Aug 28, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 32

What in the hell did I just watch? I’m not going to lie; I’ve put off watching this week’s episode until the very last minute, but this was just too much. In fact, I kind of feel a bit insulted. There was only one scene that I actually enjoyed watching. Just one. It goes without saying that this will be my final and quite possibly shortest post about The Knight in the Area. I just don’t have the motivation anymore, and I’m not going to lower these posts from crappy to rock-bottom by continuing with this.

You know what the worst of it all is? The story has been building up to this point. Everything was for this one moment where Kakeru had to prove to himself as well as to others that he has it in him to continue his brother’s legacy. Yeah, yet we get ambushed with episodes like these, episodes that contribute absolutely nothing to the story. The only scene that I found enjoyable was that Hibino-Kaoru scene, that’s it.

It’s absolutely no wonder that the ratings for this show have been dropping for the past few weeks. The Knight in the Area would’ve done better if it wasn’t so lengthy. Twenty-four episodes would’ve been more than enough. Stories like these work better when you keep them short and powerful, instead of dragging things out with pointless crap. But hey, that’s just one man’s opinion.

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Aug 21, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 31

Strange episode, really. Everyone is busy with their training camp, including the girls, but I feel as though the progress being made is absolutely minimal. I think it shows in the ratings as well, seeing as the ratings have been dropping since the past five to six weeks. The Knight in the Area used to have an eight. Not anymore.

It’s like I said; I feel as though the progress being made here is absolutely minimal. All the players are still messing about, so the seriousness just isn’t there. I could be wrong though. However, what is the point? Kakeru is still playing around with his little feint, Ryuuichi is still messing about with his weight and the rest of Enoshima just goes with the flow. Basically, those two set an example for others. Ryuuichi is always messing about, so the rest just goes along with it. Kakeru is always worried about the little things, so everyone just gets stressed about the little things. It’s absolutely pointless.

That being said; the one thing that really annoys me is the story. Never ever seems to change. They’re on training camp right now, yet most things are still the same, even that whole Kakeru-Nana-Mai love triangle thing. It just doesn’t end and it just isn’t interesting anymore. I hate to say it, but The Knight in the Area is turning into a big disappointment.

If things don’t change next week then I will have no option but to stop writing about it. My motivation is almost completely gone. It’s almost as though watching this has become a chore, let alone writing about it.

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Aug 14, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 30

What fresh hell is this? An otherwise decent episode started out with yet another one of those ridiculous fat/skinny scenes with Ryuuichi and his now slender mother. God, she used to be a cow. The realism in this show is dropping like a stone in a river. Such a shame…

The first half is not even worth mentioning. My attention span is pretty limited as it is when it comes to The Knight in the Area, but I’d like to think that the second was pretty decent. The first half was nothing more than pointless comedy, followed up by a few scenes of when Ryuuichi first met Suguru, Kakeru’s deceased older brother. That guy hasn’t changed. He was an annoying little brat back then too.

The only thing that changed right now is that he has learned a value lesson or two, which is probably why both he and Kakeru got invited to join a very special training camp for very promising players. This camp is supposed to make them better players, providing they actually got to stay, as the first round consisted of elimination matches between all of the players.

Now, it comes as no surprise that both Kakeru and Suguru made it out alright, but it was still nice to see, despite all the predictability. It sort of reminded me of New Prince of Tennis, an anime that primarily focussed on a very similar training camp for tennis players. The one thing I did not like was when Nana showed up at the end. Why can’t they be on their own for once? Quite troublesome.

I currently have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I like the fact that they are going to train their asses off, but on the other hand I don’t like it that Nana is also on a training camp close by. Its therefor safe to assume that we can expect a few more of those ridiculous scenes were Kakeru gets dragged in an uncomfortable situation by one (or more) of the girls. Usually it’s Mai that does all the dragging, but we’ll see…

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Aug 7, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 29

Okay, I got mixed feelings about this episode. I saw some good and some bad things. I just can’t seem to get excited about this anime anymore. It’s become so boring. Kakeru will remain that same goody-goody guy, so how can things get exciting when the protagonist has that kind of personality? It makes me want to cry at some points.

I liked it when their coaches decided to revise their training schedules. They needed to make it harder and longer. I don’t know about the rest, but Ryuuichi was feeling it the most. Remember, he is fat again, so there is a lot of pressure on his lungs due to all that excessive fat. That’s all fine and all, but I don’t think this will do much good for everyone. Everyone has the exact same schedule right now. I think that individual schedules will be far more effective, as you could help the players improve by polishing certain skills and working on certain weaknesses. It’s not like they don’t have the time for it.

The one thing I didn’t like was when Mai-chan decided to take yet another aggressive approach in making Kakeru hers. She dragged him into the locker room, put on a little show and hoped that it was sufficient to seduce him. Hell, she even confessed to him, although she claimed that it was a “joke” afterwards. I seriously don’t know what to think of this anymore.

This episode was very confusing, let’s just keep it at that. Kakeru will always be that goody-goody guy that’s afraid of getting too close to girls and whatnot. I just feel as though all the drama has disappeared ever since the accident. Only predictable action and average comedy remains. I’m pretty sure that more people feel that way, seeing as the ratings have been slowly declining lately.

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Jul 31, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 28

What must I think of this? Honestly… How did this anime come this far with this kind of material? Last week was bad enough when we had to deal with a raging queen for twenty minutes. Sure, it had its moments, but that was that. It was ridiculous to see Ryuuichi return to ‘normal’ overnight, but to see him fat again during this episode was yet another slap in the face. The realism of the Knight in the Area is dropping drastically.

Enoshima spent their day watching yet another one of Leonardo’s matches. They saw how coordinated they were. Things started out badly for them. Maybe that was all an act, maybe they just need a little bit of time to adjust and to find out what kind of players their opponents were. Who knows? That was all short-lived. It was soon over when Leonardo’s team started playing seriously.

Leonardo’s team consists of three key players. First would be Leonardo himself, of course, and two other players; Pat and Ricky. All players are foreign and have been recruited to make a strong team. The one thing that caught my eyes and ears is that those players care more for money than soccer, so that is probably what’s going to be their downfall.

I think the Knight in the Area has come to a point where it leans more towards comedy than anything else. It used to be so dramatic and real. Clearly, that is over now. I’m seriously thinking about dropping this anime, which would be a total shame. It’s been twenty-eight weeks since I first started watching, so it would be a shame to give up now, now that it may not seem as exciting as when the show first started. I must admit that I’m looking forward to see the match between Kakeru and Leonardo, so I might hold out until then, providing it happens within the next few episodes.

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Jul 24, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 27

What in the name of bloody hell did I just watch? I wasn’t even sure that this was the right episode, till I saw Kakeru jumping around and whatnot. I mean, come on… What was the point of this? I thought that the Knight in the Area was supposed to be a more serious anime with serious comedy? I’ll be keeping this post very short.

Basically, Enoshima (as a team) decided to take on a part-time job in some messed up beach house. Little did they know that it was being run by a raging queen and his daughter. That’s when things went south. They kept messing things up, and on top of that Ryoma and Ryuuichi kept competing with one another because of his daughter, Momoka. Poor Ryuuichi actually thought that he was in love.

I would like to point out that I lost all interest when Ryuuichi lost all that weight overnight. He went to bed fat as hell and woke up with a six-pack. That’s when I seriously wanted to stop watching the episode. I just couldn’t bring myself to be serious anymore, sorry.

Things didn’t get much better when Mai and Nana showed up. More girls meant more distraction. And everyone was distracted by something, especially Ryuuichi and Ryoma. It actually came to a point where everyone was being tricked by that queen and his daughter into selling over three hundred ice cones, only to find out that it was merely so that Momoka could have a raise for doing very little work herself. See how it’s done, kids? Don’t worry about working. Just let someone else do it for you by deceiving him/her. It seems to work out just fine.

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Jul 17, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 26

There goes my interest again… Amazing how one show can give and take so much. And it’s not just me either, I’ve come across plenty of complaints about how the Knight in the Area is getting dull and uninteresting. I mean, come on… Having Ryuuichi gain weight again is just a giant blow in the face, even though it’s supposedly to help him train for the upcoming match(es).

Basically, this episode was about soccer and the possibilities that come with it. Kakeru and his friends went to see Leonardo’s match. They all know that they will have to play against him and his team, so they might as well do some research. They watch them play, see how they dominate their opponents and devise a battle plan for when it’s their turn to play against them. That is, of course, a two-way street. Leonardo probably did the same thing.

Still, getting to know your opponent is only half the work. Kakeru and his team have a lot of work to do. I, someone who knows very little about soccer, think that Kakeru and his team need to work on their teamwork. Everyone just keeps everything to themselves. There’s very little to no communication. Or am I imagining things?

Also, I think Kakeru’s team needs to train without the help of Mai. I’ll give her credit for being damn good at playing soccer, but she’s just too distractive. You can’t expect a dozen of teenagers with raging hormones to remain focussed when in the presence of a hot girl in a bikini. Oh, and to come back to that Ryuuichi remark; what is up with that? He claims to have done it for the team, thinking that it will make his training harder. I can relate to that, actually, but at least give the rest of the team a heads up before you nearly give them a heart attack. That’s basically what I meant by a serious lack of communication.

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Jul 3, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 25

Interesting. It seems that the anime finally took a turn in an otherwise straight line. Mind you, the majority of what I had predicted last week is still coming true. But that’s alright. I think that I might keep an eye out for the Knight in the Area after all.

I was sure that Kakeru would remain in his ‘Suguru-mode’ and score the winning goal, but it was slightly different. He scored alright, but he passed out soon after. He left the field unconscious with the score tied. I thought for sure that Enoshima would win this match and enter that league. Imagine my surprise when Araki missed that shot and lost the match on behalf of his team.

I think that things will be a little bit awkward between Araki and the rest. Yeah, maybe. It must feel terrible to be responsible for your team’s loss. That’s why I don’t care for soccer. It’s pointless and uninteresting. Frankly, I’m only watching the Knight in the Area because of the comedy and romance, but that’s just me.

Things will be a little bit different now, that’s for sure. The people around Kakeru will be extra careful with him from now on, and that’s probably going to cost him a lot of time on the field. One thing is clear; my prediction about a love triangle between Kakeru, Nana and Mai was definitely spot-on. Mai showed up to play some soccer with Kakeru’s team and Nana clearly didn’t like it. Both of the girls had set their sights on Kakeru, so it’s only a matter of time before things get a little bit ugly. Although Kakeru will probably end up picking Nana anyway, so no surprise there, right?

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