Sep 15, 2011

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Usagi Drop episode 11

This is truly a sad day. This is supposedly the last episode of Usagi Drop. The worst thing is, I can’t find anything about a possible second season, even though the manga is doing so well. All we can do is hope for it.

Rin, who recovered from her cold, is visibly growing up. She’s losing her baby teeth, she’s a lot taller and she opens up a lot more to people. Unfortunately Kouki’s mother, Yukari, caught Rin’s cold and has to say sick at home at first. So Rin, Daikichi and Kouki go to the supermarket to buy Yukari something to eat and drink.

Life goes on and Yukari recovers. But the four have reached a point in their life where they start making more friends. So the parents, whom we’ve seen a few episodes back, join the play date along with their children. Apparently the children have some sort of upcoming rope-jumping contest at school, so they practice it endlessly on the playground.

That night when preparing for bed, Daikichi finds out that he has gained weight, so from thereon out he joins the kids in their jump-rope training. In the end Rin ended up winning first prize for the most backswings, you go girl!

The end is drawing near and Daikichi and Rin decided to visit grandma and grandpa for a nice family meal. Everyone was surprised at how much Rin has grown, physically as well as mentally. Daikichi’s sister, who’s soon to be married, pointed out that she has become a lot more talkative, which is a good thing.

So in the end they decided to show some scenes from earlier episodes. It was very touching to see how Rin grew up during these past 11 weeks, lol. But I am really bummed out, this anime has loads of potential. They could easily make another 11 episodes, and I’m positive that people would love each and every one of them. So if this really is the final episode, then I thank all of the people involved for giving the world this great anime.

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Sep 9, 2011

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Usagi Drop episode 10

Man, my summer’s favorite anime is definitely Usagi Drop. Too bad this episode wasn’t all too positive, but progress was made nonetheless.

It starts out at Rin’s school, where it seems to be parent-teacher day. Daikichi is looking at all the pictures and is amazed at Rin’s drawing. He realized that it’s a talent she got from her mother, who is a manga artist. Daikichi met some new male parents and befriended almost instantly. After that all the children left for gym glass, leaving Daikichi semi-alone with Yukari. They soon left after they overheard some women gossiping about illnesses and whatnot.

School is once again over and they start their walk home until Yukari realized that Rin-chan’s face was flushed. It turns out that she’s come down with a nasty case of the flu. Daikichi got some medicine from the doctor and left immediately to go home with Rin.

The entire episode Rin was sick in bed. Her fever just wouldn’t go down, she wouldn’t eat anything, she wouldn’t drink anything and she wouldn’t take her medicine. Daikichi was worried sick and didn’t know what to do, he even called his mother for advice. But Yukari soon came to his aid. She taught Daikichi how to handle situations like these. Rin-chan soon started to show signs of improvement; she would slowly start to eat and drink again the next day.

Rin soon recovered and Daikichi was relieved. He wouldn’t even let go of her. I think it’s about time that Daikichi starts working on a relationship with Yukari. They make a great couple and they somehow complete one another, plus Daikichi really gets along well with Kouki.

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Sep 1, 2011

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Usagi Drop episode 09

Rin-chwaaaan! Hehe, that’s right. Yet another episode of Usagi Drop. I really, really like this anime. In fact; I like it so much, that I started reading and following the manga. The story is just so basic and completely based on real life and how tough life can be sometimes. I really like the simplicity of it, because with the way things are going now, this anime could grow to become a very successful and lengthy anime. Only twelve episodes have been planned for this anime, but from the looks of the show’s success, there might be a second season in the future.

This episode is a particular troublesome one, you see.. Daikichi and Rin are about to face a tsunami. Daikichi claims that tsunami’s occur every year in that part of Japan, so there shouldn’t be any real danger, but Rin has her doubts. Anyway, Rin simply goes to school with her classmate Kouki, as usual, while Daikichi goes to work. No change in their routine, even though there’s a tsunami coming.

It’s a pretty normal day at school, Rin and Kouki are learning how to write, draw and that sort of thing, you know the drill. But the hyperactive Kouki is getting himself into trouble again by being his usual self. At one point, after having messed around too much, Rin decided to put a stop to it and confront Kouki about his behavior. Kouki immediately stopped and started to behave himself. Everyone was shocked and very impressed with Rin.

Meanwhile at Daikichi’s place work they’re stacking sandbags, in preparation for the tsunami. During their break they discuss all sorts of things, things like each other’s children, living expenses, life insurance and whatnot. This made Daikichi think about his own situation, wondering how much life insurance would cost him.

The day is almost over and Daikichi came to pick up Rin, thinking he was the last one again. It turns out that Kouki’s mother hasn’t come yet to pick him up either, so he and Rin decided to take Kouki home with them. After having secured the house against the storm, which was no easy task, Kouki’s mother comes knocking at the door. She was rather happy that Daikichi took Kouki home with him. So with Rin and Yukari, Kouki’s mother, in the kitchen they managed to whip up something delicious for dinner. Yukari was very happy to see that Kouki was smiling so much, she tells Daikichi that he doesn’t do that very often. It’s getting late so Daikichi called Yukari and Kouki a cab to take them both home. The cab finally arrives and Yukari and Kouki are ready to go home. Daikichi quickly follows Yukari outside with an umbrella to keep her dry. And for a minute she couldn’t take her eyes of him. There it is! The spark! I know that they would be a great couple! Make it happen! A great ending for a great episode!

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Aug 11, 2011

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Usagi Drop episode 06

Seriously, I can’t get over it. This anime is so good, I can’t help but wait all week just for for a new episode of Usagi Drop.

 So this episode started off with Rin’s elementary school entrance ceremony, taking photo’s of one another, you know the drill.

So after the opening you see them in a store, shopping for groceries. After that you’ll find them walking home, but then Daikichi tells Rin a story about his childhood. Or more specifically; about how his grandfather planted a seed the day he was born, a fragrant olive tree. He told Rin how he grew up with this tree, how he loved it. This is basically where it all started.

Rin wanted a tree of her own, just like Daikichi, so she decided for a loquat tree to be planted in the backyard. the impatient Rin started asking all sorts of questions, like “when will it grow?”, “will it grow tomorrow?” or “when can I started eating loquat’s?” after which Daikichi had to explain that it takes years for a tree to grow.

This made yet another ball roll. Daikichi contacted Rin’s real mother, to ask if Rin’s father planted a tree for her aswell. In the café, where they decided to meet, Daikichi learned that his grandfather did infact plant a tree for Rin. After obtaining the tree’s exact location, Daikichi and Rin set out for grandpa’s house to retrieve Rin’s tree.

Finally at grandpa’s house, after meeting up with Daikichi’s mother, it turns out that it was a fragrant olive tree aswell, that had been planted for Rin. It turned out to be a family tradition of sorts, to plant a tree for one’s child.

Finally the tree was retrieved, after which Daikichi and Rin headed back home to plant it in their backyard.

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