Jun 21, 2012

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Medaka Box episode 12

And so it ends… Well, I wouldn’t say that it completely ended. It’s just the first season. The second season, which has been green-lit, will probably start somewhere in October. This episode didn’t really say goodbye, nor did it make me want to watch the second season after such a messy ending. Still, I will probably end up watching it anyway.

So yeah, we had to watch an episode without Medaka-chan. It seems that she was hospitalized as a precaution, just to ensure that there’s nothing wrong with her. Maybe that’s why the episode seemed so dull? Let’s face it; this anime primarily revolves around Medaka, thus the name Medaka Box, so it’s not all that surprising if things become a little bit dull without her to spice things up.

Still, life goes on and so does the student council, even without Medaka. They received a request to find a missing shogi piece (shogi is also known as generals’ chess). The remainder of the student council sent their day looking for several pieces, actually. It seems that all the “king” pieces were missing. What a great season finale; looking for board game pieces. [Insert sarcastic line here].

I’m not going to lie by saying that I wasn’t a bit bored. I wasn’t really amusing by the gag-like comedy in this episode. I wasn’t really amused by this week’s quest. And I certainly wasn’t amusing by the way things ended. Come on, letting a group of (what seemed to be) unknown delinquents say things like “to be continued”… That’s just wrong. How is that supposed to make us want to see the next season?

It goes without saying that I’m a little bit disappointed. I expected to see a nice season finale, but got to see something like this instead. I will probably still give the second season a go, as they will probably end things properly next time. I have seen people compare this ending to Fate/Zero’s season one. How stupid, this is nothing like that at all. The finale of Fate/Zero’s season one made you want to watch the second season, no matter what. This one doesn’t.

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Jun 14, 2012

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Medaka Box episode 11

Oh come on, what a semi-disappointing episode this was. I was looking forward to seeing Medaka-chan beat the living hell out of that little brat. Why did the rest of the student council have to interfere? She was doing so well. Let’s face it; that brat needs to be disciplined more than anyone.

The story continues as Medaka-chan is about to end it all. Myouri, that little brat, acknowledged her monstrous strength and knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance if he didn’t lure her inside the building. It was a struggle just to get inside that building, let alone perform yet another one of his stupid attacks. But he decided to do it anyway. He used little balls of string, made from special materials, to trap Medaka-chan inside the building by keeping her at bay with the use of hundreds of strings. Really? You are going to trap a girl that has the ability to knock down the entire school with just strings? Sigh, [insert sarcastic line here].

Myouri would’ve gotten beaten beyond recognition if Zenkichi, Kouki and Mogana-chan hadn’t stopped her from doing so. Not just that, Medaka-chan soon returned to normal and actually asked that little brat to join the student council. I almost fell off my chair during that part. Her reasoning is completely messed up, not to mention her ability to pick “friends”.

Anyway, the end is near. Next week will be the final episode of Medaka Box, and probably a messed up one too, seeing as Hansode-chan and her grandfather, the school principle, are both involved now. It has been a long and strange ride during these last few weeks, but I am curious as to see how this will end. Medaka Box hasn’t really disappointed if I look at the big picture, but I do feel that it misses a little bit of romance in my opinion. That’s all.

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Jun 7, 2012

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Medaka Box episode 10

Okay, what in god’s name am I to say about this episode? It was a little strange, aggravating and confusing. I expected to see a lot of strange stuff involving that psychotic midget, but this was beyond my expectations. I’m not all that sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

The story continues as Medaka-chan saved all of their friends. Zenkichi ended up bluffing that busty chick with a cute little story about how Medaka saved their lives instead. Dude, please, you would’ve shat yourself if you were up against those freaks. Then again, Zenkichi has proved to be quite the brawler, so he might not have been defeated so easily. I can’t say the same thing for Mogana-chan though.

It had gotten to the point where that little midget actually entered the student council office alone. He was surprised that Medaka-chan found out about his little trick, the use of “superballs” as weapons. However, Medaka-chan found out at the very last minute that he had filled those balls with explosive gas or something, which would explode if it came in contact with fire. That’s when that midget pulled out a lot of matches, lit them and threw them towards those balls.

Part of the school’s building ended up being destroyed in the process, not to mention the fact that the student council members would’ve been killed in the explosion if it weren’t for Medaka. Seriously, that guy is beyond saving. Just spray him with lighter fluid and light him on fire, or as the saying goes; “kill it with fire”.

However, it’s not over yet. He tried to individually harm her friends and blew up their office with them all in it. All his attempts failed, but it sure pissed of Medaka-chan to a point where her hair colour changed, or as Zenkichi calls it; Medaka’s “war god mode”. That and that alone was more than enough to make me watch the next episode. I have never seen Medaka-chan so angry, so I will definitely be watching the next episode.

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May 31, 2012

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Medaka Box episode 09

Okay… I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I don’t even know what to think of this episode. It was a very, very strange yet interesting episode. It sort of reminded me like a gag anime at one point, which was kind of disturbing. I’m not a gag fan, so there’s that. However, I still found this week’s episode pretty entertaining.

It revolved around the disciplinary committee again. A little thirteen year-old boy, apparently the chairman of the disciplinary committee, set his mind on conquering Medaka-chan and the rest of the student council. Seriously, that little psychopath was really, really disturbing. I’m still not sure, seeing as they didn’t show it, but I’m pretty positive that he was throwing candy at people. Medaka-chan left as soon as he told her about his plans to take care of the student council, thereby leaving Hansode-chan in charge of keeping him at bay. Smart move, Medaka, leaving two little monsters alone like that. How could that possibly go wrong?

Medaka-chan spent her time wisely by taking out those disciplinary committee “assassins” one by one. The students weren’t even that surprised anymore. It seems that everyone knows that Medaka-chan is a bit of a monster. She took out a geek with claws first, thereby saving Mogana-chan. Then she took down an idiot that used a bike as a weapon, thereby saving Kouki. And finally she arrived at the disciplinary committee’s building, hoping that she would be in time to save Zenkichi from the hands of that busty “assassin”. Yeah right, as if that guy needs or even wants to be saved at that point.

I saw that happening. I saw how Medaka rushed in and saved Zenkichi. Only one thought came to mind; why!? That girl was busty, tall, pretty slender, plus there were ‘toys’ all over the place. I would go nuts if I were Zenkichi. Oh well, she did have his best interests at heart, which is why she came to save him in the first place. The question is; will she succeed in stopping them? I’m sure we’ll find out one way or another during the next episode.

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May 24, 2012

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Medaka Box episode 08

What a strange episode this was. It almost looked like the student council was getting yet another new member, but that can’t be, right? The student council should pretty much be ‘full’ right now, according to what I’ve heard. Still, I wouldn’t mind if that disciplinary committee member joined the student council.

The episode started out like any other, well… almost like any other. It seems that the disciplinary committee has been cracking skulls (figure of speech) all over the school. They are dead-set on the rules and they want to stop everyone from breaking them. So much for a social life…

Onigase, a top-dog of the disciplinary committee, set her sights on the student council and their lack of respects for the rules. She had it in for Medaka-chan specifically, because she showed too much of her body. What the hell is wrong with that? I would’ve killed to see such a sight during my school days. Rules are one thing, but taking away a person’s freedom like that is unacceptable.

It got to a point where Onigase tried to trap Medaka-chan in order to change her appearance. All of her failures led to her being handcuffed to Zenkichi and later Medaka-chan as well. How the hell could it ever turn out like that? Onigase soon realized how much people loved Medaka-chan and the student council. She has only known the student’s hate, so she was quite surprised to see how students reacted to the student council.

I am really glad that I was never part of that kind of school. Never a free moment, just rules and rules. I thought that having to go to a school where everyone is forced to wear the same clothes was bad enough, let alone going to a school with people like Onigase in it. Doesn’t change the fact that I’m really anxious to find out what happens next though.

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May 17, 2012

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Medaka Box episode 07

Oh wow, this episode turned out to be a lot better than I had expected. Mogana-chan really does add liveliness to the show. I never doubted them! I think that Mogana-chan and Zenkichi actually make a better combination than Medaka-chan and Zenkichi, but perhaps that’s just me.

So the student council finally has a treasurer, huh? Well, that’s great. But things didn’t start off on the right foot when Zenkichi walked in as Mogana-chan was undressing. Worth it though. I mean, come on… 750 yen and a few slaps for an eye full of beauty and hotness? I’ll take you up on that offer on any day of the week. You can definitely tell that she won’t ditch that habit of wanting money anytime soon. Perhaps that’s a good thing when you’re the treasurer for a student council, but not for an individual. It’ll become problematic if she keeps thinking about nothing but money and how to obtain it.

Anyway, the situation between Mogana and Zenkichi became a little bit awkward. The two had nothing to talk about. Mogana was doing her chores as the treasurer and Zenkichi was reading manga, but both of them were trying to think of something to say to one another. That’s when Hansode-chan walked in with a huge load of pictures that showed Medaka kissing Mogana during last week’s event. Hansode is’t exactly the type of character you’d want with you if you were in a tight spot, but even I have to admit that she helped out this time by getting rid of that awkward silence. Good job for once, Hansode!

What followed wasn’t much better. The student council received yet another request by the most selfish and annoying artist ever. He wanted to draw a picture of a god or goddess, but the bodies of the student council, Nekomi and Isahaya didn’t quite meet his standards. That guy had some nerve. It actually turned out that he was a Lolicon, because he was ecstatic when Hansode walked in and agreed to pose for him.

I don’t think that those ‘things’ are allowed, even if you’re a (self-proclaimed) artist. I think that a kick from Medaka-chan should solve that problem.  Makes me wonder about what’s going to happen next, because Medaka Box just got a whole lot more fun to watch.

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May 10, 2012

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Medaka Box episode 06

This week’s episode was something else. I cannot believe the amount of fan service that they surprised us with. It’s like Medabox changed into something like Kanokon, an anime that’s known for nothing but mild sexual scenes.

So the story continues with this whole pool-contest thing. The club that comes out on top wins a lot of money for materials and whatnot. That’s fine, but Medaka finally snapped a little because if the swimming club’s recklessness. They were doing some dangerous stuff throughout the contest and it really got to Medaka-chan. I’m not surprised, as it had to happen eventually.

The second round was a one-leg-tied-partner-race contest. The swimming decided to swim using some kind of breaststroke whilst they each had one leg tied. That was the part that really got to Medaka-chan. One false move and it could’ve proven to be fatal for those two idiots. It doesn’t change the fact that it was quite impressive though.

Medaka-chan decided to make her comeback during the final round by preaching the day away. This is where most of the fan service start, and I knew it was coming too. How could I not? Pretty much any anime fan knows that these types of events are bound to give us a nice eyeful. Mind you, that doesn’t mean that I expected to see Medaka-chan preach to the swimming club and kissing Mogana-chan whilst taking her bandana. That was something else.

Nevertheless, it was a very amusing episode. I really enjoyed myself and it was nice to see that Mogana-chan has finally become part of the student council, as expected. I expect the show to get even more amusing with her presence in the student council. By the way, did annoying notice Medaka-chan’s raging when Zenkichi told Hansode that he loved her (as a joke)? No way was that just to maintain their image. I can’t want to see what happens next, now that there’s another girl in the club.

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May 3, 2012

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Medaka Box episode 05

Now this was interesting. Oh, and I knew it. We are finally goingto get Mogana, that money hungry girl from the swimming club. I do have one thing to say though; I don’t like her appearance with the glasses and whatnot. She looked really good during this episode (without those glasses). Besides, I honestly don’t think that she is the glasses-type.

Anyway, the story was simple and yet so complicated. The entire episode revolved around the school’s clubs and their need for more funding. That’s when Medaka-chan came up with a solution; to hold a big competition for everyone to enjoy. The prize? Simple; the winning club gets more money. That goes to show that the world really (sadly) does revolve around money.

The objective was to dive to the bottom of the pool, grab a few balls and throw them into your club’s basket. The club with the most points wins the competition. However, Medaka-chan made things a little bit more chaotic by offering three times the amount of money to the club that managed to surpass the student council in points.

I’m not going in to details right now, but the swimming team, Mogana’s team, managed to beat the student council. Normally human beings float due to the air in their lungs, but those three exhaled when diving, allowing them to dive much faster because there isn’t much air in their lungs. Don’t get mistaken, this method is very dangerous and could prove to be fatal when you make a single mistake. How the hell were those three raised for them to become so hungry for money?

It really was an interesting episode. I can’t wait to see how things end. Oh, before I forget, I really think that Hansode’s presence was unneeded during this episode. Her commentary made things a lot worse for poor Medaka-chan. Don’t think that I’ll forgive you just because you look cute from time to time! One of these days…

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