Oct 30, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 18

Awesome! Absolutely awesome! I was waiting for this episode all week and I just watched it with great joy. I was getting nervous about the story, we’re already at episode eighteen and Rikuo is still training. I just don’t want them to rush things at the end, I want to see a great ending befitting this great anime.

First I would like to start this off by pointing out how glad I am to see that the Onmyouji and Youkai are capable of interacting with one another quite harmoniously. The conditions of their (temporary) truce may be because of this impending war, but it doesn’t change the fact that both sides complement one another. I think it’ll be more than a temporary truce though, especially now that the Keikain has passed away, leaving all eyes pointing in Yura’s direction. Yura and Rikuo are friends, if we have Yura as the head of the Keikain Onmouji and Rikuo as the head of the Nurarihyon Youkai, then a long term truce is a definite possibility.

I’m also very happy to see that the Youkai of Rikuo’s night parade of one hundred Youkai are still fighting the enemy, even though Rikuo is not present to lead the way. Goes to show just how loyal those guys are, which is a very rare and highly valuable quality.

I was also very happy to learn more about the enemy. It seems that Minagoroshi Jizou uses his power to control the minds of Youkai that are currently doing Hagoromo-Gitsune’s bidding. They roughly estimated that he has control over most of Hagoromo-Gitsune’s followers, except for Hagoromo-Gitsune herself, she’s apparently too strong to be controlled by him. He’s a devious Youkai, he’s probably plotting something that will benefit him greatly. My guess is that he’s waiting for Hagoromo-Gitsune to give birth, upon which he kills her afterwards and takes control of her offspring to rule the world. I know, I have a sick and obvious imagination.

I was happiest when my question about Rikuo’s father had finally been answered. I was wondering why Rikuo’s father, who was half Youkai and half human, was stronger than his father, who, apparently, is a Youkai for most part. Apparently it’s because of his human side, human beings are very adaptable, but most Youkai are not. Rikuo’s father was so strong because he always managed to adapt, because he trusted his allies and because he acknowledged his human and Youkai sides. Rikuo realized that when he tried to fight off those enemy Youkai at the end together with Zen. He trusted Zen completely when suddenly the power of his fear increased. I’m guessing that he will complete his special training during the next episode, I can’t wait!

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Oct 24, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 17

Me gusta! Although I liked this week’s episode I couldn’t help myself but to get a bit agitated. The season’s end is slowly approaching and they haven’t even finished Rikuo’s training yet. I’d hate for them to rush things at the end, which would be unforgivable.

We got our fair share of action when two major fights raged on. I have to say that Kubinashi and Kejourou make a very good team as well as a couple. Their powers are also very similar, which would explain why they decided to team up. Too bad their enemies are just too powerful for them to handle. Poor Kejourou even ended up getting stabbed in the back by Kidoumaru. If it wasn’t for Yura and Hidemoto, thirteenth head of the Keikain clan, showing up to save the day, then both of them would’ve probably been killed.

Fortunately for us that it gets even more interesting as Aotabou engages Shoukera, a nutjob who thinks of himself as a holy being, in a fight to the death. Aotabou, in order to protect his human friends, released the seal in order to fight Shoukera. He can’t defeat Shoukera without releasing that seal. Aotabou is aware of what happened in the past when that seal was released, but he had no choice if he was to save his friends.

At the very end of the episode we get a small eyeful of Rikuo’s training progress. It’s not looking good, that old man is getting fed up with Rikuo and his weaknesses. I just hope that they will go into detail about Rikuo’s training during next week’s episode.

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Oct 17, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 16

Alright!! I was right after all; Gyuki is going to teach Rikuo how to use a new technique. I can’t wait to see it. Sure, we all caught a little glimpse of it, but surely that can’t be all of it. What’s more surprising is that Rikuo managed to yank out Youkai powers in his human form.

Not only did we learn that Rikuo is about to embark on this spiritual journey to a new technique, we also learned more about his father. Apparently his father was very powerful, supposedly even more powerful than his father, Rikuo’s grandfather, the supreme commander. We have all seen what that old man is capable of, imagine how strong Rikuo’s father must’ve been when he was alive.

The supreme commander, Rikuo’s grandfather, is for most part Youkai. Rikuo’s father was half Youkai and half human. Rikuo is only one-fourth Youkai. You’d think that the more Youkai blood one has, the stronger one is, but apparently it’s quite the opposite. Rikuo’s father was stronger than his father, and now they think that Rikuo has the potential to surpass his own father, making him the strongest Nurarihyon Youkai to have ever lived.

Speaking about Rikuo’s father… A long time ago, when he was still alive, he took in a specific Youkai under him. That Youkai was ruthless, it killed everything in its path. Rikuo’s father saw something in that Youkai, something good and desirable. That Youkai was Kubinashi, one of the higher-ups in the night parade of one hundred. Kubinashi is quickly reverting back to his old ways, just because they lost to that freakishly strong Youkai. He is now slaughtering each and every Youkai that crosses his path.

Unfortunately it’s not just Rikuo’s night parade of one hundred that have it hard. The onmyouji will now have to survive the upcoming Youkai attacks. Hagoromo-Gitsune is in desperate need of human livers in order to give birth to her offspring. Her followers are now on the Onmyouji’s doorstep in order to collect. Rikuo needs to hurry up with his training in order to save his friends as well as his allies. It’s up to Rikuo now.

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Oct 12, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 15

Damn. This episode was a real setback for Rikuo and his allies. I called it a setback, but that’s just sugarcoating the truth; they got annihilated. They spent many episodes on Rikuo’s training progress, but he still got defeated so easily.

Rikuo and his allies faced one opponent, just one. The appearance of Tsuchigumo marked the (temporary) end for Rikuo and his night parade of one hundred Youkai. Tsuchigumo is described as a Youkai that must not be encountered, because only death awaits those who encounter him.  He’s ridiculously strong, strong enough to defeat Rikuo and his night parade of one hundred Youkai without any sign of injury.

But I wonder… Near the end Rikuo seemed different. He was transforming back to his human form, but at the last minute he managed to squeeze out some more power. This power was more than sufficient to cut off one of Tsuchigumo’s fingers. The question being; why didn’t this happen sooner, why didn’t the Onmyouji jump in to help Rikuo and to prevent Tsurara from being captured.

Apparently Tsuchigumo took interest in Rikuo. He captured Tsurara in order to fight Rikuo once more. It’s not that I don’t see the point of those actions; fighting for someone important to you makes you stronger, or so they say, but Gyuki was there too. Why didn’t Gyuki jump in to prevent Tsurara from being captured? He was ordered by Rikuo’s grandfather to look after him, so that’s a bit strange.

I’d like to end this post with another confusing bit. Did Rikuo not fight Gyuki in the first season? Did Rikuo not defeat Gyuki easily during that fight? Why is it that Gyuki’s suddenly much stronger than Rikuo? I can only come to the conclusion that Gyuki was holding back during his fight with Rikuo, there’s no other explanation. I think that Gyuki is going to teach Rikuo something about a new power, something that we all got a glimpse of during the last moments of Rikuo’s fight against Tsuchigumo.

Just one last thing, I promise. It’s been bothering me a bit. How is Rikuo going to defeat Hagoromo-Gitsune and/or her offspring when he can’t even beat one of her underlings? This all enforces my theory about the possibility of a new and far more powerful technique that Rikuo is about to learn. I can’t wait till the next episode, it should explain what that power was.

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Oct 4, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 14

Finally some time to quickly write something about this episode. I was waiting for this all week, mainly because last week’s episode was one big disappointment. It was very good, the story somehow is starting to get even better.

Awashima was the one who got into trouble today. She was up against a very troublesome Youkai. This particular Youkai relied on the fear of children, the more they cry the more powerful he gets. Awashima was badly injured, but she, thanks to her friends, managed to find out how to defeat it and escape that world.

She finally escaped. She comforted that little boy, who was scared of that Youkai, causing that Youkai to lose its power. Awashima joins the rest when suddenly the Omyouji show up. They have finally caught up and it’s time for Rikuo to meet Hidemoto, the thirteenth head of the Keikain house.

Hagoromo-Gitsune is about to give birth to something that might very well destroy the world. It’s up to Rikuo, his night parade of one hundred Youkai and allies to defeat this evil. I’m very curious as to how Rikuo is going approach this, after all; Hagoromo-Gitsune has thousands of Youkai following her, whilst Rikuo only has his night parade of one hundred Youkai. I’m very well aware that he has the Omyouji behind him, for now, but I don’t think that will suffice. I can only assume that something big is about to happen, something that, if I’m right, will benefit Rikuo and his allies.

It’s becoming harder and harder for me not to read the manga, but I might just do it, it’s become so exciting that I just want to know what will happen next. Curiosity can be a bitch sometimes.

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Sep 25, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 13

Bastards. I feel so betrayed. All the good animes are ending, leaving a lot less for me to watch in my free time. But I always have the second season of Nurarihyon no Mago, or so I thought. But when I sat down with a bowl of ice cream to watch it, I found out that the entire episode existed of nothing but scenes from earlier episodes. This entire episode was just one big rollercoaster of useless flashbacks.

Instead of showing us old material, they should’ve been showing how Rikuo is making his way towards the Kekain house whilst killing loads of enemy Youkai. If memory serves me right, I don’t think the first season had any episodes filled with previous scenes.

Instead of watching episode thirteen, the big letdown of the week, I watched episodes two and three, in order to consume my ice cream peacefully.

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Sep 20, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 12

Awesome. Yet another great episode. You’ll learn a lot more about the characters in this episode, I like that.

Finally the shipped landed, after a great deal of trouble, in one of Kyoto’s rivers. The gang had finally arrived. Hakuzousu, after their arrival, pointed Rikuo into the right direction, as a token of appreciation, I suppose.

Hagoromo Gitsune is getting closer to the last seal, where she will give birth to something that might destroy everything on the planet. It seems that the Onmyouji, according to their thirteenth head of the Keikain house, will need a special blade to slay the evil that is Hagoromo Gitsune. The same blade that Nura Rikuo currently wields. They need Rikuo’s skills and blade if they want to defeat Hagoromo Gitsune. It’s a perfect opportunity for Rikuo to establish some sort of peaceful relationship between the Nurarihyon Youkai and the Onmyouji.

The thirteenth Keikain Head has full confidence in Rikuo after hearing out Yuki Onna’s story. It’s not all the surprising, after all… He had put his trust in Nurarihyon before, so why doubt him now?

The next episode is going to be even better, I just know it. Rikuo and his night of one hundred Youkai have reached a point where they must act now in order to win this war. Rikuo has to meet up with the Onmyouji, share any information that both parties might have on Hagoromo Gitsune and start their final march towards that castle in order to defeat her once and for all.

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Sep 12, 2011

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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode 11

Hot damn. So we continue where we left of, with Itaku and Kubinashi fighting things out amongst themselves. Kubinashi really surprised me, I never knew he was that good. He fought Itaku head-on without any doubts. What’s really surprising is his fear control, he was surprisingly good and in no-time managed to get Itaku use his full power. Too bad Zen, who snuck aboard the battle ship, interrupted the fight and put an end to it. I really wanted to see those two fight, especially after seeing Kubinashi’s abilities.

But the peace was short lived, for a massive army of Youkai covered the skies above Kyoto. Rikuo and his faithful allies were stuck, they couldn’t possibly get passed that many Youkai without sacrifice. But their leader, Hakuzousu, wanted to duel the commander after finding out that the ships belonged to the Nura clan. Rikuo held his head high and engaged in combat. With the use of his fear he managed to defeat Hakuzousu quite easily. Hakuzousu, having suffered defeat, wished for Rikuo to do the “honorable” thing and end his life.

Rikuo, being his usual self, declined and offered Hakuzousu a spot in his clan. Rikuo took a liking to Hakuzousu and his noble ways. Everyone was amazed by Rikuo’s forwardness, for he did not hesitate to ask. However, there was no time for a victory party. All the Youkai, having lost their leader, suddenly mounted their attack on the battle ships. Hakuzousu was sickened by how they commenced their attack like that.

Rikuo knew that they couldn’t win without taking serious damage. Their best chance was to hold out for a few minutes until sunrise, or so they thought. The sun rose alright, but the Youkai did not change back to their day forms. The sunlight didn’t seem to have any effect on any and all Youkai that were in the Kyoto area. Rikuo looked ahead and was surprised at what he saw. It looked like the entire Kyoto area was being sucked into the air by tornados of darkness. Rikuo must hurry and defeat Hagoromo Gitsune before it’s too late.

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