Dec 19, 2011

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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! episode 12

Here we go again with yet another final episode. The fall anime are slowly approached their ends, allowing for new anime to be aired this winter.  I have high hopes for this winter, I really do. I’m going to post the winter’s anime chart today too, so don’t worry!

Alright, join me as we embark upon the final episode of Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai. It seems that a war has finally started in the middle of Japan. It seems that the faith of Japan rests with Yamato and his friends. Normally a mere dozen of students couldn’t do much against armed psychopaths, but this is anime, so it should be doable.

I thought that the old man, the same pervert who controls all of those girls, was just like Yamato; a physically weak leader. But that old man actually packed quite a powerful punch as he managed to get Yukie on the ground. Yamato’s team wasn’t doing too well, as they were losing the battle one by one.

It was very disturbing to see that gay man fight, he was constantly making remarks about raping guy’s asses, probably to throw them off-guard. The fights continue to rage on as there is still no clear victor in sight. Yamato has to hurry up and do something if he wants to safe his friends. He may not be strong, but surely there’s something that he can do.

Slowly more and more of Yamato’s friends are coming to his aid. Even Cookie, who had been destroyed, rejoined the fight. The tables started to turn as more people followed Yamato in battle. I guess that’s his true strength; the ability to be a great leader, a leader worthy of following. He showed clear signs of being a great leader, even when he stood up and gave everyone a morale boost.

Suddenly the tables turned completely, as all of Yamato’s friends started getting the upper hand. The enemy had no chance but to retreat, they would’ve completely lost if they didn’t. Tachibana and her little girlfriend were the only ones left. Momoyo was fighting to the best of her abilities, but it seemed pointless, as it was the same as before. Momoyo could only use her instant regeneration ability as she tried to avoid as many of Tachibana’s attacks as possible.

The ending was so messed up. Momoyo, who defeated Tachibana, pretended to die after finally answering Yamato’s confession. It was a very emotional moment, when suddenly Yamato kisses her goodbye. Suddenly, after that kiss, Momoyo jumps up and shouts; “Yamato! I’ve been revived by your kiss!”

The episode was pretty good, despite the weird ending. Sure, it could’ve used a lot more work, and preferably some changes, but what’s done is done. I think I would’ve given the show a seven in general. It was fun to watch at times, but it simply lacked in many other departments.

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Dec 11, 2011

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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! episode 11

What in god’s name is going on!? I have waited all day for the new Bakuman episode, but it still hasn’t been subbed yet. Must be some episode, I guess. I guess the new Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai episode will have to do.

It still continues that damn discussion slash fight over Yamato. Everyone wanted Yamato for themselves, even Momoyo joined in to get Yamato for herself. In the end Yamato, thanks to the girls, ended up far worse due to their fight. He looked like he was about to die, yet I still couldn’t be more jealous of him. I asked my girl for a threesome once, my god… I will never make that mistake again, ever!

It was madness. They still continued to pursue Yamato, even though he was still beat up. This is so messed up, it should be the other way around. The girls decided to take to opportunity to raid Yamato’s porn stash, merely to see what he’s in to. Momoyo, above anyone else, seemed pretty fine with it, she even made several remarks about how “normal” it was.

Meanwhile Yamato, for the second time I might add, engages in yet another conversation with bandage-man. Yamato is having a serious conversation while the girls are getting red while watching his porn, do things get any weirder? Of course it does, all the girls ended up going with the flow, when suddenly Momoyo goes crazy by destroying the TV. This all ended up in a fight between the girls, the one who emerged as the victor would get Yamato.

It’s hard to take this episode seriously, even though a war has pretty much started. Yamato disrupted their petty little fight in order to tell them one thing; “Everyone, I want to protect this country.” – That has to sink in. I guess the real action is going to start from here on out.

I’m rather curious about that man, because he shows a lot of interest in Yamato. Surely he is not his father, I’m pretty sure that Yamato would’ve recognized him if he was. But he does have a connection to Yamato’s father, that much is known, but do those two still have contact? I wonder…

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Dec 5, 2011

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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! episode 10

I was looking forward to this episode. I, based on last week’s episode, expected to see one hell of a fight, but it just didn’t happen.  To me it just looked like they were dragging it out for some reason, and that’s just weird, because the anime is nearing its end.

I mustn’t say there was no action at all though, because Cookie, that weird robot that tried to help Miyako get into Yamato’s pants, got destroyed while trying to hold the enemy captive.  I wonder, couldn’t they just rebuild him? I’m pretty sure the memory could be salvaged.

Meanwhile Christiane, Kazuko, Yukie and Miyako arrived to help out Yamato. It was pretty amazing; there were four of them, four against one, yet it still wasn’t enough to beat that little cyborg. They would’ve gotten killed if Yamato hadn’t hidden Cookie’s light saber in his pants, after which he drew it out to catch her by surprise while making several penis jokes.

Momoyo was still fighting when her opponent suddenly realized that her ally was in danger. She retreated towards her when the situation suddenly escalates. She was fully prepared to let her friend die, or maybe it was just a ruse, who knows. Both of them leaked information on why they were fighting. Fighting several opponents is one thing, but to find a whole country? That’s madness.

The two escaped, leaving the girls behind to look after the unconscious Yamato. This is where things escalated even more. Everyone, especially Yukie and her little horse friend, took notice of Momoyo and her selfishness. She wanted to keep Yamato for herself, even though she refused him twice. It seems that she only shows interest in him when she’s about to lose him.

Frankly, I’m losing confidence in the show. There is still a lot of ground to cover and they only have two episodes left to do it. I saw it happen to several shows last season, the stories were all pretty good, but they made their show drop like a rollercoaster in ratings due to a very bad ending.

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Nov 28, 2011

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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! episode 09

About time. Nyaa has been down for the most part yesterday, it took me a long time to obtain my daily share of crack anime. I’ve also been noticing that AnimeUltima has been very active for the last few weeks, kudos to them!  I hope they can keep this up.

So the episode continues with Yamato in the hospital. I honestly thought that he would be fighting for his life, but they decided to go another way. The girls were all worried about his wellbeing, so they all decided to finally confess their love for him at the same time, in the hope that he would improve. Momoyo was still the only one who didn’t confess her love for him, even though it’s clear that she has strong feelings for him.

Yamato finally woke up after they almost killed him due to his raging boner. Momoyo was fed up with being powerless, even the conversation with Ageha didn’t work. Yamato’s problem is that he doesn’t know martial arts, it’s what’s been holding him back all this time. He’s just a punching bag right now, so why doesn’t he just learn some martial arts? It’s something everyone can learn.

Momoyo decided to go after robot-girl. She obviously hasn’t learned her lesson. Rushing in like a mad dog will not bring her victory, she’ll just get killed if she doesn’t watch out. What’s even more worrisome is that the rest of the girls followed in Momoyo’s footsteps. They all decided to go take “revenge” for what they did to Yamato.

Old man Tesshin came in to give Yamato a helping hand. He used one of his many techniques to rapidly heal Yamato’s injuries by using his life energy. He believes that Yamato is the only one who is capable of stopping Momoyo as well as the others. I have no idea how he’s going to catch up to them, let alone convince them to stop their suicidal attack.

I believe that Yamato must have some talent, talents other than being a smart punching bag. It’s getting pretty exciting as the anime is nearing its end. I’m really curious as to how they’re going to end this.

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Nov 20, 2011

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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! episode 08

Oh come on, why did they take this approach? This episode was like a story from Ageha that went from scene to scene, it was very difficult to follow sometimes. It was confusing sometimes because you couldn’t always tell whether you were looking at the past or present.

The episode continues the fight between Momoya and one of the old Divas. But she wasn’t her old self anymore, she has undergone surgery to replace most of her limbs with cybernetics, which theoretically makes her a cyborg. But it seems, if I understood correctly, that it wasn’t her choice. She was attacked during one of her missions. Like I said; it was very difficult to follow. I don’t know whether she’s completely dead and simply replaced by an A.I. or something, or if some of her organs, like her brain, remained intact, and that they simply replaced the unsalvageable “parts”.

Momoyo went head-to-head with this thing. Yeah, you saw what you saw, she’s a “thing” now.  What’s so surprising about this is that she actually wasn’t able to defeat it. Momoyo is known to be (one of the) strongest out there, but she just couldn’t defeat her. She kept attacking, using her life force to help regenerate rapidly and, not that it mattered, dodging as many attacks as she could. Even the assists of Christiane, Kazuko, Miyako and Yukie, all instructed by Yamato, weren’t good enough to defeat this thing.

But, even though they couldn’t defeat her, no matter what they tried, it still took a turn for the worse. Momoyo was so obsessed during her fight that she just didn’t pay any attention to her surroundings. Because of that she accidently redirected a rocket towards Yamato, who took it head on. Yamato, because of Momoyo’s carelessness, has to fight for his life as he lies hooked up in the hospital.

It was a pretty decent episode, although it could’ve been so much better without all those mixed up scenes. I’m very curious as to what Momoyo is going to do in the next episode, I can’t wait.

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Nov 7, 2011

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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! episode 06

I’m getting impatient as hell, where is this week’s Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou!? Oh well, it’s a good thing that this episode was released, it kept me really amused. Although I think this is the weirdest episode they have released so far. That’s right; it was very weird, even by my standards.

This episode was so wrong. There was this festival that revolved around penis-shaped candy. Yes, that’s right, penis-shaped candy. People, mainly girls, were nibbling on these penis-shaped mushrooms like no tomorrow. Momoyo even showed the girls on how to suck, lick and afterwards bite the mushrooms. She never shows any mercy, does she? I think it’s about time she realizes her feelings for Yamato though, let’s face it; every time a girl gets too close, she ends up getting jealous and mad.

For some reason they decided that penis-shaped mushrooms weren’t enough. The decided to take the bar higher to a level where students took their penis-shaped statue’s and used it to destroy the other’s penis-shaped statue. Take it easy Andy Dick, it wasn’t THAT much fun.

It got even worse when all penis-shaped statues broke down. Shoichi and Hideo both decided to strip down and use their real penises to beat one another. Hideo gained an instant win when it turned out that he, from what I could tell by people’s reaction, is hung like a horse. Poor Shoichi, shit like that could cause teenage suicides.

I can’t wait for next episode. Like I said people; I’m a big fan of ecchi anime. Not because of the (mild) nudity, but because I find most of them hilarious. The reason I want to see the next episode is because of Yamato. He encountered that mysterious man who spoke negatively about his father. Sure, Yamato got pissed, but he couldn’t do much because he’s weak. Yamato can sure take a punch though, so why doesn’t he just train and practice martial arts in order to polish his offense? Oh well, you don’t really need it when you have half a dozen of martial art goddesses who would do anything for you.

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Oct 31, 2011

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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! episode 05

Okay, I’ve chosen this one to replace the Hunter x Hunter remake. I just don’t see the value in writing about it, it doesn’t contribute anything new. When I saw the first episode I was pretty pissed, I saw characters and scenes from other anime, I was under the impression that they stole material. I’m very happy to see that I was wrong, it turned out to be a pretty amusing show.

The episode started out with Yamato wanting to glance over his porn collection. It broke his heart when he found out that Miyako tampered with his dirty magazines. That perverted girl glued pictures of her head over all the models’ heads. Kill her with fire! A man’s stash is holy, you just don’t meddle with it! You have to wonder how badly she must want ‘it’ if she’s willing to go through all of that just to get his attention.

His day didn’t get better though, he had to deal with that annoying Kokoro, a girl whose ego is bigger than the world itself. She wanted to duel him, kill him and tackle him whilst falling in love with him during that process. He only accepted a duel with her because she was the reason why his food, the food he got from his friends, fell on the ground. After he got his butt kicked by that girl, which, as a man, was pretty difficult to watch, he got carried home by Momoyo. He may have lost his porn collection, lost most of his lunch and lost to a girl, but he did have that “special” moment on Momoyo’s back, which would’ve been enjoyed to its fullest if he were actually conscious.

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