Mar 25, 2012

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Zero no Tsukaima F episode 12

Here it is; the final episode, the end of Zero no Tsukaima. It hasn’t sunk in yet, but I have no regrets. I have been following the series for years and enjoyed every episode, every season and every OVA. I wish there was a slightly better ending though, seeing as I already knew that this would happen.

The episode was a little bit rushed. We still had an evil dragon to finish off, a scene where Saito returns to their world and a ‘happy’ scene at the end. Now I’m not going to beat around the bush, we all knew that Saito was going to return to their world, but I just wished that he did so sooner, so that they would have more time for a romantic scene, or perhaps even an x-amount of years from now scene.

Anyway, everyone, including those mercenaries, set up a barrier to fend of the dragons’ attacks for a short while, until the fleets arrive and such. Well, the fleets did arrive, which is fine, but they couldn’t do much against that dragon with their firepower alone. They barely did some damage, let alone defeat it.

That was when, insert fake surprise face here, Saito shows up in a jet fighter to save the day. The only thing that caught me by surprise was the fact that Delfringer, my favourite character in the show, turned out to be alive inside Saito’s rune. That part I enjoyed, definitely. However, Saito kept firing away his missiles at that thing with all he had, but it just wouldn’t go down. Sure, he damaged it’s barrier pretty badly, but it wasn’t enough to kill it, when suddenly he invites Louise into the cockpit, only to tell her to use her explosion. Saito decided to use the last bit of Liveslatille’s power in order to amplify Louise’s attack, making sure that the evil dragon goes down for good.

It was a pretty epic battle and I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it, but I feel that they dragged it on a bit too long towards the end. I knew that Saito and Louise were going to make up, kiss and whatnot, but I never imagined that they would get married. Poor Saito, he was a dog in theory, but now…

It’s sad to say when it’s about a show you love, but it’s the end of the line for Zero no Tsukaima. It is quite the accomplishment, to end with four successful seasons. I’m pretty sure that we can expect an OVA or something like that in the future, but this is definitely the end. The only thing that I regret not seeing is something happening between Saito and Tiffania, but that’s alright.

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Mar 18, 2012

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Zero no Tsukaima F episode 11

So I just finished watching this episode, when I saw that people were actually getting emotional because of the ending. Why?  There is no reason to get emotional yet, because the real ending has yet to come. I can somehow see the ending a little bit in my mind, but that’s only possible if Saito still has magical powers.

Anyway, let’s get on with the show! The group was recovered from their last failed attack to bring down that evil dragon. It amazed me when Saito, having lost his faithful partner, was being all cheerful and understand, even though it was probably an act to keep up a good appearance.  Things will not be easy for them without the Pope to guide them. I’ve said it several times and I’ll say it again; I did not like him, so I’m happy to see him go. However, this is Zero no Tsukaima, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he were still alive by casting some magical barrier inside that dragon. That’ll definitely force me to put on my sigh face, if that happens of course.

They all went back to their old academy where they will once again unite to fight this evil thing. It seems that the world of magic has once again been entrusted to a bunch of teenagers. Funny how that goes, huh? I would’ve given the finger if the ‘adults’ were trying to make me do all the dirty work, but I suppose that’s just me.

That’s when Saito brought up that old plane he found in the elves’ land. I knew it, I absolutely knew it! Sure, it was different wrong what I had imagined, but I knew that it would play an important role in this show, why else would they have shown us those scenes?  That’s when Saito proposed to go back to his own world to fetch another one of those planes by using Louise’s spell, “World Door”.

Louise, who was listening in them, agreed to help him out by sending him back to his own world, only to make sure that he stays there. The plan was for both of them to go together, making sure that Saito is capable of coming back, when suddenly she closed that dimensional door without going through it. Louise did it because she didn’t want Saito to risk his life again for a world that’s not even his own. Very understandable, but Saito is bound to find a way to return to their world. Hell, one of the girls is probably going to do yet another familiar summoning and poof, welcome back Saito.

Well, the time has finally arrived where all the shows will air their final episodes. It’s a that some shows won’t be continued, but I will enjoy it to the last second, and that including Zero no Tsukaima F as well!

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Mar 11, 2012

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Zero no Tsukaima F episode 10

Ah Hadena, yet another reliable group. Their releases are almost always on schedule and are pretty darn accurate. They are very good indeed. I wish I could say the same thing about this episode. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching it, but things happened, things that I’m not really happy with.

The episode starts out with yet another morbid scene. It seems that something wiped out an entire city. That’s when Saito’s new enemy revealed itself. He and his friends will now have to face an incredibly powerful and evil dragon that goes by the name of “Ancient Dragon”. It is said, apparently, that this dragon has come to destroy the world by incinerating everything and everyone. Information about this creature has been labelled as a myth, seeing as it has never been proven, so now they will have to find a way to defeat a living legend that’s about to destroy the world as they know it. Sigh… Another enemy appears and what happens? That’s right, just rely on poor ‘ol Saito, he’ll never say no anyway…

The one thing that pissed me off most was the Pope. He is supposed to be this divine being that brings people messages from ‘god’. Why is it that he was capable of asking for Saito’s help like that, knowing that his life force will rapidly diminish by using that power, without telling him the truth about the consequences? I wouldn’t call that a Pope, let alone a good person. Hell, how is that even different than murder?

I couldn’t even believe that Saito actually helped him after Louise told him about the consequences. He helped him without any hesitation. That’s not noble or brave, that’s just plain stupid and reckless. A person always has a choice, always, and Saito definitely made the wrong one. Still, I did like it when that Pope got gobbled up by that dragon. I don’t care if that makes me a bad person. I won’t deny that it put a smile on my face.

However, there’s only one real reason why I didn’t like this episode as much as I could have; my favourite character died. Derflinger has always been my favourite character on this show, ever since he first made his debut in the first season. That crazy magical sword has always managed to amuse me, so it’s sad to see him go like that. He died a hero’s death though, not that I would expect any less from Derflinger. Rest in peace my rusty old friend.

Sigh… I don’t see how the gang is going to beat this dragon. The Pope is most likely dead, Saito lost his faithful companion and wasted a lot of life force on the Pope’s failed attempt to nullify the dragon’s magic barrier, so what is left? I only see one way where Saito and his friends may stand a chance, and that is if Saito were to use that plane he found during his time with the elves. Besides, why else would they have shown us those scenes if that plane isn’t going to be used?  I guess we’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

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Mar 4, 2012

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Zero no Tsukaima F episode 09

Ahhh~!  Saw Zero no Tsukaima F appear on my list, hauled it in, watched it, and loved it. This episode explained so many of my questions, finally! It’s also another one of those episodes where Louise didn’t cry for help, not that there were any battles, but still…

This week’s episode was mostly about the fact that Tabitha decided that she wanted to be queen after all. About time she made up her mind, as she’s been confused about this issue ever since her mother was cured by that elfish potion. She didn’t know what to do, which is why she ended up at Saito’s new place, merely because she has a thing for him. Things happened in the meantime, things that made her reach a decision. She still looked like she wasn’t sure about her decision, but she decided to go through with it after all. My god, Saito now knows two queens, both of which have a thing for him. What in god’s name do I have to do to get a queen like that? And I mean an actual queen, not some gay guy named Justin.

I would be happy as hell if I were Saito. Still, I would be happier if it weren’t for Louise and Siesta. Those two were constantly meddling. He had to remove a bug from Tifania’s person, they jealously interfered. Tifania was having trouble with her dress, so Louise interfered. Leave the poor guy alone already. He can only say “I love you, you and nobody else” so many times, but none of those times were sufficient to make Louise understand that he’s not actually interested in other girls. Although that’s probably not entirely true. Even I couldn’t possibly turn my eyes away if boobs like those were wiggling unexposed in front of me. Still… Louise needs to trust him, otherwise her relationship will never make any progress, not that I’m particularly rooting for those two though…

Yes… It was quite the busy episode, but despite all that, it still wasn’t the highlight of this week’s episode. The highlight was definitely the pieces of information that came out of the Pope’s mouth. It seems that Saito really is the familiar of two different Void mages. He is known as the Gandalfr because he’s Louise’s familiar, but now he’s also the Liveslatille. That’s right, he’s both the Gandalfr and the Liveslatille. The power of Gandalfr is the ability to wield all sorts of weapons at top-level. However, the Liveslatille’s power is the ability to boost the power of all Void mages. But this new ability comes with a great risk. The more he uses that power, the quicker his magic will be depleted, after which he’s most likely to die. Louise heard all of this, so I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

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Feb 27, 2012

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Zero no Tsukaima F episode 08

Ahhh~ about time! I have been waiting for this episode all week. It surprised me that Louise was actually helpful for once, I guess miracles exist in the world of Zero no Tsukaima F as well. It’s not just that, they had another expected twist in store for us, so this week’s episode was particularly fun to watch.

The story continues as Tifania and Saito are still being held captive by the elves. Saito was busy all day, trying to inspect that old plane at the bottom of that lake. It seemed kind of difficult, seeing as he had to come up for air every few minutes. But life didn’t continue to be that easy for them, as the elves decided to ‘judge’ them for their crimes, even though they hadn’t done anything. It was their opinion that both of them possessed, and I quote; “the devil’s magic”. Their leader demanded their death, but decided to lock them up when a few of the elves were against it. He decided to plan something more sinister in order to kill them.

Things took a whole different turn when Tifania and Saito kissed, thereby completing the summoning contract that Tifania had started a few episodes back. Saito reacted and receive a marking on his chest. He is now the familiar of both Louise and Tifania. Being Louise’s familiar he has the power to use all sorts of weaponry at top level, so it’s only natural to assume that obtained some new powers.

However, that will have to come later, as they have to run for their lives. Vitartial wanted to escape with Saito and Tifania, because he too believed that it was wrong to kill them. The elves suspected as much, which is why they ambushed them over and over again. The elves claim to be a peace-loving race, but they’ve certainly showed us something else entirely during this week’s episode.

Still, things soon changed when they were locked in. That’s when Louise blacked out and started chanting some weird stuff, thereby opening a dimensional gate that linked her and Saito, allowing Saito and the rest to pass through. Being a Void mage has it’s pros I guess. Things didn’t stay peaceful for long though, as the rest soon found out what happened between him and Tifania. I’m really curious to know what this means and if this benefits Saito is any way.

Great episode, I really enjoyed watching it. It’s also one of those rare episodes where Louise saves Saito. I’m sure that Professor Jean can shed more light on this matter, I’m sure that there’s some information about multiple mages having the same familiar.

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Feb 20, 2012

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Zero no Tsukaima F episode 07

Oh boy, I guess things are about to get very busy again Zero no Tsukaima F. It’s absolutely no surprise; we all knew that the real deal was yet to come. It was just a matter of when, who, how and why. I am a little bit disappointed though. They keep changing things, making Saito and his friends seem so weak.

The episode started with Tabitha leaving the mansion. She planned on going back home, when suddenly a couple of enemies infiltrated their property. It was the same group of people that worked alongside King Joseph. They didn’t want money or items, oh no… they just came to kill Saito. It’s a strange turn of events indeed, but not entirely unexpected. I always knew that these characters would pop up again at some point.

But guess what Louise did when they were attacked after such a long time of peace? That’s right… she immediately called for Saito’s help. I hate to say it, I really do, but she’s always just in the way. She requires a lot of maintenance. She’s nothing but trouble when it comes to love, trust and conflict. That is exactly why I think that Saito is better off pairing up with someone else.

Meanwhile Tifania had it rough too, as she was unexpectedly approached by a couple of elves that wanted to bring her back to their homeland. What does a person say to such a thing? Exactly; just call Saito and hope he manages to help. No wonder all the girls like him, he keeps on saving their lives because they themselves are too weak. And what does he get in return? That’s right, a little bit of innocent fondling with a big explosion in the end.

Things were about to take a turn for the worse when suddenly some kid shows up by the name of Damian. They all seemed to fear him, although I’m still not sure why. His magic was pretty impressive, but it didn’t seem that lethal at the time. He has the ability to change the subatomic structure of certain substances. They call this “magnetic alchemy”. He basically turned the ground beneath their feet into water. The elves decided to make use of this by casting some sort of sleeping spell.

I still can’t believe that Tifania, a Void user, and Saito, the Gandalfr, were kidnapped so easily by a couple of elves, only to be studied by them for god knows what reasons. However, they were kept and studied pretty freely, seeing as they weren’t actually chained. This is where Saito stumbled upon a plane from his own world when he was out swimming with Tifania. He could do a lot of awesome stuff with thing. Louise and the others are currently on their way to save him, although they will probably need him more than he will need them.

This episode was pretty amusing, despite Louise’s constant need for help. I just hope that Saito manages to escape, although I don’t think that those elves are really his enemy. It seems to me that they share mutual interests. I would worry more about Damian and his group of freelancers if I were him. I for one am interested in that plane he found, and more importantly; what he’s going to do with it.

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Feb 12, 2012

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Zero no Tsukaima F episode 06

Here we go again with yet another episode filled with comedy, action and countless attempts to finally have sex. Saito is truly unlucky, despite the amount of women that are after him. Every time he comes close to “getting it on”, people show up or he does something to mess it all up. I wouldn’t be surprised of people started mistaking his balls for blueberries soon.

The episode itself starts out pretty normally. They found a hot spring on Saito’s land, after which Saito decided to host a hot spring party. He gave instructions to his “subjects” on how to go from here. He may not be the smartest guy, but he apparently knows his hot springs. Night falls and Saito gets in bed with who he thought was Louise, in order to finally have sex. Poor horny bastard, boy did he squeal when he found out it was Tabitha lying there. Hell, she even told him to continue, when Louise shows up to ruin the party. See what I mean? Saito may be blessed with a lot of female attention, but what good is that if he cannot close the deal with any of them?

All is fine so far, but things started to get more complicated after princess Henrietta showed up the very next day. She didn’t exactly show up in the traditional way either. She came wearing suspicious looking clothing that kept her face hidden. Louise and Siesta saw this and decided to follow her around. It took them some time to take action, but they finally caught her and found out that it was her. Somehow they went from arguing in the hallway to arguing in the hot spring. This is fine by me, women are always more persuasive when naked. But how it came to fighting over Saito is beyond me. Seriously, they fought over him like two teenagers over the school’s most popular boy.

Sick. And still he’s unable to do the deed. Girls lie next to him, on top of him, fight over him, and yet he fails each and every time. Still, his relationship with Louise seems to be improving. She’s still as jealous as ever, but she’s fighting for her man, now more than ever. That’s a good sign, she has finally matured. However, I still stand by what I believe; Saito would make a better couple with Siesta.

It was a pretty amusing episode, no complaints there, but I miss the action. I miss Saito’s hand lighting up like a Christmas tree, I miss Delflinger’s witty remarks, and hell… I even miss Louise’s constant need to be rescued by Saito. It may sound a little strange, but I really hope their next enemy shows up soon. I doubt that people would find it an acceptable ending for Zero no Tsukaima F if the episodes are only about Saito trying to get laid.

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Feb 5, 2012

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Zero no Tsukaima F episode 05

Well, I can’t say that I looked forward to watching this week’s episode of Zero no Tsukaima F. Probably because all of the action has already been sucked out of it in such an early stage. I thought that their worst enemy had yet to come, but I’m starting to think otherwise. With could they possibly do at this point? Except for fighting amongst each other about who gets to be with Saito… lucky bastard.

The episode was not really that interesting, but it will get you laughing, maybe. Remember how Saito, as a reward for all of his help, got a piece of land that included a big mansion? Well, he and his friends decided to go spend the night there. But not without arguing with Louise’s sister, Eléonore, about how Saito isn’t fit to be her husband. She went on about how he’s a mere plebeian, has no class and about how he could never become (like) a noble. You know, she has a big mouth for someone who got divorced soon after she got married. Both Saito and Louise would be absolutely fools to follow her advice on marriage.

It’s only natural that I got bored and fed up with that character, which is why I zoned out on some of the scenes with her in it. Still, the passed and it became dark outside. Everyone prepared to go to bed, although I’m still not entirely sure how Saito ended up in the basement. However, whilst there he discovered a secret passage to some magic transportation mirror. It seems that mirror was connected to the mirror in Henrietta’s room, causing her to teleport over to Saito. The two didn’t really discuss much, as they were just uncomfortable as hell. Still, they French kissed one another, despite being uncomfortable. Louise saw all of it, so I’m sure I don’t need to explain what happened next.

Louise travelled back to the academy by horse, where she met up with Tabitha and Kirche. Louise told them what happened, upon which Tabitha announced that she would go after Saito if Louise wouldn’t. We all knew that Tabitha had an eye for Saito, so this came as no surprise.  I’m pretty sure all of the female characters have/had a crush on Saito. However, Louise, after having spoken to both Tabitha and Kirche, decided to fight for her man in order to win him back. I’m pretty sure that I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; I don’t think that Saito and Louise make that great a couple. I think Siesta would prove to be a better partner for Saito. Sigh, oh well… We’ll see what happens, eventually…

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