Sep 29, 2012

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Binbougami ga! episode 13

What a shame. I really liked Binbougami Ga! This final episode, even though I’m in great pain due to my hand, managed to make me laugh out loud. The people here must’ve thought that I was miraculously healed or something. But no, the pain took over as soon as the episode ended.

I must say that I can’t acknowledge this as the final episode. I admit that I really enjoyed it, but there has to be more. Ichiko is still sucking up people’s fortune, Momiji still hasn’t finished her mission and the whole situation revolving around Keita and the girls. There are so many things left untold, so there has to be more in the near future. I’m sure of it.

Also, I was kind of surprised that Yamabuki didn’t show up during these final two episodes. Not that I’m disappointed or anything. This anime has been a delight, which is something I rarely say about slapstick comedies. To make me, someone that stops watching these types of comedy after the first episode, love this type of anime so much… I can only summarize it as incredible. I truly hope that there’s more to come. I wouldn’t mind another thirteen episodes.

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Sep 21, 2012

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Binbougami ga! episode 12

To hell with Naruto Shippuuden right now, I want to write about Binbougami Ga! Naruto Shippuuden is getting a bit boring now that they are focussing so much on one specific character. Sure, it’s pretty much the same with Binbougami Ga, but at least things remain interesting and amusing here.

I did not know what to think when Momiji lost her mind after she got cleaned up. Let us just say that it was really awkward for me to watch this episode. Momiji was so ‘pure’, which is something that’s pretty hard to believe when you’ve seen eleven episodes with her being pushy and aggressive at times. It was as though the character’s personality made a 180° degree turn.

Even I have to admit that Momiji was cuter than ever, and that I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of that in the unforeseeable future, but I would be happier if she were to return to normal. I don’t think I could get used to seeing her act like that.

Also, I did not expect to see a Death Note parody at this point. Frankly, I’m amazed that author actually squeezed that in there. How does come up with that stuff? I don’t see the connection. How this Momiji losing her mind relate to a Death Note parody where Ichiko, taking on the role of ‘L’, tries to solve the mystery as to why Momiji is acting like that.

Anyway, there are only two episodes left and Ichiko’s fortune is still pretty much safe from Momiji and all the other gods that mean to take it away from her. Truth be told, I hope it stays this way. That would mean, in theory at least, that it would be safe to expect yet another season. I could definitely watch another season of this, no problem.

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Sep 14, 2012

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Binbougami ga! episode 11

Oh yeah, this was definitely the best episode yet. The intro alone made me pause so I could finish laughing. I was pretty open-minded when I started this, but I did not expect that song, ever. It’s too bad that the people around me don’t understand any Japanese; otherwise I would’ve made that song my ringtone.

Anyway, let’s get this post on the road (so to speak), shall we? I would like to focus on the most important details right now. I’m pretty much running out of time and I’ve got a lot of things left to do. First and foremost; Ichiko’s new cat is great. I had a feeling that the aforementioned character would be transforming again, just like Momou. That should add a nice little touch to the anime’s comedy.

But seriously now, let’s focus on that whole bath scene. Ichiko, because Momiji had a nasty ‘friend’ over, was forced to visit one of Japans infamous public baths, where she and Ranmaru encountered Keita, his family, the perverted monk and the S&M Chihuahua. It was only to be expected that things would get out of hand with those perverts around, but to think that Keita actually got to see them naked… Lucky bastard.

Let us focus on what’s really important here though. Momiji, after trying to ambush Ichiko during one of her private moments, got caught and washed. I know this sounds strange, but it got so much worse after that. It seems that Momiji can’t bathe. She seems to turn into this goody-goody god afterwards. That means, now that Momiji has joined the other side, won’t be able to do her job properly any more, causing her ‘boss’ to come down herself, probably.

I knew it! I knew something like this would happen! I’m not saying that I knew that Momiji would turn into a girly girl after a bath, but I knew that something would make Yamabuki show up herself. I’m not saying that’s actually going to happen, but damn, it’s certainly starting to look like it! I can’t wait to see the next episode!

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Sep 8, 2012

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Binbougami ga! episode 10

Pfew, I thought that I wouldn’t get to see any Binbougami Ga this week. That would’ve been pretty disappointing. Still, the timing was pretty interesting. I had the opportunity to see what a regular Joe (someone who doesn’t watch anime on a regular basis) thinks of these types of shows, so I had my friend watch this episode with me. I’m pretty impressed that he lasted till the five minute mark, where that poop god showed up. That was too much for him, apparently.

Anyway, I’ll keep this post as short as I possibly game, as I don’t have a lot of time right now. I think that Momiji and Ichiko have an interesting relationship. They both rely on one another, that much is certain. I thought that I was wrong about Momiji at first, and that she really intended to drain every little drop of Ichiko’s good fortune, but I’m not sure anymore. Momiji does things for a reason, of that I’m sure, but those reasons are always a secret. The viewer actually has to guess what she is thinking of, and we all know that those guesses are usually wrong. Always expect the unexpected when it comes to Momiji.

I thought that it was pretty cute when that poop god turned Ichiko’s brand new kitty into a god (for a short amount of time). I’m not sure I like the idea of new characters at this point in the story and I sure as hell don’t like the current characters moaning about their screen-time. That’s just poor and unmotivated comedy.

I will end this post by pointing out one minor detail; I have seen people criticize the show based on practically nothing. The arguments raised were stupid, unfounded and lacked the knowledge about this show. People have to realize that this is a slapstick comedy. You can’t expect to see subtle jokes in Binbougami Ga. The fact is; Binbougami Ga is doing great. The ratings in Japan are pretty high.

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Aug 31, 2012

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Binbougami ga! episode 09

Seriously, what the hell did I just watch? The story just got a whole lot weirder, and that’s saying something when it’s about Binbougami ga. I still can’t believe that they actually used Luffy’s (from One Piece) signature ability, which would be his ability to stretch his body, seeing as he’s made of rubber, during a silly little tennis game between Momiji and Ichiko.

The episode was weird because of two major reasons. Reason number one would have to be the fact that things continued as though nothing had happened. Hell, it seemed as though Ichiko was getting used to Momiji’s presence. I just think that’s weird. Both of them seem to be fighting from time to time, yet most of the time they seem like pretty good friends.

Reason number two would have to be that new goddess of misfortune. That’s right, a new one showed up to help Momiji in her quest to take away Ichiko’s good fortune. Naturally, she failed over and over again, but it’s the thought that counts. New characters keep making their appearance, so I’m actually wondering how many more will appear throughout the final few episodes? It’s not like it’s a bad thing, but there’s a limit to how much you can stuff into a show.

It’s probably a given that we can expect more visits from gods and goddesses. Momiji’s boss is getting a bit impatient, especially after another one of her lackeys got sent back with her tail between her legs. Surely, it’s only a matter of time before she shows up to do the job personally? I for one hope so, as I have been looking forward to that moment for some time now. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ichiko’s reaction when she finds out that she’s the one that sent Momiji out after her. Besides, that should introduce a whole new world of possibilities, where comedy is practically endless.

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Aug 24, 2012

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Binbougami ga! episode 08

What the hell? This was the last thing I would’ve expected. I knew that Ichiko was making progress, but this episode jumpstarted the whole thing. Seriously, I never would’ve expected to see her make this much progress in just one episode. I knew that Ranmaru, the latest addition to the story, would prove to be quite the asset. It’s been a great week!

This episode revolved around the concept of friendship. That’s the one thing Ichiko can’t seem to grasp. I finally know why now! Both Momiji and Ranmaru tried to make Ichiko come with them, but Ichiko decided not to go. She refuses to become friends with anyone, after which Ranmaru decided to interfere, hoping to find out why Ichiko didn’t want anyone to get too close to her.

It seems that Ichiko is a little traumatized by a previous experience as a child. She used to be best friends with the antichrist a dreadful little girl that took away her little boyfriend after he picked Ichiko. She found out that her ‘best friend’ stabbed her in the back on several occasions. She soon changed into the Ichiko we’ve all come to know and love.

No wonder she keeps her distance. Ichiko just doesn’t want to get hurt anymore, so she ensures that she doesn’t get close to people, thinking that she can’t get hurt anymore. The poor girl doesn’t even realize that she’s been hurting herself all this time by shutting out the people around her. That is why I was surprised by this episode. So much progress was made.

Say what you want, but you have got to love the irony in all of this; Momiji was sent to take away Ichiko’s good fortune, but actually ended up helping her to get over her childhood trauma. I’m not entirely sure that Momiji actually still wants to take away her good fortune. The only thing that bothers her is that Ichiko’s breasts are so well developed, unlike hers.

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Aug 17, 2012

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Binbougami ga! episode 07

Ah, good stuff. Another great episode! I can’t believe they introduced yet another character at this stage. Mind you, I think that this specific character will perk things up quite a bit, as the character’s personality fits in well with the other characters.

We once again continue to follow Ichiko, the main character, as we see how she once again escapes situation after situation with the use of her extremely good fortune. You see, she was the suspect of some robbery, after which she blamed it all on some delinquent girl passing by. Little did she know that that girl was a transfer student that was assigned to Ichiko’s school and class.

This, of course, made a lot of room for childish jokes and messed up parodies, as a new character joined the big picture, giving the anime a lot more ‘fuel’ for the fire. Fights, insults, drama and comedy; all pushed into a single episode. How could you possibly go wrong? If this character gets boring then you switch over to Momou or Bobby. It’s as easy as that, I guess.

One can tell that they have it figured out. They introduced yet another character at the half-point of the show. Also, I believe this character will be contributing quite a lot, as she too is in love with Keita, and has a father that also contributes to the story. Love triangles, stupid fathers and more pointless fights; It’s all possible now!

And finally, I would like to end this post by pointing out that I like the latest developments surrounding Momiji. We can all dance around it, but it won’t change the fact that she too is becoming a bit attached to Ichiko, as she had plenty of opportunities to take some of her good fortune during this episode. Well, that and the fact that she actually helped her on several occasions.

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Aug 10, 2012

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Binbougami ga! episode 06

Epic! This is definitely the best episode yet! Sure, I wish they would drop the whole Dragon Ball Z parody thing, as it’s starting to get annoying now, but other than that it was an absolute delight to watch. My hope for Binbougami ga! is higher than ever before now!

We continued to watch as little Ichiko tried to escape from Momiji’s (evil?) clutches. Momiji got away alright, but at what cost? Her fortune keeps making things harder and harder for others. Especially for Keita, whom fell off a cliff and was lying there with a broken leg, head wounds and god only knows what else. Basically, he was not going to make it. The fact that he couldn’t remain conscious didn’t help much either. But fear not young viewers! Momiji soon drained a little bit of Ichiko’s fortune and gave it to her, merely so that Ichiko could use it to save Keita’s life. I guess Ichiko finally realized what was missing in her life. Good for her!

The next step was for her to return to normal, which succeeded thanks to Momou and Bobby. But Ichiko-chan was a changed person. She was absentminded and overall very clumsy. Everyone was worried about her and tried everything in their power to return her to normal. This finally succeeded when Ichiko made contact with Keita and returned his handkerchief.  Awww, isn’t that just adorable?

It was quite the hilarious episode. I especially liked the scene where Ichiko found Momou all tied up and gagged in her bedroom. I watched that scene three times in a row. I really hope that the rest of the episode will be just as good as this one, I really do.

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