Mar 29, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 13

Well, it was a good ending, but I can’t help but feel a little bit disappointed. I wanted to see the match between Ryoma and Kazuya, but we didn’t actually get to see anything other than Ryoma-kun using up to ten balls at once. What’s the point? This entire adaption revolved around their training and whatnot, but we didn’t even get to see the results of it.

Okay, okay… They may have improved significantly, but we didn’t get to see much. They finished their training, ran down the mountain whilst hitting incoming tennis balls, challenged the players of court two and defeated each and every one of them. Life is funny that way. The dropouts, who left the camp as losers, returned later and conquered a higher position than the winners. They disagreed at first, despite the fact that Ryoma and his comrades won fair and square. That’s when yet another load of matches started between the winners and the losers, probably to determine which side was better.

Sigh… I waited a long time to watch the match between Ryoma and Kazuya. They finally started playing against one another but I looked over at the time and realized that it wasn’t going to happen. There were only a few minutes left and they had just started their little match. It’s quite clear that Ryoma has improved a lot, but I just wanted to know if it was enough to beat that guy. Hell, I would actually love to know how he would fare against his father right now. Who wouldn’t want to see something like that? His father is the only person that he has never won against, so aren’t you, just like me, a bit curious about how much of that gap has been filled?

The final episode was definitely good alright, but it simply did not meet my expectations. This adaption overall turned out to be pretty amusing, and I think that other people agree too, seeing as the ratings for New Prince of Tennis are just has high as Chihayafuru’s. Whether or not I recommend this show depends on the person. There are a lot of Prince of Tennis fans that have seen it, but I would recommend it to your average sport-genre fan, that much is sure.

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Mar 22, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 12

I have been waiting for Naruto Shippuuden all day, only to find out that they’re taking a well-deserved break this week. No matter, this week’s New Prince of Tennis more than made up for it. I was a little bit worried at first, but I’m starting to see the ending, a good ending I might add.

The episode starts out with their harsh training. It seems that everything is going according to that coach’s plans. Everyone has gotten used to the usual training schedules and they’re all improving at a remarkable rate. They really will be able to defeat the camp’s players if they keep this up. The ones that tried the most, believe it or not, were those high school students. It seems that they have been sacrificing a lot of sleep-time in order to continue their training at night. I guess that they’re not just loud mouths after all, and that they are capable of putting their money where their mouth is.

The training went well for all, but it was nearing its end when everyone got their final assignment; to climb a small mountain and stop a single ball from hitting the ground. It sounds strange, I know, but there was a reason behind it. Ryoma managed to hit the ball, winning the reward for all of the middle school students by doing so. The reward? Just keep running in a straight line while you hit several tennis balls. Keep it up until you reach the finish and you can re-enter the camp to challenge the players. I thought they were going to rush things, but this is actually not a bad way to end things. I just hope that I’m going to see a good match between Ryoma and Kazuya during next week’s episode.

I was sceptical at first, but I’m glad that I decided to follow New Prince of Tennis. I could’ve picked so much worse. Still, I’m a little bit nervous about the final episode; there are a lot of players that returned to the camp for a match, and there’s definitely not enough time to show all of them. There are only two actual matches that I want to see; Ryoma versus Kazuya and Kintarou versus Oni.

Oh, before I forget, I asked around and it seems that it’s highly likely that we’ll see a new Prince of Tennis season any time soon. The overall ratings for the show have been alright, but they’re slightly below average in Japan, or so I’ve been told. This means that we don’t have to expect any more Prince of Content any time soon, apart from the occasional OVA.

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Mar 15, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 11

Is it just me or is HorribleSubs getting earlier with each passing week? I recall that New Prince of Tennis was released around this time only, instead of 1 – 2 hours ago. Either way; I like it. I just wished that people would stop complaining about their subs. Don’t watch if you don’t like it, period.

It’s a sad day for all Kunimitsu fans. It seems that he finally packed his bags and left the camp for good. I can’t blame the guy. Why stay at some school camp when you can go pro? He made the obvious decision. Wanting to help your friends is fine, but sacrificing your own future is a definite no-no. Sure, everyone is sad to see him go, but nobody in their right mind would ask him to stay.

Shuusuke was no exception, but he just wanted one final match against Kunimitsu before he left for good. I’m not sure what he was aiming for, but I’m sure he had his reasons. He probably wanted to try out a new move or experience Kunimitsu’s progress first-hand. Either way; I hope he got what he asked for.

It’s a shame that we didn’t get to see more of Ryoma’s progress, but I guess that’ll have to wait till next week. This week was mostly about Keigo and his match against Irie, one of those annoying high school students. This guy has way too much self-esteem, a huge ego and a very big mouth. No wonder he didn’t win. He kept bragging about his ability whilst holding back during the first five sets. He soon showed what he was capable off, but that only caused Keigo to improve even more, thereby discovering yet another ability of sorts. The match seemed like forever, even from my point of view, but it soon came to an end when both players were unable to continue. It’s all up to the next match, because the winner of the next match will carry his court to victory.

You know what actually caught my attention about this show? It’s that some people continue to talk negatively about this show, but that the ratings keep increasing with each episode. Goes to show that you can badmouth all you want, but it won’t work if the majority of viewers think otherwise. The show is now standing firm on an eight point one. Very impressive indeed.

Finally I would like to send this post by saying one thing; I’m worried. That’s right, I’m worried. I’m worried that they will rush the ending with some awful and pointless scenes. There are only two episodes left, but Ryoma and the rest are still training in the mountains. How the hell could they possibly wrap this up within just two episodes? The ending of Prince of Tennis , the prequel, was a bit strange as well. I’m starting to get anxious again…

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Mar 8, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 10

Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this episode. I knew that Kunimitsu would be in it, but never could I have imagined that he would be playing against Seigaku’s former captain, Yamato Yūdai. This episode turned out to be a lot more amusing than I had anticipated. Not just because of the match, but also because of all the info we picked up during this episode.

The episode starts out with yet another training exorcize for Ryoma and his friends. They had to play with heavy tennis rackets that had a lead filling. Just holding one of those rackets proved to be a challenge, so imagine playing with one. That coach truly has no mercy on his precious little disciples. Sure, Ryoma seemed to be doing just fine by swinging that racket back and forth, but it was clear that his mind was clouded by Yamato’s invitation to come watch the match between him and Kunimitsu. The coach realized that something was amiss, so he sent Ryoma off the field to deal with his ‘problems’.

Meanwhile the match between Kunimitsu had started, and it already proved to be a very entertaining one. Kunimitsu scored point after point until he had a one game lead. That’s when Yamato picked up the pace by utilizing Kunimitsu’s weakness. That’s right, who would’ve known? It appears that even Kunimitsu has a weakness that he didn’t know about.

Kunimitsu has a very unique ability; the ability to read his opponent’s moments and predict where will hit the ball. This gives him time to react whilst thinking of a way to defeat his opponent. However, this turned out to be his weakness. Yamato knew this, which is why he changed the ball’s course as he hit it, resulting in Kunimitsu hitting but air. That’s Kunimitsu decided to use that special technique of his to reflect all incoming balls, knowing that it could very well destroy his arm.

Ryoma showed up just in time to watch the rest of the match. Yamato had successfully talked Kunimitsu to pay for himself by this point, and that’s when the real match began. Things took an even more unexpected turn when Kunimitsu used the same “ultimate move” as Ryoma during the nationals, “the pinnacle of perfection”. That’s what won him that game. I guess it’s goodbye for Kunimitsu, seeing as he’s probably going to Germany to play tennis on a professional level.

This leaves Ryoma in a tight spot. It is now his responsibility to become the new, and I quote; “pillar of support for Seigaku”. That means that he will have to train even harder in order to defeat Kazuya in a one on one. This season only has thirteen episodes, so it shouldn’t take long now. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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Mar 1, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 09

Here we go again with yet another episode of the New Prince of Tennis. I was happy to see that this episode wasn’t another one of those pointless comedies. Quite the opposite actually; it turned out to be a very interesting and amusing episode. I was also very happy to see the results of their training, maybe their coach isn’t such a drunken fool as some of us thought he was after all.

The story continues as we witness yet another strange training method. Everyone had a red balloon tied to their pants. The objective was to ensure the safety of that balloon. However, that could prove to be quite the difficult task when you have a lot of eagles flying about, trying to pop your balloon. You see, their coach covered those balloons with some sort of odour that makes the eagles want to attack it. That all sounds very fun on the surface, but that smile soon vanishes when you find out that the punishment for failing is the washing of the coach’s loincloths. Imagine; washing dozens and dozens of loincloths with the scent of an old man’s crotch. Oh… the horror.

Needless to say that nobody wanted to come near the coach’s loincloths, which is why they tried their very best to avoid those damned eagles. Some of the players learned new techniques or movements whilst avoiding them. I always knew that there was something strange about that old man, I guess now we know why. He has been constantly training them all along, improvement their stamina, power, stability and agility. Every aspect was thoroughly trained without them even noticing. They only became aware of their progress when they saw Ryoma and Kintarou play a one on one to see who the better player was. That’s when the other players started noticing their own improvements.

I’m not sure this is necessarily a good thing though. I mean… They became this good because they were unaware of it, right? There’s no guarantee that they will continue to show such incredible progress from here on out. Some people tend to get a little bit overconfident when they find out that they’ve become quite a bit better. That might just stop them from progressing any further. Although that probably won’t happen in this case, as I doubt that the coach would allow it. He’s a pretty strict man.

New Prince of Tennis just got a whole lot more interesting. It won’t be long now before Ryoma returns to request a rematch against Kazuya, the U-17’s current number one. Oh, and to answer some of the mails I got: I have no idea why you don’t see any female tennis players. Maybe it’s because, just like with almost every other sport, women just can’t compete with men on a fair level. It’s scientifically proven that men have a lot more muscle than women.  Sorry.

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Feb 23, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 08

I was looking forward to this week’s episode of New Prince of Tennis. That’s why it’s too bad that this week’s episode was a pointless comedy. Mind you, I like a little bit of comedy, but this was just too much for one episode, so I’m afraid that I’ll have to keep this post short.

This week’s episode revolved around three unlucky dropouts, one of which was Ryoma. They were assigned a “special mission” by their coach. This sounds pretty cool, but in reality he just wanted to restock on supplies (mainly sake) be having them steal from the “U-17” camp. Their journey to that place was pointless and filled with dry comedy. It was strange to see Ryoma participate in such childish activities, seeing as he’s always trying to act like sure a mature big shot. Strange indeed, but I’ll admit that I laughed a few times. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t.

They managed to reach the camp alright, so that’s half of the work already. Infiltrating without getting caught was the biggest challenge. It was quite obvious that this mission of theirs was planned out. They had hints, courses and all sorts of obstacles waiting for them. It became even more obvious when Itaru monitored the whole situation even before they entered. It seems like this was some sort of test after all, although a pointless one if you ask me.  How could they possibly improve their game by breaching the camp’s security? Way too strange…

The three stooges managed to get passed all the levels of security in order to get the supplies. They would’ve gotten in and out without any trouble if that fat bastard hadn’t charged in there to get some food. However, Ryoma decided to bring back a bit of Sadaharu’s special killer juice instead of sake, but that didn’t seem to have any effect on the coach later on. Perhaps he’s a monster after all?

That was pretty much this week’s episode. God that sounds boring. They need to hurry up and train Ryoma already, seeing as this season only has thirteen episodes. Jesus, we’re already at episode eight, so we only have five left! Oh god, I bet they’re going to rush things, just like when they did when the series just started in 2001.

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Feb 16, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 07

Finally! For a second there I thought that “someone” didn’t want me to see this week’s New Prince of Tennis. I tried to download this week’s episode five times, but neither of them worked out. Only on the sixth time did my torrent finally start downloading. I have no idea why, I’m pretty sure I’ve been a good boy… not.

The story continues as everyone finally reaches the top of the mountain, only to find dozens of high schoolers and a drunken coach waiting for them. Wait, that’s not fair, we don’t know for sure if he was drunk or not. Maybe it’s all part of his ‘look-at-me-I’m-a-tough-guy’ act. Either way; he put all the middle schoolers to work. They started out with a change of clothes and the task to dig a lot of holes. I know, I know… digging holes should have nothing to do with tennis, but if you think that’s strange then you have another thing coming. Digging holes soon changed into going to the river for water and bringing it up the mounting so that the high schoolers have something to drink. After that they were tied to a tree with a rope and left with tennis balls that they had to keep from hitting the round. Their training ended even stranger when they had to cycle on those things that toddlers use, my god.

Oh hold on, I wouldn’t say that their training ended. That coach refused to let them rest. He set up this elaborate training exorcize in order to kill two birds with one stone. He created a match between the high schoolers and middle schoolers. The objective was to be the last one standing in order to win the match. Those who won would have a place to sleep for the night, those who lose… well… just don’t lose. That’s easier said than done though, seeing as playing tennis on that court was very hard due to the uneven terrain. Middle schoolers were dropping like flies, until ultimately Sadaharu and Renji were left standing. These two are known as “data players”. These players use all sorts of information (weather, terrain, environment, etc…) to defeat their opponents.

Things finally started looking up for the middle schoolers, as Sadaharu and Renji were kicking high school ass. It was down to Sadaharu, Renji and three high schoolers, until the coach interrupted the match prematurely and announced the high schoolers as the victors. It seems really unfair, but for now we’ll just have to trust his decisions. It might just be part of his plan, so I’m not going into detail about that. Also, this coach happens to be the one that Kazuya recommended to Ryoma, which is probably why Ryoma seemed so interested in him.

Sigh… this week’s episode left me with so many questions. Oh, I said that Ryoma was interested in the coach, but that coach seemed pretty interested in him as well. Anyway, I think that we can expect another good episode next week from the looks of it. I just hope that they don’t focus on the other players at the actual camp, as I have very little interest in them, as strange as that may seem to some of you.

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Feb 9, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 06

Aw man… I was just about to write something about Chihayafuru when suddenly New Prince of Tennis pops up. I don’t like to play favourites when it comes to my schedule, but come on… New prince of Tennis is a lot more exciting right now than Chihayafuru. I’m pretty sure we can all agree on that.

The episode continues right where we left off. Everyone who did not pass the first test got on the bus. I found it rather strange that nobody realized that Ryoma and Kintarou weren’t there with them. Oh well, it’s not like their location was unknown for much longer. The bus that the losers went on wasn’t driving them back home at all. It was taking them into the forest where Itaru, Ryoma and Kintarou were waiting for them.

It seems that their little camping trip is far from over. They were offered to climb up a mountain in order to ensure that the gap between them and the winners stays minimal. Nobody was forced, seeing as they were merely offered to climb up the mountain in order to become stronger. Please keep in mind that these people are all tennis freaks, which is why all of them decided to climb that mountain. I hate myself a little bit for saying this, but I would’ve gone home if I were asked to climb a mountain, lol.

Anyway, I’m finally starting to see the true purpose of this training camp. They were, I’m right that is, not trying to decrease the numbers of players by half, oh no. There were merely trying to create two different teams. The stronger half remains inside the camp, while the weaker half heads out in order to follow a different kind of training. Keep in mind that this is just another one of my wild guesses, but it does make a lot of sense when you think about it. Hell, it doesn’t just make sense, but it also sounds like a reasonable training method. Sort of reminds of the quote; “what doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger”. I have no idea why, perhaps it’s because they lost such an important match that day, but are now following this ridiculous program in order to keep up with their friends and/or enemies.

Their journey was pretty hectic. They went from one place to another. Climbing, walking on dangerous bridges, trying to find some find while looking for a place to spend the night. Still, what kind of an adventure would this be if they didn’t throw in two lost travellers, one of which to use for some kind of gay scene with one of the tennis players. Oh wait, they did! That was really strange, yet difficult to watch.

This week’s episode wasn’t exactly what I expected, not one bit. Well I wouldn’t say that actually, we all knew that Ryoma and Kintarou were still very much part of it, all we didn’t know was why and how. We do now though, and I must say; it’s looking pretty darn sweet from where I’m sitting. This reminded me of a scene from an Eyeshield 21 episode, where they headed out to train in the open. The show has only just begun, but it’s starting to look really good. Keep it up!

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