Feb 2, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 05

Here it is, right on time I might add! You can say whatever you want about HorribleSubs, but they always release their stuff on a steady and regular schedule. Sure, their releases aren’t always as one might expect, but they get the job done at the end of the day, and that’s what matters most! Keep it up with the New Prince of Tennis subs, you’re all doing great!

Anyway, training camp is still progressing at full speed while people are dropping like flies. It was insane, one loss after the other. People got angry, people cried and people laughed, it was a little bit too chaotic for my taste. Seigaku’s players weren’t immune either, as Sadaharu didn’t make it either. Hell, he got stomach pains, resulting in him having to forfeit the match. Okay, it’s sad for that poor guy, but I couldn’t help but laugh during that toilet scene of his, man, that was ridiculously funny! Half the people lost during these elimination matches, which means that the camp is now 50% less populated with middle schoolers.

Meanwhile Ryoma was having his long desired match against Kazuya, while that annoying Kintarou was playing against Oni. Things looked fine at first, but then I started noticing their hard breathing, even though Kazuya and Oni were both okay. Oni and Kazuya were merely ‘playing’ around with them, as they probably just wanted to see what they were made of. I don’t think neither of them was really impressed, especially not since Ryoma and Kintarou ended up losing by a landslide, leaving them behind to think about their actions. It was only a matter of time before Ryoma’s arrogance got the best of him, so let us hope that he learnt from his mistakes.

So Seigaku lost almost half their players, as did the other clubs, plus Ryoma lost big time against Kazuya. It did not look good, especially when that guy announced that both Ryoma and Kintarou were disqualified because neither of them had played their scheduled match, seeing as both of those idiots decided to find a match of their own. I was bummed out, I really was, but hope was not yet lost! Itaru, one of the camp’s coaches, came by to invite both of the boys to come with him, promising them that they would get even stronger. I don’t know what that guy said earlier, but I guess that means that Ryoma and Kintarou somehow passed their first test. I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

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Jan 26, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 04

I was waiting for this episode. Yet another action-filled episode of New Prince of Tennis, but this one sort of disappointed me. I looked forward to seeing the match between Ryoma and Kazuya, but I was disappointed to see that they decided to save that for next week.

The story continued as the players were put up against each other. This week it was Kaoru versus Kunimitsu, the team’s captain. Poor bastard didn’t even have a chance. Sure, Kaoru has been training very hard; some would say that he trained beyond the limits of a normal human being. It just wasn’t enough. I kind of felt bad for Kaoru, but I would’ve felt even worse if I wasn’t so fixated on the match between Ryoma and Kazuya.

I tried thinking about it, I really did. I can’t see the point of putting players of the same team up against one another. They should’ve put the teams up against one another, so that the weakest teams could go home. Okay, I understand that they’re trying to train top players, not teams, but this just seems so wrong. The worst of all is that the coaches show very little interest, because they just keep smiling like nothing happens, while some of them watch from their lazy chairs in the monitor room. Have they no shame?

We got near the end where we could finally see Ryoma up against Kazuya, just before the episode ended. That kind of stung, to be left behind with such a cliff-hanger. But okay, I won’t fuss; I’ll patiently wait till next week in order to see how much Ryoma has improved. Oh, and did you see the look of Kazuya’s face as Ryoma returned his shot? The price of a racket: roughly fifty bucks. The price of some tennis balls: roughly five to ten bucks. The price of Kazuya’s expression as Ryoma returned his shot: priceless!

So what if I didn’t get to see the match between Ryoma? I can easily wait till next week, as there are enough good shows this winter to keep me entertained until then. I’m still a little bit agitated by the way the coaches handle things. I’m all for eliminating the weak and unqualified, but the way they go about it is wrong. It shows too; notice how the older players pick on the newer players just because they’re new. That wouldn’t happen if the institute’s system was better organized, but that’s of course just my own opinion.

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Jan 19, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 03

Is it just me, or do some of the characters here in New Prince of Tennis have slightly different personalities than in the prequel? I think Ryoma and Kunimitsu seem slightly different than in the prequel, but it could be just me though, I’m still not too sure myself.

Anyway, the camp coaches have come up with yet another diabolical idea to send a lot of middle schoolers home. You see, the middle schoolers would now have to battle one another, those who get to stay but those who lose get to go home. It doesn’t seem entirely fair, but rules are rules. Things went well, until Seigaku’s golden pair, Shuichiro-kun and Eiji-kun, had to play one another.

Eiji was reluctant at first and set up this elaborate act, but Shuichiro saw through that. Shuichiro forced Eiji to play seriously, he said that both of them came prepared for each and every challenge and that it was pointless to drag the match out any further.  Eiji finally started playing serious, changing the match completely. It was a close call, but Shuichiro ended up losing to Eiji. It seems that Seigaku already lost one if it’s players.

Meanwhile Ryoma and his annoying little friend were still dealing with those high schoolers. Sure, they were loudmouths at first, but they soon stopped talking after those two started to show what they were made of. More and more of those loudmouths showed up, and more and more ended up getting defeated by those two. In the end they ended up defeating them all, but without any result; for they still didn’t know the first court’s location.

The two of them started wandering around until they finally encountered Oni playing against Kazuya, the guy that Ryoma wants to beat. They were playing a match whilst using no less than five tennis balls at once, that’s pretty crazy. Still, Ryoma wasn’t patient enough to wait. He decided to end their training session prematurely in order to challenge Kazuya to a match. He’s always been arrogant and self-confident, so this doesn’t surprise me at all to be honest.

Quite the exciting episode if I do say so myself. Ever noticed how most of the episodes are filled with action? I’m really amazed how they can continue like this while keeping it interesting. Most people don’t even realize it, but it’s pretty impressive how creative some people’s minds can be.

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Jan 12, 2012

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New Prince of Tennis episode 02

It is finally starting to sink in; Price of Tennis is back! We’ve had a rough few couple of days behind us now, but good times are ahead of us. The blog is running smooth again, I’ve restored most of the lost posts and images and we get to enjoy all these new shows!

It doesn’t happen too often, but Ryoma is actually agitated by that guy on the first court. He seems to be thinking about what happened between them. That guy will get himself in to trouble he doesn’t relax soon.

It’s not all bad though, as Ryoma and his team has made their presence known during the get-a-ball-or-your-out-test. This resulted in things now going less than smoothly. Nobody wants to play against them, nobody wants to be in contact with them and nobody just seems to care.

Still, they wanted to see a match, so they got one! Takeshi was up against a guy that obtained the nickname “gatekeeper of hell” during his time his time there. That five-courter’s nickname was because he managed to stand his ground every time while letting very few balls through. Takeshi was completely outmatched, he even lost the use of his wrists while taking the opponent’s Jack Knife.

The rest have probably realized that this level of tennis is still beyond their years, so they will have to try extra hard to keep up, let alone win. Takeshi tried his hardest, but he couldn’t even get one point. It goes to show just how big the difference is.

Ryoma did not take this easily. He’s made up his mind to go after the strongest player there, merely to prove that they’re more than just middle schoolers. He decided to go pay a visit to this god of tennis in order to challenge him. He accepted a challenge in order to obtain the whereabouts of his court together with that hyperactive kid.

It’s only to be expected that this how starts out with a whole lot of action. The prequel was like that as well, so this comes as no surprise. I can’t wait to see what happens next though!

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