Apr 2, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 25

About time! I’m finally freed from Phi Brain after I make this post! Don’t get me wrong, the anime was pretty decent, but a total eyesore when you realize that it’s always the same. It’s always about puzzles, it’s always the same characters and it’s always the same outcome. It definitely doesn’t deserve a second season.

We continued where we left last week; with Kaito solving Luke’s puzzle. The objective was to get to Luke, on the “sun” as he calls it, by using the other “planets” as stepping stones. Those “planets” will crumble and fall after a certain period of time, and so will the sun after Kaito manages to find his way to it. But we all know Kaito by now, he doesn’t want anybody to die, which is why he found a way to temporarily stop the “sun” from falling, save Luke and get off of it before it finally falls down. The strategy behind it may have been interesting, but I lost interest when he suddenly asked Nonoha for some of her dangerous cuisine á la death. Really? This is how you’re going to end a show with twenty-five episodes?  Fine, it’s not really my place to judge anyway.

What pissed me off the most was how everyone welcomed Luke in to the group, as though nothing had ever happened between any of them. I don’t think many people realized it yet, seeing as I’ve seen some pretty obnoxious reviews about Phi Brain’s ending, but that’s fine. Everyone has an opinion and the right to express it, just like I am doing right now. It’s just that some of those people tend to take things a little bit too personally. They can’t forget that everyone is different. I may have dislikes this show, but I’m very certain that there are a lot of people out there that absolutely loved it.

It all comes down to this: I liked Phi Brain in the beginning. It was new, refreshing and pretty interesting. However, I soon got tired of it when nothing really changed throughout the show. There was a puzzle almost every week, and each and every one of those puzzles had the same predictable outcome. The humour in this show also became very dry and silly at one point. There’s one major thing that I would’ve changed about the show; that thing Kaito does with his eye and tongue, what is the point of that? It’s a show about deadly puzzles, yet the main character plays around like that? I won’t be recommending this show any time soon, sorry.

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Mar 20, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 24

Sigh… I’m really happy that Phi Brain is almost over. I hate dropping a show before it’s finished, but there were times where I really considered it. This week was one of those times. It was yet another one of those “WTF!?” episodes that didn’t make any sense.

The first half was by far the worst. Luke approached Kaito and invited him on a day out. Normally this would mean that Kaito would have to solve yet another puzzle, but it turned out that Luke was out of his mind, wanting to spend the day with Kaito as best friends. My latest recipe for “WTF Cake”: flour, eggs, salt, sugar, butter and this week’s episode of Phi Brain whilst you’re making and eating the cake. Seriously, what the hell? The weirdest part was that Kaito actually went through with it. He bought Luke food, drinks, a magazine, when they ended up remembering the past. The ratings slightly rose due to last week’s episode, but I’m guessing that they might just drop again after this week’s episode.

The second half wasn’t that bad, luckily. It seems that the final showdown is about to take place between Luke and Kaito. Kaito is a good guy, but I think that neither of them deserves to win. Kaito has been getting himself into trouble since the very beginning of the show. He could’ve just said now countless of times, so no sympathy for him when he loses, at least not from me.

I’m just happy that I managed to get through to this week’s episode. I expect next week’s episode to be better, seeing as it’s the season’s last and all, but I still think that it doesn’t deserve another season. It’s been the same boring puzzle-related crap ever since it started, there’s just no element of surprise anymore.

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Mar 13, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 23

Geez, watching Phi Brain really does feel like a chore. And it’s strange too, because this week’s episode wasn’t even that awful. Sure, the topic hasn’t changed one bit, but there were some nice little developments that might please some of the viewers.

We’re almost there, people! Just two more episodes and the first season is over. The few episodes leading to this may have been boring, but Kaito has finally been freed from his dreadful future. It started out with Anna and her paintings. Even I was a little bit surprised that Anna could see Kaito’s future through her paintings. However, it’s like Cubic said; “change some of the variables and you change the future”. Nothing is certain, because the future is what you make of it. Kaito should know this by now, because why else would he continue to solve all these puzzles, knowing that he could very well decline. What is POG going to do, shoot him in cold blood? I don’t think so.

Anyway, this week’s puzzle was given by Gammon, Kaito’s old friend. The objective was to call out numbers in order for beams to come out of the wall. They were supposed to use those beams to climb to the top. However, they can’t both stand on the same beam, because that would be against the puzzle’s rules. It was a boring little puzzle, but it helped Kaito a lot, apparently. He finally managed to get rid of his bracelet, Orpheus, whilst keeping those unique powers of his. I guess that he’s finally awaked now, seeing as he was in full control and managed to turn the game around in his favour. Kaito discovered a few weaknesses in the puzzle, and that led him to victory whilst saving Gammon from getting crushed by those beams.

Luke didn’t like it. He was mad when Kaito finally discarded that godforsaken bracelet. That was the point during this episode when I finally started enjoying myself. Sure, the scene probably didn’t even last a minute, but I enjoyed watching Luke squirm like a little girl. Dance monkey boy, dance, huh? Not Kaito, not anymore. Not a moment too soon either, because I was really getting fed up by Kaito and his unnecessary obedience to him.

Just two episodes left. I can make it. I will make it! Watching Phi Brain has really been dreadful. It’s not because I’m not a big fan of puzzles. I think it’s more because of the fact that other shows, better shows are ending as well, but that Phi Brain, a show that has been doing a lot worse in ratings, is granted a second. Perhaps that’s what caused me to dislike the show more than normal, who knows?

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Mar 6, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 22

It’s once gain time for our weekly dose of boring puzzles. The fun is completely gone for me, so I’m just watching in order to write something about. I have stopping in the middle of things, so here goes nothing…

This week’s episode was, I assume, supposed to be very exciting and ‘fresh’. However, I didn’t care for it at all. In fact; I knew what would happen most of the time. I knew that Luke was a Phi Brain Child, I knew Nonoha would continue to follow Kaito around, I knew Kaito would never change his mind, and I also knew that Baron and Jin were friends at one point. I also knew that Baron was a Giver and Jin a Solver. This is nothing new, absolutely not. This predictability is what’s killing the show’s ratings, there’s just no more surprise. Can you imagine how boring a show about puzzles can be without any surprise? My god…

During this episode we came to learn that a man, “Baron of Pythagoras”, was the one controlling the POG until half a year ago, when Luke took control. This Baron wanted to obtain these godly scrolls, no matter what the cost. He ordered Jin to do it when he was young, but Jin saw the future and decided to quit the POG. Jin and Baron (the school’s old principle) soon formed an alliance in order to seek and destroy these scrolls, hoping it would save the world from annihilation. Not entirely new, seeing as I was aware of the fact that Luke was in control. There has never been anyone else during these past few episodes; it was all Luke’s work.

Then came the move obvious bit. Kaito, when confronted by Luke, had yet another vision where he finally saw the identity of the man that destroyed the world. It turned out to be Kaito himself. This came as no surprise to me. It had to be him, who else could it be? Luke is good, but he’s nowhere near as good as Kaito. Kaito is destined to defeat Luke, obtain those godly scrolls and destroy the world after losing control of himself.

Like I said; the story is predictable. I have never read the Phi Brain manga, never. And yet I knew exactly what was going to happen. That’s not good, not good at all. Shows like these rely on mystery, unexpected twists and complicated, yet understandable puzzles. What a shame…

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Feb 28, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 21

Here we go again with all the deadly puzzles. I just took a peek at the show’s ratings, my god… They are at an all-time low. I also noticed that nobody actually discusses Phi Brain anymore, that use to be different, at least in the beginning anyway. Just a few more episodes though, I’ll make it through somehow.

The episode focusses on Kaito’s awakening as a Phi Brain Child. He seems to be accelerating even quicker now. Every time he enters that state he just loses control. He can no longer see the people around them, he can no longer hear their voices, hell; de doesn’t even know they exist at that point. You have to be pretty messed up if you reach that point. Also, he seems to be solving puzzles in record time, which would be a clear sign of his accelerated awakening. Luke seems to be having the time of his life, bastard. I seriously can’t stand those types of characters.

Anyway… Things just keep getting worse for Kaito. He is constantly neglecting his friends, telling them to keep away. These are the times when you actually need the, but no, not Kaito. He just keeps pushing them further away as they try to help him more and more. It’s a good thing that they don’t listen, as they just keep coming back for him. He’s lucky to have friends like them.

I have been wondering about one thing though. Why does he keep accepting these puzzles? Sure, he has that “I’m going to solve each and every puzzle” mentality, but he has the option to decline. Take this episode for example; none of his friends were held hostage, Gammon was nowhere to be found, he would accomplish anything by solving it and his state only got worse by solving it. I do not pity him at all, he has only himself to blame for accepting to solve all these ridiculous puzzles. No excuses!

However, I can’t say that they keep doing the same stuff over and over. They showed us something interest this time. It seems that Luke, who we all know is a Phi Brain Child as well, is awakening as well. Or maybe he already awakened? Either way; he’s there, his eye glows and he’s bad to the core. Kill him with fire! No seriously, kill him with fire!

Finally I would like to end this post by saying that I will continue posting when the second season arrives. Phi Brain was fun during the first few episodes, but it’s actually becoming pretty annoying. Watching this week’s Phi Brain episode almost felt like a chore, seriously. That just can’t be a good sign. Funny thing is; it’s not just me. I see many negative comments about Phi Brain, some true, some overreacted, but negative nonetheless. Shame…

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Feb 21, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 20

I see that Phi Brain has once again dropped in ratings. The show is barely hanging on to a weak seven, whilst other fan sites give the show a mere six. It really baffles me that Phi Brain will have a second season, despite the low ratings. I personally wouldn’t give this show a second season, I’d rather give it to Brave 10 or Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!

Still, they finally explained to us the purposes of Phi Brain, or to be more specific; what will happen when the divine puzzle gets solved. Short answer: don’t. It seems that whole world will come to an end when “a mere mortal” unleashes its unknown powers. And yet Phi Brain is still not listed under Sci-fi, super power or supernatural?

Anyway, the episode was pretty complicated as Kaito immediately started out with another one of Gammon’s deadly puzzles. What a surprise, another puzzle. Still, they managed to put a twist on this one by having Kaito lose this puzzle. It seems that Kaito was holding back by not using his bracelet, although his bracelet was pretty much active. He forced himself to make the wrong moves in order to, and I quote; “save the world”.

Luke was pretty damn happy about Kaito’s progress. He thinks that Kaito is accelerating rapidly, despite Kaito’s attempts to ignore the powers of his bracelet. Kaito is rapidly losing himself to this bracelet, that much is certain. However, Kaito is not the only one who’s changed. Gammon’s whole personality has changed during these last two – three episodes. That means that Kaito and the rest have lost a friend but gained an enemy, Elena lost herself a boyfriend and Miharu-chan lost herself a big brother. Everyone seems to have lost something. Yes… everyone except for the POG, who have gained another ‘soldier’ to fight for their cause.

I was planning on saying that it was another one of those pointless episodes, but we did learn a little bit more about this “divine puzzle”. Oh, and a little bit about Kaito’s bracelet, Orpheus. Either way; Kaito is pretty much alone. Nonoha wants to help him, but that can prove to be quite the difficult task. Hell, it can prove to be lethal if she’s not careful. There’s one thing I’m confused about. We have established that the divine puzzle isn’t for mortals, right? Kaito knows this as well, plus he’s seen what’ll happen when a mortal solves that puzzle. So why is it that he still wants to solve that puzzle, knowing that no mortal can handle its secrets? That’s just strange…

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Feb 14, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 19

You know, I noticed something today. I was watching Phi Brain and came to realize that I wasn’t actually enjoying it anymore. I was just sitting here, watching the show with blank expression on my face. I used to like this show, which is why I started writing about it, but it has become dull. Also, I see that the ratings have dropped significantly as well. I can’t imagine why they would grant this show another season, seeing as people don’t find the show exciting anymore.

Anyway, this episode starts with Gammon’s cute little sister paying Kaito a visit. Apparently she’s really worried about him. He hasn’t come home, he hasn’t called, but he just mailed her a cheque so that she can maintain herself financially. That guy has completely lost it, but then again… so has Kaito. Things will only take a turn for the worse if Kaito doesn’t get rid of that bracelet of his. It’s playing with his mind.

Meanwhile Gammon is trying to prove himself to the POG. I guess he’s really serious about joining the POG in order to defeat Kaito. He may talk negatively about Kaito, but he is no different; constantly obsessed with being the best, that’s just too self-destructive. I doubt that he has forgotten about the times he almost died at the hands of those POG Giver’s. He’s trying to become the very thing that tried to kill him over and over again.

This week’s puzzle was a race. Not just a race. Each player, that would be Gammon and Bishop, gets 10 moves. The first move gets reverted to normal as soon as you use more than ten moves. The objective was to use the laser on the front of your motorcycle to hit the back of your opponent’s motorcycle. It was a pretty complicated puzzle, but it gets easier as soon as you understand its basics. Gammon almost got trapped, but he managed to figure out a way to defeat his opponent.

I guess Gammon is now officially a POG Giver, now that he has taken up Luke’s offer. Things will only go downhill from here on out. The, ahem, “puzzle queen” couldn’t do much for Kaito. He’s about to be consumed by his bracelet if someone doesn’t help him. Oh, and by someone I don’t mean Nonoha. She may be sweet and her intentions may be good, but he’s pretty useless when it comes to situations like these. She’ll only end up getting killed if she’s not careful.

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Feb 7, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 18

Finally had time to watch the new Phi Brain episode, but my god, isn’t the story becoming a little bit too dramatic? I understand that a second season has been approved, and that they probably want to build up in order to end the first season with a huge question mark, but come on…

The episode starts with the whole group falling apart. Cubic and Ana no longer hang around Kaito anymore, both of them just focus on themselves as they continue their daily activities. My mommy always told me that it’s not polite to point your finger(s) at others, but mine finger is pointed directly at Luke, my middle finger that is. It was his plan all along to separate Kaito from his friends, merely to create “the ultimate Phi Brain child”.

Nuts. However, in this episode we learned that Gammon, believe it or not, as a bit of a rare case. You see, Gammon has the ability to make as well as solve puzzles on a very high level. It appears that not many people can do that, so he’s one of those, ahem, “rare” exceptions. Naturally this only ended up boosting that arrogant ego of his. It even came to the point where he actually ordered Nonoha and Kaito to stop seeing each other, because he thinks that only bad things can come of it.

I was watching, thinking that Gammon was just bluffing, until he challenged Kaito to a puzzle that he created. That puzzle of his was pretty sweet, as it sort of reminded me of a game I used to play as a child. This week’s puzzle was to trap one another. Both the Giver and Solver participate in this puzzle, trying to trap one another in a single square. The only way to win is to trap your opponent in one of those squares before he traps you. Oh, and did I mention that the loser gets blown to pieces? Yeah… Gammon is funny like that, I guess.

It comes as no surprise that Kaito won, seeing as he still has that magical bracelet of his.  It was Gammon’s diagnose that Kaito loses control of his emotions and whatnot due to that bracelet’s power. Kaito’s bracelet once again activated, but he did not kill Gammon, which would, in theory, indicate that Kaito has at least some control over that mysterious power.

Okay, so they had a quarrel, after which they ended up fighting one another… isn’t that what (good) friends usually do? Boys will be boys, but why in the hell would Gammon decide to join the POG, the same organization that tried to kill him as well as all of his friends. It does not make sense, not one bit. Sure, he has Kaito as a rival, so I could understand that he would want to beat him, but never would I have guessed that he would become part of the POG. But that’s just me, I for one would never join any kind of organization that was hell bent on killing me and my friends, but perhaps I’m just crazy here. Still, it’s an interesting twist in the story, so I’m rather curious about how the story is going to develop from here on out. One thing is certain; Nonoha is not leaving Kaito’s side, at least not yet.

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