Mar 28, 2012

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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 12

This is so sad… I cannot believe that we’ve finally reached the final episode of Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! It was a good one too, really good. That’s why AniDB is by far the worst anime site. The ratings for this show are a mere five point three on that site. That’s just wrong, because on other sites it weighs around an eight. I never liked AniDB, it seems like a place for “newbies”.

Anyway, the story got a bit more difficult. Yuuta had to consider last week’s offer for his uncle to take in the girls. That’s a whole lot to process, especially when the time has come to tell Hina-chan that her parents aren’t coming back any time soon. That was so touching, even though she probably didn’t understand it completely. She is still under the impression that they are far away on holiday, but it’s better that way. She can finally continue with her life, she can continue living a proper life, without constantly having to wait for her parents to return.

Still, Yuuta’s job was far from over. He decided to visit his sister’s grave, not knowing that he was followed by Sora-chan. Sora was under the impression that he was going to their uncle to give him the OK to take the girls in. Sora-chan confronted him then and there, telling him that they, her and her sisters, didn’t want to move, that they wanted to stay with him. Their uncle and aunt, who happened to be there, heard every word. However, they weren’t upset, oh no. They were relieved when they heard that the girls have finally found a new place that they can call home. That is a huge relief. Yuuta may not be the best parent, especially not in situations like those, but he does his best and works hard to support them.

The ending was something else. The entire neighbourhood showed up to watch Hina-chan’s play. It was really touching. I think that things will go a lot better from here on out. They have made friends, they have the support of the rest of their family, a lot people stand behind them and Yuuta finally realized what he had to do. He may not be their father, but he is their guardian, and he is willing to do his best for them. That is all that really matters.

I guess this is it… There will be no more next week. I get really disappointed when I think about that, sigh. I want it to be known to the world that I enjoyed each and every episode, and that I laughed, cried, cheered and rooted for them throughout the entire show. That’s the kind of anime this is; unforgettable. I recommend this anime to everyone. There is a lot of comedy, drama, hints of romance and slices of real life. Give it a shot if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth it, trust me!

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Mar 21, 2012

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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 11

Okay, it’s decided! Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai is most definitely my favourite of this winter’s anime. Hell, it has also reached my top 5 of all-time favourites, and I haven’t even seen the final episode yet. That goes to show just how good this anime really is, I most certainly recommend it to practically everyone. Haven’t seen it yet? Go see it!

The episode starts out with Sora-chan’s interesting dream. I’m sure that the all fans know that she has a little crush on Yuuto, her uncle.  It was cute how innocent and childish her dreams were. But that’s not the issue here. The issue is that the girls are having a hard time. They hardly have any free time, they are having difficulties at school and it’s now also starting to affect their health.  The worst of it all is; Yuuto doesn’t seem to realize it. The girls are constantly putting up an act so that he doesn’t have to keep worrying about them. They should know by now that they could tell him basically everything.

Raika-chan keeps doing her best for them, but there’s only so much that she can do for them. It all comes down to Yuuta. He has to work several part-time jobs, attend college and look after three young girls, one of which is just a toddler. This is definitely the Japanese version of mission impossible, but without the fake guns, horrible actresses and pimped-up cars.

It makes you look different at single parents, doesn’t it? However, Yuuta can only do so much. Being a hard worker is very impressive, I suppose, but working yourself to death is not the answer, especially when you are responsible for three little girls. The girls would be screwed if he were to get hospitalized because he keeps wearing down his body.

But then it finally happened. Yuuta’s aunt, who decided to stop by, came by at the right time. Miu-chan has been lightheaded during the last few days and Hina-chan has finally succumbed to the recent changes in her life, or was it that she undressed too early for bath? Anyway, Miu-chan can no longer keep up and Hina-chan will now have to deal with her fever. This is a huge eye-opener for Yuuta.

Normally I would say that he doesn’t have much of a choice, but he does now. One of his relatives has changed his mind and has agreed to take in all three of them. Very noble, but that means that the girls will have to start all over again. Just how many more times do they have to move? I completely understand, but moving might not be the best option, especially for Hina, seeing as Yuuta is technically her last relative that’s related to her by blood.

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Mar 14, 2012

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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 10

Nice! HorribleSubs, despite their name, released yet another episode on time. I sat here waiting for the last 15 minutes with a bowl of popcorn for this week’s episode of Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! The only thing wrong with this episode is that it’s yet another step closer to the end.

First of all; damn you Hina! How much more cuter is she going to get? Her expressions and reactions to various things are simply the best. I also laughed when she sung twinkle twinkle little star with Yuuta. Not because she was bad, quite the opposite actually, because her English may just be better than the average Japanese person. Even her reaction to her favourite show was simply adorable.

Speaking about her favourite show, it seems that Kurumi-chan, a voice actress that played the voice of some villain in Hina’s favourite show, lost her job after her character got defeated. It seems that she had an agreement that she would move back with her parents to look after the farm and whatnot if she couldn’t find another job. That’s a very difficult spot to be in, definitely.

Things didn’t seem to work out for poor Sora-chan either. She planned on giving up her singing classes in order to help out the family. Poor girl… She absolutely loves to sing. She felt bad about being selfish when she could do all sorts of chores at home. That’s no way to spend your childhood. I understand that she can’t just keep relying on Yuuta either, after all; he’s just a college student. However, she can’t take full responsibility to the whole family when it comes to laundry, cooking, her schoolwork and god knows what else she does in order to support her family. It’s a good thing that she has such a reliable uncle, because he talked to her and comforted her, ensuring that she continues to do whatever it is he likes to do most.

Sigh, I have said it lots of times now, but I’ll keep saying it because I know I’m right. Yuuta should ask Raika-chan out already! She constantly helps them out by teaching them various things, that’s not just being a good friend. I’m pretty positive that Raika has some feelings for Raika, and vice versa of course. It’s a man’s job (according to several god-awful magazines) to ask the woman out, instead of the other way around, so let him do it already!

You know, I don’t think there has been a single episode that I haven’t enjoyed, not even the episode where Yuuta’s sister and her husband passed away. That is quite remarkable. I have high hopes for this show, so I’m definitely expecting another season and/or some OVA’s.

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Mar 7, 2012

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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 09

Nice! This week’s episode arrived quite a bit earlier, I like that. I truly wish I could say the same thing about Bakuman, seeing as it’s almost three days late. Still, I think I’d prefer this over everything else. I can’t help but find this a lot more entertaining.

The story continues as everyone has picked up their lives. They are here to stay and just in time for school. It’s too bad that their break is over, but I’m sure school can be fun too (when it’s on fire). Now I’m sure that there are a lot of people that have been following this show. I’m sure that all of them know that life will get harder for them. Their schools are resuming, so they have a lot more responsibilities. They have to make sure that they have their homework done on time, study for their exams and make sure that they arrive at school on time, which could prove to be a challenge. I think studying is going to be very hard for them, seeing as there’s hardly and room in that little apartment, let alone a quiet spot to study.

Anyway, the girls quickly picked up the pieces and headed out to go to school. Being on time every day is going to be challenging, and that’s because their school is roughly one and a half hour away by train. That means that the girls will have to travel three hours a day by train. I don’t envy them at all, because that can be very tough, especially if you have to stand every time.

However, their first day didn’t go quite as planned. Miu’s shoe got dirty during one of her train rides and people noticed. People took pity and wanted to help her in any way they could. Miu didn’t like that one bit. She just wanted people to treat her normally, just like before. She has to realize that that’s not really easy for her friends, as they all knew what happened to her parents. It’s just something they will have to get used to, that’s all.

It’s a good thing that Yuuta has such good and reliable friends. Kouichi came at the right time in order to help Miu with her little problem. The walked around, went for a drink, went sightseeing and finally ended up talking things out. Miu is very mature for her age, we all know that, but she just doesn’t want people to think of her as a weak and emotional girl. She wants to be strong, kind and reliable, but that could prove to be impossible when everyone thinks of her as a charity case.

Man, emotions are always running rampant in Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai. That’s life for you, just one hurdle after the next. You just have to keep going forward without falling down, that’s what I think. However, sometimes you have to take one step back in order to move forward, and I think that this is one of those times. Miu shouldn’t have to worry about the people around here if she stayed herself. No point in pretending to be someone you’re not. Meh, I’m sure Miu will figure it out on her own, but we’ll see.

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Feb 29, 2012

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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 08

Woohoo, I have been waiting all week for a new Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai episode! It was definitely worth the wait too! It’s really too bad that there hasn’t been any information yet on a possible season second, even though low-rating shows like Phi Brain have. It’s so unfair, not to mention stupid.

Anyway, the story continues as Yuuta starts his search for a new place to live. Last week’s episode didn’t end so well, seeing as he got a one moth notice to leave the apartment. That is so heavy, especially since he has to girls to look after. Still, he didn’t give up. He was willing to work more and more, just so that he could afford a place for them all to live. Say what you will about his lack of experience as a parent, but his determination to succeed is very impressive, and that’s something that cannot be denied. He works for hard for those three, making sure that they are well fed, have clothes on their backs, a proper education and a roof over their heads.

However, he couldn’t do it all alone. That’s no surprise, he’s just a young college student, give him a break. It’s a good thing that he has such good friends to help him in his time of need, because I doubt that most friends are that reliable. Still, I’m not so sure about that fat king of perversion. I knew he was a total lolicon, but he somehow managed to take that a level higher. I never even knew that it was possible. People like that should not be allowed to reproduce. Say what you want about him though, he did try his best in order to find him an apartment, although for the wrong reasons.

Meanwhile the girls were conversing with that old hag landlady. She was reprimanding that poor voice actress for being a little late on her rent, plain and simple. She really has no mercy, but it seems that we’ve found her weakness, her kryptonite (boy am I nerdy)! Not a minute too soon either, as Yuuta’s search wasn’t really going too well.

One thing led to another in which the girls, Hina-chan and Miu-chan, ended up at the landlady’s house for a bath. It seems that Hina, when being yelled at, started crying and accidently spilled ice cream over herself and the landlady. That’s when Yuuta came by to ask the landlady for a bit more time, when he saw that the shoes of Miu and Hina were lying inside. It seems that the landlady’s mother was none other than that nice old lady that used to give the girls ice popsicles. She decided to give him a chance, meaning that Yuuta and the girls are here to stay. See? All’s well that ends well.

Personal note: I know that the fat kind of perversion isn’t actually a paedophile, but I cannot help but find it rather disgusting. Being fond of children is one thing, but that is just ridiculous.

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Feb 22, 2012

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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 07

It’s here! It’s here at last! I was waiting for this episode all day. I just had to know what was going to happen next. Know how you can tell if a show is good or not? It’s good if you find yourself wanting more, it’s good if you can’t predict what’s going to happen, it’s good if you are willing to watch it multiple times and it’s good if the show’s called Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!

The episode started out just like any other; with the family continuing their everyday lives while people treat them to all sorts of goodies. Hell, I would’ve given them a dozen popsicles (actual popsicles, you perverts) just by looking at them, even though I’m absolutely not good with kids. However, Yuuta got baited into inviting the whole club for dinner, which means that the club’s king of perversion is coming as well. I’m sure he’s a good guy, but I never would’ve let him in, absolutely never. He definitely would’ve done something weird if the rest weren’t there. Luckily the evening ended pretty good, nothing bad happened to any of the girls.

Yuuta risked a lot by inviting them all for dinner. God knows what that guy could’ve done. But his decision has paid off! You see, Yuuta managed to score a few cooking lessons from Raika. That would mean that she and she alone would have to come to his apartment in order to teach him. Slick move, bro! It’s sort of stupid that he left, but he didn’t really have a choice, I guess. He could’ve made so much progress with Raika, a girl who would be perfect for him. In the end she ended up teaching Miu-chan, who made a little bit of a mess, causing them all to take a bath together. He could’ve been there, he could’ve seen something good, but no… he had to go out to buy them a gift and whatnot.

The episode itself was very good, but the conclusion was not. Yuuta was finally taking control of life, even when his relative came by to ‘inspect’ their current living environment. She was concerned with the fact that things will only get harder as their summer break is nearing its end. Valid point indeed, but something a lot more urgent came up. It seems that the landlord has been keeping an eye on him and the girls, thinking that they were only staying for a short period of time. However, she came by during the night to give Yuuta an eviction notice. School is now the last thing on his mind, as he will have to find a new place for them to live, otherwise they’re going to be homeless within a month.

See? Now this is a good show. You cannot predict these things, and yet you keep coming back for more and more. I personally thought that it was Miu’s mother that was watching them, but that’s only because I’ve always wondered about that. Still, what a twist this was! I’m not sure how much rent he paid, but it’s about to go up. Finding a place for four people isn’t going to be easy and cheap, that much I know. He might just have to ask around for a few favours, because I can only expect him to be on a very tight budget, and that would mean that the amount of money he can spend on rent is very limited. But we’ll see what happens next week.

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Feb 15, 2012

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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 06

Hey all, I just wanted to finish this post today so that I can schedule it for later. I have to write about it, I have no choice… the episode sort of moved me. But I do find one thing rather troublesome. I discovered that Hiromi Igarashi, the voice of Hina-chan, also does the voices of several characters in hentai anime. I find that a little bit disturbing, as it sort of messes with my image of Hina.

Anyway, this week’s episode was pretty damn good as well. The girls got a little bit homesick and wanted to go back to their old home in order to pick up a few belongings. It was Yuuta’s day off, so why not? The journey was a quick one, but nostalgia showed its annoying little face as soon as they arrived. Upon arrival they encountered some boys, boys that happened to be friends of Miu. I knew that she was pretty good with boys, that comes as no surprise to me, but I find that a little disturbing as well. Yuuta has to make a mental note of that. Hell, even Sora-chan encountered an old friend, although female. Yuuta has to put aside a little bit of money each month, because he’ll need to buy a gun later on as the girls reach that “magical” age.

However, Hina-chan is still as innocent and pure as ever, for now. Hiromi may play several characters in adult-rated anime, but she does an incredible child-like voice, kudos. I noticed that Hina is still hung up about the absence of her parents. She’s three years old, she wouldn’t understand the truth. Ignorance is bliss, for now. Also, she may be young, but she shows clear signs of intelligence, as she retains a lot of valuable information without even realizing it. Sure, that happens to little children, but not to that extent. I doubt that your average toddler would memorize the location of your fuse box, let alone know how to work it. That’s was when I started paying more attention to her.

Meanwhile the girls were done settling their personal affairs. They came home pretty cheerful, that’s always a good sign. The day quickly came to an end after the girls had almost finished packing up their things. They each went to their individual rooms, after all; it was a big house. But they ended up spending the night together again, despite the amount of available rooms. I guess everyone has gotten accustomed to living together, why else would they have trouble sleeping?

It really was a good episode. I cannot understand why the show’s ratings won’t rise though. I would give this show an eight, at the least. So why is it that this show is stuck on a 7.7 for the second week in a row? I would definitely grant this show a higher rating. In fact; I’d rather see a second Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai season than a second Phi Brain season, but that’s just my opinion.

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Feb 8, 2012

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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 05

Here we go again. It’s still just a little bit too soon to say, but I think Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai might just be my favourite show this winter. It’s a really close call, seeing as I like Ano Natsu de Matteru and High School DxD as well, but this show has a slight edge.

The story continues as Yuuta’s life only gets harder and harder. The poor kid has to deal with three growing girls in a very small apartment. While dealing with his family he has to go to school, work at several part-time jobs and keep everyone around him as happy as it gets. Suicide never sounded more tempting. Just kidding, Yuuta doesn’t strike me as the type of person that would ever commit suicide. However, his life will only get harder from here on out. The girls can take care of themselves, but they still need adult supervision while cooking, cleaning the house and perhaps even shopping. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were asked to buy some painkillers, but returned with a batch of Viagra.

Anyway, the story will only get more interesting from here on out as things start to get more complicated. Yuuta is constantly working several jobs, meaning that there’s no one home to watch over the girls. This could be dangerous, especially since that perverted club leader of his now knows about the girls. Raika can slap him all she wants, but a pervert of that level is completely immune to that kind of punishment. He will continue until he reaches his goal; to come in contact with the girls and do god knows what. He doesn’t seem like a very bad person, but I wouldn’t trust him enough to be left alone with my under aged nieces and sister.

Still, the episode wasn’t all bad. Yuuta made a lot of progress with Sora-chan. She finally opened up more to him, she stopped being so jumpy around him and she finally started addressing him properly. That is a lot of progress for a girl who just lost her parents. Luckily he never had those kinds of problems with Miu or Hina, seeing as both of them already accepted him for who he is. Hell, Hina would be the least of his worries. Hina-chan would accept right about anybody, seeing as she’s still too young to understand these things, which is why she needs to be supervised at all times.

This is why I like this show. It’s complicated, dramatic and sad. Yes, but on the other hand it’s also very funny, beautiful and heart-warming. This show may have started out dramatically, but it’s turning into something very beautiful, just like with Usagi Drop. I will watch this show to the end, no matter what!

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