Jun 27, 2012

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Zetman episode 13

Something tells me that this post will be very short. The last twelve weeks of Zetman have been absolutely great, until this episode finally arrived. I am sorry, I really am, but I just can’t acknowledge this as an ending for Zetman. Those who can haven’t been following the story well enough, I think.

We all know that Zetman is very dark and chaotic anime, so what is up with this ending? Hanako, as well all know, turned out to be a player. Still, Jin loved her and wanted to find a way to turn her back to normal. How is it acceptable for Kouga to kill her just like that? He just flew up in the air, switched his weapon to sword-mode and sliced Hanako-chan in two. That is unacceptable, especially after all the things that he has done. It got even worse when Jin, although in great pain, let Kouga off on that one. Maybe he realized that she was a Player, maybe he didn’t. All I’m saying is that I would’ve gotten even after someone just killed my girl in front of me.

Those were the first few bits I didn’t agree with. I also don’t agree with the fact that Jin and Kouga both grew apart. One fights in front of the public as a hero (Kouga, who else?) and one from behind the scenes, trying not to draw any unwanted attention. How could I possibly accept this ending? Jin has finally become complete, still managed to lose his girlfriend, lost most (if not all) of his friends and is still fighting against Players, whom still roam the land as if it were their own. That’s just wrong, for Jin to experience even more pain in the end.

Anyway, I enjoyed watching Zetman. It is definitely worth watching and I plan on seeing it again someday. I was actually hoping for a second season after I saw the ending, but I doubt there’s any chance of that. I have been reading the manga (for as far as I can) and it seems that the ending really does look bad for Jin. It makes you wonder what motivates that character to fight after all day. He lost his friends, family and lover, so what’s the point in fighting when you’ve got nothing left? I don’t think we’ll ever know from the looks of it.

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Jun 20, 2012

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Zetman episode 12

Oh the madness, the chaos, the insane epicness… Thank god Zetman never took a break. Zetman has been given a certain rating, but I honestly think that it doesn’t do the show any justice. I would’ve given this at least an eight, at the very least!

Everything was so dark and chaotic, I absolutely loved it! Kouga had finally released the limiter on his suit, also known as Alphas. This did him more wrong than good. He can no longer think rationally. It had gotten to the point where he shot both of his parents in the blink of an eye. It was absolute madness. I guess that mad scientist got his wish after all. He wanted to see how Kouga killed his own father for all the things he had done. Mind you, I loved to see how that crazy old man died. He was a horrible father and an even worse human being. He even ordered his men to kill his own son.

Everything was going to hell and Jin and Kouga were the only ones capable of stopping the Players from destroying and killing any further. That’s when Seiji threw him the Crimson Stake, the stake that was made from the red stone, and told him to stick that in his chest. Jin told Kouga to be ready in case he turned evil as he prepared for the worst whilst shoving that stake right in there. It was really awesome to see Jin’s complete form at last. Too bad that it was part of Seiji’s plans all along. You see, Players regress in the presence of Jin, but that was amplified when Jin became complete, which means that the Players are now stronger than ever and unable to stop themselves from regressing any further.

I was actually surprised when I saw Hanako transform into a Player as well. This changes things completely. How the hell is Jin supposed to fight Hanako, the girl with whom he planned to start a family? That just goes to show that Seiji really thought things through. But Hanako has to be a special case though. She didn’t regress when she used to be with Jin. She only changed when he became complete, so there may be a way of stopping her without having to kill her. Oh man, I can hardly wait to see the final episode!

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Jun 13, 2012

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Zetman episode 11

Oh god, the chaos, the mayhem… It’s going down hard in Zetman. I love it! So many more complications, deaths and problems popped up during this episode. I have no idea where to start. The only problem is that the next two episodes will be the last. It does have a flipside though, for it will allow me to finally read the manga.

This episode revolved mainly around Kouga and his hellish struggle to obtain power. I wouldn’t say he tried to obtain power as much as he tried to ensure his little sister’s safety, even though she was safe with Jin’s “aunty”. There was so much death and betrayal in this episode, absolutely unreal. Kouga had to endure as countless of girls got killed before his very eyes, until he finally stood face to face with that mad scientist and his mutant son. He told him about how his father was behind the creation of players and how he used them as mere playthings, and that it got out of hands and left them as well as his employee’s to die down there.

Seriously, I thought it couldn’t get any worse, when suddenly Hayami, the man who helped build Alphas, Kouga’s suit, suddenly appears to come to that madman’s aid. Kouga was shocked, as is only to be expected in such a situation. However, things soon got out of hand when Kouga got a hold of his weapon, killed the bug that was controlling the hostage and shot pretty much everyone and everything in sight. That player died due to a beautiful headshot, that mad scientist got shot to death as well and even Hayami got a full load afterwards. The way Kouga handled that situation was absolutely epic. I guess he’s not all talk after all.

So now the time has come, huh? Kouga has somehow mature, being fully prepared to sacrifice his body in order to use Alphas’ full potential. Jin has joined the party as well, also fully prepared to go to extreme lengths to stop Seiji and his followers from doing whatever they want. I must say that watching Zetman has been an absolute delight, and that I can hardly wait to see the final two episodes. I had high hopes for Zetman, ever since I read about it, but it turned out to be so much better. Make me proud to be an anime fan, Japan!

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Jun 6, 2012

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Zetman episode 10

Ahh~ just a couple of weeks left until I can finally start reading the Zetman manga. You know, I never was that big a fan of manga, but I’m really starting to enjoy it. I’ve read several manga’s already, plus I’m following a few on-going ones, and I must say that I’m really enjoying it.

Allow me to start this post off by saying that I’m pretty shocked to see how fast Jin and his new girlfriend are moving. He used to be a quiet guy that couldn’t deal with people very well, but now he has reached a point in his life where he’s in a relationship with a girl. A sexual relationship I might add. Never in a million years would I have expected him to adapt so well to social protocol. Hell, he was even talking about starting a family with that girl. Now don’t get me wrong, nobody deserves it more than those two, but can Jin even reproduce? We mustn’t forget that he was created by human beings, so he’s not actually human.

I didn’t have much time to think about Jin and his new relationship, as I was soon distracted by the fact that the war has finally started. The war between human beings and the EVOL. They finally announced their existence and even gave a live demonstration by openly killing people. I guess the final battle is finally at hand, huh?

I wonder how they’re going to do this. Kouga is currently dealing with his sister and her abductors, Jin is current busy with his new relationship and let’s face it; the world is simply doomed without those two. They are the only ones capable of defeating the EVOL. It’s only a matter of time because those two will have to set their priorities straight, and I will definitely be watching when that happens!

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May 30, 2012

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Zetman episode 09

Oh, wow. What an epic episode this was. I was planning on making a big fuss out of it, but I’ve decided to keep it short and simple. I usually tend to go on for too long about all sorts of unimportant stuff when I’m excited. Sorry about that.

The story continues as we see how Seiji’s men use their transformation abilities to infiltrate the Amagi mansion and fool Konoha into giving them Jin’s pendant, the same pendant that his ‘grandfather’ left him. It was an easy win for Seiji and his men. This means that Jin can no longer become complete. He needs that red stone in order to obtain his complete form; the red Zet.

This entire episode revolved around betrayal, lies and friendship. Jin now knows who his true friends are. That’s something that cannot be forgotten. The question is; is that guy, “master”, a friend or a foe? He claimed to help Jin on his quest to take down Seiji, seeing as Seiji, despite having a higher rank in the EVOL change, has become a serious threat that he cannot defeat alone, apparently.

It isn’t all bad though. Sure, one of those scientists lost their lives during the attack on the Amagi mansion, but everyone else survived. Well, that and the fact that Jin and Hanako have officially become a couple. That was really, really great to see. Both of them deserve it. They have had a lot of hardships in the past, so it’s time to make a few good memories, don’t you think?

I know that the episode wasn’t all negative, but things will only get worse from here on out. Jin now has a girlfriend, yet another person that he has to protect at all cost. Kouga now needs to deal with that psychopathic old man that seems to have captured his little sister. And I’m sure that Kouga’s grandfather will soon have to deal with Kouga’s father. It’s not all that surprising. Kouga’s father doesn’t care as much about his family as he does about his company, and he’s clearly willing to do anything in order to keep things from going south. The next episode will be awesome, I just know it.

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May 23, 2012

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Zetman episode 08

Now this was quite the dramatic episode, just the way I like it. Still, a few more complications arose though. Jin will have to draw the line at some point, but when? It has gotten to a point where the EVOL know about his loved ones, so what’s the point in keeping them at a distance? It’s all very strange.

Everyone was finally recuperating after last week’s EVOL attack. Kouga managed to save his sister and Jin managed to save his new girlfriend. Who would’ve known? He didn’t actually do a thing, and yet he has a girlfriend now. At first people were making fun of them, calling them a couple and whatnot, but neither of them denied it. Poor Jin, that’s yet another troublesome girl that he has to deal with now.

Meanwhile Kouga insisted that his grandfather told him everything about EVOL, Jin and where they both came from. I thought that Kouga would become a little bit distant after he heard the truth, but his attitude towards Jin hasn’t changed at all, even though his eyes are finally open now. I guess he might just be a valuable ally after all, but he has to ditch those ridiculous ‘hero-wannabe’ lines.

I’ve seen this episode and one specific thing came to mind; Kouga’s father has to die. That man is a walking time bomb that can go off at any moment. He doesn’t care about the people. He just cares about protecting himself and his company, and he’s willing to kill a lot of people to achieve that, despite the fact that Jin and his son are fighting against the monsters that he and his company created. I would’ve killed him a long time ago if I were Jin. I mean, what’s the point of his survival at this point? Also, why doesn’t Kouga’s grandfather, the one guy that has been spending a future so that Jin can finish those EVOL, do anything about his son?

I thought that I had seen it all, but that’s when we got to see Kanzaki, Jin’s late grandfather. I was a little bit disgusted by what they did to him; preserving his head just to keep his brain alive as some sort of human databank. That’s just sick. Jin put him out of his misery, which was a humane thing to do, but I’m disappointed in the fact that he didn’t actually say anything about it. They violated Kanzaki’s human rights and turned him into a human machine…. I definitely would’ve kicked some ass. Oh well, the next episode will be even more interesting if I am to believe this week’s ending.

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May 16, 2012

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Zetman episode 07

What a complicated episode this was. It’s amazing how much more interesting Zetman is getting. It is getting harder and harder not to read the manga, but I just don’t want to spoil it for myself. Also, I’m pretty sure my reviews will suffer because of it. I might accidently give away too much information.

Well, the fights continued as Jin finally obtained a (temporary) new power as the red ZET. He was clearly superior to most of those EVOL’s, which is good, but it seems that Seiji is still not within in his reach. He needs to get a lot stronger before going up against a strong EVOL like Seiji, let alone his superiors. I think I figured it out too. I think he needs that necklace, the one that Konoha was going to give back to him, to fully complete the ZET transformation. What else could it possibly be? After all, it’s something that his ‘grandfather’ left behind for him, and something that he wanted Jin to keep with him at all times.

Don’t get me wrong here; Jin was very strong during this episode, but it just isn’t enough. He managed to destroy those two EVOL’s (with the help of Kouga), sure. But those were just two of the weaker EVOL’s. How will Jin fare against stronger ones? He has become white again, even though his completion rate hasn’t dropped one bit. That’s pretty strange. I don’t actually think it’s a good sign to be honest. Jin needs that necklace.

Anyway, the episode was really good. Jin and Kouga saved the day, none of their friends and/or family died, and Jin has a new friend for life now. Hanako was so thankful that he came to save her. They actually wanted to rape her, lol. It seems that even EVOL have basic carnal desires. I bet a lot of the fans were ecstatic to see that 6-second scene of mild nudity, hehe.

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May 9, 2012

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Zetman episode 06

Wow, what an episode. I had no idea that things would progress so fast, based on what I’ve heard about the manga. And yes, I’m keeping in mind that this anime only has thirteen episodes. It still proved to be quite the amazing episode though, kudos.

The battle rages on in Zetman as Jin is right in the middle of it all. He has to save his friends, his soon-to-be girlfriend, and insure that he doesn’t lose focus of what’s important here. My god, I can’t imagine what would be on his mind at such a time. Transforming into ZET wasn’t exactly an option, seeing as he chose not to bring his gum with him, so his powers were very limited. His powers only increased when he was hurt, in danger or otherwise motived to save someone. You know the routine; the stronger his emotions get, the stronger he gets. That is one of the very few things in superpower anime that remained unchanged during the years.

Anyway, things looked bad, even with Kouga and his new toy on the scene. Jin was in need of power in order to save his precious friends, and that’s where Seiji came in. He pierced Jin’s chest with a stake that contained parts of that mysterious ring he saw, which allowed Jin to transform into ZET. Not only did he transform, he actually transformed into the completed ZET, the red ZET. I’m not sure if this is for a limited amount of time only or of he’s actually complete now, but I’m really happy either way. I think that goes for most of the Zetman fans.

This was truly a great episode. We found out how many great friends Jin has, showing us that he’s not alone, that he has women in his life that like him, and that he has the determination and courage to accept his role as ZET to protect humanity from the evil that we have come to know as Evol. It’s because of amazing shows like these that make me forget all about bitter disappointments like that NarutoSD spinoff or AKB0048.

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