Dec 23, 2012

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BTOOOM! episode 12

There are only two good things about this otherwise horrible ending. Wait, am I even allowed to call it an ending when I don’t even acknowledge it as such? How can this be called an ending when it doesn’t end anything. The only plausible explanation would be that there’s going to be another season.

[HorribleSubs] BTOOOM! - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.40_[2012.12.21_13.26.57]First and foremost; I told you so. I told you that Kiyoshi would betray Ryouta and Himiko and one point. It was inevitably obvious. I don’t care about his reasons. There’s no excuse for betraying your friends, let alone trying to kill them. The only good thing about Kiyoshi is that he had the decency to kill himself at the end.

I found it astonishing that Ryouta actually attempted to bring him back as a friend after all the things Kiyoshi had done. Ryouta, walking on one leg because Kiyoshi almost blow the other clean off, actually tried to get him to come back, merely because he thought that it was his fault that Kiyoshi was trying to kill them.

[HorribleSubs] BTOOOM! - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.44_[2012.12.21_13.27.38]The other good part was when Ryouta and Himiko finally got together. I still can’t believe that Himiko was willing to give up her life so that Ryouta could get off the island. I guess sometimes it’s a good thing that Ryouta’s such a boy scout. He probably would’ve killed Himiko if he was a bit more like his old friend, Nobutaka.

Anyway, I’ll end this post about this disappointing episode here. I’ll say it one more time; I refuse to acknowledge this as an ending! I can only home that there’s going to be another season or an OVA or two that will properly finish the story, because this just left a bad taste in my mouth. I feel like I just got robbed. Two hundred and forty minutes of my live gone because of a story with no ending…

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Dec 16, 2012

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BTOOOM! episode 11

A lot of complications arose during this episode, and I’m starting to see the ending already. I’m really getting nervous here, because it is about to get worse if my theory’s correct, and it’ll all be Ryouta’s fault if it were to go that way.

[HorribleSubs] BTOOOM! - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.08_[2012.12.14_12.08.48]Let’s do this quickly; Ryouta survived the blast by jumping to a lower level. Good for him. Little did the doctor know, whom was busy at the time with Himiko and his former (disposable) girlfriend, hoping to kill both of them in one go, that Ryouta was actually still alive and well, and that he was rearranging one of his bombs to lure him into his own trap.

I’m a big fan of scenes were a villain gets defeated by his own traps. It shows you how pathetic these characters are. But, just like with any other story, we had to work towards that by watching him torment Himiko and his former girlfriend. Not to mention that fact that I laughed when I heard that he did get off the island, but was brought back here again because he pissed off more people back home. Justice!

[HorribleSubs] BTOOOM! - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.46_[2012.12.14_12.09.30]Anyway, Ryouta altered one of the doctor’s traps that eventually led to his victory. Frankly, I’m going to skip right past the fact that that stupid woman failed to kill him and that she’s actually nursing him back to health. I’m going straight for the good stuff, which would be Ryouta’s plan to go look for all the bodies he encountered during his journey, hoping to find some chips. The idiot hasn’t realized yet that Kiyoshi has picked them all up when he wasn’t looking, and that he will probably betray those two at the very end. Basically, they are helping him to get better, merely so that he can betray them at the end. That is why I’m so nervous about the ending. I just hope that this is one of those times where I’m wrong.

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Dec 9, 2012

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BTOOOM! episode 10

It’s happening, it’s finally happening. People are finally showing their true colours. Also, I’m glad that things were finally clarified. I was under the impression that that doctor had made it off the island once by clearing the game, but he never did. No one ever has, apparently.

The one thing that pissed me off the most was that doctor, seriously. Ryouta fought against a tough opponent with his life on the line. He may not have won, but that was no reason to try and kill him. Ryouta failed, as simple as that. He tried to defeat that guy, but he was always a step ahead. That guy had planned to take someone else’s BIM, a fire type, and use it on Ryouta as soon as he revealed himself. Ryouta barely managed to escape by jumping in the water, yet that doctor saw him as nothing more than a coward that ran away, even though he was the one that actually ran away.

That doctor received a perfect opportunity to take care of Ryouta once and for all. Kiyoshi was dying and Himiko was still a bit shocked from what happened earlier. They all headed out to find some medicine for Kiyoshi, which put Ryouta, who knew nothing of that doctor’s plan, in a very vulnerable position.

That doctor handed Ryouta a briefcase with so-called medicine, not knowing that he actually received a bomb instead. That doctor slowly moved away from Ryouta, and even though Himiko came running to warn Ryouta about the bomb hidden inside that briefcase, it seems as though it was already too late. It’s a mystery whether or not Ryouta survived the explosion, keeping in mind that he already escaped death twice that day. I’m sure he found a way to survive. We’ll just have to wait till next week.

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Dec 2, 2012

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BTOOOM! episode 09

My god, why don’t people ever learn? I learn if I get stabbed in the back by someone. I won’t hesitate to drop him/her like a fly. But the characters in BTOOOM! are all out of their minds. It has become quite clear that you just can’t trust people on that godforsaken island, yet they seem to forget that all the time…

Ryouta meets up with yet another person. A doctor. In fact, the very same doctor that betrayed that crazy woman, the very same woman that had to cut off her hand in order to remain undetected. That is just messed up. What’s the point? Why complete the game if those people can simply bring you back to the island for another round? Mind you, that guy definitely deserved it.

I absolutely hate Ryouta’s mind-set. He continues to trust people, thereby putting himself and Himiko in unnecessary danger without him even knowing it. You’re not supposed to trust someone right away without knowing him first, not even because he helped out a ‘friend’, someone that’s probably going to betray you sooner or later as well.

Those two, Ryouta and the doctor, even ended up going after another care package, a case with food, water and all sorts of handy stuff. It became clear that he’s alone on the island with Himiko. He can’t trust anyone else. That doctor left him there to fight off that tattooed guy on his own. It’s a good thing that Ryouta knows his way around the game, otherwise he wouldn’t have made it against someone so experienced.

Still, I have high hopes. Ryouta may be too naïve to see it, but Himiko isn’t. I’m sure she will set Ryouta, the only guy she knows she can trust, back on the right path, seeing as he almost ended up killing both her and that other woman in one go. It’s one of these times where almost getting raped and killed comes in handy; your eyes are truly open, so you see what’s really going on around you.

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Nov 25, 2012

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BTOOOM! episode 08

Not bad, BTOOOM!, not bad at all. I always thought that this show lacked romance, and that the two main characters need to be friendlier to one another. Still, it couldn’t be helped, considering what has happened to both of them. But it seems that it’s all about to change!

Let’s just dive right into the juicy stuff; the relationship between Himiko and Ryouta is progressing. I’m very happy about that. A relationship on that island seems almost impossible, we mustn’t forget that. Everyone is willing to kill his partner just to get away from that godforsaken island. So yeah, it was smart of Himiko to have been so cautious around other people. It’s not like she’s the type of girl to save herself for marriage. Oh no, she just doesn’t want to get hurt, raped and killed. I can’t imagine any girl that would want that, can you?

But, more importantly, their relationship is progressing. They are both drawn to one another and they are talking a lot more. That’s a big step in their relationship. Besides, there’s no room for disloyalty on that island. They both know that, yet Ryouta seems to trust her a lot. It’ll be interesting to find out if Himiko will learn to trust him just as much.
I’m not even going to talk about that woman that encountered. She has been a negative influence on their relationship. She was stupid enough to trust a man that betrayed once before they arrived on that island, yet she was so awfully surprised when he betrayed her once more. I don’t pity her at all, no way. I just hate it that she was such a negative influence. I don’t think that Himiko, after what she heard from that dreadful woman, will come to trust Ryouta anytime soon.

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Nov 18, 2012

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BTOOOM! episode 07

It is one twist after another, isn’t it? It makes BTOOOM! really unpredictable. I like that. The people that have been following my posts know that I was very sceptical about BTOOOM! at first. Don’t worry though, I’m not, not anymore. I don’t think anyone has anything bad to say after seeing this episode.

It has been one hellish ride after another for the characters. This episode was no different. They were safe for a limit amount of time only. That was soon over when they were spotted by a team of two. I wonder how a psychotic lawyer and an insane ex-military man became partners. Especially that military nut job, who seems like the kind of man that would rather kill alone.

However, neither one of them made headline this week. The headline belongs to Ryouta and Himiko. It seems that they were married inside the game to one another. It’s strange that Himiko lied about that, but Ryouta is pretty positive that it’s her. I did not see this coming, not at all.

Now, Himiko got captured after Ryouta, being the fool that he is, led them straight to their hideout. I don’t know if it was the power of love, friendship or if he did it because he had plans for her, but he followed them and decided to get Himiko back. I’m not going into the specifics here, but let’s just say that those two got more than what they bargained for. I guess being one of the world’s top players means something after all.

Ryouta did some interesting things there, like using the lawyer’s bomb to kill his already dying partner. This is what I like! This is how it should be! These situations are too hard to predict. You don’t know what’s going to happen until it actually happens. I’ll be looking forward to the next episode.

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Nov 11, 2012

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BTOOOM! episode 06

It’s starting… It’s definitely starting. Kiyoshi finally showed the first signs of a betrayer. Also, it seems that he was quite the evil man during his working days. Living on the very edge of the law isn’t something you easily forget, so it’s definitely a matter of time before he betrays them.

That being said, I can’t understand why he came back. Ryouta was carrying Himiko while Kiyoshi had all the food and bombs. He didn’t even know that he could only use those bombs if he killed the owners first. Basically, he was given a perfect opportunity to ditch those two and run like hell. There is only one logical reason as to why he would come back like that; he must be interested in their gems. I don’t see any other reason for him to come back. Although, I supposed he could use a little bit of protection after getting bitten by one of those creatures? A (small) party would (theoretically) provide him with protection against invading enemies while he recovers.

Also, I don’t like the fact that Himiko is so damn cautious. Mind you, I fully understand why she is. I would be too in her case. Almost getting raped by the fattest man on the island would definitely leave you traumatized. It’s just that would like to see her get along with Ryouta. After all, he saved her more than once now, and she knows it too. Nobody likes an ungrateful b*tch.

Let’s just give it time. She just joined them and still doesn’t know anything about them. Besides, they have bigger things to worry about, like getting of that island alive, which will prove to be quite the challenge, seeing as they’ve already been found by someone. It’s becoming very interesting, I’m glad.

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Nov 4, 2012

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BTOOOM! episode 05

Success! It took Ryouta and Himiko five episode to get together, but it finally happened! It seems rather strange that it took this long, seeing as there are only twelve episodes. The two finally teamed up at the half point, but they still have long way to go in order to obtain their freedom once more.

I want to thoroughly focus on Kiyoshi, a scheming old man. I don’t like him. It’s just too obvious that he’s going to betray Ryouta and Himiko sooner or later. He is currently collection all the gems he encounters, even though he hasn’t done anything himself. I understand that he’s doing it to survive, hoping he might get of that island alive one day. I definitely understand, but he’s doing it behind Ryouta’s back. Why not just tell him about it? The level of trust between those two was practically non-existent to begin with, but this is getting out of hand. It’s definitely a matter of time before he betrays those two.

Now, let’s focus on Ryouta and Himiko. They finally teamed up. Sure, it was kind of messy, you know, with Himiko accidently tasing herself while she was aiming for Ryouta. It was a bumpy start, but she ended up believing in him. Let’s face it; he had every opportunity to rape the living daylights out of her, and he almost gave in too, but he didn’t. He calmed down and carried her to safety instead. I liked that.

It was a really great episode. I’m still very bothered by that old man, but that’s no longer an issue for me. I’m just happy that those two are finally together. BTOOOM is a very dark anime, a type of anime that could definitely use a little bit of romance. I’m confident that there are people out there that agree. BTOOOM would do even better with a little bit of romance in the mixture.

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