Sep 24, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 25

Good stuff. Well, let’s just start this off by saying that season two of Kuroko no Basuke has been green-lit and should air in 2013. That’s good news, huh? Kuroko no Basuke, unlike The Knight in the Area, another sports-genre anime, had high ratings since the first episode. Never did I see the ratings go down. Absolutely never.

I want to point out that this anime did so well because of the right elements. Not every episode was filled with action. They balanced it pretty well between action and comedy, which is probably why the show has been doing so well. Also, I believe that the characters themselves played a vital role in the anime’s surprising success.

Let’s take this episode as an example; Seirin lost against Daiki and his team. Daiki’s team advanced and were up against Ryouta and his team. Little did we, the viewers, know that Ryouta was studying Daiki’s tricks. It allowed him to play as him and make the match a lot harder for Daiki. It started looking as though Ryouta had the upperhand, but I was really glad when Daiki won in the end.

Let it be said that I laughed when someone mailed me last week to tell me I’m crazy for thinking that. Well, thank you. I honestly take that as a compliment. I wouldn’t want to see Daiki lose against Ryouta. I would’ve made Seirin’s previous matches pretty pointless. This is how it should be; a match between Seirin and Gakuen. Winner takes all.

I would like to point out that I wasn’t entirely satisfied by this season’s ending, even though I speak highly of this show. It seemed rather dull and lazy. Daiki wins, everybody goes home, yet we caught a glimpse of another ex-member of the Generation of Miracles. What’s that? Is that supposed to be a cliff-hanger of sorts? Please, that sort of thing wouldn’t get people excited. The only thing I’m curious about is that character’s personality. He seemed like an interesting fellow. But we’ll see, just a few more months before we can enjoy Kuroko no Basuke again.

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Sep 17, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 24

Okay, let’s just do this. I’m not going to question the ending. Not even a little bit. It’s quite obvious that there’s going to be a next season. There is no possible way for them to finish this anime within one more episode, absolutely impossible. All I want to see right now is a good finale between Ryouta and Daiki.

Speaking about Ryouta, is it just me or has he surpassed Taiga? Let’s face it; Taiga has his own unique features, like that jumping power of his, but he’s no Ryouta. That blonde copy-cat player has successfully copied Daiki’s style without a decrease in speed, allowing him to pass Daiki more easily. I’m not saying he’s better or anything, not at all. I’m just saying that things have picked up for Ryouta and his team, which is probably a good thing, as I was getting a bit fed up with Daiki’s personality. He’s way too confident, even though he may have been right with that whole “the only one who can defeat me is me” thing.

Also, I believe Tetsuya is pretty much spot-on. The only way for a team to lose a match is when said team loses its fighting spirit. I can definitely relate to that. The only problem is; can a team really be victorious if it relies on one player? I wonder…

I’m just going to end this post by saying that I’m seriously looking forward to the next and this season’s final episode. I would love to see whether Ryouta has grown strong enough to defeat Daiki.  The strangest thing is; I don’t think I want Ryouta to win. I’d rather see him lose, so that Taiga can settle things with him later on. I mean, Seirin already defeated Ryouta and his team. Having Ryouta defeat Daiki, the team Seirin couldn’t defeat, is kind of messed up. That whole match-up against Ryouta and his team would have to start all over again, I think. But we’ll see…

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Sep 10, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 23

Wow, I thought that it was going to be a quick match, but it turned out to be pretty darn epic. My impression of Ryouta wasn’t all that good to begin with. He came across as some guy that imitated other people’s skills and bragged about it afterwards, as though he was the best of the best. My impression of him got worse when he was defeated by Tetsuya and his team. Of course, this match between him and Daiki more than makes up for all that.

I was already six or seven minutes in when I realized why Daiki was so interested in him. Sure, Ryouta copies other people’s moves and applies them during his games, but there’s more to it than that. He was, thanks to that ability of his, able to score point after point against Daiki and his team. Not a lot of people could hold out against them, let alone get ahead of them at one point.

It started looking easy at one point, after which I started worrying a little. Daiki wasn’t really doing anything. He was just a bit surprised by Ryouta’s growth (as was I to be honest). However, that soon changed during the next round. Daiki started dominating again by using those unorthodox moves of his, not to mention his indescribable speed.

Yeah, I can definitely tell why Daiki was looking forward to this match. Ryouta might be the only one capable of defeating Daiki right now. No offense to Taiga, but that character wouldn’t stand a chance.  Taiga is way too hot-headed and narrow-minded. He sees the ball, obtains it somehow and the only thing that comes to mind is a dunk. I’m pretty sure that it got through to him that there are limitations to his dunks. He must have realized by now, especially after his one on one against Shintarou. That was just too humiliating.

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Sep 3, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 22

Oh yeah, there’s definitely more Kuroko no Basuke to come. I don’t know whether it’ll be in the form of another season, movie or OVA’s, but there’s definitely more to come. They won’t even be able to finish their training properly if this continues, let alone a rematch between Seirin and Gakuen.

Their training continues as Seirin’s cute coach decided to spend a little alone time with Taiga. Taiga has been training his ass off during these past few episodes, so it should’ve been pretty impressive to see his improvement. Needless to say that I was more than a bit disappointed to see that he hadn’t really improved as much as one would expect. Sure, his body was in superb condition. He could jump even higher, knew what leg he should use to make his highest jumps and the number of jumps he could make in a single could should’ve gone up too. That being said, why is it that he couldn’t even score a single dunk against that green-haired idiot? That was a bit disappointing.

Both Taiga and Tetsuya still have a long way to go before they are ready to challenge Gakuen for a rematch. Neither one has found their style, so they’re just playing around like a chicken without its head. They’re moving forward in a zigzag kind of way, when they should have been moving forward in a straight line. But progress is still progress, right?

Meanwhile the match between Ryouta’s team and Daiki’s team had started. I was actually surprised to see Daiki so pumped up. It seems that Ryouta is one of the few players that can make him go all-out, which makes me want to see next week’s episode even more. If memory serves, Ryouta is somewhat of a copycat, so perhaps that’s why Daiki is so interested? It’ll be interesting to see, that’s for sure.

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Aug 27, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 21

Quite the relaxed weekend this turned out to be. No Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai or Space Brothers in sight. I suppose that gives me a lot more free time, seeing as I don’t have to watch those episodes and write about them later on. Still, this week’s Kuroko no Basuke more than made up for all that.

This week’s episode did not revolve around action or competition. It was twenty minutes of hilarious fun. I can’t remember laughing this hard during one of these episodes. That whole food tasting scene with Riko was the greatest. The poor girl can’t cook because she sees everything as an opportunity to strengthen the team, which is why she put loads of vitamin pills in every dish, thinking that it would keep everyone healthy.

Now, I mustn’t say that it was all pointless comedy. After all, they did end up going on a training camp where they drained their ass of during the day and rested at an inn during the night. This is a good opportunity for everyone to work on their fundamentals and fix any and all weaknesses. This will be especially good for Tetsuya, seeing as he’s having difficulty finding his own style.

It came as no surprise that Shintarou and his team were there as well. They have been popping up all over the place, so why not during Seirin’s training camp as well, right? I’m pretty sure that next week’s episode will be just as funny. We now have an ungodly mixture of previous enemies that stay at the same inn and are there for the exact same reason. And we mustn’t forget about Riko either, which brings me to believe that we can expect a lot of hilarity involving certain male characters wanting to peek during one of her private moments. It’s pretty much basic stuff, really.

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Aug 20, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 20

Well, this episode confirmed one thing. I watched this episode, episode twenty, very carefully, and I came to the conclusion that there will be a next season. Two other members from the Generation of Miracles still haven’t been introduced, Seirin is about to start their next tournament and Tetsuya is about to change his entire basketball style. All of this in just five episode? Absolutely no. A second season will be forthcoming, I’m sure of that.

Teppei has joined the basketball team again. He didn’t waste any time either, as he put his little plan in motion. He tried to figure Taiga out by playing a one-on-one, put all the first years on the field against another team and thought about how to make Tetsuya realize that his currently basketball style isn’t right for him. I hate to say it, but I think that Teppei may have done more in one episode than Riko in nineteen. Perhaps it only looks that way, but that would be pretty harsh on Riko. She has devoted herself to this team. It would be pretty harsh if it turned out that her work was for nothing.

I think it’s safe to say that we can expect a lot more from Kuroko no Basuke. Tetsuya is going to work on his style, Taiga is going to work on his style, Teppei is going to work on the team in general and god only knows what the former Generation of Miracles is going to do right now. I for one will be looking forward to see how Tetsuya will improve his style.

Finally, I would like to focus a bit more on the possibility of a second season. Hell, it’s no longer a possibility. The story is far from finished, the ratings are through the roof and there have been several news items that suggested that more Kuroko no Basuke contact will be forthcoming. It thought they were talking about an OVA or two at first, but now it’s starting to become clear. We can definitely expect a second season.

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Aug 13, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 19

Okay, I’m getting very nervous.  Yet a new character was introduced during this episode, even though there are only sex episode left to go. In other words; we are about to see them play with this new guy during the winter games. All of that in just six episodes? Highly doubtful.

We start watching this episode as we soon learn about a new, mysterious player. Not just any player either. We learn about the guy that founded Seirin’s basketball team. We learn about Teppei, a very strange and cunning guy. I don’t see how the anime would benefit from his appearance at this stage. There are only six episodes left. The only reasonable explanation could be that this is only the first out of multiple seasons of Kuroko no Basuke. I mean, you can’t push a whole cup and a new team captain in just six episodes. There’s no way that you can build up an interesting story in such a short amount of that with that amount of material.

What a troublesome development, to see things get to this point during the end stage of the anime. A new team captain, a new cup and several existing (key) members that have lost the will to play. Great move, staff! It’ll be interesting to see how that guy will help Taiga and Tetsuya, as both of them could use the help before they make a decision they might regret.

I would like to end this post by making something very clear; I liked this episode. I liked the sudden development. The only thing that troubles me is that it happened right now, when there are only six episodes remaining. I just think there’s too little time to properly utilize all the material. A cup alone would take at least 10 episodes if you ask me, let alone getting a new team captain. We’ll see what happens. Things are about to get really interesting.

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Aug 6, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 18

Good stuff! It’s about time Seirin’s winning streak came to an end. I like it when the main team wins, but to have never lost is just a bit too much. Also, I think it makes the anime a bit less predictable. Who knows what they’re going to do from now on? I sure don’t.

The match continued as Seirin tried desperately to keep up. Daiki didn’t make it easy for them, that’s for sure. His bizarre style kept his team ahead at all times. Seirin could attack and defend all they wanted, but Daiki was everywhere. One would think that Taiga would’ve found a way to defeat him once and for all, but no. Riko-chan decided to put Taiga back on the bench. She realized that his leg kept getting worse and worse, and she didn’t want to risk injuring him any further, so she put him on the bench for the remainder of the match. That must’ve been difficult for someone with that kind of personality.

Also, Tetsuya tried so hard. He really, really wanted to win against Daiki. I think he had something to prove to him. It almost makes me want to wish they won somehow. Almost. I don’t want things to become too unrealistic. Kuroko no Basuke has done very well until now, so no point in changing its course.

I will be looking forward to the next episode. Seirin suffered a crushing defeat and will not have to recover. Taiga is not the type to quit. He strikes me as the type that will train harder and harder in order to win next time. The one that troubles me is Tetsuya. He really wanted to win against him, yet he suffered a humiliating defeat. I hope that he won’t do anything stupid.

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