Jul 30, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 17

Great episode! It’s been a long time since I last said that about Kuroko no Basuke. Is that good? Bad? I don’t know. I do know that I loved this episode. There’s one thing that troubles me though. The match is almost over (one quarter left) and there’s a huge gap in scores, so I honestly don’t see how Seirin is going to recover from this, especially since Daiki just joined in. I seriously hope that they won’t rush things by making it all seem to easy all of a sudden.

The match between Seirin and Gakuen continued as Seirin was struggling to keep up. That was difficult enough when Daiki wasn’t around, but it became nearly impossible when he started playing as well. He’s very agile and tricky, making it very hard for other players to keep up with his movements. That is probably why all his previous opponents gave up.

I know I just said that, but it doesn’t change the fact that Taiga managed to keep up somehow. Hell, even managed to block Daiki several times. That probably opened the floodgates for Daiki, causing him to play even better. Basically, we now have one player that’s trying desperately to keep up and another that’s becoming interested in the other after he saw what he was capable of.

It’s all a bit complicated right now. Taiga is still trying to find his style, Daiki is still being that same old douche and Tetsuya has been put on the bench. I honestly don’t see how Seirin is going to recover from this. The gap in scores is too wide, that and the fact that Daiki is about to open up a can of whoop-ass on them. Perhaps Taiga is going to jump higher than over, I don’t know. I doubt that jumping power alone will be enough to defeat Gakuen, and that is also why I think it’s strange that their cute couch put Tetsuya on the bench. Only way to find out what happens next is to wait for next week, right?

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Jul 23, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 16

Here we go again. The basketball fest continues as things are getting harder and harder. Who would’ve known that things would go this way? Makes you wonder if they are going to change the tide again by making one (or more) of the characters bust out with a new move or something.

The match between Gakuen en Seirin kept getting tougher and tougher. Seirin was having so much difficult in their match again Gakuen, even though Daiki hadn’t arrived yet. They just couldn’t get through. Gakuen was constantly on the offensive, so their ball possession was pretty high. The only thing Seirin could do was wait it out, get the ball and score if you get the chance. Try as they might, that was their only choice. They were having a hard time just trying to keep up, but things soon started looking bad when they couldn’t even tie the score.

They were having a really hard time. Satsuki, Tetsuya’s loyal admirer really thought things through. She knew almost all of their tactics, their next movies and their thought patterns. She had predicted almost all of their plays. The only thing she couldn’t predict was Tetsuya, the unpredictable shadow. I guess that means that most plays will once again revolve around Tetsuya.

The next episode will be very decisive. Daiki has finally arrived and is about to enter the field. How will Taiga handle him with his bad leg? That’s the question I’m constantly asking myself. He has a hard time jumping, so his offensive power may be halved when compared to normal. Can he really take down Daiki like this? We’ll see…

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Jul 16, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 15

Here it is! The beginning of the end! Ryouta and Shintarou have already been defeated. It’s now Daiki’s turn, and Seijuro and Atsushi are probably after that. Personally, I’m dying to see the match against Seijuro. That guy looks freakishly cool.

The episode basically was building up to the match between Tetsuya, Taiga and Daiki. It showed us how Daiki turned into such an arrogant show-off.  It showed us how he and Tetsuya used to play together. And it showed me how uninteresting that guy is. Come on, getting a huge ego boost just because you can beat Japanese high school teams is nothing to brag about. Come back when you beat professional teams in America.

Anyway, the relationship between Daiki and his current team isn’t that great either. They are getting fed up with him. He doesn’t train, he doesn’t listen and he doesn’t even show up at matches like he’s supposed to. No amount of skill can make up for being a douche.

Seirin has a real chance here. Daiki isn’t there yet to play against them, so the field is Daiki-free until the second half. Seirin, if possible, needs to take advantage of the situation to rake in as many points as they possibly can. Mind you, it looks incredibly bad for them. It seems that their opponents are plenty strong, even without Daiki there to help them. Makes you wonder about the result. Taiga and Tetsuya are probably going to pull off a few more sick moves in order to carry their team to victory, as usual. This time I won’t get overexcited. Not after last week’s disappointing ball ‘punching’ pass.

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Jul 9, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 14

Quite the funny episode. I loved how Kuroko’s want-to-be-girlfriend just crashed their training session and made everyone go nuts, especially their coach, whom, unlike that girl, isn’t nearly as busty. Sigh, most women are so shallow.

Kuroko and his friends were relaxing in a bar with other members of the Generation of Miracles. Yeah, how could that go possibly wrong? Here we learned about Seirin’s new opponent; Aomine, the strongest amongst the Generation of Miracles. A guy whose ego might be even bigger than that of Kanye West. Great, just what we needed. Another tight ass that thinks he stands on top of the sports world with no equal. It’ll be quite amusing to see him lose to Taiga and Kuroko. It’s only a matter of time before Taiga catches up and defeats him.

I’m pretty sure that all Kuroko no Basuke fans all remember that little story about Kuroko’s abilities; the brighter the light, the darker the shadow, right? It seems to me that Kuroko was an invaluable asset to the Generation of Miracles, which could be why every one of them is so interested in him. The power to be the best is cool, but the power to make someone the best is pretty ingenious. Well done.

Finally I would like to end this post by direction your attention to the fact that Kuroko in his team defeated two “kings” in one day. Two schools that were known for their overpowering abilities. To think that Kuroko and his team got this far in just fourteen episodes without making it seem too predictable, very impressive indeed. I am seriously considering reading the manga after the anime has run its course.

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Jul 2, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 13

Wow, what a let-down. I expected to see one hell of a sick move, but ended up seeing nothing more than a fast pass. Of course, I’m talking about Kuroko’s new pass, providing it counts as one. It was a good episode all in all, but it certainly wasn’t worth waiting for.

I’m sure you all remember how tired Seirin was, right? Well, there were beyond tired, apparently. Taiga for one could barely jump and had only two of them left, or so the coach said anyway. I didn’t even care to be honest. All I wanted to see was Kuroko’s new move.  I honestly thought that it would be something unreal, since it’s something that he bragged about.

Sigh, in the end it turned out to be a fast pass. Basically, he makes a fist and hits the ball as hard as he can, thereby giving the ball a huge boost. The reason this pass is so hard to catch is because it’s pretty fast, that’s all. It’s nothing special. I didn’t even believe the part about most people not being able to catch that pass.

Anyway, I thought for sure that Kuroko would win things with his new move, but no. Things changed, even though Kuroko was no longer being stopped for some reason. That’s just strange. His movement was pretty much time same, yet that cocky brat couldn’t catch him anymore. I couldn’t really get that one, despite having seen that particular scene two times.

I must say that the match wasn’t that bad. Kuroko, as predicted, won the match for Seirin, but not thanks to his pass. He won it after he blocked Shintarou’s final shot, thereby winning the match for Seirin. Not bad, certainly not bad at all. However, things will only get a lot harder when they face the strongest player amongst the Generation of Miracles.

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Jun 25, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 12

I just knew that something like this would happen. So far it’s been going as I had already predicted. It’s only a matter of when and how at this point. When is Kuroko going to show his new stuff and how is he going to do it? He said, and I quote; “It’s time to take this to the next level”. It must be some kind of new pass or something.

Anyway, I knew things would turn out like this. Taiga loves competition. Taiga loves it so much that he has been doing almost everything on his own. It had almost gotten to the point where his body was about to give in because of all the exhaustion. It makes you wonder how he is capable of lasting that long without falling apart, let alone getting stronger in the process.

The one thing that annoyed me most of all was Shintarou’s superstitious nonsense. I don’t want to hear about Taiga being a Virgo and whatnot. Who cares? There is no place for superstitious crap in sports. Maybe in golf, although that isn’t really a sport, but certainly not basketball! Never heard of a raccoon that bestows luck upon its owner. Absolutely ridiculous.

I’m looking forward to the next episode. Kuroko seems really anxious and is hoping to try something out with that “next level” play of his. He was even willing to start a fight with Taiga over it, so it must be something really good. Maybe he has found a way to supress his presence even more? Who knows what he’s thinking about. Either way; he thinks he’s capable of giving Seirin one last chance to score some points. I don’t think that Seirin will pass up this opportunity, so let us find out next week!

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Jun 18, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 11

Well, well, well… A surprisingly great episode this turned out to be. I don’t want to put this anime in a negative light, as it’s absolutely not a bad anime, but I simply didn’t expect this episode to be so amusing. It really sucked me up to the point where I almost started cheering for Seirin.

We picked up where we left off last week; with the intense match between Seirin and Shutoku. Things were getting lively as both times kept playing to get an edge, especially after Kuroko’s insane pass. They actually thought they had Shintarou, that green haired monster, in a corner with Kuroko’s latest pass. Wrong. That strategy was based on Shintarou’s distance to hit the hoop. Kuroko thought that he could score from as far away as half the field, but that boat soon sunk when it turned out that Shintarou can score from anywhere on the field. He can score from post to post, no problem whatsoever. That way Kuroko can’t pass to Taiga in order to score points.

That’s still only the good news though, strangely enough. One could always find a way to score, even if it’s against monsters like that. But how can one score when Kuroko, Seirin’s key player, can no longer pass due to one of Shutoku’s players, whom appears to be using similar passing methods to block Kuroko. It goes to show that Shutoku did their research as well.

Sigh, it really looks bad for Kuroko and his team. I’m really curious to see how Kuroko is going to handle that guy from here on out. His movements are very limited because of that guy, so he will have to find a way to get back in the game in order to support his team. This is just a wild guess, mainly based on all the anime I’ve seen so far, but I think that Kuroko is going to ‘discover’ yet a new ability that will help him win this match. Isn’t that usually how this works? Either that or Taiga will pull off some amazing stuff that will win them the match. We’ll see…

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Jun 11, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 10

Ha! I knew Kuroko would still play! You can’t take out the heart of the team. Let’s face facts here; it’s because of his awesome passes that the team was able to keep up with their opponents. And to think that he started out as one of the runts, how hilarious is that!?

Their match was rapidly coming to an end as Seirin started to get serious, including Kuroko. They had been studying their movies for a long time no, so they knew exactly what they were going to do. This allowed for them to make a huge comeback. I must say that I’m pretty impressed with Kuroko. So he can’t score, dunk of defend, who cares? His passes managed to turn the entire game around, especially during the end when he pulled out an awesome pass out of his magic hat, allowing his teammate to make the decisive throw. See? Kuroko is once again the key player in all of this, as is to be expected of him.

Their opponents were pretty shook up about their loss, but Seirin didn’t have much time to feel sorry for them. Their next match was only minutes away. And to make matters worse; they were up against a team with one of the players from the Generation of Miracles. Now that’s rough. However, it didn’t seem like Seirin is backing down. I only saw a bit of it, but I seriously liked what I saw. Seirin was pumped up and ready to haul ass. Frankly, I get the feeling that that’s not something I can say very often about Seirin. I for once have never seen them play so seriously before, maybe that’s why?

Anyway, at first it seemed like Shutoku was going to take the lead, but Kuroko and Taiga soon put a stop to that. Kuroko’s insane pass allowed for Taiga’s dunk, thereby tying the score once more. Kuroko really is an amusing character, that’s for sure. I have high hopes for Seirin this time. Kuroko is seriously, Taiga is seriously and the rest of the time is playing pretty well together as well. It’s time to beat yet another one of those basketball monsters!

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