Mar 26, 2012

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Beelzebub episode 60

Okay, here we go… There are a lot of things that I could say about Beelzebub right now. It’s funny, interesting and at times even exciting, but this final episode really had a negative impact on me. I refuse to acknowledge this as a final episode, especially after having built up to this point in the story for weeks now.

This entire episode was just one big joke. The demon king, Be’el’s father, was about to unleash his army upon the world, when suddenly he was in the mood for karaoke, telling his minions and family on earth to return to the demon world. Seriously, you call this a final episode? It looked good at first, when they thought that Tatsumi had passed on, but I realized just what kind of episode this would be, merely by watching his reappearance.

I understand that Beelzebub is an action-comedy show, but that is no excuse to make such a ridiculous final episode. I cannot believe that I waited all week, expecting to see one hell of an episode, only to lay eyes on this horrible episode. That’s right, I said it, and I’m sure as hell not taking it back.

The one thing that pissed me off most was how everyone in this show suddenly acted out of character. Be’el was suddenly very hostile and energetic, Hildegard was suddenly very loving and gentle, the list goes on… I am simply very disappointed. This episode, to me, rather looks like one of those ridiculous fillers than a final episode. And what’s with everyone suddenly loving Tatsumi, a guy who used to be everyone’s worst nightmare? Not to mention Tojo and his sudden personality change. I thought this was supposed to be a final episode where everything gets resolved, so what’s with them, after having finally left, returning to earth? I honestly just don’t get it, I’m sorry.

I hate to see Beelzebub end like this, but what could I possibly do? I just hope that they will do a better job with the manga, should the time come…

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Mar 19, 2012

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Beelzebub episode 59

Oh come on… I started watching this episode when I soon realized that the story was completely different from what I’ve read in the manga. I checked it out and I found out that next week’s episode is the last of Beelzebub, which is why they’ve altered to story like that. That’s a total shame, because it was just getting good.

Everything was fine when Aoi-chan was fighting against Agiel. That was pretty much according to the manga, at least I think it was. But I started thinking when suddenly Jabberwock, Behemoth’s son, showed up a bit too soon. He also took Hilda hostage way to soon. Hell, everything was so quickly, even Tatsumi’s attacks were just way too soon. He ended using “Super Milk Time” and “Super Croquette Time” to utilize their maximum potential. It seemed to work for a little while, but he paid a big price for saving Hilda. This didn’t happen in the manga, absolutely not. Hilda was captured and Tatsumi is supposed to go into training again, where he will learn about a technique called “Back Techs”.

It’s a damn shame, really. I liked Beelzebub, it always managed to make me laugh and excited at the same time. That’s the kind of anime Beelzebub is. Anyway, Tatsumi and Be’el both survived when they used up a lot of power to defeat that damned dragon, but they will have to polish whatever skills they can before they face Jabberwock in the final episode.

I hate it when good anime get cut short like this, but there’s nothing we can do. I already read a few weeks back that both the sales and ratings in Japan were down, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise, but still… I’m definitely going to miss my weekly portion of Beelzebub. I’m glad the manga is still going, because I’m definitely still going to keep following it!

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Mar 12, 2012

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Beelzebub episode 58

My god, about time! I was sceptical at first, but we the story has finally resumed after having endured so many ridiculous fillers. This episode wasn’t that bad either, I actually enjoyed it this week’s episode of Beelzebub.

We finally see Behemoth during this week’s episode. It’s too bad he’s retired, because I would love to see him fight against Ittosai. I have always been curious about that old man, seeing as he’s a very strong man, especially for someone his age. There must be something to him if he’s capable of swinging Tatsumi around like a mere ragdoll. Although he probably won’t be capable of that when Tatsumi finishes his next training. I’m sure a lot of people are waiting to see that, amongst many other things. It’s probably incorrect, but I’m guessing that we still have to wait another episode or two – three before we reach that point.

I have high expectations for the next few episodes. Tatsumi is bound to improve with Aoi on their upcoming training trip. Her pet demon may be a little pervert, but you definitely do not want him as an enemy, I’ll tell you that much. That’s why I’m so curious about the upcoming episodes. They are bound to show us how Aoi and Tatsumi will improve. I wish I could say the same for Hildegarde.

I have but one request at this point: please keep following the manga’s story to the letter. There’s no point in editing something that’s already great. I have seen it happen so many times, resulting in a lot of negative responses from many angry fans. Don’t do it!

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Mar 5, 2012

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Beelzebub episode 57

What a surprise, yet another ridiculous filler. Not to worry though, it seems that the story will continue again next week. I’ve seen next week’s preview and noticed several scenes out of the manga, so it’s looking pretty good! I’m not going to post any spoilers, but let’s just say that we can expect a lot of action during the next couple of episodes.

Sigh… I really wish I could say the same for this episode. Still, it was much better than last week’s episode, at least this one was pretty funny. The first half revolves around Aoi and her little demon friend. He’s not just an ordinary demon, oh no… He’s the most perverted little bastard you’ll ever encounter, which is why, as a man, I like him.

That little guy tried to copy Be’el and Tatsumi with their “super milk time”. We all know that they switch bodies if Tatsumi consumed too much milk, and that’s the part he was interested it. He tried to make Aoi eat his Manju, hoping it would switch their bodies. Now I’m no genius, but I’m sure we all know what he was planning to do with her body. He might’ve succeeded too, if it weren’t for Aoi’s supernatural instincts.

The second part was a little bit disappointing, but not all that bad. It beats the hell out of that Gundam scene. Anyway, Hilda was walking down the shopping district when a man gave her a few lottery coupons after her purchase. It seems that our Hilda was fortunate enough to win an all-expenses paid trip for five to a local inn. What a surprise, the whole family went.

Okay, I’m going to be honest… I expected a little bit more ‘action’ during that hot spring scene. All they did was talk, enjoy the water, share some stories and that was pretty much it. Sure, Takayuki was there too, but his perverted needs only need up backfiring on him, as usual. I’m going to ask this at the risk of sounding like a real pervert; was it just me or did Hilda’s breasts seem really small during the hot spring scenes? They normally attract a lot of attention, but now…

Anyway… That was pretty much this week’s episode. It wasn’t anything special, but hey… The real deal is yet to come. I just hope I’m right about next week, because I’m really getting fed up with these Beelzebub fillers.

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Feb 27, 2012

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Beelzebub episode 56

Yay, yet another Beelzebub filler!  God bless sarcasm and not much else. I’m a big fan of Beelzebub, but something I get this annoying feeling that they’re just f*cking with us, the loyal viewers. What’s with these weird side stories?

This week’s episode got divided into two halves. The first half was about a congratulatory letter about Hilda’s birthday. So what happens? That’s right; everyone, including Tatsumi, decided to hold a surprise party. Hilda started getting suspicious about the whole thing, which is why she went for a walk, where she encountered Aoi and some of the Red Tails with bags in their hands.

Hilda really is a nosy person, but for good reason. She just wants to ensure Be’el’s safety at all cost. Still, things started getting weirder and weirder as everyone came up with ridiculous excuses to avoid telling Hilda the truth. They all managed to escape and rendezvous back at Tatsumi’s house, only to find out that it wasn’t actually Hilda’s birthday. The Demon Lord made another one of his ‘funny’ mistakes.

That’s when the second half started. My god, I’m not even going to explain this one. Gist of it all is; everyone wanted to get stronger. Stronger than Tatsumi, and I’m sure we all know why they want that. Everyone came up with these ridiculous ideas in order to get stronger. Hell, Tatsuya showed up looking like a Gundam. I really do feel like they’re f*cking around with us. I have absolutely no idea what the point of this episode was.

I’m sure we all know that these are all fillers, but come on… These side stories are absolutely ridiculous. Things didn’t even get that bad with Naruto Shippuuden and Bleach fillers. And I think that Bleach was one of the worst shows when it comes to fillers. That says something. I just hope that the main story will resume soon, seeing as the manga has had enough time to get ahead.

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Feb 20, 2012

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Beelzebub episode 55

Oh good god… What in god’s name is going on? This may have been the weirdest filler yet, which is why I’m not really motivated enough to write a lot, sorry. I can only hope that the main story will resume soon, because I’m seriously considering dropping Beelzebub again.

The episode starts as ridiculous as it possibly ever could. It seems that Tatsuya was having a bad hair day. We all know that he turns into a “hotty” when he has his hair down. It seems that he was completely out of pomade, rendering him unable to do his hair in that Yakuza-like style. This resulted in him getting all the attention, from most of the girls anyway. Things took a turn for the worse when a group of delinquents showed up at school looking for him.  He wanted to fight them, but it seems that his “power” is cut in half when his hair isn’t done properly. All that was left was to stall until his servant came back with a load of pomade from their “pomade island”.

Sigh… That’s when things took a turn for the worse. Well, for anyway… I always wanted to see the demon king come to the human world and confront Tatsumi. Never would I have imaged that it would happen like that. He showed up out of nowhere and did nothing but leech of off Tatsumi’s father. Seriously, that really was a kick in the balls. I know that the character’s personality is completely messed up, but I had hoped for a more exciting encounter. Or at least that Tatsumi would give him a punch or two for abandoning his son like that.

Anyway, Tatsumi didn’t even get to meet the guy. They were busy trying to prepare a fitting meal for him, but he was already gone by the time they were finally done. That was an even bigger kick in the balls. I really have been looking forward to a visit of the demon king, but not like this and certainly not in a filler.

Again; I’m sorry for the lack of motivation, but this week’s episode was really disappointing. I normally put a lot more spirit in my posts, or at least I try to, but it’s kind of difficult when someone crushes one of your very few wishes. I hate to say it, but… I’m actually not looking forward to next week’s episode, as something tells me that it will be another ridiculous filler.

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Feb 13, 2012

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Beelzebub episode 54

Well, it’s like I feared. It looks like we can expect a few fillers from Beelzebub. I’m not sure why, because the manga is pretty far ahead. Still, I cannot recall any of these side stories in the manga. It looks like we’ll have to endure these fillers until the main story continues.

This week’s episode was slightly better, I’ll give ‘em that. Remember when Tatsumi went on that training trip with Zenjuuro? Well, Zenjuuro introduced a training method in which they could improve. That was the training that gave “birth” to “Black Baby Be’el” in order to have a worthy opponent.  That black version of Be’el never left and stayed with Zenjuurou until now. Yes, until now, because now that strange black copy of Be’el is missing.

It seems that Tatsuya has taken black Be’el with him, merely because he resembles one of his family’s most treasured heirlooms, a black statue that is rumoured to be the source of their incredible wealth. Tatsuya, being as money hungry as ever, decided to take black Be’el with him in order to display him like a statue of some sort. What’s even stranger is that Tatsuya’s stock rose through the roof. Please remember people; this is Beelzebub, it should all be possible in this strange, demon infested world.

All seemed well for a short while, until black Be’el started growing and growing. This is when the rampage started. Tatsumi and the rest of the group decided to follow black Be’el in order to stop him. The question is; how do you stop a giant black winged-baby that has incredible demonic powers? Well, apparently you let him fight another giant baby with incredible demonic powers.

I know it sounds strange, but it gets even stranger, so bear with me here. Hildegard, the always loyal wet nurse, gave baby Be’el his bottle, not noting that it was a rare edition of super milk that made baby Be’el grow into a giant. This is when the demon baby vs the black demon baby match started. It was really strange to see, but baby Be’el managed to pull it off after having shed a whole lot of tears. My god, watching one giant baby pull the wings of a giant black baby is quite difficult.

I doubt it will, but I really hope that the main story will resume next week. We’ve just gotten over the first part of En’s troops, but the real battle has yet to begin. I’m not going to say anything, so no spoiler alert warning needed, but I will say this; Tatsumi is going to haul so much ass in a couple of episodes.

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Feb 6, 2012

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Beelzebub episode 53

Here we go again. I honestly believed that they would resume last week’s story. Wait, did I just say story? I’m sorry, let me rephrase that; I honestly believed that they would resume last week’s wasteful twenty minutes with yet another wasteful twenty minutes. I was partially wrong, they did not resume that particular story, but they did waste twenty minutes of our time with yet another weird side story.

I knew this week’s episode would turn out strange as soon as I laid eyes on that idiotic demon king. He was playing games, as usual, when it suddenly the subject of conquest came up. He wanted to make that female bartender a movie with his youngest son as the lead actor. However, in reality this turned out to be yet another weird assign for Beelzebub where he would have to conquer something all on his own. Hildegard was ecstatic about putting it all on film.

It was pretty embarrassing to watch. Sure, I laughed, especially when he blew away that dog with a huge burst of urine. That still doesn’t change the fact that this episode contributed nothing to the main story, which is such a shame, seeing as it’s about to get very exciting. I know what some might be thinking… “what!? Gamedemon, did you read the manga, despite your constant standpoints about not reading the manga before the complete anime adaption?”  – Yes. Yes I did read the manga, but in my defence; I have been reading the Beelzebub manga before the anime adaption began airing.

Anyway, the episode continued as Lamia knocked out Tatsumi’s classmates one after another with her poisoned blow darts. Beelzebub panicked and went straight to the designated point on the map, the point that he needed to conquer. I laughed a little when it turned out to be Takayuki’s house. He got upset when he saw his house, but he didn’t have time to struggle against their decision, as Beelzebub blew up half the house. Yes… a very strange, yet funny episode indeed. It got even stranger when Takayuki thought that he was in a relationship with a ghost, but I’m not even going to discuss that.

I really hope that the story will continue soon, because it really is about to get exciting. I’m really not in the mood to wait as long as I did for Naruto Shippuuden to continue, that was just ridiculous. Finally I would like to end this post by saying that they’re changing Beelzebub (the show) too much. I caught my attention that they are turning this too much into a gag anime, when in reality this is supposed to be an action / comedy show.

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