Mar 7, 2012

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Maken-Ki! OVA 01

Not bad, not bad at all. Maken-Ki ended somewhere in the end of December, and yet we get rewarded with an OVA this soon. It’s quite surprising that the OVA actually followed the manga’s story line. It was like I was watching the thirteenth episode of Maken-Ki!

To some who don’t already know this; I started reading the manga after watching the third episode of Maken-Ki. I could help it, these type of anime are my favourite. I simply got curious and I wanted to know what happened next. Keep in mind that I always try not to read the manga before the anime adaption finishes airing. That was another one of those rare occurrences.

The story takes place on the beach during break time. It seemed like fun and games at first, but we all know that it usually ends up in some sort of training program. This OVA was no exception. Takeru was set up to train by using wristbands with a lot of weight to them. He was supposed to wear them at all times whilst doing his exorcizes. He never once complained due to the type of guy he is. He has quite the admirable mentality, but also rather foolish.

Things took a turn for the worse when this perverted squid and whatnot came into the picture. Seriously, it was just like in the manga. This squid or whatever it was, took a hold of all the girls, touching them in all sorts of places. Needless to say that both Takeru and Kengo were enjoying every second of it. How many times do teenage boys get to see something like that?

Anyway, the problem soon got solved when Takeru finally used his Maken to dispel the perverted squid’s powers. Takeru saved them all this time, so it was only natural that he got saved later on by them. An eye for an eye as some would say.

I enjoyed this OVA, but I would enjoy it a lot more if we were blessed with yet another season of Maken-Ki! It’s not just the “fan service” that does it, oh no. It’s also the storyline where these unique powers are everything. It’s simply a good combination that makes the story interesting and fun to watch. We’ll just have to wait and see how the DVD and Blu-Ray sales go, because that will determine whether or not we will see a second Maken-Ki season.

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Dec 22, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 12

It’s time to watch yet another weekly dose worth of big bouncing boobs! I was slightly concerned about how they were going to do the final episode, mainly because the rest of the manga’s story couldn’t possibly be completed within just one episode.

There’s still action in this show, despite the fact that the manga’s story isn’t being followed. This time it’s Haruko that got into a bit of trouble. Takeru, after being informed about what happened to Haruko, rushed over to the designated place. He tried to take his way out of fighting, but it was no use. The enemy attacked him without a second’s hesitation.

It quickly started looking less and less like a real fight. It looked, at least to me, like they were provoking him. Like they were forcing him to using his power. I saw a lot his past in this episode, lots of good things and lots of bad. Those memories triggered his powers, the powers that dwelled deep inside of him.

It was the first time that Takeru showed any sign of strength. Needless to say; it was absolutely awesome. His ability was to absorb as much Element as possible, and then turning it into pure power. It seemed like he wasn’t in full control of his powers, which is natural, it was his first time using them. He was just attacking aimlessly, hoping he would find Haruko.

I have no idea what happened here. The Venus Girls, who supposedly came here to test the students, showed up to save Haruko. Still, those two culprits may have been apprehended, but Takeru is still running amok. He is no longer in control, he just keeps on absorbing the Element around him.

Haruko, after being liberated, showed up to stop Takeru from doing anything he might regret. She used her Maken, one of the eight original Maken, to push out the negative Element, allowing Takeru to regain control of himself. It seems that all of this was just a test, a wicked test to see if Takeru was worthy of joining Kamigari, an evil organization that, from what I understand, lives to fight.

This pretty much finalized the final episode of Maken-Ki! I’m pretty sure, judging by the ending, and by taking the manga’s story into account, that we can expect more Maken-Ki! content in the (near) future.

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Dec 15, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 11

Where are all these episodes coming from? I looked and suddenly I saw five different episodes lined up for me to watch. Normally this only happens on Sunday, they must’ve finished early or something. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining. I just like schedules, for I am a creature of habit.

The start of this episode really surprised me. I was under the impression that Takeru already received his Maken, but it appears that he just got it at the start of this episode. The teacher explains to him what type of Maken he has. Basically there are two types of Maken; the internal-type and the external-type.  Takeru obtained an internal-type Maken, and those are, apparently, very rare. They are very rare because internal-type Maken’s are always active, and because not many people are compatible.

School life continues at Tenbi as everyone is already planning their next activities. Everyone had some sort of job to fulfill and, if that’s not enough, things started getting complicated as they started doing weird competitions. Things only got worse when suddenly the teachers joined them and started this weird tough-love pep talk.

It was a very strange episode that, if I do say so honestly, had nothing to do with the original story-line. They are now doing it to Maken-Ki! too, they are changing the story-line. For those who haven’t read the manga; there’s a lot of ground to cover, but they will never make it with just one episode left. I honestly couldn’t be more disappointed. There could only be one reasonable explanation for this; they are continuing the original story in a second season. I doubt it though, as nothing has been confirmed.

At the end it started following the manga again. Takeru was about to use his Maken for the first time, when suddenly Azuki joins in and finishes him off with a super kick. It seems that the café’s manager, who turned out to be the attacker, was under the control of some unknown enemy. This still has nothing to do with Venus, not just yet.

Like I said earlier; I’m getting very worried. Next week’s episode is the last one, but they will never be able to finish this entire arc in just one episode. There’s the Venus girls to consider, this unknown enemy and, after eleven episodes, Takeru still hasn’t used his Maken. They will either modify the end or create a second season.

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Dec 8, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 10

Woohoo! I’m very happy and sad at the same time. AnimeUltima released Maken-Ki! a lot earlier last week, too bad they couldn’t keep up the pace. The subs are still as good as ever though, so no complaints about that department.

She’s here! Minerva has arrived, and so Venus’ real mission starts! It’s a really cute character too, I especially like her eyes. She keeps her eyes closed at all times in order to hold back, I guess. But we all got a glance of her eyes when she slightly opened them to look at the other girls’ panties, and at the end of course. Her powers are really something, that’s why she’s probably one of the key characters. I’m not too sure I would call her the strongest though, definitely not. It’s still too early to come to that conclusion.

Meanwhile Takeru and Kengo are looking for the “silver-haired, cool beauty” that he saw standing in front of the window. If he wants to find her, Minerva that is, then he just needs to head to the roof where she’s looking at other girls’ panties. But we all know Takeru can’t just walk around without getting into trouble.

He decided to interfere with someone else’s affairs when he saw some girl kicking some guy’s ass. He decided to come between those two, but ended up getting caught in that girls’ Maken. Her Maken was to manipulate people within a certain area, like dolls, making them do whatever she wants. It’s a good thing that Minerva showed up to put out the fire, Takeru could’ve gotten into some real trouble, even though he was about to do something cool, probably.

Takeru’s problems just won’t end.  He got told that he’s failing, his abilities to control Element are too poor. He is now going to have to train his Element, because he’ll fail if he doesn’t.  He did manage to pull of some wicked move at the end, it looked pretty good from where I’m sitting.

Anyway, the real mission behind Venus’ arrival has started! Minerva engaged Kodama in battle, and not just that, she actually managed to defeat her little friends. Things settled down quickly after Minerva told her the true purpose behind their presence.

I have a feeling that next week’s episode is going to be awesome! I can’t wait to see it!

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Dec 1, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 09

All hail NicoNico! They are really fast with subbing anime, and the subs themselves are still very accurate. Normally a subbed version of Maken-Ki! arrives around Friday or Saturday, roughly two days after it’s been aired in Japan. I just hope that they keep it up without dropping it or making it a low-priority.

This episode was a total mess. The Venus girls have just begun settling in as life in Tenbi continues. But we mustn’t forget that this isn’t your everyday school, this is a school where violence and mild nudity is perfectly normal, and that’s just sugarcoating things. I’m somewhat surprised that the school isn’t filled up to the brim with teenage pregnancies.

That being said; you shouldn’t be so surprised when you see the students come up with a proposal for co-ed swimming classes. They came up with the idea to let the students fight for their desire, the winning side, boys or girls, got to decide whether or not they wanted co-ed swimming classes. You’d think that there’s already enough nudity in Tenbi, but they still decided to fight.

I wish there was half as much nudity when I went to school. Hell, if it was offered then I would’ve fought for some sexiness too. It’s amazing how fast they managed to set up that competition, but what’s more surprising is that the students, male as well as female, didn’t seem at all surprised about the competition or the prize.

It was a pretty amusing competition to watch. I laughed when they male with the orange hair and red eyes lost, because the commentator said; “Ohhh~! And now some random guy lost!” I have no idea why I laughed at that.

I have a confession to make. I have pictured Minori and Aki together with Takeru as a couple. Not apart, but all three of them forming one couple. I have no idea why, but I think that matches up pretty well. No need to call me a nerd, I get that more than enough times a day from my girl, and I make her pay for it very hard and long when night falls, imagine what I would do to YOU!?

I, at this point, hope that NicoNico keeps it up. Next week’s episode is going to be exciting now that Minerva, the last member of Venus, has arrived. Their “secret” mission is about to begin, the mission in which we will finally get to see Takeru and Usui’s Maken’s. It’s making me really curious about the ending, how are they going to tweak the manga’s ending? The ending is also very important. The first episode is the one that gives people a first impression of the show. It’s the final episode that matters most, I think, because those that followed the entire show deserve a good ending.

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Nov 25, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 08

It’s once again been two days since Maken-Ki! aired and finally the subbed version is here. It’s a shame it doesn’t go any faster, waiting two days for subs can be annoying, but I’m glad to see that the groups behind the subs are continuing, unlike the many others who stopped after just a few episodes.

It’s a bit of a mess at school right now as the Venus girls are trying to settle in. Takeru is once again in the middle as Celia, one of the Venus girls, has a thing for him. The others boys in Takeru’s class took notice of this and decided to beat him up out of jealousy. The pilgrim’s pimp’s path is never easy.

A school crush is one thing, but it becomes something else entirely in the world of Maken-Ki! Celia, with the help of her friends, came up with this plan to get Celia and Takeru alone. They started with a love letter to get him at the right location, boy was he happy. The rest of the Venus girls decided to keep Takeru’s friends, or more commonly known as his female admirer’s, occupied while Cilia has her way with him.

The girls soon realized what was going on and decided to go find Takeru. The fact that they found clues leading to some sort of wicked S&M play only motivated them to rush to a blocked off building where one of the Venus girls was waiting for them. Things got really busy when Inaho showed up and was told that the Doll she was carrying wasn’t actually Takeru. She immediately went into offense when they told her what was going on. She destroyed a part of that building to reveal some sort of weird S&M music show with Takeru strapped tightly in a chair.

If you think Celia’s weird now, just wait till you see what happens later on!  I can’t wait to see Takeru’s Maken in action, he should’ve obtained his Maken by now. Let’s all hope that next week’s episode will be just as fun!

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Nov 18, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 07

There’s nothing better than spending your Friday night with your girl on the couch watching several dozen of huge animated breasts bounce up and down. Or at least I think so, because you can’t exactly call my girl a fan of this show. I wish there was a way to get my girl in to some of those outfits (yeah, I’m a perv).

It finally happened! That dramatic blonde idiot showed up at Tenbi together with his female underlings, also known as “Venus”. The real fun starts now from here on out. I must say that it didn’t take them too long to start a conflict with other students, but it turned out to be quite an amusing turn of events. Only they could turn an innocent volleyball match into, from my point of view, a lethal dodge ball (seriously, you have to dodge if one of those balls is heading towards you) match. Goes to show just how much those Venus girls have trained their element, not to mention their Maken, who knows what they are capable of when using their Maken.

Takeru must’ve been in heaven and hell that day. First he got beat up for another one of his “innocent” accidents, got to hear that his Maken was finally finished, but couldn’t receive it yet thanks to the arrival of Venus, and he is now the center of attention between the regular students at Tenbi and the Venus girls.

I just wish that the fansub groups would finally stay with it. I see new groups every week that have decided to fansub this show, while other groups decide to stop. I really don’t understand it, this anime has pretty good ratings, so what’s with the constant changes of heart?

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Nov 13, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 06

It’s big-bouncing-boobs-and-big-shaking-asses-time again! I must first apologize for my tardiness. Like I said; groups behind the subtitles for Maken-Ki! tend to fluctuate.  Sometimes they release the subbed episodes on time, meaning within 24 hours, and sometimes it takes them another day or two. I think that’s because of the groups themselves, I see a lot of groups working on Maken-Ki! Some decide to stop halfway, some just take their time and the others just prefer quality of quantity.

In episode six we see that Takeru and the rest of his classmates have finally reached that stage in their school-life where they have to start training their abilities on a more serious level. That’s why Minori, the school principle, was teaching the class personally on how to harvest and control Element. Element is their primary source of energy. They use Element on a day to day basis when it comes to fighting, training or day to day activities which require vast amounts of energy. The real question is; how well can you concentrate when such a young, busty and cute teacher is trying to teach you all sorts of things?

This time it’s Inaho that had the spotlight in this episode. It focuses on the relationship between Inaho and Takeru, or more specifically the promises that the two made to one another. Inaho-chan was a bit distracted and sad because Takeru couldn’t remember what happened all those years ago. You can’t blame the guy, he was only a little boy back then, and you can’t expect someone to remember everything. Inaho spent a lot of time together with Takeru during this episode, hoping that Takeru would remember.

In the end Takeru still couldn’t recall what happened between him and Inaho when they were little. Not even when Inaho dropped a few hints. But it’s fine, Inaho realized that Takeru didn’t change one bit. She was also very happy that Takeru saved that kitty, who was about to be crushed by a boulder. Which proves, apparently, that it’s possible to concentrate when a young, busty and cute teacher is trying to teach you new things. After all; he did use Element in a controlled state in order to save that cat.

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