Sep 28, 2011

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Kamisama Dolls episode 13

Nice! I liked this episode, even though the ending was pretty weird. But I liked the ending above all else, it shows that there will be more Kamisama Dolls in the future. I can’t wait!

This episode rocked. First and foremost; Kukuri completely annihilated Mahiru’s doll, which was very surprising, because Utao and Kukuri are a pretty new and inexperienced team. But Kukuri got damaged in the last episode, and I thought Kukuri was still going to safe Kyouhei. Instead Kukuri went on a rampage and pulled some new stuff out of its arsenal and defeated Magatsuhi, while Kyouhei and Hibino both got saved by Koushirou and his doll.

The death of Magatsuhi, Mahuri’s doll, pretty much put an end to all the conflict. Everyone now retreats and Kyouhei gets taken to the hospital, where he slept peacefully until he awoke screaming; “NOOO!! Hibino’s mine!” out of the blue. Everyone was shocked but not really surprised. Kyouhei retreats to the roof to think about what he said, but Hibino soon joins him. She told him that she didn’t like how he put it, that she was not anybody’s property, but despite that she was still very happy. Apparently she was so happy that she took a hold of Kyouhei and gave him one hell of a kiss. Finally! It’s about time their relationship progressed to a new level, too bad it only happened right at the very end.

I’m happy for Kyouhei, but his happiness won’t last long. Aki soon drops by to talk with Kyouhei, but the conversation between the two wasn’t that hostile at all, it was almost like there were good friends. But Aki’s news wasn’t all that good. It seems that the four-legged Kekkaishi that Kyouhei supposedly destroyed in the past, didn’t actually die. It somehow managed to regenerate and is now possession of the Hyuga’s elder, who is still looking for someone strong enough to control it.

I know there will be a second season, it’s so obvious when you look at how this all ended. I think that Kyouhei will regain his status as Kukuri’s seki, and that he will go after this four-legged monster with the help of Aki. Things are going to be a lot more interesting from now on.

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Sep 21, 2011

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Kamisama Dolls episode 12

Geez, this episode was heavy. I was planning to go to bed, but I had several people nagging me to watch it immediately, it was supposedly that good. Truth be told, it really was, lol. It was so good that I actually decided to write about it right now, after having just seen the episode.

So the story continues with Hibino still tied to that bed, which I’m sure you perverts enjoyed, didn’t you!? But Kuuko came to her rescue at the last moment when he was about to rape her. Both of them tried to escape but the old man wouldn’t let them, so Kuuko pushed Hibino out the door and closed it behind her. Now that I find admirable, doesn’t change the fact she’s a psychopath though. She ends up wrestling the old man for the gun, but ends up killing him during their struggle. Now for some reason Kuuko dragged that perverted rapist, who had already woken up due to that gun shot, with her, pretending he was her lover or whatever. Nuts.

In the meanwhile Mahiru resumes her conflict with Hibino, but luckily for her the whole gang shows up just in the, again. Kyouhei tried talking some sense into her, but we all know Mahiru by now, she of course didn’t listen. She wanted Hibino gone, but Utao and Kukuri came between them. A bloody fight broke out between Utao and Mahiru, but what’s more surprising, is that Utao actually managed to defeat Miharu’s doll as soon as it tried to use Its special attack. Mahiru’s doll lost one of Its tentacle things and so it took longer for it to use Its attack. Utao realized that and used that bit of information to her advantage, using the extra seconds to attack that doll’s control system.

It was a clean hit and Mahiru’s doll was down, goes to show just how much Utao has grown. That doll didn’t stay down for too long though, for some reason it activated again and took a hold of Hibino. The doll wouldn’t listen anymore to Mahiru, Its control system was destroyed. The doll flew high up in the sky along with Hibino. Utao, Kirio and Koushiro tried to stop it in order to free Hibino, but it wouldn’t work, the doll suddenly started using new attacks, making it very difficult to come close.

Kyouhei, our ladies man, jumped up and grabbed Mahiru’s doll in order to try and free Hibino. Meanwhile Kukuri, Utao’s doll, gets hit right in Its eye and plummets down towards the park. Kukuri’s control system might have gotten destroyed too, judging from where Kukuri got hit. Kyouhei is desperate, he realized that he couldn’t escape the village unless he did something about it. But Kyouhei, in a desperate attempt to free Hibino, slips and gets hit on the back of his head by Magatsuhi, Miharu’s doll. Kyouhei is about to lose consciousness as the episode comes to an end.

Great, just great. Now this is real amusement. I can’t wait for next week’s episode, which will be the final one. I think that Kyouhei will become able to control Kukuri and that Kukuri will come to Kyouhei’s aid. Not just that, I think Kyouhei is going to open Kukuri’s left arm and defeat Magatsuhi with it. Somehow I also think that this won’t be the end of Kamisama Dolls, I think a second season is a serious possibility, judging by the success.

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Sep 13, 2011

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Kamisama Dolls episode 11

Great. They showed exactly how Kyouhei and Kukuri defeated that four legged Kekkaishi all those years ago. Love it. Kukuri’s left arm, when opened, has the ability to absorb energy and release that energy in the form of a powerful blast that will destroy anything in its path. When that four legged Kekkaishi fired its energy blast, Kukuri’s left arm opened up, absorbed all the energy and released it right back, completely annihilating that monster.

The rest of the episode it’s pretty much about Miharu trying to mess up everyone’s lives just a little bit more. She kidnapped Hibino after Aki told her that Hibino was Kyouhei’s girlfriend. Hibino, being a huge Kyouhei fan, wouldn’t stand for it and simply kidnapped her.

It’s Miharu’s dream to become Kyouhei’s wife and rule their village together. She decided, after interrogating Hibino, to pay Kyouhei and the rest a visit. Words were exchanged and Miharu immediately confessed that she had indeed taken Hibino. She didn’t even try to hide it. After Miharu left again, Kyouhei told everyone that he thinks that Miharu is being controlled by someone, that Miharu is not a violent person by nature.

Whilst Miharu is out, that damned assistant of hers, who used to be/is a part of the village, is planning on raping her. I can only hope that Kyouhei and Utao will make it on time before anything bad happens to Hibino.

I’d like to end this post with an old, beautiful and yet appropriate quote; “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” – Lord Acton.

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Sep 7, 2011

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Kamisama Dolls episode 10

I was waiting for this one. I sat down with a cheap bucket of popcorn and a glass of Pepsi, and man was it worth it .

So Mahiru showed up at the family reunion and attacked pretty much everyone but Kyouhei. She targeted Hibino specifically because Kyouhei showed some interest in her. Koushirou wanted to stop her using his doll, but Mahiru’s own doll was too strong. Mahiru’s doll has the ability to capture other dolls using some sort of force field. Once a doll gets captured inside that field, it loses the connection with its Seki, rendering it useless.

After a while Mahiru leaves and heads out for some building, where at the time Aki and his psychotic female fan Kuuko happened to be. That company called for Aki because they wanted to work together with him to create a better and more modern future with the use of their dolls. Mahiru suddenly comes crashing into the building, destroying half the room and kicked over some assistant because he wasn’t allowed to look. This is where the quarrel between Aki and Mahiru started.

I was extremely happy to see that they decided to show some of Kyouhei’s, Aki’s and Mahiru’s past. It turns out that when they were kids, that they went to investigate some cave where a four legged Kekkaishi slumbered. It turns out that that Kekkaishi didn’t need a Seki, it simply looked inside people’s minds. Aki approached the unknown Kekkaishi with the intention of keeping it for himself. But the Kekkaishi suddenly woke up and started attacking the three young Seki.

The three fled the cave with that Kekkaishi right on their tail. They didn’t stand a chance. All three of them attacked that Kekkaishi using their own dolls, but none of them was strong enough to defeat it. For a second there it looked like it was beaten, after Kyouhei used Kukuri’s long range attack. But that Kekkaishi was unharmed and still eager to kill. Kyouhei was worn out after protecting Aki and Mahiru, but that Kekkaishi was still advancing towards them. Kyouhei snapped the second that Kekkaishi initiated its attack. Kyouhei didn’t want to die nor see his own friends dead. In that moment he mustered enough willpower to open up Kukuri’s left arm for the first time, using its destructive power to defeat that Kekkaishi once and for all.

This is why Aki is so interested in Kyouhei and wants him on his side, and why Mahiru has such a huge crush on Kyouhei. Kyouhei saved both of them that day. For now it’s Utao that controls Kukuri, but something tells me that Kukuri is going to be Kyouhei’s again. After all… Aki’s doll returned to him too, even though it already had a master at the time. I cannot wait for next week’s episode!

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Aug 31, 2011

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Kamisama Dolls episode 09

Man o’ man. This anime really has a good story to it. I’ll be frank, I thought that it couldn’t get much more complicated, but I’m happy to say that they’ve proven me wrong.

The episode starts with detective Kyousuke, father of Kuuko, who decided to have his meal in the café where Utao and Kyouhei temporarily live. So there he sits with a colleague of his, trying to squeeze bits of information out of Utao about her brother and those mysterious occurrences. Utao, being nervous as hell, didn’t really tell him anything, but unfortunately her body language did. It’s my guess that detective Kyousuke picked up on that, and now suspects Kyouhei to play a vital role in those mysterious occurrences.

So yeah, that was strange. But we now take a look at his daughter, Kuuko, who hasn’t been at school at all lately. As it turns out, she actually took Aki in to her home. She wants to know everything about him and his doll. She wants to know if he mass murdered people and suggests, depending on whether he did or did not do it, that he does something flashy next time, something that will make people remember him forever. Needless to say… She’s a psychopath. She – is – a – psychopath. And I don’t care what anyone says, I know a psychopath when I see one. She even tried a feminine approach in order to score some information about Aki and his past. But her father disrupted her sexy torture session by paying an unexpected visit, causing Aki to leave the house.

Now we go back to Utao and the rest, who seem to have Moyako over as a guest. She was passing by so she decided to check up on Kukuri. But I think that it was merely an excuse, an excuse to have a talk with Kyouhei. Kyouhei walked her back after she had checked up on Kukuri, whilst talking about recent events involving Kirio, supposedly his younger brother.

This conversation ended up in a meeting. A meeting between Utao and Kirio. It seems that Kyouhei had contacted Koushiro, to set up the said meeting. But the family meeting was very short lived, because a girl named Mahiru showed up and crashed the party. She seemed very interested in Kyouhei, calling him Kyouhei-sama and clinging to his arm and such. I think one thing is clear from this, he can expect a slap from either Utao or Hibino if the story behind it isn’t good enough. I can’t wait for the next episode!

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Aug 9, 2011

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Kamisama Dolls episode 06

Episode six already, how time flies..

So Kyouhei finally arrives  at his home town, the town he left a long time ago. Upon arrival they meet Utao’s mother, who let’s Utao rest on her legs.

So after having skipped the opening, you see Kyouhei meeting up with his old man, and he doesn’t seem all that happy about it. He runs down and meets up with Utao and their mother. Not too long after that you will find a hyperactive and loud girl yelling at kyouhei, followed by the appearance of her clingy younger sister, who clings to Utao for pretty much the entire episode. Oh, and the old man, who appears to be their chief of sorts, but who communicates only through that loudmouth.

So after that they went to fix Utao’s Doll, which was roughed up in the previous episode. It’s condition turned out to be mild, all vital parts turned out to be good.

At the end of the episode you’ll find that they managed to fix Utao’s doll. After the repairs they headed back home, using Utao’s doll as a mode of transportation. Hibino, however, doesn’t like to fly, so naturally things turned for the worst. They panicked which ended in Utao and Hibino almost falling off of the Doll, luckily Kyouhei managed to grab Hibino’s shirt, exposing her bra. And as for Utao, she managed to grab Hibino’s pants before plunging to her death, causing Hibino’s pants to almost drop off, exposing her panties, creating an ever bigger crisis for those three. Luckily Utao’s doll landed before the situation got even worse.

That was pretty much all the action in this entire episode, slow week for the Japanese, huh? Looking forwards to next week’s episode.

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