Dec 24, 2011

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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai episode 12

God I love this time of year, the feeling of Christmas is finally creeping up on me. Sure, it’s a costly time of the year, but it’s the price you have to pay. First I spend Christmas with my family and friends, exchanging presents and stuffing my face. Then I spend, a few days later, my birthday with, again, my family and friends, getting presents. Then, if all of that wasn’t enough, I spend my new year’s eve with, surprise, family and friends, watching fireworks while eating and drinking like no tomorrow.

I’m sorry, did I just rant on about myself? I have to be happy, because all my shows are meeting their end. I was really looking forward to watching this episode. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, ever since Kodaka finally realized who Yozora really is.

They ended up showing his first day at school, which was pretty awesome. Yozora immediately knew who he was, but that’s not entirely fair. Yozora had changed a lot during those ten years, whilst Kodaka stayed pretty much the same. It was around that time that Yozora talked to herself, mainly because she had no other friends to talk to. It sounds kind of sad, especially for a girl that cute.

Yozora, in order to get close to Kodaka, decided to make a club in order to be close to him. That was when she first came in contact with Maria, the show’s religious lolicon. But we pretty much already knew about that already, as they showed several scenes in previous episodes.

Kodaka finally approached the new and, although some might disagree, improved Yozora, wanting to know why she cut her hair. This created one big misunderstanding throughout the whole class. I laughed so hard when they mistook that accident for something sex-related. The situation was pretty awkward at first, as neither of them knew what to say. Things started getting better once the ball started rolling.

Emotions were getting intense when Yozora explained everything to him. Why she didn’t show up that day, why she didn’t say anything up until now and why she did what she did.

It was a bit of a shock when the rest of the club saw what Yozora did with her hear, but life pretty much continued. Yozora and Sena were still going back and forth, Rika is still the queen of perversion, Maria still goes around aimlessly and Kodaka is still the luckiest bastard ever.

The episode didn’t look like an ending, it really didn’t. I enjoyed watching this anime, I would definitely recommend it. I just wished they made a more dramatic ending, because that would suit this anime perfectly.  Oh well, what’s done is done.

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Dec 17, 2011

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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai episode 11

Sorry it took so long to write this. I was having difficulties with the latest WordPress Update.  Some of the site’s features weren’t actually capable of running on the latest version of WordPress, so I had to make several modifications in order for everything to work properly. I wanted to write something about this anime before it ended.

I know I haven’t written anything about this show yet, but I simply couldn’t. Time wouldn’t allow it. But f*ck it, this show is great and it deserves to be here on my blog.

It’s all going quite smoothly here in Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai as the gang is enjoying their summer vacation.  Not much has changed since the start; Maria is still one of god’s “special” little people, Yozora is still the club sadist, Yukimura still wears female clothing, Sena is still a gamer and Kobato fanatic, Rika is still a perverted shut-in, Kobato still pretends to be a vampire and Kodaka is still standing in the center of all of this.

The group decided to go to a festival together after the subject of eating Takoyaki came up. Takoyaki is a popular ball-shaped Japanese dish made of batter with pieces of octopus on the inside. It is made in a special Takoyaki pan. They sometimes coat the Takoyaki lightly with Takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, green laver, also known as aonori, and finally shavings of dried bonito, or more commonly known as katsuobushi.

After having their faces stuffed with all sorts of foods, which was no easy task to watch due to my hunger, they decided to go play some games whilst there. This, as to be expected, ended up in an insane competition between Yozora and Sena. They turned everything into a competition, resulting in them being sent away by the stall owners.

The day is slowly coming to an end as everyone finishes up. But it wasn’t over yet, it’s custom to watch fireworks after and/or during a festival. They decided to light up some fireworks as to end the evening properly. It all went smoothly until Yozora’s hair was slightly set on fire due to the fireworks. Kodaka acted fast and poured a bucket of water over her hair, putting out the fire by doing so. It was a big shock, but luckily nobody was hurt.

After that Yozora didn’t even come by the club once during the rest of the summer. School started again and Kodaka noticed that Yozora hadn’t arrived yet, so he assumed that she wouldn’t come in.  But suddenly, when her name got called, she walks in with short hair. Kodaka immediately realized, after all this time, that Yozora is none other than his childhood friend Sora. Yozora was very happy that Kodaka finally remembered.

Next episode is going to be fun. I really wonder how Kodaka, as well as the rest of the club, is going to deal with this startling bit of information. Next week’s episode is the last, so I’m expecting one hell of an episode, make it happen people!

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