Dec 23, 2011

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UN-GO episode 11

Alright, one more and I’m done. I know that I’m free tomorrow, but that doesn’t give me an excuse to stay up all night. I just wanted to finish this episode. The mystery that has been building up has finally got to me, so I’m just getting on with it!

This is UN-GO’s final episode, so it should solve many mysteries. The episode starts out with Inga, it seems that he/she has lost all control. Bettenou is now, no matter how you look at it, in full control. This is probably why Inga was so skeptical about dealing with Bettenou.

I was in the dark about this mystery, but I’m starting to get glimpses. That woman, Kuramitsu, has been involved since the beginning. But anyway, it seems that I was right, Rinroku isn’t dead. Bettenou used her powers to make the power believe he’s dead.  Shinjuurou worked most of it out, thanks to the surveillance camera footage.

Shinjuurou really is a smart bastard. He made use of Kuramitsu’s ignorance, turning her own stories against her. He had already stated that Mizuno, head of security, was most likely to be the culprit, but that he probably wasn’t working alone. But he caught up, he got into her mind by using the fact that she and Mizuno used to be old friend, and that she deliberately kept quiet about it.

Boy did I laugh, because Kuramitsu quickly stood up and went into the defense, shouting that he has no proof. But Shinjuurou was prepared for that, he took out the handkerchief he gave her, the same handkerchief she then gave to Mizuno. That led to the fact that she was at the same place where Bettenou took control of Inga.

Rinroku suddenly enters the room as everyone looks speechless. He tried to use Inga and her powers agaist him, saying that Shinjuurou was going to pay dearly for using her. I quickly saw through it all, I knew that Rinroku wasn’t really there. I doubt that he would call Inga a monster, let alone accuse Shinjuurou of illegalities, especially after all the favors he asked of him.

Shinjuurou tore through all of the lies, through all of that deceit. He knew that the real Rinroku was amongst them, he used that to bring out the truth, revealing Bettenou for everyone to see. Bettenou has to be close in order for her powers to work, as her words need to be heard in order for people to fall under her spell.

What happened next was absolutely awesome. Inga’s fear for Bettenou suddenly disappeared when Shinjuurou revealed the truth. She immediately attacked head-on, wanting to eat Bettenou’s soul. I finally got to see Inga’s true form. It was very cool to see how Inga devoured Bettenou without as much as a shred of mercy.

Also, I never knew that Rinroku’s dream was so noble. Or is it? Shinjuurou was pretty sure that he was hiding something, but I guess we’ll never find out.

UN-GO was an amusing, all be it confusing show. I definitely do not regret watching it, in fact; I’m currently waiting for episode zero. I, of course, shall be writing about that episode too.

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Dec 16, 2011

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UN-GO episode 10

God, I’m in such a happy mood. I worked freakishly hard this morning and finished all my projects so that I would have time to game a little bit and watch UN-GO. I played RAGE on Ultra on my new laptop and it was great, I did several levels in a row after I lost track. I know the screen is a little bit small for serious gaming, but hell, the graphics kick so much ass.

This week’s episode of UN-GO c continues with the mystery of last week’s terrorist attack. Shinjuurou is still looking for Rinroku, who’s still nowhere to be found. It was very confusing. The case came up in court and we saw Rinroku, or someone who looks like him, in a hospital bed trying to defend himself via a webcam. I said it before; a good mystery is always nice to see, but it’s bad when a mystery gets predictable or too confusing.

Shinjuurou took control in the courtroom and stated his case. He forced Rie-chan, who has always been honest to him, to confess what she saw that day. She saw her father at home when the explosion went off. That means that the Rinroku we saw at the TV Station, as well as in the hospital, was just a body double.

This is getting so confusing. My girl absolutely loves Mysteries, but she gave up on this one after the 9th episode. Suddenly Inga, probably under the control of Bettenou, walked into the room in her female form. She decided to ask Izumi a question, and we all know that nobody can lie to a question asked by Inga in that form. Something very interesting came out all of this; it seems that Rinroku was the creator and/or key holder of some very special software.

Things got so much more complicated. First Inga leaves Shinjuurou, probably because of Bettenou’s influence. And secondly the car exploded that Rinroku took at the hospital in order to get home. Things are getting so unnecessarily complicated that it’s getting impossible to follow the story properly.

Shinjuurou knew something was wrong. He started to look for missing pieces of this overly annoying puzzle. He found a link between Rie, Inga and Miné with the use of his handkerchief. They decided to continue the search by starting to find the tune that Rinroku hummed before his untimely demise. This all led them to that Novelist, who supposedly knew a lot about Bettenou.

They learned a great deal about Bettenou and her powers. There’s a chance that Rinroku isn’t dead after all. I’m not going to lie, I’m actually a little bit relieved that next week’s the final episode of UN-GO. It’s a fun show to watch, but damn, it is annoyingly complicated.

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Dec 9, 2011

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UN-GO episode 09

Alright. It’s time for yet another mystery. Ever noticed how I’m doing UN-GO last now? I noticed only yesterday, I guess I just prefer Guilty Crown and Maken-Ki! over UN-GO. It must’ve been because of the last two episodes, they set my enthusiasm back quite a bit.

It turned out to be one hell of an episode, despite my decreasing enthusiasm. Bettenou is still at large, even though she has been separated from that novelist, whose ass got handed to him thanks to Inga. She appears to have found yet another person for whom she can use her special abilities. It took quite a while for Shinjuurou to find out who that person was, but all evidence leads to none other than Rinroku, Rie’s father.

Shinjuurou was kind of appalled to find out about it. He never thought that Rinroku would fall so low, as to force people to believe each and every one of his words, of course thanks to Bettenou’s powers. Rinroku even used a body double during his so-called live broadcast, when suddenly a bomb exploded in the studio. That cannot be a mere coincidence, especially since the real Rinroku is nowhere to be found, and neither is Bettenou.

What worries me most here is Inga’s reaction to Bettenou. I’m not sure what kind of relationship those two have, but Inga seemed very troubled by it. They revealed several scenes from the past with between Inga and Bettenou, but I didn’t get any wiser of it. Either way; Inga does not like Bettenou, she just wants to keep her distance.

I understand that Bettenou isn’t human, that she’s a deity of some sort. But still, even she can be killed, and I’m pretty sure that Inga knows how. Mind you; I’m pretty sure that Shinjuurou isn’t going to kill anyone, he’s a detective that follows his own sense of justice, he wouldn’t kill her because of those very reasons, probably.

We are going to find out anyway, especially now that Shinjuurou found Bettenou’s location. I took close notice of Inga’s reaction to that news, she did not seem pleased. Still, even Inga must know by now that it’s only a matter of time before she encounters Bettenou again.

Shinjuurou set a lot things in motion to draw out Rinroku, but mainly to draw out the truth. He will find out what happened, and most importantly; why. I might just watch UN-GO first next week.

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Dec 2, 2011

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UN-GO episode 08

Alright, I must admit that I prepared myself to be disappointed, but the episode wasn’t that bad. Some of my suspicions were actually spot-on. You can see this as either good or bad, it’s good that I was in the right, but it’s bad when your viewers can predict important scenes ahead of time, especially when the show revolves around mysteries.

Like I said in my previous post; either that prisoner or that girl standing behind him as special powers, powers similar to Inga. That girl that stood behind him, also known as Bettenou, is like a deity who has the power to turn people’s words into reality. That prisoner, who likes to call himself a novelist, put him under some sort of hypnosis with the use of Bettenou’s powers.

Kazamori gave Rie, before she entered the facility with Izumi, handcuffs that could give a mild shock, rendering the hypnosis of the shocked cancelled. Both Rie and Izumi were both put under hypnosis by Bettenou, as they had predicted. They were instructed to arrest Shinjuurou, who had been accused of murder. That’s why Rie received those specials handcuffs, as Shinjuurou’s hypnosis was broken because of those cuffs.

It didn’t take long before Shinjuurou managed to put all the pieces together. There was only one real murderer, so it was up to him to find out the murderer’s identity. He used the facilities unique security system, which was to use real-time tracking of all the inmates. All inmates were equipped with a unique code in the back of their neck, allowing the security guards to be able to track them at all times.

It seems that Shinjuurou’s code used to belong to another inmate, an inmate that currently has no code. Find the inmate without a code and you find the one who murdered that so-called director. Shinjuurou quickly put all the pieces together and landed on one of the three actresses, a mother who planned to blow up a politician with her homemade explosives in the hope of ending the war by doing so.

It was quite the episode, but like I said; it’s not a good thing when your viewers can predict key scenes. It’s the first time that happened in this show though, so it’s not that big a deal. I’m wondering what they’re going to do next, because the anime is nearing its end.

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Nov 24, 2011

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UN-GO episode 07

It’s here! I was really hoping to learn more about these mysterious characters that supposedly have been controlling Shinjuurou’s life. Instead I just saw the weirdest UN-GO so far. GameDemon is not pleased, not pleased one bit.

The episode showed a short scene in that prison with those two mysterious characters. One thing was for sure; at least one of them has special abilities. They somehow sent Shinjuurou to a different world, or perhaps a different time, I’m not entirely sure. The episode was very vague. The episode was uninteresting above all else, I was not really entertained much.

This episode left me with just one question; where exactly is this anime going? It has such great chemistry, what’s the point of this episode when the anime is nearing its end. They could’ve focused on those two mystery prisoners, the relationship between him and Inga, the relationship between him and Rie. Hell, they could’ve focused on a lot of things.

Shinjuurou got sent to a world where he worked in the movie industry as a camera man. He watched over three actresses while he kept a close eye on the director, who acted very suspicious. I’ll be frank; I probably would’ve killed that director, he’s a very rude and violent character, but, from what I’ve read, most of them are anyway.

This episode was so confusing because you just didn’t know where they were going with it. During Shinjuurou’s time in the library he was contacted by Kazamori, which indicates that he’s probably under some sort of hypnosis. I don’t think either one of those two have the power to transport people to different worlds or time, they probably put him under some sort of hypnosis.

It was quite clear that this episode will continue next week, which is why I’m not really excited about next week. I will say this; I’ll definitely watch next week’s episode, chances are that this episode was actually a pretty important part of the story.

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Nov 17, 2011

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UN-GO episode 06

Here we go again. You know, it’s very impressive how they managed to keep up these unique stories. I haven’t been able to predict the end at all lately, there are too many twists that keep you in a maze of pure mystery, making you want to see more and more.

This episode was one big puzzle with a huge cliffhanger. Shinjuurou was hired by an old man to solve yet another mystery. The man’s children have been missing for over a year, his wife has become blind and he found this mysterious piece of paper with some sort of code. Yeah, it sounds pretty predictable when you think about it. The man’s an ex-convict, so it’s only to be expected that eyes would be pointed at him first. I know, I know… It’s wrong, but that does not change the fact that he could very well be the culprit. But let’s face it, not every ex-convict is ‘healed’ after having done (hard) time.

Shinjuurou was led from one place to another when he finally found the location of the remaining books, hoping to find more of those secret notes inside. He found out that Rinroku himself, being suspected of having an affair with that blind woman, bought those books. Shinjuurou rushed over to his house where he, Inga, Kazamori, Rie and the Kaishou maid searched for the books. He found them thanks to the maid, who showed them the location. He was right, all the notes were there. The fact that Rinroku bought those specific books would indicate that he too knew about those coded messages. I wonder why he didn’t share any of his knowledge on the matter, there must be a reason why he wants to keep this on the down-low.

Shinjuurou put all the pieces together and found the place where the children went missing. He brought the father, who almost ended up killing his blind wife, who actually inflicted that upon herself, to this garbage dump. Shinjuurou guessed that the children were buried there under a pile of garbage, when suddenly Rinroku shows up with the two children. It seems he too solved their coded notes about a year ago. The children were merely sent to child protective services because their mother neglected them. Rinroku wasn’t having an affair at all, but that doesn’t change the fact that he sure kept his mouth shut the whole time.

I can’t wait for the next episode! They seem to be getting a lot more interesting lately, especially since this convict joined the spotlight. He seems weird, especially his lady friend in the background. Does he have some sort of special ability as well, or maybe that girl in the background? After all; Inga can do extraordinary things, but that doesn’t mean that Inga’s the only one on the planet capable of those things.

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Nov 12, 2011

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UN-GO episode 05

I rather enjoyed watching this episode, there were twists all over the place. It also seems like Shinjuurou is getting a bit fed up with his ‘work’ as a detective. I can’t blame the guy though, I can imagine it being difficult sometimes, and that’s just sugarcoating it. The only reason, I think, why he continues is because he feels obliged to. If he doesn’t solve cases in order to give Inga “souls of truth” to keep her/him satisfied then Inga will go out and take souls herself/himself by killing people.

This episode was rather interesting. It seems that it was just one big ‘brawl’ over a pile of gold bars. Well, I shouldn’t say ‘just’ when the loot is that big. Hell, I would’ve probably hauled ass as well for a few bars.  What’s so surprising about this episode is that there were two culprits, but they weren’t working together. Both of them had their schemes of making all of those gold bars their own. The woman, culprit number one, ended up killing two guards and hided their bodies inside a statue. It didn’t take a good detective to find those bodies, blood was leaking from that statue.

When Shinjuurou announced that woman to be the culprit I pretty much thought it was over. He suddenly continued his prognoses on the matter and landed one culprit two, this old military rat, who hid all the gold bars inside of a tank. Yes, a tank. Inga’s abilities were most surprising in this episode. He, in his boy form, grabbed hold of that tank and tore it to pieces. I didn’t know Inga could do that, which brings me to the following question; just what exactly is Inga capable of? I hope to find out in the next couple of episodes, also; I wouldn’t mind to learn more about Inga’s history, I think it would be quite interesting to get to know more about that.

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Nov 3, 2011

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UN-GO episode 04

Let the crime solving continue! I knew they couldn’t continue by creating a new story each and every episode! That’s just too much, plus you’d end up with eleven short stories with no actual storyline. I’m still standing firm behind my opinion of detective genres; if one story doesn’t work out, then just solve it or kill the suspect and start with something else. It’s a risky genre, but it comes with some pretty good benefits.

This episode continues the last episode’s story. I was shocked to find out when I learned that the house was still alive. Not only was he still alive, he was controlling everything from behind the scenes. He decided to go into hiding when the government planned on using his inventions for military purposes, which, in my opinion, is actually a pretty valid reason. He faked his death to accomplish all that, but these seven years did a pretty big number on him. He didn’t have any companions, he only had his inventions. He appears to have lost sight of what’s right and wrong, he just does as he pleases. He thinks that he can do anything to and with his toys because he invented them. Crazy bastard, if I invented an I.A. that was capable of anything, then I would’ve gotten a visit by world leaders, trying to take away my A.I. by force as well. That’s how the world works at the moment, money is power and power is everything.

I also noticed that Inga has been transforming a lot more recently. Has the excitement been too much? Or can Inga just transform at will? What I also noticed is that Rie, who accepted Shinjuurou’s request in order for his cooperation on this case, seemed mad when he reminded her of it. That was pretty weird, especially for such a little favor.

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