Jan 31, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 17

Wow, so they finally decided to tell us a little bit more about Kaito’s past, huh? I was waiting for this, which is why I enjoyed watching this episode. It was a little bit infuriating at times, but this episode generally turned out pretty good.

The episode starts with yet another challenged slammed against Kaito. You know how he is; he never walks away from a challenge. But this time it was the same puzzle that killed his parents all those years ago. Once they arrived they met up with the principle who expected their arrival. Now we know why he couldn’t be found at school.

I couldn’t believe what happened next. He finally came clean about everything. About how he and Souji are POG givers, about how his parents were with the POG as well, but it didn’t end there. It became a lot more complicated when it turned out that Kaito and his deceased parents weren’t actually blood related. It seems that they were merely taking care of Kaito in order to raise him as a Phi Brain child. He has been solving puzzles ever since he was a little boy, and it’s all thanks to the POG. I guess having a normal childhood is overrated in their world, huh?

Baron revealed every little detail about his parents, the POG and about Jin, who’s apparently being held captive by the POG. Kaito didn’t waste time, as he still decided to solve that dangerous puzzle. What surprised me here is that he made it look like it was easy. Sure, he used his bracelet’s powers, but he still solved it without hesitating, without stopping and without thinking things over. That has got to count for something.

You can definitely tell that this season is nearing its end, which is why I expect to see a lot of action in the next couple of episodes. I’m rather curious about the season’s ending, after all; it’s going to have to be good enough to make people want to come back for the second season. Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

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Jan 23, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 16

Here we go yet again with another twenty minutes of Phi Brain, a show where deadly puzzles lay waiting around almost every corner. Phi Brain used to be very popular in the beginning, well… I wouldn’t actually call it popular, but people liked it. But the ratings have dropped a lot these last few weeks. The show now has a measly 6.5 to 7 max. It’s not very surprising, as there have been very few exciting scenes lately. What surprised me most of all is that this show will actually get a second season.

The show started out pretty normally, well, as normal as it can get. The group was in Italy, trying to relax and whatnot. You notice right away that Kaito is still in a slump over Luke. Seriously, that guy will pouch over anything. Things have been very tense recently; Cubic is still on edge, Kaito has been down, Gammon is angry at himself, but luckily Nonoha and Anna stayed the same. I don’t know what would have been if it weren’t for Nonoha and Anna.

Gammon, Nonoha and Anna decided to go for a Gondola ride in order to experience a little bit of what Italy has to offer. This quickly turned for the worse when the man operating the Gondola turned out to be a POG Giver. It’s a good thing that Nonoha and Anna were gone, as things would’ve been far worse if they got involved too.

This week’s puzzle was a difficult one. The objective was to ride the Gondola through all of the five designated gates. Gammon had to pass each and every gate within the designated time limit. Pass all five gates and you win. Too bad it wasn’t as easy and it sounds, for you see; the Gondola couldn’t make sharp turns without getting damaged, so Gammon had to plan his turns carefully in order to reach all the gates without sinking the Gondola.

It all went pretty smoothly until Gammon stood face to face with fifth and final gate. There were no turns wide enough for him to reach the fifth gate, which is why this puzzle was banned. Kaito arrived in the nick of time to take control of the Gondola. You see, it was getting dark outside and the tide was rising, allowing Kaito to make a turn that the Gondola normally couldn’t make. It took Kaito a few seconds and a little bit of help from his bracelet to figure this out.

So now both of them made it out alive after clearing the puzzle, but are they really the winners here? After all; they have keep solving puzzle after puzzle. It will never end if it goes on like this. I just hope that Souji managed to obtain some useful information in his chess match against Luke, because things will only go downhill if they keep getting more and more puzzles.

The episode was pretty much the same as any other; face a little bit of drama, a slight hint of comedy as the characters interact with one another and yet another deadly puzzle to finalize this week’s episode. Like I said; I used to be pretty excited when watching Phi Brain, but that has been slowly declining now. There’s almost never anything new, especially since look revealed his true self to Kaito. Oh well, I’m sure that they’re going to pull out something good out of their arsenal in order for people to come back to watch their second season. Let us just see what happens next, okay?

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Jan 17, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 15

Alright, one final post before bed shouldn’t be a problem. I wanted to do this one now because I’m a day behind on it. But, after completing this post, I can finally say that I’m once again on schedule and that I have regained my normal pace.

Anyway, Kaito’s last few days have been chaotic ones. He discovered Luke’s true personality, he got hospitalized whilst solving those puzzles and he might just end up losing a friend or two. Sure, Kaito got released from the hospital, but he couldn’t get Luke out of his head. His friends ended up cheering him up, or at least they tried to, but it didn’t really have any effect.

Kaito was enraged by what he discovered, especially since it came to light that they have been pursuing his friends as well. He decided to get out of bed, get dressed and head out to find Luke. He went to Luke’s old room, hoping he would find clues. It turns out that he practically lived his entire life in captivity, spending his days trying to think of new puzzles. It’s Kind of sad when you think about it.

Neither Kaito nor his friends could continue their lives peacefully. It was only a matter of time before yet another POG Giver approached them to hand out yet another puzzle. This week’s puzzle was interesting.  They had a copy of Stonehenge in the shape of the moon. The objective was to find the correct route by using the moonlight. Find the correct route and you leave the puzzle, leave the puzzle and you’ve solved it.

Ana, the idiot who got trapped inside the puzzle, managed to find the one spot where he would be safe when the stones came falling down. It’s a good thing too, a few seconds later and he would’ve been dead thanks to Cubic and his weird inventions. It seems that Luke wasn’t always bad, he used to be a good kid before all of those scientists messed with his head.

I bet Kaito noticed it too. He’s bound to show some compassion towards him now, that’s part of this character’s personality. Still, we haven’t yet discovered whether or not Kaito is or isn’t a Phi Brain Child, so there’s a lot more to come!

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Jan 12, 2012

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Phi Brain episode 14

I’m sorry it took me so long to write this post, but I’ve been rather busy lately. I had to write all those Winter Anime posts, also known as first impressions, and I had to work on the site after I obtained a more recent copy of my database. It’ll be another day or two before I’m back to my usual pace.

Anyway, let’s get started! Kaito finally discovered Luke’s true nature. But, he had to pay a very big price in order to find out. He now lies unconscious in the hospital while his friends argue about what to do next. Seriously, it’s a big mess right now, especially since Cubic decided to go out on his own in order to, and I quote; “avenge Kaito”.

The others hadn’t realized Cubic’s intentions, which is why it was easy for him to sneak out like that. He rushed towards the specified location, which turned out to be an abandoned military base, only to find a trap waiting for him. Come now, don’t tell me that you weren’t expecting this?

It seems that the POG’s plan wasn’t to lure Cubic in for one of their deadly puzzles, but merely to give him and his friends a warning. The fact that it turned into a puzzle was merely because of Cubic’s annoying attitude.

This week’s puzzle was a mathematical one. He had to multiply the numbers, but he had to find the right numbers to multiply, for he couldn’t have the same number in a row. It’s been well established that Cubic is a genius, but is he really capable of solving these puzzles all on his own? We’ll see.

Meanwhile Kaito finally woke up, but he was already planning to go after Luke. It’s a good thing that his friends stopped him in time, or he would’ve definitely gone after him.

Cubic had a pretty big surprise waiting for him. Sure, he managed to beat the puzzle, but it turns out that Luke made that puzzle at the age of five. The humiliation in Cubic’s eyes when he found out was pretty fun to see. His attitude towards Kaito will probably change now, especially after realizing how insignificant he is.

I didn’t expect to see yet another puzzle this week, after all; Kaito was hurt pretty badly. They sure showed me. Still, I cannot help but wonder what’s going to happen next. Kaito doesn’t strike me as the type of guy that holds grudges. I just hope that he won’t forgive Luke after all the things that he’s done, that would be pretty weak.

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Dec 26, 2011

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Phi Brain episode 13

Well, so much for Christmas. I hope you all had a great time these last few days! I still cannot see why Phi Brain got twenty-five episodes and Mashiro-Iro Symphony only twelve. I would rather have watched a lot more of Mashiro-Iro Symphony, but I guess that’s just me.

The episode continues as we’re about to see how Kaito is going to get himself out of this mess. He found himself in a deadly maze where one false step could prove to be fatal. It sort of pissed me off when Luke was lying there, pretending to be unconscious in order to trick Kaito. Makes me want to believe in god so I can shout; “Smite him, smite him now!”

As I said just now, this week’s puzzle is a deadly maze. Kaito’s objective is to get to Luke by using the elevators and pathways. Kaito, after having almost lost his arm, finally reaches Luke. It really pissed me off, even his “wakening” was annoying. He had the audacity to pretend to be unconscious and wake up as though he had a headache.

It seems that Kaito isn’t the only Phi Brain candidate. Anna, Cubic and Gammon are possible Phi Brain Children as well. Kaito himself is pretty convinced that he’s not, but the others are pretty certain, because he has that bracelet and all…

The truth finally came to light! It seems that Luke bears genuine hatred towards Kaito. That’s merely because their old mentor, according to Luke, favored Kaito over him, merely because, like himself, Kaito was a Solver.  It’s pretty pathetic when you think about it, after all; Luke is hung up on something that may or may not have happened during his childhood.

Meanwhile the puzzle gets even harder when the room gets filled with a sea of fire. This triggered the powers of Orpheus, the bracelet around his arm. Kaito, thanks to that bracelet, figured out a loophole in this puzzle and took advantage of it. He seemed to have solved it, when suddenly Luke shows up, claiming that there’s no exit, even though Kaito solved it.

Luke finally revealed his true self. He admitted that he, and he alone, was behind all the Kenja Puzzles that kaito solved so far. I cannot believe that Kaito was so surprised, he should’ve known by now. All the Kenja Puzzles he solved so far, or at least many of them, were the puzzles that he solved for Luke when both of them were children.

The episode ended pretty badly for Kaito. He was a little bit hurt and just lost his so-called friend. And, to top it all off, he now must clear yet another puzzle in order to become this alleged Phi Brain Child.

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Dec 20, 2011

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Phi Brain episode 12

Sorry about the delay, I finished my work later than expected, as there was more than I had imagined. Still, how many people can say that they are capable of watching and writing about anime after they finished their tasks at hand? Then again, I am somewhat self-employed, so there’s no one to tell me otherwise.

Phi Brain is starting to get a little bit creepy. That Luke is completely obsessed with Kaito and his bracelet. We all know that Kaito’s going to get in trouble, we just don’t know how. Is it just me, or does Phi Brain, because nothing new happens, seem a little bit less exciting?

I don’t think I can say that nothing new ever happens, especially since Luke finally appeared in front of Kaito. I’m not sure his name is actually Luke though, because it sounds more like “Rook” when Kaito says it. All the anime sources say that it’s Luke, so I’m sticking with it. What bothers me here is that Baron and Souji clearly know of his true identity, that Luke’s actually a POG boss.  I doubt, after all that I’ve seen so far, that either one of them is going to tell that to Kaito.

This episode also had a great deal of scenes about their past. It’s always nice to know more about a character’s background, but I find that this information wasn’t all that helpful. It almost looked like, although from my point of view, Luke was trying to “prepare” Kaito for something. Either way; it’s clear that Luke is no friend of his, not anymore.

Kaito, after having traveled back with Luke to their old school, encounters yet another Kenja Puzzle on the school grounds. It kind of pissed me off how Luke continued with his lies, how he deliberately deceived Kaito all this time. That little weasel quickly ran off to safety before the puzzle started, leaving Kaito behind, running for dear life.

Kaito has solved many Kenja Puzzles so far, but not one of these. This puzzle is special, because it was specifically designed to test the abilities of “Phi Brain children.”

Kaito is going to have to face his toughest puzzle yet. We’ll see whether or not he is capable of solving next week’s puzzle. My prediction; he’ll solve it in the nick of time with the use of this bracelet’s powers. Let’s see if I’m right, shall we?

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Dec 13, 2011

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Phi Brain episode 11

I’ve been busy all day. I was hoping to write the next post from my new laptop, but unfortunately it hadn’t arrived yet. That really sucks, I hate the mail and package services here, as they always take many days for your stuff to arrive.

Anyway, we continue with Phi Brain. I must say that this week’s episode started out weirder than ever, for a second there I thought I was watching some kind of Japanese power rangers. I’m so glad I was wrong, it just turned out to be some film set where Kaito and his friends just happened to “work” together with the self-proclaimed puzzle queen.

I’m pretty sure that if that POG big-shot was apprehended, that things would return back to normal, or as normal as it could get. He was trying to get Antoinette to make yet another Kenja Puzzle, hoping it would finally defeat Kaito.

Kaito and his friends got dragged into yet another puzzle. This week’s puzzle is a three dimensional one, it’s objective is to place the pieces of the puzzle in the correct order. Everything has to fit perfectly, all the spots have to be filled, leaving no gaps left unfilled. Kaito was actually surprised that his friends got dragged in to it, as if that’s something new. That’s pretty naïve for such a smart guy, if you ask me.

They managed to put most of it together with the help of Kaito and Cubic.  But Kenja Puzzles are never really fair, and this week’s puzzle is no exception. Antoinette used some sort of flying gizmo that restricted their movements.  But that wasn’t the end of it, because that POG big-shot decided to interfere again by releasing flying grenades onto the field. Kaito and the rest quickly countered by using Cubic’s invention as a weapon.

Kaito’s bracelet once again activated, giving him superhuman abilities in order to solve puzzles. He barely made it by guiding everyone through it, but it’ll only get harder from here. Next week’s puzzle will just be as hard, if not harder.

That big-shot finally got apprehended because he failed again. It seems that Luke is finally going to take things into his own hands. I’m a little bit excited about next week’s episode, but just a little bit!

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Dec 6, 2011

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Phi Brain episode 10

Sorry for falling behind guys. I planned on doing this post earlier today, but a lot of stuff suddenly came up. People had me riding all over town, looking for Christmas items and whatnot. But where’s my reward? It’s nowhere to be found.

Anyway, I just finished watching this episode, and I must say that the opening was the weirdest so far. Apparently a fourteen year old Idol is nowadays known as a “Puzzle Queen” of sorts. Either way; Kaito likes her puzzles. I think Nonoha mistook his interest in her puzzles as a sign of interest in Antoinette, the self-proclaimed puzzle queen.  I don’t think she has any say in it though; she has yet to confess her love for him.

Meanwhile Gammon is playing some sort of dual player Tetris game against Antoinette. He somewhat kidnapped her, although with good intentions, to keep her away from a dozen of men in suits, who wanted to take her somewhere. Great, the only thing that was missing here was an army of Lolicons.

Things got a lot more complicated when Antoinette joined the POG, or perhaps she already was a member, who knows? Either way; she has taken an interest to Gammon, probably because she can get to Kaito by using him. She gave Gammon an invitation to do one of her puzzles, knowing that Kaito and Nonoha would came as well. Those three are always together when it comes to solving puzzles. Hell, they’re always together at school too.

The Kenja Puzzle they came to solve was a tricky one, most of them usually are. The solvers were given no less than five minutes to solve the puzzle before they all fall down and die.  The week’s objective was to rescue Gammon and Nonoha by placing the key pieces on the right spots. Each piece has its own color, just like each spot has its own color. They were also given the option to sacrifice one another in order to advance safely.

Things started getting better for Kaito when both of his friends said they trusted his judgment. Antoinette was a bit surprised, probably because this puzzle relies on the solver’s mental state. The chances of solving it become less likely when the solver is under a lot of stress.  That’s with most things, you can’t perform properly if you are under a lot of stress, that’s what made this puzzle so hard.

Kaito managed to solve the puzzle at the very last moment by using the powers of his bracelet. I smiled big time when I saw that POG big shot get furious because yet another one of his Givers failed to bring down Kaito. I can’t say too much though, as Kaito wouldn’t be that much of a threat if he didn’t have that bracelet, it saved him more times than I can remember.

This week’s episode was pretty funny. I hope Antoinette becomes a regular character, it’d be nice to see something happen between her and Gammon, although she’s younger than him.

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