Mar 30, 2012

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Inu x Boku SS episode 12

So the final episode of Inu x Boku SS finally arrived, huh… Well, everything with a beginning has an ending. However, I started getting really nervous when the first half was one big waste of time. I didn’t get that final episode feel at all. The ending itself was pretty good, but the episode in general could’ve been a lot better.

The first half was just one big joke, seriously. It revolved around yet another one of Zange’s ridiculous ideas. This time it was to create a time capsule and to put letters in it, addressed to their future self’s. I didn’t make any sense at all, but that’s probably because Zange was behind it all. One good thing came out of it all though. Soushi ended up reading a letter that Ririchiyo wrote to the future Soushi, a letter that Ririchiyo didn’t want him to read. I’m sure that we all an idea of what was in that letter. Mind you, I like romance and all, but not like this. Can this really be considered romantic?

Anyway, Soushi read it, Ririchiyo fled and the two met up later on in some park. That’s when Ririchiyo-chan, against all odds I might add, gathered all of her courage and confessed to him. Soushi took her in his arms and kissed her on the spot, even though they were being watched by a few kids. They seriously didn’t care, they just did whatever they wanted to do, how nice.

Like I said; the final episode could’ve been a lot better, especially the way in which Ririchiyo-chan confessed. It almost seemed like she did it because she felt obligated. Maybe that’s just me? I’m just glad that I decided to watch and write about this show. Don’t hesitate to give it a try if you like comedy and a little bit of romance!

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Mar 23, 2012

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Inu x Boku SS episode 11

About time! I was getting tired of waiting, hehe. This episode completely blew my mind. I personally thought that Ririchiyo would fall back to her old ways after hearing that Soushi, the one person she was beginning to trust, hasn’t been very honest with her. I am so glad that I was wrong.

The episode was mainly about Soushi’s past and how he got to where he is today. It was quite shocking how he was before he met Ririchiyo. Hell, his situation was even worse than Ririchiyo’s. He went from family to family, offering his body and soul to any woman in power, playing an act to ensure that he becomes the favourite. All he wanted was freedom, and he thought that he could be free by becoming the favourite “toy” of the most powerful mistress in the world. What a wicked life to have, even though I probably would’ve done something similar, but for different reasons.

Anyway, Soushi couldn’t bring himself to tell her, which is why Kagerou took Ririchiyo for a ride in a lift and told her everything she needed to know. Ririchiyo always knew that he wasn’t the one that wrote those letters, but she didn’t know that Soushi was the one who did. She seemed pleasantly surprised when Kagerou told her the truth. It seems that the romance between Ririchiyo and Soushi is about to rise through the roof.

I never wanted to see Inu x Boku SS more than I want now. I can’t wait to see what happens during next week’s episode. Will Ririchiyo end up with Soushi, will she deny his advances for deceiving her, or will she play it slow until she is completely sure that he wants her for the right reasons. Ahh~ Hurry up with next week’s episode, or I might just end up watching the episode raw, just like I did with Bakuman.

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Mar 16, 2012

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Inu x Boku SS episode 10

It happened. I finally encountered an Inu x Boku SS episode that rendered me speechless. Not only was I spot-on about my suspicions from last week, but I think I actually found several pieces that have been missing from this beautiful puzzle that we have to know and love as Inu x Boku SS. Boy will I sleep well tonight, hehe.

The episode started, as I already foresaw last week, with Kagerou and his ridiculous need to categorize everything as masochist and sadist.  I’m absolutely (not) shocked at this turn of events. He even took Ririchiyo-chan with him to dinner, forcing her to miss her long-awaited coffee appointment with Soushi, in the hopes of telling her something important. I’m sure he wanted to tell her, but it became very difficult with Karuta and Banri there, so he ended up playing his little categorizing game. Doing that in front of your friends is bad enough, but in front of strangers in a public restaurant is just too much. No wonder Banri and Ririchiyo wanted to go home.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Ririchiyo, after her exciting dinner with the S&M squad, went over to Soushi’s apartment to apologize for Kagerou’s actions. This turned very ugly when Soushi acted like a total douchebag. He behaved like a total jerk, focused her attention to their contract and asked her uncomfortable questions, knowing that she wouldn’t like it.

What the hell? I don’t think its jealousy, because Soushi knows exactly why Kagerou took her out to dinner. I think he’s just thrown off because Kagerou hasn’t told her yet. I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that I know what this is about. I think that Soushi, seeing as he used to be Kagerou’s servant, wrote Ririchiyo-chan all those letters when she was still little. I’m sorry, allow me to rephrase that last part; when she was a little bit smaller than she is now.

This led to a conflict between Soushi and Kagerou. Soushi wanted his permission to tell Ririchiyo personally, but Kagerou, despite Soushi’s begging, refused. That’s when Soushi decided to turn up the heat and go all Ayakashi on his ass. It was pretty fun to watch. It surprised me a little bit that Kagerou had horns too, just like Ririchiyo-chan. I just wish that they would fight seriously, instead of goofing around like that.

Anyway… This is it! Next week’s is going to be awesome, I just know it! Soushi, providing I’m right, is going to reveal to her that he was the one responsible for those letters, which is why he claims he knows her so well. Ririchiyo, being a very shy girl that has been constantly lied to, will probably take this very badly. I just hope that she won’t give up on him, at least not yet. It would be a shame if she went back to her old ways. Ahh~ I don’t want to wait another week…

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Mar 9, 2012

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Inu x Boku SS episode 09

Oh my god, my fingers are starting to hurt. I have been writing like a mad man during these last few days. It’s because of Bakuman’s late release, the Maken-Ki OVA, the start of Hiiro no Kakera and all the other regular shows on top. It’s too much. I’m amazed that I managed to keep up with all of it.

Moving on to this week’s episode of Inu x Boku SS… I loved it! Is it just me or is Karuta-chan getting cuter and cuter? I don’t know if it’s because of her new hairstyle or if she’s genuinely just getting cuter, but I like it! It’s one of the many reasons why she is my favourite character. That’s right, I said it. Karuta-chan is my favourite character on Ino x Boku SS, whaddaya gonna do about it, huh!?

Ririchiyo-chan is lucky to have a friend like her. She constantly keeps her busy by taking her shopping, doing games and a lot of other stuff that involves eating, games and one-sided conversations. I think that’s one of the reasons why Ririchiyo is improving when it comes to conversing with others. She’s no longer alone all the time, which would explain why she smiles a lot more nowadays.

However, I’m still a little worried about those Secret Service agents. Sure, Karuta is one of them, but she’s the exception. Zange is still a big mystery, which kind of worries me, because he could turn out to be an enemy for all we know. Nobara is constantly busy, exploring the world of lesbianism and whatnot. And finally we have Soushi… He is constantly watching over Ririchiyo. Sure, he picks up a lot of useful information, but I think that he misses the most important parts. Knowing what she likes to eat and wear is nothing compared to knowing how she feels. So it’s not all Ririchiyo’s fault when you think about it, seeing as she’s doing her best to converse with others.

I had hoped to see her little coffee-party during this episode, but I guess we’ll have to wait until the next episode. We came close though, we saw her clean up the room, which I’m sure that some of the perverts among us enjoyed.  Not that I can complain, after all; I’m the one who made a specific screenshot about ‘that’.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to next week’s episode, despite the fact that Kagerou has returned. Prepare yourselves people; next week’s episode will be filled with anything S&M related. I just hope he won’t go around the building again, pointing out sadists and masochists. I would find that very disturbing, again. I will compliment him on one thing though; Karuta-chan looks pretty cute when she’s wearing that thing around her neck.

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Mar 2, 2012

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Inu x Boku SS episode 08

It’s here! I have been waiting for this episode all week. In fact; I decided to watch the first two episodes of Inu x Boku SS for the second time during this week. I really enjoyed watching those. I also noticed that the ratings have slightly increased, even though on some (worthless) websites like Anidb the ratings are ridiculously low. But who cares about sites like that? I sure don’t.

Moving on this week’s episode… I loved it! Ririchiyo’s progress is very impressive. She is becoming a lot more talkative and honest, especially when you compare this Ririchiyo to the Ririchiyo in episode one. She has definitely improved, but she still has a long way to go. I’m sure that she will get over this anxiety of hers.

I noticed that Ririchiyo has been spending a lot more time with Banri and Karuta. They are constantly together during classes and meals. They make a good combo too. Ririchiyo has trouble communicating with others, Banri has a difficult time being himself around others, and Karuta-chan is the glue that holds them together. Sure, she may just be the strangest of them all, but she’s also the one that keeps these three distracted.

However, things took a different turn when Ririchiyo-chan started to think about things. She realized that Soushi was always there for her, that he practically knew everything about her; her meal schedules, her bowel movements, her bed- and wake up time, her daily needs, her general behaviour, hell… He knew it all. It came as no surprise when he realized that something was amiss when Ririchiyo was a little bit off that day. She used her wrong leg in the elevator, her wrong hand when wiping her glasses, he just noticed all those little things. I’m not sure whether that’s cute or just plain creepy. Either way; Soushi has been keeping a close eye on her.

Meanwhile Ririchiyo-chan just wanted one little thing: to get to know Soushi a little bit better. He knows so much about her, while she knows practically nothing about him. Ririchiyo found it a little bit unfair, which is why she finally opened up at the end and invited him for coffee. Good job, Ririchiyo! It will only be a matter of time before she’s completely up-to-date.

Aaah~! I want to see next week’s episode right now! Agh, control yourself! Must – not – not – read – manga. Maybe I’ll fire up the Xbox and shoot some people. Oh wait, I have no games to play at the moment. Nooo~! Give me my Inu x Boku SS!

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Feb 24, 2012

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Inu x Boku SS episode 07

Right on time! You know, a lot of people complain about HorribleSubs. Say what you will about them, but they always do a great job. They are almost always on time, always properly seeded and the quality is good. Sure, it happens that the audio is out of sync, or they post something under the wrong name, but you have to remember that they are just human beings. They are allowed to make mistakes, especially since it’s a free service.

Moving on to Inu x Boku SS… This week’s episode was just as amusing as any other. I must say that Ririchiyo-chan is making a lot of progress. She may still act all high and mighty to hide her ‘delicate site’, but there’s no doubt that she’s improving. It’s mainly thanks to Soushi that she managed to show these results.

The episode starts with Renshou, Nobara and Chino. Now Chino is a healthy young girl with a big bust, so it comes as no surprise to anyone that Nobara, being the lesbian pervert that she is, was all over her. However, things took an expected turn when it turned out that Chino brought in an Ayakashi in its dormant state. It soon “woke up” and terrorized the school. Luckily the school was well defended by a lot of barriers, but that only holds if all the doors remain shut.

So it comes down to the fact that all of the people in Ayakashi Kan are all stuck there for the night. Renshou couldn’t be bothered to stay awake as Nobara watched Chino’s breasts wiggle right and left. She has some serious issues to work out. Still, Renshou had it easy compared to Banri. That poor delusional kid was stuck with Zange. It was no surprise to see that Zange abused his instable state of mind to make him run all over the place. Poor Banri, all worked up over Karuta’s safety while she was alone, scarfing away all the food she could find. She must’ve had the time of her life when she opened that fridge.

Meanwhile Ririchiyo starts to get even more comfortable around Soushi. She eats his food, bathes like a little princess and even gets tucked in by him. My god, can a girl get any luckier? Side note: you are a humongous pervert if you thought that the pervious line sounded perverted. But Ririchiyo-chan doesn’t know any better, it’s how she was raised. She did make a lot of progress though, as she finally managed to thank Soushi for all that he has done for her.

Things soon came to an end when Banri destroyed one of the doors, weakening the barriers just enough for the Ayakashi to break through. I was under the impression that the enemy Ayakashi was strong and fearsome, but it turned out to be some kind of round fluffy thing that likes to hug people. So much for my WTF moment of the day…  I guess Soushi just didn’t want anything or anyone touching Ririchiyo-chan, isn’t that cute? I hope next week’s episode will contain a little bit more action.

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Feb 17, 2012

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Inu x Boku SS episode 06

It’s Thursday, which means yet another Inu x Boku SS episode! I expected a lot of comedy as Ririchiyo continued her quest to write Soushi that letter, but it was quite the opposite, if anything. In fact; Ririchiyo made a lot of progress during this episode, even though Soushi was barely in it.

This week’s episode revolves mainly around Karuta-chan. Lol, when I see her name I instantly think of Chihayafuru. Anyway, Karuta is a strange girl that does as she pleases. However, she’s not a bad girl, not at all. She does things based on priority, for example; the girls were running some kind of marathon during P.E. class, but Karuta spotted a cat in a tree that was too afraid to come down during her class. She decided to ditch class in order to help that cat. That’s what I meant by priority.

Like I said, Karuta is a good girl. She may seem a little vague, distant and quiet, but she just wants to be friends. Ririchiyo noticed that and decided to help her out by sharing her lunch as only she could. Hell, it looked more like volunteer work than a friend sharing her stash of goodies, but Ririchiyo is working really hard on that attitude of hers. It came as no surprise to me when suddenly Karuta became infatuated with Ririchiyo. After all; “feed it and it will follow”.

It almost seemed like those two were destined to be friends. They were always together after that, even during class assignments. Karuta may be a strange girl, but she’s a genius when it comes to food. I am a little puzzled though, how can such a little girl eat so much, but be that short and slim? It must be an Ayakashi thing, I’m sure of it. Anyway, Ririchiyo will only improve from here on out as she continues her school-life with her friends; Karuta and rodent boy Banri.

Still, we mustn’t forget that they are all Ayakashi, and that they tend to attract other, evil Ayakashi. This proved to be the case when Ririchiya was targeted by a water-type Ayakashi. This Ayakashi, also known as “wet woman” (because her hair is always wet, don’t get any strange idea’s), mounted an attack on Ririchiyo with the intention to kill her. She was backed up by Banri and his arsenal of pointless techniques. Well, they aren’t all pointless, seeing as that multiplication technique of his managed to create a small window of opportunity for Ririchiyo to attack.

Do you know what I hate most about an opponent that attack’s like that without notice? An opponent that gets defeated after attacking without giving his/her opponent any notice, only to stand up again and do the exact same thing. It’s a vicious and endless circle of utter defeat; sneak attack -> defeat -> stand up again -> sneak attack -> defeat. My god, will you just die already? Still, it was good that Karuta-chan was close by during that time, because she revealed her Ayakashi state to normal humans in order to save Ririchiyo and Banri from falling down.

Now I’m not sure if that has any consequences, because I haven’t heard of any (unwritten) laws that Ayakashi must follow. I guess we’ll have to keep watching in order to find out, huh? Oh, by the way… we saw Ririchiyo fight again, and it was pretty cool, wasn’t it? But wouldn’t you like to see her go completely wild? I’m not going to read the manga in order to find out what happens, but I really want to know what she’s capable of, seeing as a lot of people are interested in her, and not just because of her family’s wealth.

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Feb 10, 2012

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Inu x Boku SS episode 05

Oh boy, I had to watch some scenes twice. I didn’t really understand what was going on, as my mind was still occupied with Naruto Shippuuden. That’s kind of wrong, watching Inu x Boku SS while thinking of another show. But it’s fine, I made it up by watching it a second time.

This week’s episode was really strange. Please keep in mind that this show is strange by itself. However, I laughed so hard during this episode, which made it all worthwhile. You see, Ririchiyo was being stalked by some unknown enemy that kept sending text messages. They started pointing out to her that she had to be careful, seeing as people have been stalking her and trying to kidnap her since a young age. That’s when all the laughing started, you know… with all those weird expressions while those perverts tried to get a hold of her. Is it even remotely possible not to laugh at that? I actually tried the second time, but I ended up failing each and every time.

Still, do not forget that this is Ririchiyo’s we’re talking about. When has she ever listened? Ah, that’s right; never. That made it less surprising when she decided to go out in the dark to buy some writing supplies. She was hell-bent on writing that letter to Soushi. I can understand why Ayakashi like Ririchiyo-chan aren’t supposed to go out alone after dark, I mean… there’s bound to be all sorts of evil beings out there during that time of day. Which is why Soushi decided to follow her, and for good reason too, seeing is they got attacked by an enemy. Well, I wouldn’t say enemy, seeing as the attacker was none other than Ririchiyo’s perverted fiancé.

Remember when I said that this week’s episode was weird? Well, this is where it all started. Ririchiyo’s fiancé, a pervert by the name of Kagerou, decided to pass by after he heard that his precious fiancé attended that school. Nothing weird about that, I agree. But that started when that guy opened his mouth and started giving out S&M gifts. Hell, he took it a whole lot further when he started labelling people as a Sadist and Masochist. I was appalled as he went through the whole school, pointing out who was what. But it didn’t end there, oh no. He pointed at beings other than humans, inanimate objects and even the moon.  Everything and everyone was part of his strange S&M world.

Do you understand now why I said that this week’s episode was truly strange? I really hope you do, because I couldn’t make it any clearer. Still, I laughed a lot of because of it, so I’m definitely not complaining. I’m just patiently waiting till Ririchiyo goes completely wild and shows us what she’s capable of.

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