Jul 21, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 14

Okay, I’m a bit confused right about now. Eureka Seven AO was getting really good, but things just took a very bad turn. I can’t fully see the angle yet, which is why I’m keeping quiet. However, I do know that this will confuse things even more.

We all know that Ao’s mother showed up in his world, or should I say in his time? She showed up, met up with Ao and every other person that wanted to recruit her, and now she’s gone again. What was the point of introducing her? I seriously don’t see the angle. Keep in mind that this is coming from a guy who has not yet read the manga, so my knowledge about the whole thing is limited. This is merely from a viewer’s point of view.

I was amazed to see that Ao was still so hung up on Naru. She clearly has her own mind (or so we are led to believe). Things will become a lot more complicated, that’s for sure, especially since she has Eureka’s Nirvash now. The only good thing that came out of this was when Naru took out all those American vehicles. Good stuff!

I’m a little worried about the future episodes. Eureka is gone again, so everything is pretty much the same. Naru is still with Truth, Ao is still with Generation Blue, Elena clearly still has her own agenda, and the war between organisations and country still continues. So things are bound to get a little bit dull again at one point, providing things will go back to the way they were. One thing became clear from all; all those organisations wanted Eureka for themselves, but Eureka wanted none of them. I can only hope that Ao noticed that too.

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Jul 14, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 13

It is finally happening. Eureka Seven AO is finally getting exciting. I’m pleased to say that the story, although for me at least, took an interesting turn into a world of excitement. Also, the ratings for this show have been rising like a rocket ever since the last episode. Will look forward to see how high they will be in another episode or two.

So Ao has finally been reunited with his mother, how nice. Little did he (or most of us) know that his mother was actually from the past. Things became even more complicated when it turned out that Eureka was actually pregnant (with Ao). I’m not sure why she left her own world to travel to another, but there’s one thing that did come out of it all; apparently Secrets (those monsters) are not the enemy. I somewhat saw that coming to be honest. I mean, human beings always fear that which they don’t know. That has always been the case and that will probably always remain. Are humans incapable of change like that? No.

So anyway, Eureka and future Ao have engaged Truth in battle. Good for them. That guy has had it too easy with that ridiculous power of his. He went from abducting Eureka to defending himself from mother-son tag team attacks. The question is; are two Nirvash’s enough to defeat something like Truth? He’s an another little b*st*rd with those shape shifting abilities of his, so it might not be enough to defeat him, especially since Ao is still too inexperienced as Nirvash’s pilot.

I would like to finish this post by saying that I don’t like the way things are going right now. Organisations are coming together to collect Eureka. They all want her and her, her mech and her special abilities. I will really be put off should she join Generation Blue, like her dumb future son did.

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Jul 7, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 12

It finally happened; an episode actually worth talking about. Who knew? I thought I was going to see nothing more than a long, dull story about a boy being controlled by an organisation that wants him to fight for them. I must say, this episode really raised my hopes for this show.

I’m going to skip right passed that whole Naru-Truth bullsh*t and go straight to the best part; Ao’s space adventure. He and his division got sent to space in order to deal with a huge chunk of Scub Coral that was making its way towards earth. That’s when he met with new people, people from Generation Blue that were sent there to guard the planet from any kind of danger.

Ao soon realized that he couldn’t function properly in space, despite being from a different world, apparently. He went out anyway and landed on that Scub Coral, where he found a ship as he was plummeting towards earth. It seems that yet another one of Ao’s ‘people’ managed to make her way to earth. She looked a whole lot like Ao. Hell, he even thought that it was his mother he was seeing.

Eureka Seven AO just got a whole lot more interesting. Speaking about Eureka, it seems that that’s also that girl’s name, which made things even more interesting. I think that things are going to change drastically. I will say one thing though; I will be really disappointed if this mysterious girl ends up joining General Blue as well, let alone let them modify her mech, just like with Ao’s mech. That would bring my newfound hope to an all-time low, seriously. There’s no point in worrying about it now. All that’s left is for us to wait and see what happens.

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Jun 30, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 11

Okay, I guess I might as well write a quick post about this week’s Eureka Seven AO as well. Frankly, I think that this week’s episode was a bit dull and pointless, but maybe that’s just me? I could be that I’m in a rut over the badly ending spring anime.

So yeah, the story continued with Ao and his friends hunting for Secrets. It’s basically all the same. They hunt them, fight them and kill them, providing Truth doesn’t stand in their way to mess things up a bit. It’s all part of a much bigger plan. A plan made by government officials and large organizations. The conspiracy just never ends, does it?

This week’s episode took a strange turn by putting Elena in a different spotlight. Gazelle, one of those mercenaries, was sure that Elena was none other than Miller, an American spy that was sent to obtain information about Generation Blue. I know I was looking at this in a pretty dull way knowing, knowing what could happen next and such, but come on… enough with the conspiracy theories already.

Oh, and just when you think things couldn’t get any worse; it seems that there was some kind of sand that controlled people’s thoughts, making them see and do things against their will. It took a lot of patience on my part not to skip through that scene, seriously. I don’t know. Maybe Eureka Seven AO just isn’t for me. We have to keep in mind that this anime is competing with Eureka Seven, a prequel. It is very hard to top something as good as that, let alone make it better. Not that it’s any use, as the ratings for Eureka Seven AO have been slowly dropping during the past three weeks.

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Jun 23, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 10

Oh well, I might as well write this post right now. I’m slowly losing motivation to write about Eureka Seven AO. I wouldn’t say that it’s completely predictable or anything like that, especially since I’ve seen some improvements during this episode, but it’s a bit on the dull side if you ask me. It’s always the same thing, isn’t it?

I started watching this episode and expected to see the same thing that I’ve been seeing for the past ten episodes; Ao and Nirvash fighting against those monsters whilst very few people actually support him, let alone approve of it. Hell, there are still people out there that think that the Nirvash, or “Mark One” as they call it, is rightfully theirs.  How stupid. Those Americans need to find hobbies or something. The Nirvash clearly belongs to Ao or at least it used to, before Generation Blue got their hands on it and made some modifications to it, so that Ao now has to ask for their permission to launch and whatnot.

I know I just said all that, but I have to admit that I saw some change during this episode. Not just with Ao, but with Ivica too.  They are slowly becoming more rebellious. They are slowly acting more based upon their own senses of justice. It had gotten to a point where both of them ignored the orders from HQ to stay put, only to go help the Americans with their struggle against those monsters. I liked that, I really liked that. Ao has been obedient for far too long now.

I’m starting to get hope again. Ao is showing signs of rebellion. I liked that. I think that we can expect a lot of great things from him in the near future, things that he normally wouldn’t do under the command of Generation Blue. Things are looking hopeful again. I think it’s Ao’s desire to see Naru again that’s pushing him right now.

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Jun 9, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 09

Hello folks. I don’t want to seem demotivated, but I’m going to keep this post rather short. My reason for doing so is because this anime has become very predictable. I already knew what’s going to happen next week, and I haven’t even seen the preview yet.

This week’s episode basically revolved around secrecy. Everyone has secrets and everyone wants to keep them at all costs. I watched this episode and I saw how Ao and the girls were being used as pawns in a much bigger game. You can hardly tell them the truth I suppose, as they would highly likely walk out the door. Generation Blue (or any other organisation for that matter) cannot afford to lose that kind of firepower. But I just don’t like to see Ao and the girls manipulated like that. Frankly, I don’t think that their commander is completely in on it. I see him protesting all the time, so there might be hope for him.

Meanwhile that morphing freak, Truth, was still running amok all over the place. He kept chasing American officers, killing them without an ounce of mercy. I have a general idea of what he’s after, but he already has the power to get what he wants, so why not just go for it? That’s what I just can’t understand. He wants something, has the ability and power to get, and yet he still keeps playing around. It’s a little strange.

Like I said; I will be keeping this post short. Eureka Seven Ao is very amusing and I still recommend it, but it’s by no means as good as Eureka Seven, absolutely not. I know it’s strange of me to say this, especially since it’s completely out of character, but I would like to see Ao go nuts for once. Let him go completely mad. Let him destroy everything around him. His friends have been taking from him, his family and his home… I think a little bit of recklessness is just about due.

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Jun 2, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 08

Oh how I loved my Friday. First I got betrayed by Sankarea, which was a pretty blow to the family jewels, only to finish the job with this week’s Eureka Seven Ao. Very bad start to a bad weekend (the weather here is absolutely sh*t). Oh well, at least I have an excuse to wear a raincoat, so that I can flash passing pedestrians. I’m joking of course. Maybe.

The story continues as Ao is fed up with things. He’s fed up with being weak and unable to do anything to help. He decided to head out with Nirvash, the mech that his mother left him, thereby making it his. Can you guess what happened? That’s right. The people Generation Blue interfered. Why you ask? That’s simple. Nirvash is no longer Ao’s property, it’s theirs. They modified it, they control it and they control Ao. They even wanted to punish him for taking his own mech, after which they decided to tail him for a little bit. I knew this would happen. I know that Ao was emotionally unstable, but that was no excuse to take control of his mech.

The whole episode was like this, so basically; very unpleasant. They never let him near Nirvash after that, until a G-Monster finally appeared, forcing them to send out Ao and his team. See how that goes? Want to join General Blue, soldier? You do? That’s great! Oh, you have your own mech? Well, hand him over to us, but don’t worry, we’ll lend it to you once we need you to put your life on the line while we sit on our lazy asses as we watch you suffer a little bit. – © Powered by Generation Blue.

The only thing really worth mentioning right now is that Fleur, that cute little blonde on Ao’s team, is actually the daughter of Generation Blue’s chairman. Not all that surprising to be honest. I already noticed several similarities. Still, it’s definitely worth mentioning. I truly hope that next week’s episode will be different. Hopefully Ao will ditch this organization and follow his own path at one point.

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May 26, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 07

What a strange episode. I have mixed feels about this one. I think it’s strange that one guy managed to infiltrate and practically destroy an entire base. What’s up with that? I know that this anime has twenty-four episodes, so there’s plenty of time to come up with a reasonable explanation, but come on…

This guy, he calls himself Truth, infiltrated Generation Blue’s base, destroyed everything and actually almost managed to kill Ao. He just walked in there and destroyed everything with that strange belt of his. I don’t see the point of adding such a powerful and strange enemy to the mixture. Ao is alone and has no one to teach him more about Nirvash, so how can he possibly compete with those guys right now? Still, I’m glad that Generation Blue got a little bit of ass-whooping though. I think it’s only a matter of time before they show their true colours.

The other thing I didn’t like about this episode was that Naru walked over to the “dark side”. She was basically the only friend that Ao had left, and now he has no one anymore. That’s just sad. Sure, he still has Generation Blue, but it’s only a matter of time before Ao realises what they are really about. This will definitely affect Ao’s future performance, whether that’ll be good or bad is the question we all need to ask.

Sadly; I’m actually not really looking forward to next week’s episode. This episode was that demotivating. I liked Naru, but now she’s with those monsters. And Ao still doesn’t know a damned thing about Generation Blue, those freaks, the Nirvash or about what he wants to do in the (near) future. He needs to get stronger soon, otherwise he might end up losing Naru for good.

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