Jun 29, 2013

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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation episode 13

Hey guys, I’m a bit pissed off by the lack of respect some people have towards this show. I’m getting really tired of religious morons and their constant b*tching about how this show is for Satanists. How dreadfully pathetic can you possibly be?

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 13 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.53_[2013.06.28_23.02.50]Still, I must admit that I expected a bit more from this episode. It looked like a decent ending, that I must say, but the action was pretty crappy this time. Both Yamato and Hibiki have fought hard for this moment. Their last opponent were each other, so it’s only normal to expect one last epic battle, right? Why is it that after all that demon fusion, which gave me Yu-Gi-Oh! flashbacks, that we ended up with two ultimate-level demons, only to see them collide for about half a minute? What happened to the action? What happened to a battle between demon bosses? That, if anything, was truly disappointing if you ask me.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 13 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.49_[2013.06.28_23.03.22]I’m not even going to moan about how Hibiki, as expected, defeated Yamato and wished for the world to return to normal. It almost seemed as though there was more talking than fighting, and that nothing was really ever accomplished because things went back to the point where demons weren’t yet discovered by the public.

The ending was very much like the first episode; they show a dull fight scene where two demon bosses ‘hug’ each other, only to send Hibiki back to a point in time where he and Daichi were talking about that stupid program where you see your friend’s dead face. We’re right back to where we started. It was a strange ending alright, but overall not bad if you compare it to the Japanese norm. Well done and thank you!

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Jun 22, 2013

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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation episode 12

Quite the terrific episode despite it being predictable. This next and final episode was a long time going, it was something that everyone knew was coming eventually. It’ll be fun to see how they’re going to answer everyone’s expectations.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.08_[2013.06.21_22.42.37]All of the Septentrione’s have been defeated and their trial is now almost over. Alcor took it upon himself to (try to) take care of Yamato’s obsession to take over the world by killing him. Alcor once saw his hopes and dreams in Yamato, but that changed when Yamato turned his back to those without power, to those that he thought were too weak to be of any use.

Alcor found a new messiah; Hibiki, also known as “the sparkling one”. I never really liked that title to begin with. It sounds like something a raging queen would like to be called. I can (sadly) actually imagine a guy shouting “Look boys! I’m spaaa~rkling” in some shady gay-only club. God… My condition is getting worse.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_22.46_[2013.06.21_22.43.45]I must admit that it took me by surprise when Alcor was actually driven to the point where he decided to sacrifice himself in order to try and kill Yamato. Sure, I knew that Yamato would survive because he would still have to fight Hibiki, but still… I never expect Alcor to die so easily. It seems that his death was completely pointless now.

Who cares anyway? The outcome was rather predictable… Who cares? The final fight between Yamato and Hibiki is going to be awesome, that much is certain. I’m seriously expecting an awesome ending here, so they better make that happen. I’m sick and tired of good shows being ruined by disappointing endings…

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Jun 15, 2013

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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation episode 11

Magnifique! I don’t usually use french words to portray my enthusiasm, mainly because a lot of them sound really romantic gay, but this episode really deserves it. The predictability is very low, the twists are amazing and the artwork never seizes to amaze.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.05_[2013.06.14_23.39.18]That’s right, watching this has been a delight so far. I absolutely love this pace. They don’t spend entire episodes on one thing. Normally you’d have to watch two or maybe three episode before an enemy is defeated, but not here. They knock out one enemy after the order, which gives me great hope for a great ending.

First thing’s first; Daichi-kun… Well done! He has been coughing up weakling after weakling ever since their journey began, so it was refreshing to see him summon such a powerful demon after all this time. He, too, had a power similar to Yamato and Hibiki… Does that mean that he’s one of the “chosen ones” as well? Very interesting…

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.31_[2013.06.14_23.41.41]Now, it seems that Hinako has died again. I’m really going to be disappointed if she suddenly shows up again next week. Enough is enough, you can’t just kill off a character and suddenly bring him or her back later. That just kills the mood completely and makes it harder for me to enjoy the rest of the episode.

I suppose it’ll come down to Yamato and Hibiki. They apparently defeated their last enemy, thereby stopping the destruction of their world. That means that Yamato can execute his plans to rule the world (or whatever’s left of it). Hibiki will try and stop him, no doubt, and Alcor doesn’t want Yamato to harm Hibiki. The last two episodes are going to be very interesting by the looks of it!

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Jun 8, 2013

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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation episode 10

Was there any improvement? I don’t know. The last episode ended with such an irritating cliff-hanger, one that made me want to go outside and kick a puppy for no reason. This episode really made me wonder about the ending…

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.09_[2013.06.07_23.39.42]So Io-chan was actually asked to forfeit her life for the sake of Yamato’s plans. They thought that she was the best candidate to summon a specific demon capable of taking down an enemy that constantly multiplies. The problem with this plan is that Io dies afterwards, because her body cannot handle it when that demon takes over.

I feel as though there was very little progress because Hibiki proved to be quite useless again. He let it happen because he wasn’t on top of things. He’s always the last to find out about Yamato’s next step. The story in general may have progressed a little now that another enemy has been defeated, but the characters did not, not a lot anyway.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.32_[2013.06.07_23.40.52]I must admit that my faith in Hibiki was slightly restored when he rushed out there and actually managed to save Io after obtaining the same kind of power that Yamato wields. Yeah, we know, Hibiki is a very special boy. To hell with that though, what about his promise to change the world? He barely managed to save Io, not to mention the fact that he is once again indebted to Yamato and his followers.

I just don’t know what to think anymore. Hibiki constantly promises one thing after the other, tries to follow up and always manages to fall behind on that. Yamato is always one step ahead and that really needs to stop if Hibiki actually wants to stop people from getting killed by those monsters. It’s aggravating as hell, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

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Jun 1, 2013

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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation episode 09

Why does it feel as though we’re back where we first started? I thought Hibiki was supposed to go his own way in order to stop people from dying, and to stop Yamato from using people as toys to survive? Did I go back in time? Is the story going in reverse?

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.11_[2013.05.31_23.30.13]I’m just happy that Alcor, also known as “Ureu Mono”, “Anguished One” or “Al Saiduq”, finally took his place in the spotlight by Hibiki’s side. I would’ve grown tired of Yamato as well, who wouldn’t? He refers to Hibiki as “the sparkling one”, so what kept him so long? Why not introduce yourself the moment Hibiki summoned Byakko? Interesting…

I’m also interested in Yamato right now. No, I don’t care about his plans for humanity, I don’t care about what he’s going to do when and if he survives. I just want to know more about his condition. He has been using a lot of power lately and it seems as though he’s in pain, which puts a smile on my face. Is he sick? Is he dying? I want to know!

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.11_[2013.05.31_23.31.00]But yeah, it really pissed me off to see how helpless Hibiki is. He said that he would go his own way, do things the way he wants to do them, yet he still does whatever Yamato and his people tell him to do. How stupid is that? Just create your own group of fighters, lead them the way you think is right and make sure they stay alive. Following Yamato like he did only ended up in people getting killed again when that Septentrione’s shell plummeted to the earth, also destroying most of the city I might add. How many more people have to do before Hikibi finally realize that he’s still doing what Yamato tells him to do? Sigh… We’ll see.

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May 25, 2013

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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation episode 08

It’s one shock after another in Devil Survivor this week. I liked most of it, but there were one or two things I would’ve done differently. It’s was the kind of episode that makes you want to think up a story of your own, in a good way that is.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.53_[2013.05.24_22.41.01]First thing’s first: Hinako. Why in the unholy hell is she still alive? We just saw her death scene not so long ago, and it was pretty touching too, so why the hell did she show up? Hibiki may have been darn pleased, but I’m sure not. As much as I like that character, I wouldn’t want to see her again after such a death scene.

I also don’t like how ridiculously weak Daichi still is. Just give the guy a break already. We already know that he doesn’t have a chance with Io-chan, so at least give him a decent demon that doesn’t run away as soon as it gets summoned. The first time that happened was funny, the second time was okay, but now it’s getting annoying.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.47_[2013.05.24_22.42.03]The rest was great! I like how much control and power Yamato has. Not because I like him to be the strongest one out there, but because I want a powerful opponent for Hibiki to face later on. The thought of Hibiki surpassing Yamato someday gives me the chills, just like the thought about his new demon (provided he will get one).

Next week’s episode should be really something. Hibiki has finally gone his own way, Daichi realized once again that he’s still useless, Io is still in love with Hibiki, Yamato is still a stuck-up powerhouse and now it seems that Ronaldo, Yuzuru and Otomo didn’t survive this week’s episode. Just you watch, it’ll turn out that they’re still alive next week. If Hinako can do it than so can they.

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May 18, 2013

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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation episode 07

I finally saw some long-awaited improvement during this episode. It’s about time too, because I would’ve gotten pissed off if it continued like this. I don’t like to see too much of the same thing, no matter what show.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.37_[2013.05.17_23.30.55]The one thing that caught my eye the most was when Hibiki finally woke up and smelled the roses. He announced that he wouldn’t be part of any organisation, and that he would follow his own instincts. About damn time! He must have realized by now that he has quite a bit of power hidden within that phone of his, so it’s only natural that others want to make use of that. We all knew that from the very beginning, so that is why I’m kind of jumping up and down here with a big smile on my face. Hibiki only needs himself and his friends, the rest simply comes later on as time passes.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.36_[2013.05.17_23.31.47]Now, Yamato needs his help, period. He may not like the idea, he may not want to ask him for help, but even he realized that there’s a limit to what he can do. He may be strong and smart, but even he can’t be at all places at once and defeat all the enemies at once, especially when you have to beat three strong enemies in three different locations at the very same time.

And hell, I’m not even going to focus on the fact that Io has a crush on Hibiki. I knew from the very beginning that some as cliché as this would happen, it’s normal in these types of stories. I wouldn’t be surprised if Daichi walked over to the other side if he found out. Jealous can by a b*tch, really. Right now I’m just focussing on next week’s episode though, where those three monsters will appear for Hibiki and his friends to destroy.

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May 11, 2013

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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation episode 06

How can one episode cause this much confusion? I think it’s impossible for me to comprehend the characters’ personalities. It’s all tied up in this chaotic story. It’s hard to imagine that it’s actually based on manga instead of an RPG.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_02.18_[2013.05.10_22.23.57]Basically, everything came out during this week’s episode. Everyone, including Airi and her boyfriend Jungo, witnessed as Yamato bared his soul. The guy is a freakin’ lunatic. He openly admitted that he plans to create and rule a world without weakness, and those that are weak are considered target practice for enemies.

You would think that this would scare off followers, right? So why does Yamato still have the upper hand? I’m going with fear here. He has a very strong demon, strange abilities to allow him to alter his demon and he comes from an influential family, so I’m guessing that people follow him because they think that it’s the best way to survive.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.59_[2013.05.10_22.25.10]So yeah, Yamato has the ability to alter his demon, Cerberus, somehow. He is capable of giving him different abilities, increase or decrease his stats, and god only knows what else he is capable of. It’s quite unfair that he has that kind of power, it’s like he’s a GM (Game Master) in a game with nothing but inexperienced players; he’s an overpowered character.

I must say that I’m quite looking forward to the next episode, because Hibiki is finally standing his ground. It’s about time that he stood up for what he believes in, although I still have the feeling that he’s still being manipulated by Ronaldo, leader of the resistance. Only time will tell what Hibiki and his friends are going to do next.

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