Mar 26, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 12

And so it ends… What a shame. This show has been doing pretty well since it started. I think we can expect some more Brave 10 in the future, seeing as they left a few clues at the end. The story is not yet over, their enemies are not yet defeated and the world’s mysteries have yet to be solved. I really hope that I’m right, because I rather enjoyed it.

Anyway, the battles were coming to an end as Isanami was finally awakened, or at least her dark side. Hattori finally realized that he was wrong all along, that he wasn’t after that special hairpin, but after Isanami. He thought that he could control her and her powers by using that hairpin, but he soon found out the hard way by paying the ultimate price; death. He was completely consumed by darkness, only because he longed for more power. You may not believe me, but trust me on this one, I smiled big time when that lunatic was consumed by Isanami’s powers.

Isanami’s power was intense, but it allowed to other Braves to mount a counterattack. Miyoshi and Benmaru managed to defeat their foe by a single blow, old man Kakei and Sasuke managed to defeat that crazy b*tch after Isanami’s dark powers scared of her insects, and Jinpachi managed to escape Anastasia’s ice prison and electrify her at the same time with just one counterattack. That was a little bit too easy if you ask me, especially if you keep in mind that the Braves had a hard time dealing with them, well except for Jinpachi. Don’t even get me started about Kamanosuke’s battle, because that was ridiculous, as she managed to kill him in just one attack. She is one twisted woman.

It all came down to Saizo. He charged inside the darkness to rescue Isanami without hesitation. I guess Saizo was the light after all. I had hoped to see a battle between Saizo and Isanami, you know, like darkness versus light. I looked so forward to that, but I suppose the end wasn’t all that bad. I just think that the battles, based on what happened last week, were over too easily, that’s all.

That was it for this show. I’m probably going to watch this again sometimes in the future. For now I’ll just keep my ears to the ground, hoping to catch a few news items about a possible second Brave 10 season. I have this hunch…

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Mar 19, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 11

Last week’s episode was late, now it’s early, make up your mind! Oh, sorry about that, I’m a little on edge with all these good shows ending and all… It’s such a shame that some of them won’t get any more content.

Anyway, let’s start out with this; Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? I knew it! I have always known that Kamanosuke was actually a girl. I never knew that it would take an illusion to make that fact known, but I’m not complaining. I laughed, I cheered and I frowned when she couldn’t beat that bastard. Getting into people’s head during a fight is part of it, I understand, but tricking your opponent first is a no-no in my book, even if your life depends on it. Hell, he acted like that even when Kamanosuke broke free from his illusion. It doesn’t change the fact that she’s quite the messed up girl, seeing as she’s obsessed with blood and violence.

Meanwhile Jinpachi, who head to deal with Anastasia, wasn’t doing that well either. He tried to keep up with her, but he serious difficulties. It’s probably because she’s a beautiful woman. Jinpachi is a strong man though, and he hasn’t even used any of his special attacks, so something tells me that we can’t count him out just yet. I just hope that he can save Anastasia from herself, because she’s only doing this for all the wrong reasons. She’s just too confused to see what’s really going on, and what’s important and what not.

Speaking about beautifulness, did you see her new outfit? Love it! I think it’s much better than her previous outfit. Mind you, her old pants were pretty darn sexy, but I think these shorts suit her a lot better.

Saizo didn’t fare any better. He had trouble when trying to keep up with his opponent, Hattori. He kept on getting cut and pierced, despite all his efforts to keep Isanami safe. There’s only so much a man can take. But then it happened, Hattori’s words finally reached Isanami’s ugly side, and that’s when she broke free and removed her hairpin, the one thing that was keeping Isanami from running wild. I guess the cat’s out of the bag now. I can’t wait to see what this new Isanami is capable of. I just hope that she can still recognize Saizo as an ally.

This week was a lot of fun. We learned a great deal about some of the characters, plus I finally get to see what I have always wanted; Isanami’s true strength. There must be a whole lot of it in that magic box of hers, seeing as she’s capable of causing eclipses and whatnot. I don’t think Yukimura will do anything though, even though he knows about the dangers of Isanami’s powers. He has been hiding behind his Braves ever since the beginning, why stop now?

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Mar 12, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 10

I was really disappointed when I went to bed before watching this week’s episode of Brave 10. It doesn’t happen very often that Hadena releases something a bit late, so I’m not going to rant on about that. I’m just happy that it’s finally here.

This week’s episode made me a little bit mad. Not at the show, hell no, but at some of the characters. I’m sure we all remember Hattori, that red-haired ninja that attacked Saizo and the others a few episodes back. It appears that he’s the one that commanded Anastasia to attack Rokuro in order to obtain his eye. Not just that, he also planned to attack and kill each and every one of the Braves until Isanami was the only one left. He has the wrong impression though. He thinks that Isanami’s jewel is the source of her dark powers, when in reality it’s the one thing that’s keeping those powers in check. Isanami herself is the source of that power and that jewel is only there to ensure that she doesn’t lose control.

Talk about your mindf*cking plot twist, huh? Don’t get me wrong, I loved it when they finally revealed a little bit more about Isanami and her powers. It’s the other Braves that I didn’t like. They were all so strong and mighty, and yet some of them are losing easily to Hattori’s men while others are struggling to keep up. There’s definitely something wrong with that. What happened to Miyoshi’s superhuman strength and skills? What happened to Benmaru’s annoying little traps and deadly bombs? What happened to Sasuke and his animal friends? What is going on with old man Kakei and what used to be his pinpoint precision shooting?  And what the hell is wrong with Saizo? Why doesn’t he just use some of his special skills? It just doesn’t make any sense. I think it’s wrong to make the characters appear weaker than normal, especially after having shown us what they’re actually capable of.

Benmaru and Miyoshi couldn’t handle that transsexual power fighter, Sasuke and Kakei couldn’t even handle that insect-controlling b*tch, and Saizo couldn’t even keep up with Hattori anymore, the same opponent whom he almost killed in the past. I like building up the story so that the show will end with a big bang, but I really do think that this is simply the wrong way. No way were the Braves ever this weak, especially not since their little trip, where some of the Braves got even stronger.

It’s a shame, that’s all. I hope that there’s a reasonable explanation for this, because I will keep watching Brave 10 till the end. I hope that Isanami just loses control for once, I mean… Why not? She’s been holding back for so long whilst other people aimed to take her life, isn’t she entitled to lose control for once? I say go for it! I already lost hope in Yukimura, because no point in wanting to see him fight if he constantly hides behind his Braves.

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Mar 5, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 09

Damn it, I wanted to have seen this episode a little earlier. The episode was really good, so good that I could turn away my eyes for even a second. It’s funny though, as Yukimura left his property with a total of eight Braves and returned with a total of ten. Although he probably has a few less of them now…

This episode revolved mainly around Isanami and her mysterious powers. It seems that she has the powers of darkness. Every Brave represents something. You have water, fire, thunder, ground, grass, wind, ice, metal, light and darkness. These represent the ten Braves. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, but the darkness simply stands out. Its power is great, dangerous and very hard to control. Saizo still refuses to believe that Isanami has that power though, probably because he doesn’t think that Isanami is capable of killing another person.

The second big surprise was Anastasia’s betrayal. It appears that she has been undercover, working for someone else, merely waiting for a good opportunity to steal Rokuro’s eye. You see, Rokuro’s eye had to ability to remember everything. Everything he sees, does, feels, everything just gets remembered. Ana was after this and was about to take it from him, when suddenly he took out his own eye, ensuring that it won’t end up in the wrong hands. Seriously, all these guys have balls of steel. First old man Kakei with his bad ass move to shoot through his own body in order to defeat his own enemy, but now Rokuro as well.

Isanami did not take the news very well. She was confused, extremely emotional and pretty much alone. You could actually see the darkness take control of her. It will not be pretty when she loses control, especially not for Saizo, seeing as he’s the light, her light. He will need it, now that she’s overheard them talking about her.

Oh boy… Next week’s episode is going to be a chaotic one. Ana has betrayed them, Isanami is about to flip out and some of the Braves are wounded. It doesn’t look good for Yukimura and his Braves. I just hope that next week’s episode of Brave 10 arrives on time, especially now that I’m really looking forward to seeing it!

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Feb 27, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 08

Ah, Yet another good episode of Brave 10. I actually thought that Yukimura was finally going to fight for once. But no, he ended up getting saved again by his Braves. It’s kind of aggravating, especially for someone who has wanted to see him fight since episode one. But oh well… I’ll patiently wait until it happens.

I knew they hadn’t escaped just yet. Quite the contrary, they were about to walk right into Masamune’s trap. It’s a good thing that Benmaru, that little kid with all the traps, disobeyed his first order from Yukimura; to stay and wait at the inn. He showed up with his bombs and whatnot in the nick of time. Surely that must hurt a man’s pride, you know… to be defeated by a little boy. Things looked grim for Yurimura and his Braves. They ended up trapped on a beach with no way out, just as Masamune probably planned all along. This is where I expected Yukimura to do something.

Too bad old man Kakei appeared out of nowhere on a pirate ship. I really wanted to see Yukimura’s abilities, but oh well… we got something else in return. This is where we meet Jinpachi, a pirate who loves women, sake and freedom. Poor bastard actually mistook Kamanosuke for a woman, but who hasn’t?   Anyway, he made the enemy retreat almost right away after firing a few canon rounds at them. Quite a fearsome man, not because he has a few canons, but because he actually managed to stop Miyoshi’s attack with his bare hand. That’s when Yukimura got interested in him.

I’m sure we all know what happens when Yukimura is interest in a person, right? That person becomes a Brave, it’s that simple. You may not want it at first, but you’ve become a Brave before you’ve even realized it. That’s how it works with Yukimura, he’s that type of man. Perhaps that’s his special ability? I wouldn’t be surprised anymore if that was his only ability.

Meanwhile the boys were getting a little bit aggressive as Jinpachi laid down the law. I mean… his ship, his rules, right? He said that he would only acknowledge them as brethren if they could keep up with his drinking. This is where Yukimura used a little bit of his magic in order to ‘charm’ Jinpachi a bit, which is why they all left together at the end of the episode. I guess Yukimura’s Braves are finally complete now, huh? I expect to see a lot of awesome stuff during next week’s episode!

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Feb 20, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 07

Ah, yet another good episode. And finally one where we get to see Yukimura in action. Actually, I wouldn’t go about calling it action, as he was just playing around. Still, he showed us that he’s not just some old man that hides behind his men. I wonder what kind of weapon he normally uses, seeing as everyone seems to be using their own type of weapon.

The episode starts with Yukimura, Saizo, Rokuro and Isanami departing for Kyou. Everyone else was ordered to say behind and defend their castle. But how could Yukimura possibly leave without sexually harassing Anastasia first? I guess she trained her self-control a little bit, seeing as she didn’t turn him into an ice cube this time. Things got a little bit more complicated when Miyoshi, that crazy monk, wanted to stay by Isanami’s side, and Kamanosuke wanted to stay close to Saizo, his lover rival. I’m reserving judgement on Kamanosuke’s gender, because he really could be a she for all we know. Either that or he’s incredibly gay.

Their journey seemed to go pretty easy. However, that soon changed when they reached their checkpoint and came across a little boy. That doesn’t sound dangerous, but that little boy led them to a road where he set up countless of traps, in the hope of finding someone that could survive it all. This is where Miyoshi and Kamanosuke came in. They disobeyed Yukimura by following them anyway, and he better be glad they did too! They would’ve been killed if those two didn’t show up in time. That’s when that little brat appeared and congratulated them on surviving, after which he pledged his loyalty to Yukimura. You gave got to be kiddin’ me, that little runt as one of the Braves?

Anyway, Yukimura promised to pick him up at the local in as soon as they returned from Kyou. It didn’t take long after that for them to finally arrive. Yukimura and Rokuro immediately went to that gathering, leaving Kamanosuke, Saizo and Miyoshi behind to look after Isanami, seeing as she’s being targeted by Masamanu, who also happened to be invited. That’s when the ‘fight’ between Masamune and Yukimura started. He used a huge blade while Yukimura only used that fan of his. I don’t know how Yukimura ended up as the victor, but that only proved that the old man is strong, really strong. It only made me want to know more about that character.

Like I said; this week’s episode was pretty darn good. It was full of action, surprise and adventure. Things will only go downhill from here though, seeing as Yukimura and his men are now fugitives. Something tells me that this was all a big set-up. They probably wanted to lock them up in order to capture Isanami. It’s a good thing that Yukimura is smarter than he looks. I guess Yukimura’s little army is complete, providing that the little runt really becomes a Brave. Brave 10 just got a little bit more interesting!


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Feb 13, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 06

Too bad this week’s episode arrived late, because I wanted to have this post finished yesterday in order to schedule it for today. I’m a little disappointed that we still haven’t seen any of Yukimura’s abilities so far. It’s already episode six, come on… show us already!

This week’s episode wasn’t too bad. Sure, Yukimura’s abilities are still a big mystery, but they’ve introduced a new character to the show. Never would I have guessed that the next character would be a freeloading monk. Apparently he ate his fill and left without paying for it, after which old man Kakei confronted him. A ridiculous quarrel between the monk, Kakei, Saizo, Sasuke and Kamanosuke started after neither of them could come to terms. What’s so surprising here is that the four of them had difficulty dealing with this monk, boy was he strong. It took Saizo a little bit of luck, good timing and a lot of agility to come near his weak spot. This must’ve been quite the eye-opener for them.

But it didn’t end there. Apparently Isanami turned out to be his long lost sister. Oh, but they’re not blood-related, they were both in the same orphanage. In fact; the monk was the one who found Isanami when he was only eight years old. They headed back to their base after the monk fixed everything he broke, yes… all but Kakei. He decided to roam the lands in search for god knows what. I guess the destruction of his gun must’ve rendered him speechless.

Anyway, it appears that we have a new Brave. That makes nine Braves so far, so we can expect one more before we have ten braves. Otherwise it wouldn’t be Brave 10, would it now? Things were going pretty smoothly, but some of the braves were a bit wary about the new guy. I guess his power must’ve left a pretty big impact on them.

Still, they all enjoyed the rest of the day in their comfortable hot spring. Yeah… two beautiful women bathing naked with a bunch of naked and single men at the other side, how could this possibly go wrong? Yukimura, followed by Miyoshi, the monk, entered the women’s hot spring in order to gain a view. It’s not so surprising that Anastasia used her special abilities to “freeze” those two idiots as punishment for peeping.

Too bad this show is censored, hehe. Anyway, the episode was pretty good. We have a new Brave, Isanami found a new comrade from her shrine, Yukimura gained a view and Saizo seems to have a new secret admirer. I’m starting to doubt Kamanosuke’s gender, seeing as he could be a she for all we know. Hell, he could be both. Aaaaah~ this is going to drive me mad. As if wondering about Yukimura’s abilities wasn’t bad enough, now I have this on my mind…

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Feb 7, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 05

Hmm, not quite what I was expecting, but it was a pretty good episode. But Brave 10 is really starting to annoy me by withholding information about old man Yukimura. I wanted to know what he’s capable of ever since the first episode. Sigh… Well, it’s fine, I just hope that I get to see what that old man’s capable of soon.

The story continues and you’d think that both Saizo and Kakei would go after Isanami, who had been captured by Masamune. That was not the case, as Kakei insisted that they finished their job. He said that they were sent there on a mission, the possibility of losing an ally would be part of that mission, I suppose. However, they did send a message back to Yukimura, who then sent the beautiful Anastasia and Sasuke to rescue Isanami.

Things soon got a little bit worse when they arrived, seeing as they basically got found the moment they arrived. That led to a battle with many enemy casualties. At first Isanami didn’t even want to come back, she was under the impression that she would only hurt her friends by going back, seeing as she’s being targeted and all. But Anastasia, who had escaped from that unfortunate, yet sexy predicament, soon showed up to talk some sense into her.

Sure, they may have successfully rescued Isanami, but what about Masamune? He strikes me as the type of lunatic that would massacre countless of people in order to get what he wants. Hell, he might just do that, now that he lost his “treasure” and all. Still, everything is not yet peachy. Saizo seemed to be struggling with some personal issues, which in turn ended up reflecting negatively upon the relationship between him and Isanami.

Let it be said that Saizo is one of my favourite characters on this show, and yet I still cheered for Sasuke as he manhandled Saizo like it was nothing. It’s not just him either, everyone else wanted to help him. Even Rokuro ended up using that wicked eye of his, merely to see what was going on. For some reason Yukimura seemed worried, which in turn only made me more anxious to find out about his abilities.

Aaah~ moh!  I can’t help it, I’m just curious by nature, I guess. At this point I hope that Saizo starts working on the relationship between him and Isanami. I mean, clearly there’s something there, right? I’m not sure what role Anastasia would play in this though, as she seems to be an old friend of Saizo, but those two don’t share that (for the moment let’s call it a) spark.  We’ll see, we’ll definitely see…

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