Jan 28, 2012

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Guilty Crown episode 14

Damn. I’m slowly falling behind on my posts again, but this time it’s not entirely my fault. I missed a post due to Bakuman’s late release, causing me to push back one show at a time due to lack of time. Still, I watched the new Guilty Crown episode and I loved it.

This week is all about friendship, loyalty and an overdose of corruption. You see, the government decided to abandon everyone within the Tokyo perimeter. This isn’t your average type of abandonment either, oh no, it’s the type of abandonment where each and every living thing gets killed on sight. Koudou passed that point of no return, he has given the command to kill everything in the area in order to, and I quote; “purify Japan”.

This led to chaos amongst the students, who, for the time being, were alive and well inside of the school. A small group of students were questioning Arisa, the student president and currently leader of the group, about her qualifications as their leader. I can understand the motives, but this group of students went too far. They were willing to hand over Funeral Parlor members in order to gain their freedom, but that was all just a lie. The government wanted them all dead, no exceptions.

Shu proved that fact once and for all. Everyone was appalled. But it wasn’t enough for this small group of students, as their leader decided to take out his pistol in order to shoot Shu. But Shu has progressed too much for him to be taken down by a mere handgun. He, within just a matter of seconds, drew out a Void and used that Void to disarm that idiot. His progress rate is truly unbelievable. If he can keep it up than he’ll be strong enough in no-time.

Things didn’t end there though. Shu, thanks to Yahiro’s efforts, or formerly known as Sugar, got elected as the new leader. It stands to reason, doesn’t it? Shu is by far the most qualified person; he has minor people skills, he’s the only one that’s capable of drawing out Voids, he has experience and he knows the current situation better than anyone else. Yahiro must’ve known this as well, he must’ve known that Shu is currently their best chance to make it out of this situation alive.

However, Yahiro’s planning didn’t stop there, hell no. He came up with another ingenious idea. He decided to rank the students based on their Void levels. It works like this; each student has a Void. That Void has its powers and those very powers are rated by a number. The higher the number, the stronger the Void is. For example; a person with a level of 1000 could be considered weak, but a person with a level of 1700 could be considered strong.  Inori’s Void currently has level 2000, that’s also what I’m basing my example on, as her Void is one of the stronger ones.

A lot happened in this episode, a lot indeed. But still, Shu’s progress never ceases to amaze. He went from being a weak cry baby to a strong and powerful leader in just a couple of episodes. It’s only a matter of time before his powers reach an even higher level. But that is still in the future, right now he has to focus on getting his followers out of that school alive. The fact that it’s a race against the clock doesn’t make it any easier, so I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next.

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Jan 20, 2012

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Guilty Crown episodes 12 & 13

Oh boy, I haven’t kept up to date with Guilty Crown at all, that’s kind of embarrassing to have missed. Still, I will do my best to make up for it in this post. Also, is it just me, or is this show getting better? I saw some slight improvements in the artwork and the story just took a very interesting turn.

I finally got what I wished for; more information about Gai’s past. It seems that Shu used to have a sister called Mana. That sister once saved Gai’s life as a child together with Shu. It seems that Gai has always been indebted to those two, which is why he had that abnormal interest in Shu. It’s quite tragic, but nevertheless a great twist.

Still, Koudou kept getting in the picture with his twisted mind. He plans on resurrecting Mana, but she has gone completely insane. She tried to kill everyone, including Shu. They would’ve lost if it wasn’t for Shu. He remembered what happened that day to Mana, but he had no time to waste. He drew out Gai’s Void and used it to force his way through. Gai, once again, ended up getting sacrificed in order to save many lives.

What a beautiful story this has become, absolutely beautiful. Life still goes on, even after Gai’s untimely demise. Sure, it was hard at first, but time heals all emotional wounds! Okay, so they’ll never forget about him, but at one point they’ll learn to live without him.

I was happy to see how Shu pas progressed. Not just his mentally, but also his powers. He is now able to control Void’s while the hosts remain conscious. But it doesn’t end there, as the hosts are now also capable, thanks to Shu’s improvement, of using their own Voids. That’s a big step forward for Shu. But he’s not there yet, he has to train and improve a lot more if he wishes to take on that other Void user, not to mention the Anti-bodies. Shu will get a lot of chances to improve, after all; he’s still part of the Funeral Parlor.

Hell, he’ll never be allowed to forget about his position as a resistance fighter, especially since the Anti-bodies mounted yet another attack on innocent people. It was pretty sweet to see how Ayase managed to use and control her Void like that, kudos to her! Things will only get better from here on out. Gai may have passed away, but his legacy continues to grow stronger with each passing day!

The unexpected twists in this show really amaze me sometimes. It’s not just that, it’s also the general improvement that this show has been making. The fan base for Guilty Crown has grown pretty large over the past few weeks. Your average show would never have shown the same kind of results, absolutely never. I can’t wait to see more! Oh, and sorry for falling behind on Guilty Crown, I’ll make sure it never happens again.

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Dec 22, 2011

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Guilty Crown episode 11

Good stuff, lots of anime right after dinner. I’m pretty sure my doctor would disagree, but it does my stomach good! I have noticed that it’s always the same two groups responsible for Guilty Crown and Maken-Ki! The rest follows a day later with their release.

Anyway, the story continues as we embark upon chaotic times. That bastard Koudou unleashed yet another devastating attack on the city, infecting countless of people with that strange virus. His own allies were no exception, because they too got infected with that virus.

The anti-bodies were taking over. Nobody was safe anymore, not even amongst themselves. It has gotten to a point where everyone has to run for their lives, including Haruka, Shu’s mother, who was part of the research team. So, no matter how you look at it, it all comes down to Shu. He decided to ask his friends from school for help. But, in order to get their help, he has to convince them first. He has to be honest with them, tell them what he can and cannot do.

Shu, for once, decided to be completely open to everyone. He showed them his abilities, explained his situation, and they finally agreed to help him. Shu guided everyone through a tunnel towards the Funeral Parlor’s location.

Now, I don’t know what happened here, but Inori managed to get rid of that nasty virus by singing. I have no idea what her powers are, at least not specifically, but she, just like Shu, must have that special gene. It was pretty good. Shu and his friends were fighting their asses off while she sung that beautiful song.

I never thought he’d make it, not in a million years. After all; he was still inside that tunnel when the rest of the Funeral Parlor were about to be wiped out. But, after having dealt with minor ‘bumps’ in the road, Shu made it. He arrived on time and met up with Inori, who, after singing her song, got her void taken out by some unknown guy.

Gai, in order to save Shu, sacrificed himself by taking that guy’s attack head-on. I always thought of that guy as an heartless beast, but it seems he did have a lot of good in him. I don’t know what to think of the current situation though, it seems like it has gotten even worse.

Next episode is going to be rough. The Funeral Parlor lost their leader, they lost Inori and now, with Shu probably going nuts again, they lose their most valued asset. Very chaotic indeed, I can’t wait for next week!

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Dec 16, 2011

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Guilty Crown episode 10

This is it people! I am writing this post using my laptop. It feels so much better than my keyboard, it’s like the keys were made for me. The keys press really smoothly and make very little sound. The only con is that the backspace is a little too far away for my pinky to reach, but I’m sure that problem will solve itself in time, I still have to get used to it.

Anyway, it’s getting very hectic in Guilty Crown. Shu can’t take much more of it, that situation with Yahiro and his younger brother is really taking its toll on Shu. Everywhere he goes he sees those flashbacks of when he put Yahiro’s younger brother to rest. It was no easy decision, definitely not, but has to get over it before something bad happens.

Shu’s situation got to a point where he couldn’t resume normal life without getting frightened, let alone continue his life with the Funeral Parlor. Gai saw that it was no use trying to persuade him, he was devastated by what happened that day. Gai had no choice but to kick him out of the Funeral Parlor, leaving him behind with his memories. Inori wasn’t sure what to do either, but she still ended up leaving.

Gai didn’t have a choice. He had to continue his mission, with or without Shu. He wanted to obtain that special stone, no matter what the cost. I understand why he wanted that stone so badly, but he wasn’t prepared. This episode showed how vital Shu’s role was in the Funeral Parlor. They were very vulnerable, especially when they fell for the Anti-Bodies’ trap.

Gai is just a normal man. A man with a pretty weak body. They couldn’t do much against the Anti-Bodies without Shu, they were helpless. Their helplessness is what caused yet another disaster. Koudou, the chief, ended up using the stone’s powers in order to recreate the disaster the disaster that happened many years ago. He wanted to, and I quote; “Finish what he started with Lost Christmas in order to preserve humanity.”

The man released yet another massive attack on the city, infecting and instantly killing lots of innocent people with that mysterious virus. Shu was in the middle of all of this during that time, but he seemed unaffected by the virus, he was merely experiencing some sort of headache.

Next episode is going to be very exciting. I have a feeling that a lot of things are going to be explained. I’m rather curious about the role that Haruka, Shu’s mother, played in all of this. She seemed to know a lot about Voids and it’s gene, because she was shocked when she heard that Shu has that gene.

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Dec 8, 2011

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Guilty Crown episode 09

I was looking really forward to yet another episode of Guilty Crown. Although this episode started out really weird. That can only mean that you can expect a lot of new things, and quite possibly new characters. Although I’m not a big fan of introducing new characters halfway.

Shu’s school life has been continuing like usual ever since his last mission. It seems that he really enjoys the peace, who wouldn’t? He sure is unaware of his surroundings though, he should’ve realized by now that Hare has a major crush on him. It’s not entirely his fault; she could’ve said something sooner about it, as it’s not necessarily the man’s responsibility to take the first step.

Meanwhile on the subway the two, Shu and Hare, come across their old ‘friend’ Yahiro, or ‘Sugar’ for those who only know his codename. He has been running away from the authorities to protect his family, probably because they want to experiment on his little brother.

Shu has really changed. He is slowly starting to take matters into his own hands, that’s very reassuring. The anti-bodies sure are willing to do anything in order to get a hold of Jun, Yahiro’s little brother.  They sent out several enclaves and snipers in order to capture Jun. There must be something to that boy if they’re willing to go through all that trouble just to get him.

I was right. There is something very special to that boy. He, like Shu, has special abilities that only he, or perhaps a very select few have. Jun is possessed by a virus that plagues his body, but there’s more to that virus than meets the eye, that much is certain. I can’t explain his abilities very accurately, but basically; he is somehow capable of synchronizing with organisms thanks to this virus.

This episode was very intense and very useful to the story, kudos! I learned a lot about “Lost Chrismas” and Yahiro. I almost shed a tear when Shu put Jun, because he requested it personally, out of his misery. What’s more; Hare was watching. I’m very curious as to just how much she’s seen.

Jeez! I’m going to have to wait yet another week to find out! The story just keeps getting better, especially since more and more complications keep piling up on Shu. I can only hope that next week’s episode will be just as good as this one.

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Dec 2, 2011

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Guilty Crown episode 08

We have reached episode eight and now I find myself wondering which sides are good or bad. Gai claims to be on the good side, fighting for freedom and justice and all. But how is stealing, kidnapping, abusing others and withholding information from others good? I’m having serious doubts.

This episode Shu and Inori go on a fieldtrip (probably for school) to the place where Shu’s father is buried. It was only natural for him to visit his father’s grave, although the connection with his father, from what I understood, wasn’t all that great. I found it kind of disrespectful of Gai to interrupt Shu like that, it was a private moment, and for Gai to interrupt him like that just to tell him about another mission is just wrong. I would’ve been mad if I was Shu, there’s a time and place for everything.

Shu is slowly turning into Gai, which is kind of troublesome. He used his classmate Souta as a decoy of sorts. Souta has a crash on Inori, so Shu abused that knowledge in order to get him off-guard so that he could draw out his Void. That was probably Gai’s plan though, that method simply reeks of Gai.

Souta’s Void turned out to be some sort of camera, a camera that had the power to open any door, including a complicated security system. That just proves that it was Gai’s plan to manipulate Souta like that, who else but Gai knew what Souta’s Void was capable of? After all; that happened to be right Void at the right time, it was definitely no coincidence. Gai’s knowledge on Voids must be very impressive if he’s capable of figuring out people’s Void before Shu even draws them out.

Gai was after some sort of artifact, and he would’ve gotten it too, would it not be for that fact that old man Koudou, head of the GHQ Anti Bodies, beat him to it. It’s very strange, why would Koudou kill his own men like that? Has he gone AWOL? That artifact must be something very important if both Gai and Koudou wanted it that badly.

I’m rather curious about the next episode. Specifically about Haruka, because I refuse to believe that that she’s just your everyday woman. I can’t wait to find out!

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Nov 24, 2011

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Guilty Crown episode 07

Ahhh~ I was waiting for this episode. I really wanted to see it ever since I learned that Shu’s mother would appear in this episode. I was really wondering what kind of character it would be, but I have the feeling that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface.

Shu’s mother turned out to be this young woman who wore an invisible mask around him. She was very clingy, relaxed and friendly around Shu. But she has a very complicated job where she seems a completely different person. She doesn’t seem to enjoy herself, but she clearly has Shu in mind. She also let out a bit about Shu’s father. I would love to know more about that!

Shu has been away from school for quite a while now. It’s only natural for all the other students to know what happened to him and where he was when he wasn’t at school. The only thing they didn’t know was why, why was he taken like that? Things seemed tense at first because some students were afraid, but the class president helped him a little bit, resulting in a flood of questions about his absence.

The most remarkable thing in this episode was Shu’s progress. He has been through so much, but he just doesn’t quit, he keeps going no matter what people say or do. He has been lied to, betrayed, used and a lot more, and he still keeps going. It surprised me when Shu asked Gai for orders during their mission.

Some GHQ goons were trying to blow up the party boat. Shu decided to stay and defend the boat even though he was advised to evacuate. He just couldn’t leave his mother behind, which is why he turned to Gai for help.

Gai quickly came up with a plan, which was to bring Shu’s class president to the deck so Shu could draw out her Void. Her void turned out to be a shield of some sort, a shield powerful enough to defend the boat from dozens and dozens of missiles.  It was pretty cool to see Shu’s progress, I for one can’t wait to see just how much more he’ll grow from now on.

It was a very good episode, it put a big smile on my face and, if that wasn’t enough, it made me really excited about next week’s episode. I wonder if Shu’s mother and/or class president suspect anything. His mother probably does, as Shu’s ability to draw out Void’s is probably genetic, which makes me even more curious about her as well as Shu’s mysterious father.

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Nov 18, 2011

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Guilty Crown episode 06

And we’re off to yet another week’s worth of betrayal, deception and a whole lot of lies. I still can’t believe that Shu hasn’t left the Funeral Parlor yet. He keeps getting lied to, so why stay? There’s nothing there for him. Inori lied to him, Gai lied to him, why stay when you have no one to fight for?

I did like Shu’s improvement. Gai proposed a plan to bring down those dangerous satellites, hoping that a lot of lives would be spared because of it. Shu realized that it was a very dangerous operation, it could very well kill half of the Funeral Parlor, which is why he rejected it, at first. Somehow he got talked in to helping them after all. Seriously, he was doing so good, why stop? I just can’t understand why he keeps having faith in Inori, especially since she admitted that she deceived him from the start, on Gai’s orders of course.

The operation almost succeeded too, would it not be for that psychopath Daryl and his mech. He interfered with their operation and shot at the cores, causing the satellites to malfunction and decent to earth. Gai was prepared to sacrifice himself in order to use that pen, the pen that Segai gave to Shu, to destroy the falling satellite. Good thing Shu didn’t use that pen, huh?

Shu managed to yank out another unique void, and with it he destroyed both satellites. That’s all very nice, but that about Segai? What’s up with that eye of his? I can only hope that Shu will start to make his own decisions soon, it might end up saving his life, as well as many others.

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