Mar 31, 2016

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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 25

A pretty feisty ending if you ask me. I certainly have mixed feelings, but it doesn’t really matter. The second season will arrive later this year and we already have a good idea of what to expect from it.

[HorribleSubs] Mobile Suit Gundam - Iron-Blooded Orphans - 25 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.32_[2016.03.30_23.46.08]I’ll start with McGillis; he killed his friend and used people as puppets in order to gain more and more power. The guy is obviously insane. He thinks that Gjallarhorn is so corrupt that killing, betraying and using people is the only way to restore it to its former glory. Smart… Cleaning a corrupt organisation by using your allies as disposable puppets.

I know it looks like Tekkadan succeeded. They managed to get to old man to his destination and all ended well for them. We all know that it’s only a temporary thing. The boys will go back only to be pulled back into another fight. That lunatic McGillis and their own organisation’s boss are out for more and more power.

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Mar 24, 2016

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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 24

I have some seriously mixed feelings about this episode. I honestly don’t agree with a lot of it and I think they could’ve done it a whole lot better. This kind of puts things in perspective now.

[HorribleSubs] Mobile Suit Gundam - Iron-Blooded Orphans - 24 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.14_[2016.03.23_23.54.06]You follow a bunch of characters and their journey for freedom and you start to think that they’re the heroes. Are they though? I’m not saying that Gjallarhorn should win or anything, but I did not like how Orga was willing to sacrifice so many of his comrades by using them as decoys so that the old man could be escorted deeper into the city.

A leader that knowingly sends his men to die is not a leader at all. I thought that Mika, at least, would have something to say about that, but instead he was on board with it and fought as hard as he could. I wouldn’t be surprised if he, too, died during next week’s episode. I’d hate that, but I wouldn’t be surprised at this point. Not at all.

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Mar 17, 2016

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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 23

Okay, I have mixed feelings about this episode because there was something that I was happy with and one or two things that I was less happy with.  I know that’s usually the case, but we are nearing the end (I think?) and I see no plausible ending in sight.

[HorribleSubs] Mobile Suit Gundam - Iron-Blooded Orphans - 23 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.57_[2016.03.16_23.54.41]I’m happy that Mika-kun took revenge for his fallen comrade. That woman killed one of those kids without even knowing them just because she was ordered to. Killing people blindly is unforgivable and needs to be repaid in kind. She is now dead, her mission failed; the debt has been successfully repaid. That’s the good part.

The slightly less good part is that Gjallarhorn seems to have at least one powerful Gundam suit and brand-new super soldiers to pilot it. The underdog is once again forced to scurry along as the big dogs hunt them down. Nothing will ever change for as long as Tekkadan keeps trusting random characters. It’s an endless loop.

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Mar 10, 2016

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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 22

I honestly don’t even want to write this post. I have no motivation whatsoever. There are so many things wrong about this episode that it makes me want to stop watching altogether. The only reason why I am doing it anyway is because we learned a few new things about the Gundams and what impact they had on their world.

[HorribleSubs] Mobile Suit Gundam - Iron-Blooded Orphans - 22 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.46_[2016.03.09_23.43.31]I don’t want to waste any time by pointing out how weak Orga is now that Biscuit has passed away. I’ll just get straight to the point where Gjallarhorn is now equipping some of their own soldiers with that dreadful Alaya-Vijnana System in order to allow them to bring out their Gundams’ full potential. Even though they shouldn’t be the ones with Gundams.

But yeah, Gjallarhorn seems to be interested in fighting fire with fire. When you fight against an opponent with an advantage as unfair as Mika’s then you might want to start levelling the field a bit by creating some super soldiers of your very own. I won’t knock Gjallarhorn for that. I just hope that Tekkadan will ultimately take those Gundams.

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Mar 3, 2016

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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 21

What an episode. Packed to the brim with awesome action. I won’t even bother about starting a biscuit-related rant. He leaves, he comes back and now he seems to have died. Oh well. I never really cared much for that character anyway.

[HorribleSubs] Mobile Suit Gundam - Iron-Blooded Orphans - 21 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.27_[2016.03.02_23.53.24]I believe that this episode showed us how much of an inexperienced leader Orga truly is. He managed to get this far because he has capable people he could rely on, one of which seems to have passed away this week. It would seem that he himself can’t keep it together when he’s pushed into a corner. That happens to be one of the requirements of being a leader…

It happened. Orga received a shock to his system and Mika-kun seems to be so pissed that he might actually end up killing that woman, which is something that I would actually like to see. They were the ones that attacked first so would it really be that monstrous for Tekkadan to wipe them all out? I honestly wouldn’t mind.

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Feb 25, 2016

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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 20

I think I may have figured out what the biggest problem with Tekkadan is. I believe they do business with far too many people. I’m not talking about delivering supplies from A to B. I’m talking about actual partnerships and stuff.

[HorribleSubs] Mobile Suit Gundam - Iron-Blooded Orphans - 20 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.23_[2016.02.24_22.36.51]They were betrayed on Mars after their ‘owners’ tried to escape by using them as live bait, then they teamed up with that playboy and his old boss, whom seems to be plotting against Tekkadan, then they trusted those Dort people and almost ended up getting their asses handed to them, then they decided to cooperate with that masked man and now with another old man that is basically blackmailing them.

I’m not saying that all these characters are evil. That playboy and his crew sure seem like reliable allies. I just think that it wouldn’t hurt them to become a little bit more independent. Don’t just run into the arms of some guy just because others are after you, you know? Oh well… I won’t complain. There’s plenty of action going on to keep my entertained for a while.

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Feb 19, 2016

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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 19

I think it’s safe to assume that things will never be going easy for Tekkadan and the princess. They will encounter hardship after hardship wherever they go. Even if they somehow manage to change things, which would be miraculous, there will always be people out there that will make it difficult for them.

[HorribleSubs] Mobile Suit Gundam - Iron-Blooded Orphans - 19 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.31_[2016.02.18_23.35.08]The guys reach earth only to encounter yet another struggle waiting for them. This time they knew what was waiting for them, making it easier for them to come up with a strategy. I had to watch it twice before it finally sunk in how the boys managed to get passed an entire fleet of enemy ships without losing a single guy.

The best part was when Mikazuki decided to use an enemy Mobile Suit to help him get through earth’s atmosphere without burning alive inside his Gundam. That little guy never disappoints. I just hope that we get to see more of those scenes soon. Guaranteed to be visual gold.

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Feb 11, 2016

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Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 18

It is obvious that this madness is never going to end. It was obvious before the show even began. We all knew that at least 90% of all characters were going to be hostile, backstabbing goons that care more about money than about people’s lives.

[HorribleSubs] Mobile Suit Gundam - Iron-Blooded Orphans - 18 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.26_[2016.02.10_23.16.15]I say this because the princess had her time in the spotlight. She spoke her mind and told the world a little about what was going on. And for what? People know but most of them won’t do a damn thing. Those that will are nothing more than a small group of extremists that will end up the same way as those slaughtered protestors.

Now a masked stranger shows up and offers to become partners of sort. I’m not even going to waste any time by pointing out the obvious (he’ll just prove to be another backstabber when the time comes). I just hope that Tekkadan will soon get another Gundam suit. I would love it if they were the only ones with those suits, like you can expect to see in the Gundam series.

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