Jan 30, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 04

At last! They finally explained a few things about Isanami and that pretty little jewel on her pretty little head. It’s nice when things get explained, but Brave 10 ended up freaking me out a little when Kamanosuke suddenly appeared in this episode. Yes, it’s a bad thing when he appears, seeing as he’s a strange little guy with homosexual and sadistic tendencies.

Moving on… I liked how they finally explained Isanami’s situation. It seems that her hairpin, also referred to as Kushi-mitama, contains (several) fragments of a deity’s soul that stayed behind in their world. It is said that those shards hold tremendous powers, and that those who have them could conquer any land. That explains why the temple was burnt down, why the people were killing and why there are still people after Isanami.

The three of them, Saizo, Isanami and old man Kakei, finally arrived in Izumo in order to start their search. Things were progressing very nicely until Hattori, that killer ninja, and that big-breasted snake lady appeared to ruin their day. Kakei immediately ended up getting caught in her trap while Saizo was fighting off Hattori. It was a poor struggle, and they would’ve lost if it wasn’t for Kamanosuke’s suddenly appearance. I won’t go into the details as to why he decided to help, frankly; it freaks me out.

Saizo and Kamanosuke made a poor team, but it was barely enough to wound Hattori, causing him to retreat once more. However, that snake lady wasn’t as lucky. Old man Kakei, with balls of steel I might add, killed her by shooting through his own body. Sure, he was wounded, but he, unlike her, survived that incident. Shooting a gun is one thing, using it to kill another human being is another, but using it to kill another human being whilst shooting through your own body is something else entirely. Needless to say that I have newfound respect for Kakei, that much is certain.

Things looked fine. Everyone survived, Isanami’s hairpin is safe and they all learned why the temple was burnt down.  Yeah… but things only looked fine until Masamune made his appearance by capturing Isanami. He must’ve been close by, because he heard their conversation; otherwise he wouldn’t have known where to find Kushi-mitama. It must’ve been hard for Saizo to see Isanami being captured like that, but what could he possibly do? All three of them were badly wounded.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode, and neither can a lot of other people. I discovered a huge fan base for Brave 10. There are people who refer to Brave 10 as an improved version of Sengoku Basara. I respectfully disagree; I think that Sengoku Basara has magic of its own, and that it cannot be compared to Brave 10.

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Jan 23, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 03

Okay, one more before bed should be fine. I noticed that Brave 10 has slightly risen in ratings, that’s pretty good news. I find that people can be so abnormally picky, but those people are the anime diehards, while I’m just a very big fan that blogs about it. To me it’s a hobby, not much more. But to them… to them it’s an important part of their life, no joke.

Brave 10 continues as everyone recuperates from last week’s battle. What a battle it was too, I saw a lot of great moves, new characters and my curiosity for old man Yukimura has grown once more. But still, things are about to get busy as everyone prepares to move out on a journey to Izumo. The strangest thing is that Yukimura enlisted Isanami as one of his ten “Braves”. Well, I’m sure we all know why he did it, especially after witnessing that strange power of hers. I’m not too sure it’s her own power though, as it could be the power of that jewellery that tried to protect its wearer. Either way; Isanami is officially one of the “Braves”.

Did I mention that they went on a journey together? Of course I did! But what kind of a journey would it be if nobody attacked them, right? This week’s predator was after Isanami as well, there appears to be a high demand for that little girl. What surprises me most is that all of their enemies are skilled fighters, true masters of their own field. It makes you think… how many more of these people could there possibly be? Well, it doesn’t matter; it’s because of these characters that we get to enjoy this show to this extent.

Meanwhile Saizo and Kakei followed Kamanosuke, who had captured Isanami, in order to defeat him. They weren’t alone though, as both Sasuke and Anastasia were monitoring the situation from afar. But they didn’t interfere, because they decided to have faith in Saizo and Kakei.

The battle was pretty epic. Both of them clashed back and forth, using techniques that neither of them had used before. Kamanosuke tried his best, he used up every little thing in his arsenal, but he was no match for Saizo. I’m not sure whether it was because of his superior skill, or because of the significant gap in fighting experience. Either way; All’s well that ends well.

Ever noticed how Yukimura never acts surprised, despite all of the amazing skills that his allies have shown?  It really makes me want to see what he’s capable of. There are two reasonable explanations for his behaviour; either he’s ridiculously strong, which is why he doesn’t seem intimidated, or he’s just ridiculously weak, which is why he would need strong allies to protect him. I want to find out!

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Jan 16, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 02

Man, this show is really starting to look a lot like Naruto. The characters in this show use a lot of “special abilities” and such. I even saw characters use substitution and afterimage techniques. The only thing missing is the “No Jutsu” at the end of each technique.

Still, this show might have its similarities, but it’s still very amusing to see. They keep introducing new characters, new moves and new side stories that keep you entertained throughout the episode. Anastasia, a newly introduced female character that has the ability to control ice, is a perfect example of how they plan to keep the story interesting.

That’s not all, because a huge amount of action will accompany these many changes. This time it’s Yukimura’s territory that was under attack. They were after the shrine maiden that managed to escape their attacked. Saizo did everything in his power to keep Isanami safe, but his job got harder after he encountered enemy after enemy. Not just your average enemy either, these guys knew what they were doing.

But, Saizo wasn’t alone in all of this. Sasuke, with a little bit of help from Anastasia, decided to go up against that snake-controlling woman. It wasn’t easy for him, as he stood in the middle of her territory. He tried his best but he couldn’t defeat her on her own territory while the poison was affecting his sight. He decided to rush forward in order to get her in to the forest. That’s when things got interesting; he managed to get her in to the forest, also known as his territory, where all his animal companions live. The fight, from what I gathered, was pretty quick as soon as she entered his domain.

Meanwhile Yukimura and Rokuro were still trying to evacuate all of the civilians whilst fighting several hostiles. For a minute there it seemed like both of them were about to be captured, when Rokuro used his special ability. Rokuro has the ability to attack his enemies by emitting ultrasonic waves from his mouth, and by doing so rendering them unconscious. I’m not so sure what Yukimura’s abilities are though, as they haven’t been shown yet.

Saizo had the toughest day of all. First he fought against that woman’s snake, then he had to dig his way to safety because of the aftermath and now he’s up against the same ninja that attacked Isanami’s temple. He was a particularly difficult opponent too, as he could see through most of Saizo’s movements and execute his attacks whilst avoiding Saizo. Still, Saizo still had a move he could use, which ended up giving him the opportunity to land a hit.  That guy, after being wounded and alone, decided to retreat.

Very exciting episode, and hell, the show has just begun! I’m still rather curious about Yukimura’s abilities, after all; he seems to be the leader and the leader is usually the strongest. I’m pretty sure we’ll find out within the next couple of episode, but I just can’t help but wonder…

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