Jun 30, 2012

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Sankarea episode 12

Man, what a strange final episode. It doesn’t even feel like the end. There is so much ground left to cover, so I honestly refuse to believe that this is it. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that we can expect a second season. The manga as well as the anime have been doing pretty well in Japan, so it’s only a matter of time before we get some more Sankarea content.

I felt pretty strange as I started watching this episode. I saw Rea-chan continuing her life alongside Chihiro. That’s just too strange. I guess I’m having trouble believing that Rea’s father is really ‘done’ with her. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had actually shown up again during this episode, hoping to take his beloved daughter back home with him. But no, no such thing happened.

We witnessed as Rea continued her new life in the Furuya household. I noticed that the rest of Chihiro’s family, mainly his father, had gotten a bit interested in Rea. They all commented on the fact that Rea-chan only eats those leaves, doesn’t go to school or doesn’t even act like a normal teenage girl. This just makes things a whole lot more complicated for Chihiro and Rea.

The reason why I can’t acknowledge this episode as an ending is actually pretty simple; it doesn’t end anything. It ended with Rea losing control again and forcing herself upon the powerless Chihiro, giving him some sort of bloody kiss in the progress. But Rea and Baabu are still imperfect zombies, so nothing has actually been solved. What happened to the messed up relationship between him and Ranko? What about Rea’s father? Surely he’s doing something in America to help his daughter survive this dreadful curse. Not to mention the little side story involving his unfulfilled wife. Whatever happened to that?

There’s just so much more ground to cover. That is why I cannot believe that this is the end. There has got to be more. Whether it’s a second season or a couple of OVA’s, it does not matter. Things just need to be explained properly for a good story to end well. This story has yet to end. The story ended with the story completely unfinished. For now I’ll just keep my ears to the ground and see what happens on the Sankarea front. There’s not much else that I can do to be honest.

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Jun 23, 2012

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Sankarea episode 11

Okay, this was the weirdest episode yet. What the hell is wrong with Chihiro? In fact, what the hell is wrong with Rea? The story has just taken a very strange turn into a very strange direction. It makes the possibility of a second season a whole lot smaller.

Chihiro is still being held captive by Rea’s father, Rea is still a zombie, Rea’s mother is still sexually frustrated and Rea’s father is still the same old psychopath. Not much has changed, really. It’s just that the story has taken a strange turn when Rea, Chihiro and Rea’s father got together in the same room. Sure, her father had pierced Chihiro’s stomach with that fencing sword of his, but that’s alright. He didn’t feel the pain at first because of Rea’s poison. Now, that’s not the strangest part. The strange part was when they all started taking and Rea’s father actually gave them permission to live together. Seriously? After all they’ve been through?

Hell, I’m pretty sure that Rea’s father is aware of his daughter’s current predicament. He is aware that she’s a zombie with very little time left. We mustn’t forget that it was Chihiro who brought her back with his potion, so in theory he is also has the best chance of saving her life. Things would be so much easier for him if his grandfather could help. If only his memories wasn’t as messed up as Rea’s father…

Frankly, I’m rather curious as to how this is going to end. I have yet to hear anything about a second season. Sure, the ratings have been pretty good, but there are many other factors than just ratings. I like Rea, I really do, but I think I would rather see him end up with Ranko, even though they’re cousins. It’s a very complicated and vicious love triangle, but hey… There are always losers where there are winners.

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Jun 9, 2012

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Sankarea episode 10

About time! I have been waiting for two weeks to watch this episode. I should’ve seen it last week, if it weren’t for that ridiculous side-story. This episode made me look at the Sanka family from a whole different perspective, including Rea’s stepmother, whom is just as twisted as her father.

So we all know that Rea’s father kidnapped Chihiro and is planning to kill him. The man is completely insane and will do practically anything to get his daughter back. Then again, his wife isn’t that sane either. She threw herself at Chihiro, hoping he would satisfy her sexual urges. I know she was drunk, but that’s no excuse. She is completely insane, and her husband is the one that pushed her towards insanity. I was surprised to see Chihiro so cool and composed. I would’ve screamed, struggled and done everything else in my power to get away from that psychotic family. No wonder that Rea has been dying to get out (literally).

It seems that Rea’s father has always had a thing for under aged girls, even as a young(er) man. The fact that he married a crippled fifteen year old girl proves that. The fact that he is so obsessed by his teenage daughter proves that’s he’s still going at it. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before his wife gets fed up with him and stabs him to death or something like that. You ignore wife to go after your daughter? That’s an automatic death sentence in my opinion.

Rea realized that her father was behind the kidnapping, but what will she do? She still probably hasn’t fully realized her monstrous strength. If only she used that strength of hers to free Chihiro from the clutches of her wretched family. I’m pretty sure that she disowned them emotionally, so all that’s left is to cut the link that connects her to her family and live the rest of the life alongside Chihiro.

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Jun 2, 2012

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Sankarea episode 09

This episode was just one giant kick in the nuts. I was curious as hell when Chihiro got abducted by those men. I have been waiting patiently all week. I even woke up extra early just to watch this week’s episode of Sankarea, only to find out soon after that this week’s episode was just another side story.

I wanted to know what was going to happen to Chihiro and Rea, but got a dose of Mero instead. Seriously, she’s a cute girl, but I had no desire to know what she does on a day to day basis, unless it somehow involves Chihiro or Rea. Okay, okay… I liked the fact that, although in her eyes only, she seems to think that Rea-chan resembles her mother a lot. I have never seen Mero-chan as shy as that, so I admit that I enjoyed that part, but that was pretty much it. I was too disappointed to enjoy much else.

I sat here watching with a grouchy face as I saw Mero-chan and her friends interact with their teacher, whom apparently keeps her bet crocodile with her at all times. The fact that the main story got substituted with this was the hardest pill to swallow. I’m not saying that the episode was bad. I’m just saying that it betrayed all my expectations.

Wanted to see the events revolving Chihiro, Rea and Rea’s father, but got this instead. That was not funny, not funny at all. I can only hope that they will resume the story next week. I’m just happy that the total amount of episodes for this anime is still unknown. The anime could have twenty-four episodes for all we know.

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May 26, 2012

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Sankarea episode 08

Good episode, very good episode. I really enjoyed this week’s episode of Sankarea. Rea-chan’s father really regressed mentally ever since Rea left him. He was a sick, perverted psychopath, but he transformed into a psychopathic paedophile king. He was completely willing to kill people in order to get Rea back.

Chihiro continued with his plan to monitor each and every one of Rea-chan’s moments. Her eating, relaxing, reading, you name it. He wants to learn more about zombies in order to perfect that potion. Rea-chan will regress at one point, which means that she will still die at one point. Chihiro just wanted to ensure that she enjoys herself as much as she can. He’s still looking for a perfected version of that potion, but it doesn’t seem like he’s made any progress. He’s just keeping a close eye on her behaviour, hoping that he might get a clue on how to perfect that potion. I think it would’ve gone much faster if he could find a way to help his grandfather with his memory instead.

Chihiro and Rea went shopping at one point, and that’s when it got nasty. They were being followed by three men, men that were sent by Rea’s father to either get Rea or Chihiro. Unfortunately, Rea-chan was way too strong for them now, so they couldn’t possibly apprehend her without getting killed. That’s why they kidnapped Chihiro instead, probably to use him as bait to lure Rea-chan back home, after which they will probably end up killing Chihiro.

The episode sounds pretty complicated, but it couldn’t possibly be any simpler. Rea’s father is insane, sends people to kidnap either his daughter or her boyfriend, but Rea-chan has become way too strong for normal human beings, so they took her boyfriend instead as bait. I see a way out of this; get Rea to tear each and every one of his men apart, save Chihiro and make her father suffer a lot for everything he did to her, her family and her friends.

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May 19, 2012

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Sankarea episode 07

Hmm, not quite what I had in mind, but it turned out to be a very amusing episode. I was pretty convinced that this episode would’ve been about Rea-chan and her inability to control her monstrous strength. Still, I’m pretty satisfied. It was a lot of fun to learn more about Chihiro and Ranko’s past.

I’m pretty sure that everyone already knew that Chihiro was obsessed by zombies ever since he was a little boy, but how well do we really know him? We learned that he used to be bullied by the same people that envy him today. Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? Nerds get beaten up a lot in school, but they are usually the ones that end up successful in life.

Chihiro wasn’t really that much different. It’s too soon to say whether or not he will become successful, but he’s on the right path. He understands the human body to a certain degree and he’s always anxious to learn more. Mind you, I sure as hell wouldn’t want someone like that as my doctor. I’d probably return with stitches all over my body.

It seems that Ranko-chan has been wrestling with her feelings for Chihiro for years now. I knew that she had feelings for him, but come on… How could you feel that way about a person for that many years and not do something about it? They are pretty darn close too. But what Ranko-chan couldn’t do in all those yours, Rea-chan did in only a couple of days. I can imagine how that would hurt.

There’s one thing that puzzles me though. Those two, Ranko and Chihiro, are cousins. Is it legal for cousins to get ‘together’ in Japan? I’d say that it’s more than just frowned upon, and still I wish her the best. I’m definitely rooting for her, despite the fact that it may (or may not) be against the law. Things will only get more complicated from here on out, especially since Ranko declared ‘war’ against Rea-chan over Chihiro.

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May 12, 2012

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Sankarea episode 06

Well, well, well… It’s about time that Chihiro realized what was going on. I’m willing to bet that at least nine tenth of the viewer’s knew that she had to eat a little bit of those flowers in order to regain her sanity. I wanted to say that it’s better late than never, but that kind of changes when you are dealing with a zombie that could very well tear you to pieces.

It is all good. Rea-chan regained her consciousness when she ate a little bit of that plant. It’s kind of strange that Baabu, Chihiro’s zombie cat, had to show her the way. It’s even stranger that Chihiro’s father allowed Rea to stay at their place. But the cherry on top was when Chihiro’s grandfather suddenly remembered a few things about that resurrection potion. First and foremost; it’s far from being perfect. The subject, in this case Rea-chan, has to keep eating those poisonous flowers and get a lot of exorcize in order to slow down the deterioration process. Secondly; Chihiro will now have to monitor Rea’s situation closely whilst looking for a way to perfect that potion.

Things just got a lot more complicated. Chihiro now knows that time is of the essence, Rea-chan doesn’t realize her own super strength, and poor Rank-chan is in denial about her feelings towards Chihiro, which will only cause things to get even worse. Feelings can wait, teaching Rea how to use that strength of hers in a controlled state should be a much higher priority right about now. One good punch and she could destroy houses.

What a great episode this was. I really, really enjoyed watching it. I know that some parts are a little bit predictable, like Rea having to eat those flowers to maintain her sanity, but I don’t mind. I honestly don’t mind that these little things a bit obvious, which is strange for me. I normally dislike it when I can predict important pieces of the story before they even happen. Anyway, I’m guessing that Rea-chan’s family will force themselves back into her life during the next episode. We’ll see…

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May 5, 2012

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Sankarea episode 05

Woohoo, it’s zombie time again! I knew that something like this was going to happen, I just knew it. The ratings for this anime have been rising through the roof during these past two to three weeks, and that’s not surprise; this anime is really popular.

We all know that Rea-chan wasn’t feeling all too well. Chihiro thought that she was just a little bit stuff due to the light and whatnot, and that she would be fine later on. What’s even more disturbing is that he knew she was hungry, and yet he wasn’t worried, despite him being a zombie expert. Zombies eat flesh, it’s that simple. He was under the impression that “real” zombies aren’t like those zombies in his movies. Oh boy, [insert tiresome expression here] really? That’s a pretty dumb way of thinking for someone who has seen probably every zombie movie ever made.

Still, life went on. We mustn’t forget that he is still just a teenager, and one with chores for that matter. He was doing his chores when he stumbled on something interesting. His senile grandfather may have been the one that wrote that book on how to turn living beings into zombies. That would’ve been very useful if he weren’t such a senile old goat, lol.

Oh, and yeah, I do use things like “lol” in my posts sometimes. I knew it’s not really that professional, but that’s because I’m not a pro. I’m still just your average anime fan. That’s what allows me to make these comments on anime’s like these. For example; I really think it’s strange that Chihiro, a boy that dedicated most of his life to zombie-related stuff, thinks that “real” zombies don’t actually eat flesh. Interesting…

Moving on… Things took a turn for the worse when Ranko-chan entered Chihiro’s room to borrow another zombie movie, but found a crazy Rea-chan instead. Well, well, well… Who could’ve possibly seen that coming? Oh wait, I did. I’ll admit that I didn’t expect that she would kiss him like that, but the ferocious grabbing, hugging and biting was something I foresaw.

I can’t wait to see what Chihiro’s going to do to solve this problem. However, I’m still a bit puzzled. His cat, Baabu, ate a bit of that plant near Rea-chan’s old home and he returned to normal (or as normal as it gets). Chihiro will probably end up figuring it out, run out to get it, and feed it to Rea, causing her to return to normal.

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