But, unlike Rin, he cannot control that power. In fact, after seeing the truth, he ended up getting possessed by his father, Satan. The truth being that their Mother once acted as Satan’s medium. He, at that time, meant her no harm. But their grandfather did not like that, especially after hearing that she had become pregnant with Satan’s children. He immediately ordered for her and the unborn children to be executed.

Why? Why must they be killed? They didn’t do anything wrong. Until that day Satan didn’t do anything wrong, for as far as we know, either. I understand now why Satan did what he did, I would go on a rampage too if the lives of my loved ones were in danger. Satan was just trying to find an medium that could hold his power, whilst all the exorcists were busy slaughtering his kind.

Their grandfather ended up opening a gateway to Gehenna alright, but it would only to them wrong. They opened up a path where demons could travel to Assiah, many demons indeed, including their leader Satan. It’s up to Rin now. Rin, the same guy who all exorcists labeled their enemy because of his family tree, will have to face his father once and for all whilst battling his own demons.

I can only hope that the fools who call themselves exorcists will stay out of his way if they cannot be of any use to Rin. It’s their fault, no matter how you look at it. But on the other hand, it could’ve been Satan’s plan to impregnate their mother in order to create a perfect vessel for him, i’m still not too sure. The anime is nearing it’s end, I cannot wait for the next episode.

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Sep 12, 2011

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Ao no Exorcist episode 22

I knew it. I fucking knew that something like this would happen. I became skeptical during the last few episodes, things just didn’t seem right in the exorcist society. This episode has been one big disaster.

It starts out with several new announcements. The new pope, who happens to be Yukio and Rin’s grandfather, assigned Yukio as a Paladin in order to run the new operation. This operation was one big, one-sided mass slaughter. The new pope created this elaborate operation to kill all demons, good or evil, it didn’t matter. He gave the exorcists new weapons, weapons who all had the same symbols on them. Every time a demon got killed, some of its energy was transferred to the weapon via that symbol.

People got suspicious, as to be expected. Some of Rin’s classmates just didn’t think it was right and got careful from thereon out. A demon out of nowhere attacks the exorcist camp, not out of hate for humans in general, but because humans killed its kin for no reason. Rin heard what that demon said before Yukio killed it. Yukio was blinded by the promise that his grandfather made him, he wanted to kill every demon in sight, including Rin’s black demon cat. Rin took the defensive in order to protect his demon friend, but he got knocked out by Yukio, who briefly let his demon side get the best of him.

Rin was taken to a dungeon where he wakes up and meets up with Mephisto. Mephisto, after hearing what Rin had to say, decided to take his leave by changing into some sort of a dog, making it easy for him to escape. Rin was then taken to the rooftop, where he was chained and sentenced to die as a sacrifice. Not because he was a demon, not because of his personality, but simply to sacrifice him in order to open the gates of hell, in order to destroy Gehenna.

Yukio finally joins the party, but only to find out that he was played like a ken doll. He was used in order to keep Rin captured in a cage of secrecy and betrayal, to serve as an icon in order for the other exorcists to follow orders and to lead the exorcists in killing off all the demons, merely to collect all their energy for this one sacrifice. As I said, the exorcist society cannot be trusted, Rin should’ve followed his own sense of justice from the very beginning. The next episode will be chaotic, I can’t wait to see it.

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Sep 6, 2011

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Ao no Exorcist episode 21

This episode really got me agitated. It’s that damned Paladin, he really pisses me off.

This episode is the continuation of the previous one and revolves around Professor Neuhaus’ injured wife. She ended up in Shiemi’s garden. Shiemi decided to take her in and help her. But she didn’t know that everyone was looking for that woman. Rin, after heading out to look for her, got called by Shiemi and asked if he could come to her garden to help her with the woman. Rin agreed to go, only to find out that the woman Shiemi was talking about, was none other than Professor Neuhaus’ wife. Rin wanted to dispose of her but Shiemi wouldn’t allow it. Shiemi convinced Rin to leave her alone, for now.

This is where things go bad. An army of exorcists, led by the Paladin, suddenly shows up at Shiemi’s doorstep, wanting to kill that woman. Shiemi and Rin wouldn’t allow it. But the exorcists and that Paladin were hell bend on killing her. Rin deflected the attack that the paladin mounted at that woman. But shura got between them, she did not want Rin to take on the Paladin because he would only get killed. The army of exorcists were still trying to kill that women, which led to Shiemi using some sort of skill that sealed the entrance to the garden with huge roots. The Paladin and the remaining exorcists were about to attack, when suddenly the bells in the tower near them went off. This means that the Paladin and his troops were getting called back because of an emergency.

This episode made me realize one important thing. The organization behind the exorcists is no better than Satan at this point. They tried to kill innocent people and invaded Shiemi’s garden without her permission. They even held her at gunpoint. This was unacceptable. I think it’s about time that Rin and his friends stood up and acted purely on their own sense of justice.

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Aug 28, 2011

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Ao no Exorcist episode 20

Woohoo, now this is what I call action! We’ve finally arrived at the good part. Rin, who’s once again under attack by an unknown enemy, is growing stronger with each passing day. And it seems that his enemies have finally started to notice of his growth.

During this episode it’s Rin’s friends who get attacked. It started with his friends back at the church, where Rin used to live a ‘normal’ life. The victims weren’t exactly dead, they were wrapped by this so-called magical web, unable to escape. This wasn’t your everyday spider-web. It was a magical substance, one so powerful that the medical personnel didn’t even know how to dissolve it.

It was clear that the culprit was after Rin, mainly because he’s the son of Satan. Once again Rin’s bloodline comes back to haunt him. All that’s left to do is to train, get stronger and defeat any and all enemies that might cross your path. Rin did exactly that. With the help of the always lovely Kirigakure, Rin managed to obtain basic control over his demonic flames. This was a huge first step for Rin, in his quest to defeat his father, king of all that is evil.

But yet another unexpected event occurred right after that. Well, I wouldn’t go about calling it unexpected, after all.. He’s a demon with an evil background. Mephisto was placed under arrest, although he walked away, by the current Paladin, under suspicion of creating artificial life forms.

Now this is where it gets even more interesting. It’s time for Rin to put all this training to the test. Rin barges in to the school cafeteria, where his friends and brother are being held hostage by that unknown enemy, and turns up the heat, literally. It turns out that Rin’s flames possesses the ability of dissolving the enemy’s magical web. Using his flames in a controlled state, Rin managed free his friends from those nasty webs. Rin, tired of being powerless, mounted an attack on his enemy and managed to knock her out of the window using his powerful flames. Once on the ground and the mask was removed, it turned out that it was not professor Neuhaus, who was suspected of being the culprit, but some unknown woman. She quickly regains consciousness and flees, only to be chased by professor Neuhaus. Unfortunately, the others did not realize and captured professor Neuhaus instead using Kirigakure’s poison fang attack. Professor Neuhaus then shared some very startling news. Apparently that woman, who attacked Rin and the others, was none other than his wife.

My, my.. This was quite the exciting episode. At the end you could see an exorcist approaching the sulking Yukio, who wasn’t able to protect Rin this time. It seems there was someone who wanted to meet the depressed Yukio. I have my suspicions of who it could be, but I rather not spoil it!

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Aug 14, 2011

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Ao no Exorcist episode 18

Alright, so the episode started right where the last one ended. A demon bird mounted an attack on the young Rin and Izumo. Fortunately Rin and Izumo survived the attack, thanks to Yukio and his anti-demon gun.

Right after that the principle, Mephisto, called for a meeting, ordering all the exwires to go check on the barriers while the teachers look for the demon.

It turns out that the demon who attacked Rin and Izumo, is somehow connected to Konekomaru, their fellow exwire. Konekomaru, being somewhat jealous of Rin, is struggling hard not to get possessed by that demon. Unfortunately Rin’s eyes are not fooled, he spotted the demon inside Konekomaru right away. Rin, only doing what he’s supposed to do, tries to exorcise the demon by force, but his fellow exwires wouldn’t allow it.

This is a clear case of mistrust. Due to Rin’s origin, nobody will even consider trusting him. Like I said before, the only ones he can trust at this point are Shiemi and Izumo.

Later on Konekomaru loses control and gets taken over by the demon, once again mounting it’s attack on Rin. After a short struggle, that almost cost Rin his life, Konekomaru once again regained his consciousness and decided to trust Rin for once. Konekomaru parted with the demon, jumping down into Rin’s arms after which Rin finished off the demon.

Now it seems that the demon managed to infiltrate the school in the first place because someone used Mephisto’s keys to get passed the barriers. Personally, I think it’s all Mephisto’s doing. I think he’s testing out Rin, trying to see what he’s capable of doing.

Anyway, it all ends well this time. Rin once again gained a friend who trusts him, everyone is safe and Yukio still hasn’t been overpowered by the demon within.

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Aug 8, 2011

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Ao no Exorcist episode 17

Ao no Excorcist.. A really good anime. Looks fantastic and the storyline is superb.

So I finally watched episode seventeen and DAMN! Rin, who used to have so much trouble dealing with The Earth King, suddenly woke up, opened up a can of whoop-ass and defeated Amaimon like he was nothing.

Now it seems that the higher-ups have finally accepted Rin as one of their own, but I remain sceptical about it.Seriously, In situations like these.. Betrayal usually turns out to be just around the corner.

I can only hope that Rin, who suddenly seems to have obtained some sort of powerboost, gets strong enough to shove that Paladin’s gay sword up his *insert imagination here* incase he ever needs to.

That being said, it’s only natural for me to be pleased to see that they are making Rin practice his powers. For the moment they are making him light up candles, but next week.. Who knows?

Practice makes perfect, or so ‘they’ say.. I hope Kirigakure and Yukio think so too, especially after Rin turned up the heat and left those two standing in nothing but their underwear.

And as for the Exwires, I think Rin’s only true friends at this point are Shiemi and Izumo. I’m not all too sure about the others.

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