Sep 27, 2014

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Majimoji Rurumo episode 12

Majimoji Rurumo… I will never forget you. This must have been one of the hardest to predict shows in the history of anime. I’ve wasted plenty of time with theories, trying to predict what was going to happen next, but I don’t think I’ve ever been right. Well played.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 12 [h264-720p][ECA9A0D3].mkv_snapshot_08.27_[2014.09.26_23.15.50]A lot of people are kind of disappointed in the ending… Why? Is it because Rurumo never found out about what would happen to Kouta if she were to complete her witch training? Maybe it’s because that other witch never showed up again? Either way, I think this ending was quite alright. It fits, you know? An unpredictable ending for an unpredictable show. Besides, it did end something if you ask me. It was quite touching and overall pretty brilliant. The only problem with the ending is that Majimoji Rurumo ended with a low user rating score on pretty much every anime website.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 12 [h264-720p][ECA9A0D3].mkv_snapshot_19.33_[2014.09.26_23.16.13]What’s so wrong about making Kouta and everyone else to forget about Rurumo for a day? I think it was quite a clever test. They all noticed that something was missing in their lives and Kouta came pretty close to remember before he encountered Rurumo in the Kimono that he rented for her. Certainly not a bad idea at all.

Yes, I wish there was a bit more romance. I wish that their relationship had progressed a little bit further. But hey, it was never that type of show. It’s a comedy before anything else. In the end I was amusing every single week. One minute of Majimoji Rurumo was enough to put a smile on my face, so I have no regrets. This was definitely worth writing about in the end.

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Sep 20, 2014

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Majimoji Rurumo episode 11

See? What did I tell you? You just cannot predict Majimoji Rurumo. You think something bad is about to happen, seeing as the end in nearing, and then something like this happens. A lot of authors could really use this show as a good example to make things a lot less predictable.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 11 [h264-720p][C763F82E].mkv_snapshot_11.31_[2014.09.19_23.04.01]That being said, how is this going to end, really? I did not expect Rurumo to go around singing in some high school band. I certainly didn’t expect her to be so good, seeing as she’s pretty much bad at everything else. Nevertheless, it just worries me that the next episode will be the last. Rurumo is still a witch in training and Kouta has hardly used any of those magic coupons during these past few episodes. I think he used them two or three times since he found out that he will die when he uses them all in the end? Yeah… Next week should solve that once and for all. I hope.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 11 [h264-720p][C763F82E].mkv_snapshot_18.15_[2014.09.19_23.04.15]I really liked that scene where they all went to audition and that blonde judge realized that they were novices. He thought to himself that he was about to listen to some terrible band-wannabe music, when suddenly Rurumo started singing and everything changed. It just goes to show once again that Rurumo is full of surprises.

It kind of annoys me that Rurumo is still struggling with her feelings, which are somewhat new to her, and that Kouta is still so blind to it all. Has that guy no heart? Doesn’t he realized that Rurumo has been acting a little weird around him, and that she really seems to be interested in his opinions lately? That guy is way too dense. I just hope the last episode is a good one, because this show deserves it.

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Sep 13, 2014

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Majimoji Rurumo episode 10

Accept it, people. There will never be a normal Majimoji Rurumo episode. Don’t even bother trying to think about the next episode. You won’t be able to predict it. Trust me, I tried many times during these past few weeks.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 10 [h264-720p][021CE0A6].mkv_snapshot_07.31_[2014.09.12_23.37.55]All hell was going to break lose when I started watching this episode. Rather, I knew it would. Things cannot stay the same when you mix Kouta and a group of naked girls with a Japanese hot spring. You automatically already know that Kouta’s going to do everything in his power to prove to the world that he’s a perverted force to be reckoned with. Making it a mixed bath instead of a traditional both for men and women separately was like comparing a few drops of oil with a whole oil tanker. You basically just gave that pervert the right to look (and touch) all he wants.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 10 [h264-720p][021CE0A6].mkv_snapshot_19.56_[2014.09.12_23.38.28]I dare call that normal, actually. At that point I started to wonder when something strange was going to happen, because it always does happen one way or the other. This week was no exception either. Kouta got his hands on a special bottle of water that had the ability to turn him into a wolf over time. All the more reason to believe that the author was high on cocaine.

Now, I may have been seeing this or I may have just misunderstood the whole situation, but I think there was a little spark between Rurumo and Kouta, don’t you think? Rurumo saved him once again and I am pretty sure that Kouta and Rurumo had a little moment there that they won’t forget. This is Majimoji Rurumo, so I may be overthinking things, but I am keeping my fingers crossed nonetheless.

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Sep 6, 2014

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Majimoji Rurumo episode 09

Is it just me or did this episode make no sense whatsoever? The second half wasn’t all that bad, but the first half was just too strange. I hope there won’t be many more episodes like this one. I just want Rurumo to find out what happens when she completes her witch training.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 09 [h264-720p][29C7A7BA].mkv_snapshot_10.58_[2014.09.05_23.16.09]What was up with first half? I have to point out right away that I am not interested in that little midget whatsoever. Her square-like head, enormous glasses and lame haircut just makes me want to skip the scene. To see her transform herself into that… monstrosity was just incredible. Sure, it was a remarkable improvement, but to think that she forced Rurumo to do it, too. There is no character cuter in this show than Rurumo, so don’t you dare to give her a makeover like that! This whole thing could’ve been worth it if that geeky girl dressed like that more often instead of looking like a person with a sh*tload of cats.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 09 [h264-720p][29C7A7BA].mkv_snapshot_21.38_[2014.09.05_23.16.25]I knew that things were going to get a whole lot better when Rurumo-chan’s little top broke and she had to walk around with “unprotected” breasts. I know how annoying that is. I had a friend once that couldn’t walk around bra-less because her nipples would rub against the insides of her shirt, making her feel very uncomfortable and insecure. I guess bras really are important, huh?

I guess Rurumo really does care a great deal for Kouta. She seemed to really care for his opinion when she finally tried on her new bra. Her expression at that point was absolutely brilliant. Too bad that Kouta, being his usual naïve self, didn’t pick up on that. I really feel for Rurumo. She tries so hard and works even harder, yet Kouta remains ignorant… Poor Rurumo…

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Aug 30, 2014

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Majimoji Rurumo episode 08

What a strange episode. I already has a vague idea of what was going to happen when I watched the preview last week, but this pretty much exceeded my expectations. Even more reason to start thinking about a second season, Japan.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 08 [h264-720p][CE292C37].mkv_snapshot_03.50_[2014.08.29_23.24.48]So little girls now come falling from the skies, giving perverts like Kouta an eyeful of glistening purple panties. Not that I, the viewer, had time to admire her panties though. I was more focussed on her enormous head. I think it was her outfit, because she landed and I saw one hell of a head on a pair of tiny shoulders. That was insane. Her freaky cat didn’t make things any better either. That thing looks like its planning to commit mass murder. No wonder that Chiro doesn’t like those two. I’m just glad that that cat didn’t say anything in the end.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 08 [h264-720p][CE292C37].mkv_snapshot_15.13_[2014.08.29_23.25.10]So this little girl comes floating down and offers Kouta a free ticket to some magic. Not very surprising that he wished for something that would allow him to fulfil his perverted needs. It’s just that her need to seek Rurumo’s affection is just too weird. All the characters have gotten used to Rurumo’s pokerfaced reactions. No need to follow her around…

She left in the end, but I am certain that she will return again. I am sure of it. In fact, I think that she’s going to be the one to tell Rurumo about what happens when she completes her witch training, after which Rurumo will probably quit. I don’t think Rurumo would do anything that would harm Kouta, not now that she has fallen for him.

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Aug 23, 2014

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Majimoji Rurumo episode 07

Damn you, Majimoji Rurumo! My hopes for this episode shot up like you wouldn’t believe. A group of horny teenagers on a beach with no parents or teachers around… Oh yeah, something is going down. Then again, this is Majimoji Rurumo, not some cheap, American porno flick.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 07 [h264-720p][E8DD5E5B].mkv_snapshot_06.57_[2014.08.22_23.23.19]So everyone decided to go to the beach. Even those three bossy girls from the discipline committee were there. A group of girls and a group of boys on a nice beach, enjoying a beautiful day and trying to accomplish god only knows what (go ahead and call me god in this case). A few teenage boys and their surging hormones are no match for a group of teenage girls and their bouncing breasts, wiggling behinds and model-like hips. Any man would think like that. I can remember those days. Hopping around at the pool, messing around, trying to finger f*ck girls… Ah… The good ol’ days…

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 07 [h264-720p][E8DD5E5B].mkv_snapshot_16.14_[2014.08.22_23.23.41]What happened though? None of the boys even tried to make a move. They just stood there with a perverted smile on their faces as they watched the girls frolic and play. Watching is good and all, but at one point a regular boy might want a little bit more than that. God knows I did. That’s one of the things I fail to understand about Majimoji Rurumo.

I must admit that I’m really disappointed in Kouta. He had a half-naked Chiro in front of him wearing a seashell bikini. He did nothing. He had a willing Rurumo-chan after him that wanted to kiss him. He did nothing. It’s not like Rurumo did it against her will. She herself wanted to kiss the guy. That Kouta sure talks big, but he certainly chickens out when it’s time to put his money where his mouth is.

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Aug 17, 2014

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Majimoji Rurumo episode 06

I just love Majimoji Rurumo. I can never predict what is going to happen next. I doubt anyone could’ve predicted what would happen during this episode. This truly is a ridiculously underrated show. People still only see a little girl with panties.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 06 [h264-720p][9F6E863F].mkv_snapshot_03.58_[2014.08.16_23.25.48]Did I know that this episode would revolve around the little kittens that Kouta would find? Of course not. Nobody would ever think that Kouta would simply lose his mind over finding a box of little kittens. I certainly wouldn’t think of him as a kitten nut since he never really paid that much attention to Chiro (at least not the kitty version).

I must admit that it was truly hilarious when Kouta decided to leave the kitten to Chiro. Her reaction was priceless. I guess Chiro-chan just isn’t ready yet to become a mother. I could definitely do with another one of this episodes. Hell, let Kouta find a few kittens during the next few episodes, too. Just seeing Chiro’s reaction makes it worth it.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 06 [h264-720p][9F6E863F].mkv_snapshot_14.41_[2014.08.16_23.26.13]There was one thing that I did foresee though. Well, I have to be honest and say that I would never have expected it to actually happen. At least not in Majimoji Rurumo. Kouta took care of those kittens, tried his best to find a good home for them, but his favourite kitten ended up dying in the end. It turns out that he was very sick and didn’t have long to begin with. I guess it’s the rain that finished the job. This all just introduced a little bit of drama to the story, which I found rather enjoyable. I honestly believe that a little bit more drama would do this show well.

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Aug 9, 2014

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Majimoji Rurumo episode 05

Another amazingly amusing episode. I absolutely despise the people that talk negatively about this episode and refer to it as a pervert’s paradise. So what if you can see panties every now and then? You are the pervert if that’s all you see. I see a whole lot more when I watch Majimoji Rurumo.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 05 [h264-720p][CC7C70ED].mkv_snapshot_04.29_[2014.08.08_23.37.12]So Rurumo-chan got herself another job. We all know that this is just a recipe for disaster and her exmployer, Kouta’s freaky mother, should’ve known this when she saw Rurumo pointlessly trying to mop up water on the floor with a wet towel. It would’ve been better to put a collar on Rurumo and keep her leashed to her bedroom door or something. She is clumsy, naïve and highly inexperienced. She is perfect. The way she kept walking around looking for postal stamps for a train ride (how I laughed at that) was just too much. I will never believe that and might actually try that on my little niece as an innocent little prank.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 05 [h264-720p][CC7C70ED].mkv_snapshot_17.45_[2014.08.08_23.37.43]Did Rurumo reach Kouta to deliver the package that she was told to deliver? Of course. She had lots of help, but she did eventually deliver that package. So Kouta had to come to her after she kind of became host to an entire mountain of green life, but she delivered it nevertheless. I’d almost say that she isn’t a total screw-up.

Did you not love her expressions during this episode? I laugh so much that I could actually feel a piece of sanity fade away. Also, I think it’s great that she’s finally starting to understand that she has feelings for Kouta. Does she understand? I don’t know. She has become aware that she acts differently around Kouta, though. That’s a good start.

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