Mar 24, 2012

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High School DxD episode 12

And so it ends… I must say that I imagined the ending a little different, a little better actually. It seems to me like they rushed things a little near the end, which is kind of disappointing, considering how well the show has been doing, despite the odds.

So Rias-chan surrendered to Raiser in order to spare Issei’s life. That’s admirable, very admirable indeed. But she must have known beforehand that Issei wouldn’t accept it just like that, that he would do anything in his power to come between their unholy engagement. That’s kind of right and kind of wrong, seeing as they lost fair and square, meaning that Issei should naturally accept the outcome. But did Issei accept? Hell no!

Issei decided to make a pact with that (awesome) dragon, Draig. He managed to come to terms by sacrificing his left arm in order to gain more power. He still had his arm, don’t get me wrong, but it belonged to that dragon now. He decided to barge in there without a heads-up, saying that Rias’ virginity is his to take. I laughed pretty hard at that, I mean… Who else but the king of perversion could say such a thing? Ah… Good old Issei, please don’t you ever change.

Things got a little bit out of hand when Rias’ brother showed up, proposing a little one on one between Raiser and Issei. This was Issei’s chance to win back Rias. Things looked grim at first, but then he showed us yet another new power, a power that, combined with some of Asia’s holy items, managed to win him the battle. This all happened within just one small episode, so do you see what I mean when I said that they rushed it a little?

Mind you, I enjoyed every second of this episode. It’s just that I imagined a better ending, especially after having built up the story to this very point, allowing us to see one hell of an ending. It’s a shame, that’s all. The show, all in all, was pretty good. There was a huge load of fan service, comedy and action, so that leaves very little room for complaints. I recommend this show to all ecchi fans!

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Mar 17, 2012

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High School DxD episode 11

I woke up extra early just to watch this week’s episode of High School DxD. Oh what a battle so far. I’m not going to lie about the end, it sucked, but the rest was absolutely great. It’s really a shame that next week’s episode will be the last. All we can do now is enjoy what’s left of it.

It’s a shame, but what is one to do? I just watched with great joy as the battle was getting even more intense, especially with Yuuta and Issei now trapped by Raiser’s troops. You would think that this would be a dreadful predicament, but not Issei. He was more focused on Raiser’s little sister, Ravel. Who would’ve known? I can’t see that man for your average loving brother.

That’s when things got interesting when Yuuta finally revealed his true Sacred Gear. He has the ability to create any (magical) sword at will and used them fully against his opponents. Who knew? Even I couldn’t imagine that Yuuta has such a powerful ability. Bastards sure kept it hidden pretty well, but probably to surprise us near the end of the show, and they most certainly succeeded.

Did you think that was interesting? You’re wrong! The most interesting bit was when Issei turned up the heat by powering up, reaching yet another level by doing so. I never knew his Sacred Gear, Boosted Gear, had a next level. It was awesome! He gained the ability to absorb other Sacred Gears in order to amplify and use it against his enemies. Now that’s a pretty badass ability. Not just that, his Sacred Gear’s physical appearance changed as well. Its longer, has more of those spikes and that gem is bigger now too. I’m not sure if that has any effect on its power, but I’m really curious in finding out what he’s capable of when he gets serious from this point on forward.

However, I’m afraid that a fight involving Issei will have to wait. Things looked pretty good for a brief period of time when Issei defeated several of Raiser’s minions, but that turned for the worse when his queen, who defeated poor Akeno-chan, took control by taking out Yuuta and Asia. She really is powerful. It didn’t help much either when Issei got caught up by Raiser. He was about to get killed when Rias came between them, offering herself to Raiser if he spared Issei’s life.

That’s what I meant when I said that the ending sucked. Why Rias, why!? There is absolutely no need to surrender to Raiser. I’m fairly certain that Issei has some more power within him that he just needs to squeeze out. I’m really uncertain about next week’s episode. Rias cannot end up with Raiser, absolutely not.

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Mar 10, 2012

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High School DxD episode 10

It’s here, it’s finally here! I have been waiting all week to watch this episode. I waited so much that I’ve decided to do this post first, instead of my usual Amagami SS+ Plus post. Besides, the current Amagami SS+ Plus arc isn’t all that interesting anyway. High School DxD all the way, bro!

We’re almost there people, almost there! It won’t take much longer now before we get to see how Issei will kick Raiser’s ass. We have to deal with his “pieces” first. I must say that I’m a little bit surprised by Issei’s improvement. He actually managed to defeat three of Raiser’s pawns all on his own, whilst Koneko-chan took care of their Rook. Things are getting really interesting. I made a mistake in believing that Issei had a killer move. It must have slipped my mind that he’s a king of perversion, because that move was just embarrassing. Hell, it made him look even worse, even Koneko lost the last bit of respect for him.

Speaking about Koneko-chan… I’m a bit worried. She got defeated by Raiser’s queen pretty easily. I hope she’s alright. I partially blame Issei for this! It was his duty as a man to protect her, seeing as he considers her part of his “harem”. Raiser’s queen is going to be trouble, I can tell that much. Issei needs to infiltrate into enemy territory in order to obtain a queen rank himself. Only then can he do some serious damage to Raiser and his minions, or what’s left of them. Sounds easy, but it’s probably quite the opposite. Their plan may just be useless now that Koneko-chan has been defeated. Unless Asia can hear her of course, but I’m not sure if Koneko is allowed to re-join after that.

I’m really looking forward to next week. There are only two episodes left, so I hope that this war will come to an end during next week’s episode. I’d like to think that the last episode is reserved for Issei and the girls. You know, another one of those funny yet perverted episodes. I’m sure all High School DxD fans would consider that a happy ending, especially if something were to happen between Issei and one (or more) of the girls.

Oh by the way, rumour has it that there won’t be another season, despite the show’s sales. There will be a few OVA’s and that’s it. One of the OVA’s will be released in the Blu-Ray edition of High School DxD, so we won’t have to wait long to see that one. It’s a shame, really, but it’s better than nothing.

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Mar 4, 2012

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High School DxD episode 09

My word, High School DxD is getting earlier and earlier every week. I guess the fansubbers are getting fanatical about it, not that it’s surprising or anything. The show’s ratings have been improving during the last couple of episodes. It’s really too bad that there probably won’t be a second season. I blame all the fan service in these episodes. There’s just too much.

Anyway, the story continues as Issei recovers from his humiliating defeat against one of Raiser’s minions. He finally realized that he was the weakest amongst his friends. It’s a good thing that Raiser, being all self-confident and all, granted Rias with ten days extra to “prepare” for their little tournament. This tournament of theirs should determine the fate of Rias and her clan, which is why she’s very determined to win. Too bad it’s not as simple as it sounds. She needs to ensure that her minions get stronger, because she knows that they are no match for the Phoenix clan. Not yet. Although Akeno, Koneko and Yuuto would probably hold their own. Those three have had lots of experience, training and time to perfect their abilities.

Rias took them all out on a training camp to improve their combat abilities. It soon came to their attention that Asia-chan was pretty gifted in magic. She adapted very quickly when instructed. It’s not all that surprising, seeing as she’s had lots of practice during her god abiding days as a nun. It’s Issei that was the problem. He had very little talent and could only manage to use a little bit of magic to peel potatoes and unions. Practice makes perfect, but does that also apply in Issei’s case, a case where he has to think of perverted things in order to use his magic? That guy is seriously after the title of pervert king. He would probably end up fighting with that fat demon from Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai for the title of pervert king.

Mind you, I absolutely enjoyed this episode. It became clear once again that Rias-chan has feelings for Issei, but that she tries to bottle them all up. She’s very worried about him, probably more worried than her own situation. She does strike me as that type of girl. It’s Issei’s job to protect her, not just as her minion, but as man. The real question is; will he be able to protect her? Will he be able to protect the girl for whom he has feelings? I’m dying to find out.

They did manage to put us at ease during the end though. They decided to test Issei’s Sacred Gear by using an attack with all the stuff he had learnt so far. The result was pretty impressive, as he managed to blow away an entire area with just one attack. He needs to learn how to control that power while trying to improve his stamina. He can only fire his canon once; he’s too tired for a second shot. Shame…

P.S. You are no better than Issei if you thought that the line above sounded perverted. You pervert!

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Feb 26, 2012

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High School DxD episode 08

Not bad, this week’s episode came a few hours earlier than expected. You know, I haven’t see Asia’s newpet, that little blue dragon, at all during this episode. I thought that they would throw it in several times in order to electrify Issei. Hmm… My mistake, although I’m positive that it’s yet to come.

The episode starts with Issei’s dream nightmare. I thought topless girls would pop up everywhere, but instead we saw a mysterious dragon, speaking to him in riddles. Very mysterious, but I doubt that Issei can find the answer right away. The poor kid is just too stupid, lol. He did realize that there’s something wrong, something bad, something that’s about to happen.

Still, he didn’t seem to pay any attention to it. His attention was averted in another direction; bathing naked with Asia, spying on the girls as they were changing in the girls’ locker room, after which Koneko ended up kicking his ass. It’s a beautiful yet painful life he leads, but I probably would’ve done the same thing, if given the chance.

Yes… Issei seems to have it all, all but success in finalizing contracts with his clients. Rias decided to pamper him, as she didn’t want him to lose motivation. She showed up one night, wanting to have s-s-sex with him. You can say what you want, but she had a very valid reason for wanting that. She needed to get rid of her virginity at all cost, because she didn’t want to marry her current fiancé, an arrogant man, whose family had arranged this marriage. That’s when she showed up. Yes, she… Rias’ sister-in-law, her brother’s queen.  She came to ‘fetch’ Rias in order to bring her back, so that she could marry that arrogant bastard.

Seriously, they should kill him with fire, if it weren’t for the fact that it would probably do him more good than bad. That man suddenly appeared with his ‘minions’, a group of beautiful (young) girls. He is to marry Rias, his fiancé, but he didn’t hesitate to make out with one of his busty slaves in front of everyone. This pissed off Issei to no end, causing him to mount an attack on that arrogant bastard.

See Issei? This is exactly why you should’ve taken your training more seriously. How disgraceful; a guy being whipped away by a girl like that, un-freaking-acceptable!  He needs his powers now more than ever, which is why I expect one hell of an episode next week. Please! Please let him beat the living sh*t out of that guy, let him be strong, even if it’s just for one episode! As for Yuuto… how inconspicuous can a person get? He didn’t do a thing, never said a word and never joined Issei in his ‘I’m-going-to-defend-her-honour-attack’. I expect a lot from Issei during next week’s episode of High School DxD!

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Feb 19, 2012

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High School DxD episode 07

I’ve been waiting for this episode. Have you ever noticed how some of the female characters have hard nipples in some of the scenes? What’s up with that? I know that the show is known for its sex appeal, but I cannot help but notice it. In one scene you see hard nipples, but in the next they’re gone. Okay, High School DxD revolves around magic and whatnot, but that’s just strange.

Moving on… This week’s episode revolves around pets. Yes, pets. Devils are allowed to have their own pets. Pets are useful creatures that obey their “owner”. But another family of devils wanted to grant their new member a pet as well. However, one a can only get one pet at a time, so it came as no surprise to me that they decided to fight for it. Oh, don’t worry, it wasn’t that kind of fight (unfortunately). It was a series of pointless competitions that led to nowhere. There were more panty shots, drooling guys and pointless quarrels than anything else. In the end it ended up being settles by a game of dodge ball. Or at least something that looked like dodge ball, not sure what the hell that was.

What caught my attention here is that the opposing family’s leader made a remark about Rias her health. Rias seemed very angry and uncomfortable when made that remark and tried to “burry” it with a lot of pointless chatter. I find that very unsettling. I think that she needs to confront her friends and family about any and all problems that she might have, because I’m sure that she could use the help. She invested her eight pawn pieces in Issei, so that would indicate that he has a lot of potential. She just needs to rely on him a bit more. Sure, he’s new and inexperienced, but I’m sure he’ll catch on quickly.

Anyway, Rias won the dodge ball match so either Issei or Asia will be granted a pet. It was pretty funny to see Issei’s expression when he first laid eyes on that transsexual water nymph.  However, he did have a lot of interest in a pet whose slime had the ability to dissolve clothing. He truly is the kind of all perverts. Rias forbad and killed it. That’s when a young and rare lightning dragon came to Asia. He seemed very friendly and interested in her. The same cannot be said about Issei, seeing as that thing kept electrifying him. Asia may be the one with the pet, but Issei got plenty of free peeks that day.

Sorry if my writing seemed a bit unmotivated today, but I’m not feeling to well. I think I caught something, ugh! I think that next week’s episode will be one big drama. It’s something like this; Issei wants to be close to Asia in order to do god only knows what, Issei gets electrified by her little dragon, and so Issei will be forced to take drastic measures in order to get what he wants, making him look like an even bigger pervert. Oh Issei… don’t give up!

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Feb 11, 2012

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High School DxD episode 06

Very impressive, an ecchi anime climbing up in ratings, that doesn’t happen too often. High School DxD started out with a six something, but is now nearing seven and a half. I guess the last few episodes have been making a lot of viewers happy.

Do any of you remember when I said that Asia’s presence will only complicate Issei’s life? I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Asia had nowhere to go, no assignment to fulfil and no future plans now that she’s a devil. Rias decided to help her out a bit by letting her move in with Issei. I have no idea why he was against it at first, this would be a dream come true. However, it soon became reality after both Asia and Rias talked it over with Issei’s parents. Asia will be living with Issei in order to, ahem, “prepare Issei for his future bride”. Sigh, that poor bastard never stood a chance. He may not have realized it yet, seeing as he’s exciting about the idea of having Asia close by, but he’ll realize soon enough that his private life is as good as gone.

Things started getting even more complicated when Issei started taking over some of Asia’s assignments. She was offered to go out there and make a contract, however, Issei said that she was too inexperience and offered to go in her place. The brave Issei mounted his bicycle and went out to answer that call. Remember that lolicon lover from his first summoning? Well, it somehow got worse. This time he had to deal with a buff gay man that wanted to become a magical fairy or something like that. I zoned out just a little bit, I mean come on… it was a little bit difficult to watch. Being gay is fine, acting gay is another thing, but raging as hard as that guy did… my god.

Issei’s luck just wasn’t too good in this episode. His training didn’t go to well, his second summoning was beyond belief and he messed up his third one as well. Oh, I didn’t tell you about that? Well, Rias decided to supervise him on his next job. Issei’s job was to fulfil the wishes of a crazy girl in a samurai costume in order to receive Rias’ reward; being able to play with breasts. Truly a magnificent reward, but it wasn’t all that easy. Sure, Issei managed to finalize the contract with that strange girl, but finding enough time and privacy to fondle her breasts proved to be an even harder task. He had five seconds to play with them, but in the end he ended up blowing it (figuratively).

Fine, so there was no real action this week, so what? I didn’t become this excited about this show to watch Issei getting his ass handed to him, oh no. I became a fan due to the funny, daring and complex scenes that this show has to offer us. I’m pretty sure next week’s episode will be even better. Hell, maybe we’ll even find out why Rias was mentally absent during several scenes. Something tells me that a whole lot of action is waiting just around the corner.

Finally I would like to end this post by saying that I find it rather strange that the High School DxD manga isn’t nearly as far as the anime adaption. What’s up with that? Maybe I haven’t been looking properly, but all the sites that I’ve encountered only have chapters one to ten. Not that I was planning on reading the manga or anything. I was just curious, that’s all.

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Feb 4, 2012

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High School DxD episode 05

Okay… so I watched the new High School DxD episode, and I must say… I’m slightly disappointed. Why you ask? Well, Issei finally the conditions to use his Sacred Gear, which would be to infiltrate enemy territory. However, his show of strength wasn’t exactly noteworthy, in fact; he landed one blow, didn’t even finish of his target and cried throughout the battle. Good god…

The story continues as Issei tries to prevent Reinare from taking Asia’s Sacred Gear. Remember that Issei, even with his Sacred Gear out, is extremely weak at the moment because doesn’t know how to use his powers yet. Needless to say that Issei wasn’t capable of stropping Reinare from doing what she did, resulting in Asia’s Sacred Gear being taken from her. Note that this is the point where Issei started crying.

Yeah… Asia’s Sacred Gear was taken from her. Too bad it’s not as simple as that, you see… if a person loses his/her Sacred Gear, then that person will almost certainly die, for that person cannot live without it. It’s something that you’re born with, apparently. So yes, Asia was as good as dead. Issei knew this and tried to summon as much power has he possibly could, but in the end he only got wounded by Reinare’s holy spears.

You know, something strange caught my attention. I have been watching both devils and angels during these few episodes. Devils are supposed to be the bad guys, while angels, the good guys, try to stop them from doing what they want. It has come to my attention that those angels are far more evil and brutal than the average devil.  It’s not just angels either, apparently there are some very unstable priests that would like nothing more than to murder every devil in sight.

Meanwhile Issei is trying to muster as much strength as he possibly can. Keep in mind that Issei’s Sacred Gear only gets stronger when Issei’s willpower gets stronger. Reinare kept provoking him, lowering her guard while she made fun of him. At one point he attacked whilst focussing all of his willpower in one attack, thereby defeating Reinare in just one blow. Seriously? After all that pointless arguing it only takes one hit to defeat her?

It’s a good thing that Rias was watching, because it became even more embarrassing when Reinare, having been defeated in just one blow, begged for forgiveness in the most unattractive way imaginable. Issei wasn’t about to give in to her pathetic act, which is why he gave Rias the honour of killing her. What a weakling, the least he could’ve done was to finish her off personally, especially after all of the things she has done to him.

Still, Issei had other things to worry about. He was mourning Asia’s death when suddenly Rias took out a very special chess piece. This piece would allow her to resurrect Asia as a devil, thereby giving her a second chance in life. Rias thought that it would come in handy to have a minion with those special healing powers, which is why she decided to do it. Issei, being happy to have Asia back in his life, doesn’t understand that his life just got a little bit more complicated. Oh well… I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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