Dec 25, 2012

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OniAi episode 12

Unbelievable… Hadena managed to make the final episode of OniAi their worst one yet. I completely lost count of how many translation errors there were during this episode. They’re normally not this bad. Still, it doesn’t really matter, seeing as it wasn’t much of an ending to begin with.

[Hadena] Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! - 12 [720p] [D2530A6F].mkv_snapshot_08.20_[2012.12.24_13.30.39]I won’t lie; I’m a little bit relieved that it’s over. There was no story whatsoever. It was all a big festival of strange comedy and fan service. I like my fair share of ecchi comedies, but I do want to see something with a sense of direction. The show needs to go somewhere. But no, OniAi never really made any progress in any of the aforementioned departments.

I, too, couldn’t believe that they continued last week’s episode where Anastasia went out without putting on any panties. I mean, how do you expect your viewers to accept this as the final episode? It’s quite clear that there probably won’t be another season, so why? I’ll tell you why; they were after the fan service. That’s what it’s all about. Comedy takes second place and romance has to stand at the back of the line.

[Hadena] Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! - 12 [720p] [D2530A6F].mkv_snapshot_12.58_[2012.12.24_13.31.00]I remember myself writing a review about OniAi when I had just seen the first episode. It was interesting at the time. It was something that could go in any direction, so I decided to stick around. But this… This was disappointing. I had high hopes for OniAi.

I’ll just end things here. There’s not much more that I could possibly say that would make this review any more positive. It’s a good thing the artwork is good, otherwise I probably would’ve dropped the show after the third episode or so. Quite frankly, the artwork, for me at least, was the only reason as to why I kept watching these past few weeks. I wanted to stop watching when they introduced Arisa to the mixture. Still, I stayed my ground and I survived until the bitter end!

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Dec 18, 2012

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OniAi episode 11

What the hell did I watch here? The entire episode makes no sense at all, and don’t even get me started about the ending. The ending, for me at least, was the “WTF”-moment of the week. It’s shocking how much the story lacks in OniAi.

[Hadena] Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! - 11 [720p] [FCCFB8AE].mkv_snapshot_04.12_[2012.12.17_23.02.28]The entire episode primarily revolved around the fact that Anastasia walked around with no panties on, merely because she’s too lazy to do some cleaning. That part alone was ridiculous, but the fact that she spent the entire episode worrying about people finding about her predicament was even worse.

It’s a shame that the story lacks so much. OniAi could’ve been so much better if it was going somewhere. We’re just going in circles, so there’s no actual result. It makes me wonder about how they’re going to end an anime that has no story and no sense of direction. It’ll be really lame if it ends with a few kisses or something like that.

[Hadena] Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! - 11 [720p] [FCCFB8AE].mkv_snapshot_10.37_[2012.12.17_23.02.57]Also, it’s happening again; that little brat is making those annoying sounds again. I have to admit that most of them were well-placed, plus she didn’t do it as often as before. I suppose I could consider this a form of progress, right? All that’s left is for her to be a little aggressive and, very much like Arashi, make Akito her own (pet).

I’ll end things here, unfortunately. There’s really not much left to say, not even about those scenes with Anastasia and Akiko as children. It was cute for a way, but they didn’t show us the good stuff. They didn’t show us how Arashi and Akito met, they didn’t show us how Anastasia fell in love with him. They showed us very little. Shame…

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Dec 11, 2012

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OniAi episode 10

I just finished watching this week’s OniAi, which was released a tad bit late this time. I must say that I’m not sure about it anymore. I suppose I have to learn to accept the fact that OniAi’s strengths doesn’t lie with the story. It’s all about ecchi comedy now, nothing more.

I had a feeling that they would milk out this whole Akito being sick business. It’s a perfect opportunity for the female characters to do all sorts of things to the sick and weak Akito. It’s a shame nothing happened, but it was quite nice to know a bit more about Haruomi and Akito’s past. Everyone knows that they met each other when they were children, we just didn’t know how.

I was actually surprised that Haruomi didn’t make use of the opportunity that was presented to her. She could’ve ‘made’ Akito hers. Just gentle nurse him, kiss him, and make sure he sweats out his cold one way or the other. It would’ve been perfect, and no guy could’ve ever resisted that, not even when the girl actually looks a bit like a boy (boyish girls can be quite the charmers too, you know).

I was actually a bit disappointed in Arashi to be very honest. She spent very little time with Akito. She rolled him back in bed and changed the wet towel on his head, that’s it. She, unlike the other girls, never did anything strange. That’s completely out of character. Let her tie him up, kiss him, lick his neck or make him uncomfortable by making her strip again. At least do something that’s within that character’s nature. This was just disappointing.

I almost jumped through the roof when Arashi got a bit of alone time with him. It was hilarious that Akito made Arashi the winner of their silly little caretaking contest, not knowing about the secret prize (a day alone in the house with Akito). I thought for sure that Arashi would try to rape the living hell out of him. Too bad, better luck next time…

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Dec 4, 2012

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OniAi episode 09

It’s almost like the animators of OniAi read my blog, which they obviously didn’t do. Why would they? How would they even find this cozy little blog amongst all the big ones? And if they did, why would they listen to one idiot’s man’s opinion? Still, I’m happy with what I saw.

We didn’t get to see much of Arisa this week, so she didn’t get many chances to make that squeaking sound of hers. Thank god, a whole episode without that “Kyuu” nonsense. They usually say that too much is better than none at all; that is not always true! It’s absolutely great in this case. That nonsense started to piss me off.

Anyway, Haruomi took the lead on this one with her cat addiction. She can’t let one go. She has to play with them, cuddle them and feed them. It’s only natural that Akito would find out eventually. That’s the funny thing about secrets; they always get discovered by someone. It doesn’t always happen right away, sometimes it takes years and years, but it does happen.

This episode was good because it wasn’t so complicated or pushy with all the fan service. It primarily revolved around Haruomi’s addiction and Akito’s attempt to recover from his cold. Recovering from a cold sound like child’s play. Just stay warm, drink a lot of water, get plenty of rest and eat healthy, wholesome foods. This kind of becomes challenging when you live in a house with girls that all want you for themselves. I was actually surprised that Arashi didn’t take this opportunity to try and benefit from it, because the rest certainly did. I’m sure that Arashi will get quite a lot of air-time next week. She has to!

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Nov 27, 2012

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OniAi episode 08

Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would have to watch an OniAi episode that revolved solely around swimsuits. All the fan service killed pretty much everything else. Seriously, guys… This is not how OniAi should be. This was just plain overkill.

To think that I had to sit here and watch those girls pick out their swimsuits for the majority of this week’s episode… Madness! The fan service was way too much and it didn’t leave much room for anything else. I don’t see the point of shopping for bathing suits in the winter. To hell with “you need to pick out a swimsuit early while there are still plenty of choices left”. Don’t they know how things actually work? It’s a girl’s job to pick out their most favourite swimsuit, but it’s our job, the job of a (real) man, to make sure that we get out girls out of that swimsuit and into our beds. That’s what it’s really all about, deal with it!

There are two final things that I would like to address; although the only time when I really laughed during this episode was when Haruomi got slapped in the face by Arashi’s breasts, I couldn’t help but notice that Kaoruko appeared once more. I like her, but I feel that she, being Akito’s editor and all, shouldn’t be so ridiculously shy, seeing as she’s the oldest one there. A bit of aggressiveness would probably do her good.

Finally, I don’t like Arisa. I really don’t. She was really adorable at first. But, having seen only one episode with her in it, I’m already becoming annoyed. Those little sounds she makes (“Kyuu”) were ridiculously cute at first, but they’re milking it out. It’s becoming annoying because she does it so often. Three times per episode, for me at least, would be the maximum. I can’t begin to count the amount of times she did it during this week’s episode.

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Nov 20, 2012

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OniAi episode 07

That settles it, OniAi isn’t going anywhere. Just sit back and enjoy the perverted comedy. It’s really a shame. A good story is the only thing that OniAi is really missing. Throw in a good story and you really have something there…

The show continued with the arrival of Arisa-chan, a young girl that’s supposed to run their house as the new caretaker. This girl is in love with Akito, a guy four years older than her, and she is under the impression that the two are engaged. Perhaps that’s true, since Akito did live with her and her parents for a long period of time. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Akito felt indebted to them and agreed to marry their daughter, Arisa. It would be sad if that were true. He wouldn’t be marry her for love (not that I believe in that). That would mean that he would marry her out of guilt.

There are two little things that I would like to say before I end this post. The first would have to be the sudden shift in Arisa’s personality. That character was very shy, hardworking and timid. Now she’s speaking her mind all the time and her attitude suddenly became very aggressive near the end. I liked her a lot better when she was acting all cute and innocent. I don’t like that polite, yet aggressive attitude.

The second part, and it’s something that even I forgot, would have to be the fact that what Akiko’s doing is wrong. She wants to do all sorts of things to her older brother. I, just like the other characters, had completely forgotten that such a relation is more than just frowned upon. It’s illegal (yet a lot of people seem to be inbreeding if I take a look at the local youth). How funny…

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Nov 13, 2012

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OniAi episode 06

It’s about time! I think the story is finally starting. It seems a bit cliché, but it’s too bad that it’s starting after six episode, instead of during the first or second episode. Oh well, it’s been very amusing up until this point, so why not…

The episode starts out with some kind of messed up love scene between two siblings. It’s a scene out of Akito’s love novel, so that explains a lot. I looked passed that. Didn’t really care for it. I focussed more on the fact that Kaoruko, Akito’s editor, paid Akito a visit. She wanted to inspect his living environment and see if he has indeed got a “siscon” (sister complex).

Frankly, I think he does. We mustn’t forget that he writes novels about love between siblings. I don’t mean family-type love, I mean sexual love. A ‘normal’ person doesn’t do that if he doesn’t think about it on a regular basis. A gay man writes about Justin Bieber, a doctor writes about medical stuff and someone with a (slight) sister complex writes siscon stories. It’s really that simple.

I soon forgot all about that when that little girl, a girl whom claims to be Akito’s fiancé, showed up at the end of this week’s episode. Seriously, why the hell didn’t they introduce her earlier? Its characters like these that make a story. Sure, it’s a bit cliché, but who cares? All the more reason for the girls to fight over him.

I think Arashi will like this least of all, after all… She’s the one that gave her the job. I’m very curious to see how she will react to this. She’ll probably just pretend like it’s no big deal and think that she’s just a little girl with a crush, clinging to a childish promise that was made a long time ago… Please let me be wrong!

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Nov 6, 2012

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OniAi episode 05

OniAi just got a whole lot more confusing. The characters are very predictable, unlike the story. I just cannot grasp this story. I thought that I had it somehow figured out, I thought that the characters would each get their time in the spotlight, and that it would be Arashi’s turn this week.

I never would have imagined that the episode would start out with Akito and his editor, a young woman that would do anything to help Akito. Oh yeah, she would do anything alright. She was under the impression that Akito had a thing for his little sister, Akiko. Poor girl didn’t know that it was actually the other way around, and that she should protect him instead of seducing him. Still, it was a smart plan; seduce your artist to make him stay away from his little sister. Too bad that most problems can’t be solved that way.

That was only the first half though. The second half, as I had hoped, did involve Arashi. She managed to trap Akito in a shed, even though it wasn’t her actions that caused the door to get locked. Akiko interfered and allowed Arashi to do as she pleased for quite some time. One thing’s for sure; you don’t want to give Arashi too much time (unless you’re straight).

I’m more confused than ever before. I really like OniAi, but I just cannot help but feel that it’s not going anywhere. It’s always the same thing; girls gradually get more and more interested in Akito, causing them to do the strangest things in the hope that he will look at them. It’s a bit childish if you think about it.

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