Sep 26, 2013

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High School DxD New episode 12

My, my, my… This episode certainly stirred up a lot of sh*t. Perverts all around the world are going crazy about how this episode ended, saying that there’s definitely going to be a third season without thinking things through.

[Commie] High School DxD New - 12 [AF2EDFC9].mkv_snapshot_05.39_[2013.09.25_23.07.56]First and foremost; nothing is certain. The first season of High School DxD sold sufficiently well for them to invest in a second season. A third season is certainly a possibility when the second season produces positive results. But, and I cannot stress this enough, a third season will not appear because there things left unfinished. It always depends on money.

That being said; this is not really an ending. Sure, Issei, as one could already expect, got excited by Rias’ breasts, got a sudden power boost and managed to defeat Vali, whom turned out to be a descendant of Lucifer himself, but nothing really ended. Issei is still a weak demon that can’t even teleport, Rias’ problems are still very much there and the situation between angels, fallen angels and demons is as unbalanced as ever.

[Commie] High School DxD New - 12 [AF2EDFC9].mkv_snapshot_12.30_[2013.09.25_23.08.20]Now, I’m not continue my rant for much longer, but I will say that I expected a lot more from this season. Even more so when I heard about another household member that Rias supposedly had, but we never met that character. It is one of the many reasons why I cannot accept this as an ending. There is still so much left to be done, so many questions left to be answered, and I want them to make up for that ridiculous power boost scene that allowed for Issei to beat Vali. I absolutely despise sudden power boosts, especially if they’re as ridiculous as that. It’s wasn’t even funny.

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Sep 19, 2013

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High School DxD New episode 11

See? High School DxD episodes are so much better when the nudity doesn’t overwhelm the action and story. It’s nice to see that it’s finally getting a bit more serious. The first season was a lot like that too; fighting with panty flashes and whatnot subtly mixed in.

[SubDESU] High School DxD NEW - 11 (1280x720 10bit Uncensored) [F7985F8A].mkv_snapshot_05.22_[2013.09.18_18.47.30]So hell finally breaks loose (figure of speech) and everyone finds themselves fighting for their lives when an army of female magicians, people that supposedly worshipped old man Azazel, leader of the fallen angels, suddenly show up and open an attack on the school with them still inside. It’s quite interesting how almost every battle Rias and her household ever fought somehow revolved around fallen angels, thereby making it partially Azazel’s fault for not being in control of his side of the fence. Will he ever take responsibility for it? Probably not. Characters with ‘bad boy’ attitudes really couldn’t care any less about others.

[SubDESU] High School DxD NEW - 11 (1280x720 10bit Uncensored) [F7985F8A].mkv_snapshot_14.53_[2013.09.18_18.48.03]It seems that these busty magicians used Gasper, one of Rias’ Bishops, as some kind of talisman to generate power from. His overpowering abilities allowed for them to effectively attack the school and the demons, angels and fallen angels that were still in it. The tricky part is that this sort of thing always backfires in stories like these. It usually goes wrong when you are forcefully using another character’s powers.

Anyway, this brings me to the next item on my agenda; Rais’ other household member. I don’t know how and I assure you all that I do not possess the ability to see into the future, but I have a feeling that this time it’s going to be another long-haired beauty with big breasts. Last time it was a short-haired boy and a short-haired girl, so yeah… I’m putting my money on a long-haired character with big breasts.

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Sep 12, 2013

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High School DxD New episode 10

What’s this? Could it be? Could this finally be another episode of High School DxD New that I’m actually happy with? Holy… People, call your local newspapers and spread the news! To hell with Syria and their poison gas. This is a lot more newsworthy.

[SubDESU] High School DxD NEW - 10 (1280x720 10bit Uncensored) [B7249F81].mkv_snapshot_03.49_[2013.09.11_01.08.45]So we finally meet up with Michael, leader of the angels. I must shamefully admit that I started to get nervous when I finally had to chance to examine that character a little bit. Before I actually say this, keep in mind that High School DxD New revolves around sex. I thought, when I laid eyes on that character, that I was about to see some kind of wicked Yaoi-rape scene where dominatrix Akeno tried to present Issei as a present for Michael. I’m sorry, but that characters look so unbelievably gay. It’s the kind of character that other guy characters are based on, it’s just that gay. The fact that I think he’s actually pretty cool makes things even worse.

[SubDESU] High School DxD NEW - 10 (1280x720 10bit Uncensored) [B7249F81].mkv_snapshot_19.20_[2013.09.11_01.09.29]Oh well, the guy gave Issei a shiny new toy to play with, that’s all that really matters. It’s a lot better than a poorly explained power boost that came out of nowhere. Now this I accept. Issei got himself a sword, a dragon slaying sword to boot, that he absorbed into his Sacred Gear. Even I must say that it’s a remarkable improvement. I never really liked that dragon claw-thing he had going there.

Anyway, all faction leaders sat at the same table to discuss the possibilities of peace. This is where Azazel stood apart from the others with his rotten attitude. It’s quite clear that he doesn’t really care for peace. Or does he? I find that character ever so hard to read. Either way, quite a few enemies showed up again at the end so we can expect to see a lot of action next week.

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Sep 5, 2013

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High School DxD New episode 09

I seriously don’t know whether I should be happy about this episode or just terribly sad. Either way, it’s a small improvement, I guess. It’s better than to be constantly bombarded by scene with nothing but fan service.

[SubDESU] High School DxD NEW - 09 (1280x720 10bit Uncensored) [8B46EB32].mkv_snapshot_04.50_[2013.09.04_14.17.52]So Rias finally got permission to undo the seal and set free her other bishop. How nice. I’m a little glad that it’s another male character, although he doesn’t look like one. He looks more feminine than some of the female characters, and that usually goes hand in hand with quite a few gay scenes. Now, I know I have no say in this whatsoever, but please don’t ruin this season any further by mixing in Yaoi crap. It’s bad enough that there are characters trying to rape Issei nowadays, but seeing him and that little boy together is kind of nerve-racking, not to mention unhealthy.

[SubDESU] High School DxD NEW - 09 (1280x720 10bit Uncensored) [8B46EB32].mkv_snapshot_16.25_[2013.09.04_14.18.22]So… This boy is a cowardly vampire that doesn’t like to show his face to other people. He continued to hide in the shadows, boxes or even papers bags now. He sounds a lot like your average fat, ugly and deranged girlfriend of whom you are terribly ashamed. Or so I’ve head, I swear. I have nothing to do with people like that.

One thing I can say for sure; that boy will fly off the handle at one point. He’s a cross-dressing little pervert with anxiety issues and power, and that never goes well. Right now I’m more interesting in the character that appeared at the end of this episode. I’m guessing that he, too, has something to say to Issei. Such is the burden of popularity.

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Aug 29, 2013

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High School DxD New episode 08

You know, a guy once asked me what the difference between hentai anime and ‘normal’ anime was. I used to have a clear answer for such a question. But now? Nope. There is no easy way for me to come up with a decent answer after High School DxD New got branded as a ‘normal’ anime instead of hentai anime.

[Commie] High School DxD New - 08 [A48E5E3E].mkv_snapshot_01.41_[2013.08.28_21.54.45]Seriously, watch the first season for a bit. Specifically; watching the scenes near the half-way mark. They usually show two (ecchi) pictures of the show’s characters. In season one this was done in a way where I could still label the show as ‘normal’ anime. Notice how in this season almost all of the characters appear half naked and/or in ridiculous poses. It happens way more than in the first season.

Isn’t it marvelous that they want straight to sex after that scene with Vali, wielder of the English dragon’s powers? He waited for Issei to show up so he could confront him and his friends, apparently. So how did we go from there to a scene were Xenovia wanted to practice having sex with Issei? I have no idea.

[Commie] High School DxD New - 08 [A48E5E3E].mkv_snapshot_16.19_[2013.08.28_21.56.56]I thought thinks were going to get a bit more serious. I still do. Rias’ brother showed up, then her father showed up and now there’s talk about a bishop that she was forced to seal away… How am I not supposed to expect a serious battle that we leave me sitting here in awe? You throw this much at us and you mix it up with a lot of sexual content, expecting us to like both the action and the insane amount of fan service.

You know, I have gotten three e-mail from people about last week’s High School DxD New post. It seems that there’s nothing wrong with this season, that it’s practically the same as the first. It’s not. This season contains a lot more fan service and a lot less action. Ecchi scenes were subtly mixed in with battles and such, but here it’s more about sex than anything else.

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Aug 22, 2013

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High School DxD New episode 07

Oh come on… Isn’t it bad enough that this season contains more fan service than the first? Isn’t it bad enough that Issei looks weak again, and that he has to start his training anew? This is seriously getting out of hand.

[Commie] High School DxD New - 07 [E53A9CC8].mkv_snapshot_08.53_[2013.08.21_23.26.32]We all knew that Akeno’s flame for Issei had been lit during the last episode. Issei said a few words in her defence, protected her and even showed off a little bit. Akeno’s poor maiden-like heart apparently didn’t stand a chance against Issei’s absurd charms as she did everything possible to get closer to him, even if it meant turning against Rias. Watching this season is like watching a contest; each episode is trying to compete with one another for the position of the most ridiculous High School DxD episode ever made. I’m okay with fan service, but I always say that too much of one thing makes a show uninteresting.

[Commie] High School DxD New - 07 [E53A9CC8].mkv_snapshot_16.17_[2013.08.21_23.29.13]It got worse though. Xenovia somehow got the idea that Issei, god bless that idiot, was the most suitable candidate to inseminate her. Yep, Xenovia wants to have Issei’s baby. The weird part is not that she actually asked that, nor that she practically raped the guy. It’s weird that I suddenly had a lot of Dr. Phil flashbacks about pregnant teenagers in trouble (I was forced to watch a few of those, I swear).

I can only hope that things will improve now that Rias’ brother has showed up. Sirzechs, just like most of Issei’s harem, is now sleeping in the house of Issei’s parents and in the same room as Issei. How quaint, maybe he can tell Issei how he can get his way with his sister’s body… Please, let there be action soon!

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Aug 15, 2013

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High School DxD New episode 06

I must say that I’m a bit disappointed by this season. I honestly expected a lot more from this. This season has been nothing more than a predictable charade of fan service scenes and comedy. High School DxD is so much more than that, or at least it used to be…

[Commie] High School DxD New - 06 [10FD382C].mkv_snapshot_04.02_[2013.08.14_23.01.25]So they bring in these new characters, I’m fine with that. I’m also fine with them being stronger than Issei. I’m also fine with the idea of there being another dragon wielder out there that’s currently much stronger than Issei. Is it really necessary to make Issei seem weaker than usual though? Is that absolutely vital?

Issei seemed weak ever since the episode started. I mean, the guy can’t even properly teleport yet. What has he been doing? Character after character shows up now, all which are so much stronger than Issei. That guy has been reduced to a mere tool of power-up. Basically; he is so weak now that they use his transfer ability to make other, stronger characters even stronger.

[Commie] High School DxD New - 06 [10FD382C].mkv_snapshot_13.31_[2013.08.14_23.02.06]There are only two good things about this episode. The first would have to be Akeno’s feelings towards Issei; they have awakened. She, too, has fallen for his… charms? That guy is charming? Really? Anyway, it promises to be quite the mess when Akena shows up at Issei’s to claim his hand in marriage as well.

Now, the second part would have to be Vali’s arrival. I knew that he was the other dragon’s partner. That dragon, known as Vanishing Dragon or Albion, looks like a genuine powerhouse. Issei’s dragon, Ddraig, allows him to transfer his powers to others, but Vali’s dragon allows him to transfer other people’s power to him, making him stronger than he already is. I guess without saying that I would rather have Albion by my side if you put it like that.

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Aug 8, 2013

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High School DxD New episode 05

Okay… It didn’t go as I had expected, but this wasn’t too bad. There were times where there was more comedy than fighting, which isn’t a good thing when a serious battle is about to take place. It kind of ruins the atmosphere.

[Commie] High School DxD New - 05 [6D032A55].mkv_snapshot_10.59_[2013.08.07_23.45.43]So they placed a barrier around the school, huh? How stupid. Kokabiel has proven to be quite the troublesome opponent, so why bother placing a barrier? He’ll break through it like he would break a toothpick. That didn’t really make sense to me. Perhaps they were thinking that he wouldn’t really care either way?

However, there is one thing we must all accept; sex and fighting are a part of High School DxD. You can always expect to hear a lot of moaning, panting or screaming during pretty much every battle with one or more female characters. Also, clothes tearing is also more than normal here. This makes it very hard to enjoy the battles sometimes.

[Commie] High School DxD New - 05 [6D032A55].mkv_snapshot_18.42_[2013.08.07_23.46.12]A few things became clear though. First thing’s first; Issei is weak again. They always do this… They make a character appear weak at the beginning by throwing in a powerful enemy or two, then they let the character train or give him some kind of poorly explained power boost, and this is pretty much always followed by a short-lived victory.

Right now I’m just hoping for another character to show up. Preferably Rias’ brother, a character that has always fascinated me. He is pretty known in the demon realm, so he must be powerful. Kokabiel seemed to be expecting someone like him to come and didn’t seem fazed by the idea, so this makes me even more excited. A battle between men, not moaning girls… Let’s get it on!

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