Oct 23, 2011

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Hunter x Hunter 2011 episode 04

Obviously this remake is just a less lengthy version of the original Hunter x Hunter anime. I don’t feel like following this as it contributes very little, just like I didn’t follow Dragon Ball Kai.

I agree when people say that the hunter exams took way too many episodes, but watching this remake just to see a more ‘compact’ version isn’t worth it in my opinion.  The only reason why I would watch this remake is because it’s remastered. It looks better than the original, that’s simply true.

The main reason as to why I’m so reluctant to watch this remake is because of the fact that several voice actors and/or actresses for certain characters have been replaced. I can’t blame them, the original Hunter x Hunter anime aired roughly ten years ago, so not all the actors and actresses are available.

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Oct 17, 2011

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Hunter x Hunter 2011 episode 03

So far it’s still the same. They finally started phase one of the hunter exams, pretty much like in the original. Hell, even that fat lying bastard was there again, trying to give people this soda with laxatives in it. I still can’t see any (major) changes.

I might as well just watch the original again, seems to be the same thing. Do you not want to wait for the next episode? Just watch the original Hunter x Hunter, so far it’s the same!  They may be making things a bit shorter, but the basic gist of it is the same.

I really hope it won’t be like Dragon Ball Kai. It’s the same thing but then shorter. Sure, some fans say it made things better, but it just doesn’t contribute anything new. That’s probably why that remake never drew my attention. I just hope that this remake will start to contribute new things soon, I’d hate for me to lose interest in it.

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Oct 11, 2011

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Hunter x Hunter 2011 episode 02

I just quickly wanted to say something about the progress of this Hunter x Hunter remake. Basically it’s so far so good, I don’t see any drastic changes. I was afraid that they would ruin Hunter x Hunter by screwing up this remake, but now I’m afraid that there won’t be any major change. That would be a serious waste.

The real question being; do I want them to make a lot of changes in this remake, making it possibly even more exciting and fun to watch? Or do I want them to change very little, ensuring that Hunter x Hunter won’t be ruined by a crappy remake. Well, from my point of view I’d have to pick door number one. I think I would rather have them change things in order to (hopefully) spice up the story even more. We all have to admit; Hunter x Hunter was good, but there are many ways to improve it, making it even better than it already is.

They could shorten a lot of things. I for one think that the hunter exams were very lengthy, they could shorten it to give it all a bigger impact and to use the remaining time for better things.

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