Nov 4, 2012

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K episode 05

What a disappointing episode. There was some action, I suppose… But, I feel as though things haven’t really progressed during this particular episode. It was pretty dull and predictable, which is probably why the overall ratings for K-Project have dropped with almost half a point.

I was confident that this week’s episode would focus more on Yashiro’s little problem. Kuroh may have given up on killing him (for now), but he somehow recovered a memory of him actually killing someone. I thought that he was either going to freak out or try to remember more of what happened that day. But no, the episode didn’t even focus on any of that.

The only thing that this episode focus on was Misaki and Rikio, two of the red king’s henchmen. They encountered Saruhiko, a former member of their clan that betrayed them at some point to join the blue king’s ‘posse’. A pointless fight broke out that lasted a minute or two. They were interrupted by Seri, quite possibly one of the hottest-looking characters to date (in my humble opinion).

There’s not much more I can say about this episode. It didn’t cover anything. They all came to the school to find Yashiro. It’s too bad that they left without finding him. I think it could be interesting to see how those three would react. It’s a given that Neko will defend her (boy)friend, but what about Kuroh? I’m pretty sure that he would defend him too to some degree. He is anxious to see how Yashiro will turn out. He invested a lot of time in that, so I’m sure that he would want to protect his investment. The only problem would be Yashiro, a guy with no powers.

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Oct 28, 2012

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K episode 04

Strange and fun, that is the only way I could summary this week’s episode. I thought that Kuroh had given up on killing Yashiro for the time being, until he got the chance to find out what really happened during New Year’s Eve. I never thought that he would stick around like bubble gum, waiting for Yashiro to prove his innocence to him.

It’s was a complicated episode. The entire episode revolved around proving Yashiro’s innocence. He was positive that he didn’t kill anyone. He went from person to person, asking them if they saw during New Year’s Eve. It was worth the try, but nobody remembered. Yashiro didn’t even show up in the photos, until Kukuri, Yashiro’s beloved friend, whipped out her phone and showed them a picture of Yashiro that she took just after midnight. That made Kuroh think that Yashiro couldn’t have killed that person on top of that building and come back to school within half an hour to have his picture taken.

It’s really too bad, but it seems that Yashiro’s problem are just beginning. Not only are people still looking for him, but he actually found clothes with blood on them. He started remember things. He started to doubt his own innocence. It is a matter of time before we find out what really happened.

I can’t wait for the next episode! I will be interesting to find out how Yashiro will cope with the information he obtained. The biggest fool is Neko-chan, seeing as she really believes in his innocence. I want to see her reaction above everyone else’s (if it turns out that he really did kill that guy).

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Oct 21, 2012

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K episode 03

Niceee~! I waited for this all week. I just had to see a little more of Neko, and no, not like that you perverts. I was sort of hoping to see a little bit more of her powers. I was also hoping to find out what she is and where she came from, but they were a little bit too vague about that. Oh well…

I was rather pleased when I found out a bit more about those kings. I’m not entirely sure what purpose they all serve, but it’s amusing as hell. To think that the blue king will have to sacrifice a lot of free time to keep the red king locked up without him going wild. I also think it’s pretty awesome that a king is capable of bestowing his followers with powers. One could gain quite a lot of followers that way, providing there aren’t any limitations to giving people powers. One would think that a king would get weaker every time he shares his powers with someone. I’m not entirely sure though.

I was also rather pleased to find out that Yashiro, the one guy that everyone’s trying to kill, is none other than the colourless king. I’m not sure what it means to be colours. Perhaps his powers, when compared to the other kings, are limitless (or at least stronger).

Anyway, Kuroh decided not to kill Yashiro. He agreed to keep an eye on him. Basically, Kuroh agreed to get to know Yashiro a little bit better, so that he can decide whether or not he should kill him. After all, his master once told him that he shouldn’t judge books by their covers.

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Oct 14, 2012

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K episode 02

I just had to do it. I can’t leave an anime alone when a cat suddenly transform into a naked, busty girl with kitty powers. I would have to be pretty stupid to leave this alone. Not to mention that the entire story is pretty awesome.

I like the idea of making Yashiro, a pretty nice guy, the target for all these people. Some want to kill him, some want to recruit him and others want him to pat them on the head. Yashiro seems like a mentally unstable guy though, so he might have a split personality. After all, what are the chances of him having an evil twin brother?

Anyway, let’s just say that I’m interesting in this. Neko, my new favourite cat-girl, is by far the most interesting. I want to learn a bit more about her powers and why she’s so interested in Yashiro. She’s not that weak, seeing as she managed to make a fool out of Reishi in the end. Boy, I can’t wait to see the next episode!

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Oct 6, 2012

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K / K-Project

First of all, what is up with this strange name, “K”? It may be just me overthinking things again, but it seems a bit lazy. I know it’s also referred to as “K-Project”, which isn’t much of an improvement to be honest, but seriously? Either way, I’m not going to let the name influence my experience, not that it could when I’m talking about this interesting piece of work.

The artwork… I love it! It’s strange, original and a delight to look at. The characters themselves may not seem like anything special at first, but the overall scenery… What a sight! It has this dramatic feeling to it. Pardon if I sound a bit strange, but it’s quite hard to explain this. Let’s just say that it somehow draws you in without you even noticing.

The story somehow reminded me of Ao no Exorcist. Maybe it’s because of all those flames? I don’t know. Either way; it’s very interesting. A psychic war between a bunch of (teenage) kings? If that isn’t original then I don’t know what is. It’s safe to assume, judging by the type story and total number of episodes (thirteen), that we are about to embark upon an action-filled story that will show us how create the human mind can truly be.

Anyway, I know that there are a lot of people out there that dislike most types of supernatural anime. I still recommend that you give this one a try. The idea in general may be a bit farfetched, but it has great potential. I’m pretty sure that your average anime fan will love this piece, definitely.

Plot Summary: Set in a world where history has taken a slightly different course from the one we’re familiar with, K follows the story of a young boy whose life is caught in a psychic war between seven kings.

Ashinaka High School is known for its unique setting: the entire campus is built on an island. Yashiro Isana, aka Shiro, is having lunch with a cat on one of the school rooftops. After his lunch break, Shiro goes on an errand for his classmate Kukuri to prepare for their upcoming school festival, only to be chased by some intimidating-looking men.

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