Dec 29, 2012

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Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 12

Uhm… Okay… Well, this was strange. Was this episode their way of telling us that it’s safe to expect a third Jormungand season? I truly hope so, because this ending would be kind of disappointing if that weren’t the case.

[Asenshi] Jormungand Perfect Order - 24 [nograin][C51D004B].mkv_snapshot_12.17_[2012.12.28_23.22.16]The episode started out as one would expect… Jonah was still with Kasper and his crew. They do the same things Koko does, but only rougher. A lot rougher. Jonah, after spending two years with Kasper and his crew, had reached his boiling point and decided to leave Kasper and his crew behind. Kasper, too, already foresaw him leaving, and so he came up with a plan that would somewhat benefit them both. Basically, all Jonah got was the guarantee that those orphans were still cared for, and that they each get a fair shot at trying to go to college. Those three were Jonah’s objective to begin with when it comes to dealing with Kasper, so no surprise there.

[Asenshi] Jormungand Perfect Order - 24 [nograin][C51D004B].mkv_snapshot_22.20_[2012.12.28_23.22.51]I’m not sure I like how Jonah walked straight back to Koko’s crew. I had hoped that he would’ve put up more of a fight. I had hoped that he would’ve come up with a few demands for his employment. But no, he came back like a good little doggy. Frankly, as unimportant as that may sound, that was the only thing about the entire season that I didn’t like. It was that good!

It has been one hell of a ride watching both Jormungand seasons. I can only hope that we get to see another after this, after all, we never got to see how Koko changes the world with her master plan. That is part of the reason why I think that there’s going to be another season. They left many other clues behind, so one cannot help but speculate, you know? We can only hope I’m right at this point…

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Dec 21, 2012

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Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 11

Is this love? Is this what love feels like? I hope so, because watching this episode felt great! I cannot believe how things went down. This episode confirmed, to me at least, that there’s definitely going to be a third season. This was the eleventh episode already, so the next episode should end it all? I think not. There’s still show much to come. Please god, let there be more in the future!

[Zero-Raws] Jormungand Perfect Order - 23 (BS11 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_05.39_[2012.12.20_23.41.50]The episode continue with Jonah holding Koko at gunpoint. That was great. It’s a shame he’s such a coward right now. Things could’ve gone a lot worse if he weren’t. Still, letting Koko get too close and take your gun is a bit too much, even if Jonah had a gun pointed at him too. Besides, what Koko said may have been true; Jormungand wouldn’t have been stopped if Jonah were to shoot her. It would’ve been a waste. That’s probably why Jonah decided to take the high road and leave Koko’s crew. Excellent twist!

[Zero-Raws] Jormungand Perfect Order - 23 (BS11 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_18.36_[2012.12.20_23.42.39]I don’t know why, but I already had this annoying feeling that Jonah would soon end up joining Kasper. After all, he’s the only other arms dealer he knows that would employ him. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that Kasper was stalking Koko though, which proved once and for all that Kasper’s on guard, too. He wanted to know more about his sister’s plans.

The ideal ending, for me at least, would be that a year or three passed, Koko’s plan still hadn’t been realized and Jonah had grown up into a fine, young and strong guy. A meeting between those two at that point would’ve been great, but I suppose that sounds a bit too cliché to some of you out there, huh? Jonah’s probably going straight back to Koko after realizing that Kasper’s a lot more aggressive than she is. I haven’t asked for much this year, so all I’m asking right now is for a great ending!

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Dec 14, 2012

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Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 10

B-B-Best. Episode. Ever! I cannot believe what I saw here. How did it turn out like this? Almost every question I had has been answered so cleverly in just one episode. I’m not longer praying for a good ending. I’m praying for yet another season!

[gg]_Jormungand_-_22_[9B30FB30].mkv_snapshot_04.09_[2012.12.13_13.47.35]The episode started with a huge load of action at the start. It was their mission to infiltrated that secret facility and take that notorious hacker with them. Now, the trick is not to get in or to get out. That’s still easy. The track is to survive all the elite soldiers that chase you through the forest, hoping to kill you in the worst way possible.

It was pretty interesting how Koko took out both the enemy’s drone and navigation system in one go. The enemy had no choice but to retreat after reaching the Cuban border, a highly restricted area that would cause the US government a lot of trouble when caught. Now that’s what I call smart thinking!

[gg]_Jormungand_-_22_[9B30FB30].mkv_snapshot_15.10_[2012.12.13_13.48.54]Still, that doesn’t take the cake just yet. Neither does the fact that Koko actually kissed Jonah. It was a harmless little kiss, sure, but come on… She’s a great deal older than him, even though he’s not your average young boy. I liked that a lot! It showed just how much Koko cares of Jonah, which makes the next part even better.

I was impressed when Koko started explaining her plan. She plans to make the sky unaccusable to human kind. That means that plans wouldn’t be able to fly, rockets wouldn’t be able to launch and no more space ships in outer-space. The sky would be completely under Koko’s control at the mere cost of roughly a million lives. That’s when Jonah drew his gun on Koko, thereby ending the episode with the mother of all cliff-hangers. My god, its pure agony to wait another week to see what happens next!

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Dec 7, 2012

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Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 09

Jormungand is slowly becoming a maze of stories. You think you are on the right track, when suddenly a new story pops up that throws you completely off course. It just makes it a lot harder for me to write a proper review.

I was led to believe that Koko and Kasper were partners. Koko launched the satellites for his communication network and Kasper did the rest. Now it seems that Koko has very little to do with HCLI, and that she doesn’t even use any of HCLI’s money. Maybe she does it to stay under the radar, but that wouldn’t matter. Everyone with influence knows of Koko and her business, so what would be the point of staying under the radar? It’s quite clear that Koko has plans of her own, plans that she, from what we’ve seen, must fulfil at any cost.

Koko’s crew members have noticed it as well. She’s becoming wilder with each passing episode. The death of one of her crewmembers must have been a lot harder on her than we thought. And spare me the pointless E-mails! We all know that that’s the reason, because she started acting this way when she lost one of her comrades.

Either way, everyone’s staying by her side. They’ll follow her everywhere, even to a top secret detainment facility. They are dead-set on rescuing a hacker, a woman that known to hack government computers and spread all sorts of secret information. It doesn’t take a genius to find out why Koko wants someone like her. I just hope that she won’t lose any more of her friends due to her carelessness.

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Nov 30, 2012

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Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 08

Here it is! The end is finally nearing! Koko is finally started the final phase of her plan, which means the end is near. Also, the reason behind all the rockets she launched also became very clear during this episode. I want to call it epic, but that somehow doesn’t describe it?

Koko focussed on strengthening the bonds between her and her allies. I guess she will need their help in the near future to execute her plan. She is starting to look more and more evil, and it won’t be much longer before that mask of innocence finally crumbles. After all, all of her crew members are monsters, so logic dictates that she’s the worst one.

We also got to see Karen again. She was the one that shot Sofia before she got shot by Jonah. She has dropped the axe and continued her life as doctor Minami’s new assistant. I have to be honest here, I wasn’t happy when they spared her life. She shot Sofia with the intent to kill both her and Jonah, so it would’ve been better if they had killed her (for their own safety). But, after looking back, I’m glad they didn’t. She’s pretty cool.

Anyway, the story is nearing its end as Koko’s objective is becoming clearer and clearer. They, or at least her brother, are seeking to privatise war by providing all parties with all sorts of service. They have been shooting satellite after satellite into space in order to obtain the weapon of untold possibilities, the ability to control all conflict. It’s brilliant. Everyone can now knock on HCLI’s door to buy weapons, communication lines and a whole lot more. HCLI controls it all, so they basically control all conflict. It’s absolutely brilliant.

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Nov 23, 2012

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Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 07

Damn, I have slightly lost the motivation to write after I saw this week’s Naruto Shippuuden episode.  You know, I work hard all week, so I don’t want to come home and find out this week’s episode of one of my favourite shows sucks harder than a porn star. It’s a good thing that Jormungand never disappoints, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have written at all today.

I usually hate it when shows focus too much on characters. They tend to tell the viewers too much unnecessary information. But, luckily for us viewers, that’s not the case with Jormungand. I noticed that in the first season too, that they wanted to tell us a bit more about the characters. However, there were limited episodes and so many characters, so I’m even happier with this second season now.

William, or Wilee as they call him, wins the spotlight this week. I’m happy about that, actually. I have always wondered about that guy, seeing as he’s always so calm. It seems that he’s a demolition expert that likes to use people’s bombs against them. Basically, it was Lehm that brought him in, seeing as they’ve done a few jobs together when Lehm was still part of a Delta Force team.

We definitely got to see a whole different side to that guy during this episode. It may have been a bit too predictable to some, but I found it rather amusing. Sure, even I knew that Koko and her crew were followed by the bandits that they originally hired to protect their convoy. I also knew, seeing as they were travelling in several trucks, that they were going to be ambushed (with the use of bombs).

I don’t really care if I could somewhat see it coming. I thought it was absolutely great, especially when William used their own leader as a suicide bomber. That just goes to show that it doesn’t matter if they look calm, nice or just plain strange. Each and every member of Koko’s crew is a monster in his/her own way.

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Nov 16, 2012

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Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 06

Oh, thank god! I had a really bad feeling during the first half of this episode. I thought that I misjudged the story. I thought that we, the viewers, were going to have to watch Koko lose one of her crew members after the other. That would’ve been terrible. Killing one or two characters would be the max for me. After all, Jormungand revolves around a small group of gun merchants, not after one or two people.

We all know him, Tojo, one of Koko’s devoted crewmembers. He has always been a strange person. He’s not very trigger-happy, doesn’t rush to get his hands stained with blood and he strikes me as the planning type of person. There would’ve been no point in killing that character at this point, especially not because of his past, which wasn’t all that bad (compared to the others).

We were all led to believe that Tojo’s former boss, the leader of the SR Squad, Hinoki, was behind the attack on Koko’s crew. But no, they were acting out of their own free will. Their only objective was to kill Tojo, whom they believed was a traitor for having left their squad. It’s a little sad that people would want to kill someone because of something like that, especially since Tojo has never revealed anything about them during these past few years.

Also, what is up with that reputation about them being silent ghosts? Which part of this made them silent ghosts? They rushed into Kasper’s hotel to assassinate him with loud, big guns. They tried to kill Tojo and other members of Koko’s crew with loud, big guns and armoured vehicles. Who was it that gave them that reputation in the first place? I would really like to know.

Anyway, it’s the ending that threw me off. There had been a rumour going around about the SR Squad’s leader, Hinoki, having a family and whatnot. This turned out to be true, so what? Why so it to us? It almost looked like he was using his daughter as a token of good faith to show them that he comes in peace. Very strange indeed…

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Nov 9, 2012

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Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 05

Geez, Jormungand just got a whole lot more complicated. It’s like a grenade of little stories just went off. We’re no longer focussing on Koko or her rockets. We’re focussing on pretty much everything and nothing. I’m sure it’s only temporary though, as the story is nearing its end.

So Koko and her brother, Kasper, have once again been reunited. We all know that Jonah stayed calm and that he saw his old friends again. That’s pretty much it though. Not much else has changed. Everyone is going about their way; go out and meet people, sell guns and defeat all enemies that may try to stop you. That’s pretty much the way things are going now.

Okay, sure, we learned of yet another enemy known as the SR Squad. They’re supposed to be a non-existent group of soldiers that go in and out without being noticed. They’re ghosts. That’s why I’m a bit confused. They’re known for their stealthy style, yet they barged in like no tomorrow with guns blazing. Which part of that is stealthy? I sure as hell don’t know.

Surprisingly, Kasper was as calm as it gets. His female underling made quick work of that other woman. Always nice to see that Kasper, just like his sister, has a few monsters of his own up his sleeve. I don’t like that. It has to be a matter of time before Kasper and Koko find something they don’t fully agree on. After all, they don’t really share a normal sibling bond.

It’s been hectic this week and something tells me that next week won’t be any different. Kasper and his team have become targets. The only thing that troubles me about them is their reputation as stealth soldiers. Hell, they didn’t even use silencers on their guns. So much for going in and out without being noticed…

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