Jul 1, 2015

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Sidonia no Kishi 2 episode 12

Normally I’d be writing my Kekkai Sensen post right about now, but since it’s on a two week break and I don’t seem to have the ability to see into the future…. Well… it makes it hard for me to know what’ll happen. So yeah, the final Knights of Sidonia post will have to do.

[Ohys-Raws] Sidonia no Kishi Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki - 12 END (BS-TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_04.05_[2015.06.30_23.41.07]So this season ends once again. I am truly addicted to this show. The first season came as a breath of fresh air; the artwork was too weird, but I got used to it so quickly that I started laughing it after a few minutes. That’s why it’s no surprise that there’s already a third season planned. It hasn’t been announced yet, but several sources have reported that a third season is forthcoming. It’ll probably take at least another year for it to arrive, but it’s definitely coming. And yeah, things ended with a cliff-hanger so it stands to reason…

[Ohys-Raws] Sidonia no Kishi Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki - 12 END (BS-TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_16.43_[2015.06.30_23.41.30]Anyway, Nagate survived. He, as expected, got reinforcements and they ended up protecting him and his two friends from a huge swarm of Gauna. He only had that dagger since he ran out of ammunition last week. But hey, watching those mechs fire away was kind of cool, too. It’s a shame they didn’t came in for close combat.

But hey, I was wrong about the red Gauna. She was killed after all and part of her was captured. Well, maybe I wasn’t all wrong. There’s a chance she might get used for something or that she might escape and run amok again. Either way, we’ll just have to wait for the third season to see what happens next. I just hope that Nagate starts thinking for himself soon instead of aimlessly following people’s orders.

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Jun 25, 2015

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Sidonia no Kishi 2 episode 11

Knights of Sidonia is really stagnating right now. The insane predictability is killing most of the joy you get from watching. There were one or two scenes that were to my liking, but the rest was something that anyone could’ve foreseen.

[Leopard-Raws] Sidonia no Kishi - Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki - 11 RAW (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_22.13_[2015.06.24_23.25.12]So Nagate decided to save his friends and try out his improved mech to the max. Well, that’s nice. Watching him blast away all those Gauna was interesting and pretty entertaining. But that’s all that really mattered. They achieved what they came for; their friends. They seem to be okay so all that’s left is to leave that planet.

But yeah, that red Gauna was preventing them from leaving. Every time she seemed to be defeated when she pulled a fast one in order to survive. She did it in season one and she’s doing it now in season two. She may have infected Nagate’s mech now and she’ll probably escape again next week. This loop will continue.

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Jun 18, 2015

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Sidonia no Kishi 2 episode 10

There are only a few things that I want to say about this episode. I am running out of time today so it’s a good thing too. I just wish that things stopped being so incredibly predictable. It took me a while to notice, but a few weeks ago I started noticing a constantly recurring pattern.

[Ohys-Raws] Sidonia no Kishi Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki - 10 (BS-TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_19.03_[2015.06.17_23.45.25]Anyway, I’m a little disappointed that Nagate didn’t end up piloting that hybrid. That girl is always there because of that guy. He doesn’t trust Nagate enough to pilot the hybrid even though he’s letting them hang out because it helps to keep the hybrid in check. She now has friends so she wouldn’t do anything stupid with them around.

It was so predictable that they would provide Nagate with an upgraded mech, their so-called mark three. If Knights of Sidonia was as lengthy as Naruto or One Piece we’d be looking at a mark five by the end of the year. That’s how it goes in this show. It’s definitely not like your average Gundam series, where they apply upgrades gradually over time. Kinda predictable… Just like the return of that red Gauna.

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Jun 11, 2015

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Sidonia no Kishi 2 episode 09

What is with this week? A lot of shows suddenly air pointless episodes that make very little to no sense. I mean, first they give us that nonsense about Nagate having to do a mission at the cost of his life, which turns out to be an order for him to go on a date. What the hell?

[Ohys-Raws] Sidonia no Kishi Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki - 09 (BS-TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_07.06_[2015.06.10_23.21.45]I’m just coming straight to the point; that commander finished yet another new toy and she, being power-hungry and all, ordered four pilots to their deaths by sending them out on a suicide mission. Izana turned out to be one of the pilots and the chances of her returning alive is small, so I’m guessing that Nagate is going to interfere with the help of Tsumugi.

I’ll be honest; I would like to see Nagate pilot Tsumugi. Tsumugi may not need a pilot and she would probably do better without, but I think that she could do better if she takes Nagate with her. Izana and the rest of those poor pilots need help either way. There’s no way they can make it out alive without help from the looks of things.

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Jun 4, 2015

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Sidonia no Kishi 2 episode 08

Another uneventful Knights of Sidnonia episode… How sad. The episodes are running out and no one has yet noticed that some people have been infected by those parasites. They aren’t even close to defeating the Gauna yet.

[Ohys-Raws] Sidonia no Kishi Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki - 08 (BS-TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_00.09_[2015.06.03_23.34.11]I’ll keep this short and sweet; the best part of this episode was seeing Izana in that sexy dress. It’s a damn shame that all female characters don’t wear that kind of dress as their military outfit. That would’ve been great (for me). This may sound sad, but trust me; it’s a lot sadder than it sounds. To think that something like that was the best thing about an episode…

I’m kind of anxious to see Nagate pilot his chimera friend. The two have become pretty close during the past few episodes, so I’m pretty sure that Nagate would be able to ‘pilot’ her better than anyone else. That may never happen or maybe it will, I don’t know, but I just want to see some action and to have some of my questions answered already. It’s been a few weeks now since there was any real progress… I hope that’ll change now that Nagate’s life is on the line again.

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May 28, 2015

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Sidonia no Kishi 2 episode 07

Honestly, this episode doesn’t even deserve a full post. We all knew this was coming and I for one went “duh!” after it finished. I could’ve predicted this one from start to finish after how they ended the last episode.

[Ohys-Raws] Sidonia no Kishi Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki - 07 (BS-TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_17.49_[2015.05.27_23.42.44]Let’s face it; that weapon, created by a parasite-infected brat, ended up being more than they could handle. It went out of control after it kept absorbing more and more energy. So what happens? That’s right. The whole of Sidonia is alerted because a threat on their ship was detected. Mechs are sent out to fight it and the whole wheel of mayhem just goes round and round.

The threat sort of dealt with itself. And now? That guy is simply going to continue his experiments and that captain is going to let him because she’s so power-hungry. Nothing will change if nobody steps up and says and does something about it. Experiments will continue to fail until those people are stopped. Time will tell…

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May 22, 2015

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Sidonia no Kishi 2 episode 06

Okay, I’ve seen this week’s episode of Knights of Sidonia. Not very eventful, huh? Quite frankly; there’s really only one thing that I want to discuss at this point. Good thing I traded Ore Monogatari’s post yesterday. I’m short on time now and I would’ve hated to cut Ore Monogatari’s post short.

[Ohys-Raws] Sidonia no Kishi Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki - 06 (BS-TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_04.30_[2015.05.21_23.29.38]I am completely going to skip over the part where Nagate and his girl found a place to live so their chimera friend can come to them without a problem. I just want to focus on the new weapon that has been built. It is a problematic situation because no one sees what’s coming yet. Everyone is still in the dark about those parasites.

The fired that weapon off and already it’s trying to do something. I don’t know if it’s looking for a hosts or if it’s looking for an energy supply, but something’s going down. And that captain is the worst now. She has changed completely. I don’t know if she, too, got infected by one of those things or if she’s always been that power-hungry, but she has to be stopped soon. Open your damn eyes already, Nagate!

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May 14, 2015

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Sidonia no Kishi 2 episode 05

I just finished watching this episode and I must say that there are one or two things that I would like to point out. Other than that it’s going to be a very short post as nothing of any importance happened this week.

[Ohys-Raws] Sidonia no Kishi Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki - 05 (BS-TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_06.04_[2015.05.13_23.37.18]First thing’s first; people are now recovering from the last great battle and I noticed that Nagate’s little girlfriend had a couple of prosthetics placed after her fight. I noticed that those things are so advanced that they can do a lot more than regular limbs, especially when it comes to combat. Why not just build robots altogether? They have the technology and the resources… I mean, they are already “building” humans.

The second part would have to be the chimera’s recovery. She recovered and people suddenly changed their minds about her. She saved them and suddenly she’s welcome. This will have been the green-lit for the creation of more chimeras. Isn’t that their goal? To build a small army of chimeras to help them fight against the Gauna? This must’ve been a great victory for those parasites.

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