Mar 30, 2013

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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 24

Do you see, Japan? This is how it’s done. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but this is what an ending looks like! There are no complications, no loose ends, no ridiculous side stories and not a single boring scene. This is simply one for the books.

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 24 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.27_[2013.03.29_23.07.03]First of all; I’m kind of disappointed that Yoshino didn’t sustain more of an injury. They made such a big fuss over it, plus his face looked as though he might die. That’s just wrong, people. At least give him a more severe wound, one where he might die if he didn’t receive medical attention within a minute or ten. A bullet to the arm won’t kill a guy that easily.

Still, that all passed as soon as I laid eyes on that shiny sword that came to Megumu’s aid at the very last minute. A bit cheesy, but I’ll let it slide this time. I just wished there was a bigger impact. He just swung that thing towards that tree and that was all she wrote. At least make it seem harder, make him actually fight for it, you know?

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 24 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.53_[2013.03.29_23.07.42]Oh well, I’m satisfied either way. Everyone lost their magical abilities now that the trees are gone, Mahiro and Yoshino finally got to see Aika’s farewell message and Hakaze gets to live a normal, magic-free life with Yoshino by her side. Again; kind of cheesy, but this, too, I will let slide. I’m really happy by how things ended and that’s all that really matters. The only thing I would’ve changed was Megumu’s victory scene; it just seemed way too easy after he obtained that sword. One swing and poof, the tree was no more. Thank you for a lot of great times, Zetsuen no Tempest.

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Mar 23, 2013

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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 23

Kotoura-san will continue to disappointed, but Zetsuen no Tempest just keeps getting better and better. May god bless you, author(s) behind Zetsuen no Tempest! I definitely would not mind to see another season of this.

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 23 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.21_[2013.03.22_23.42.30]The episode started out pretty good… Mahiro and Yoshino both decided to be part of the final battle. They wanted to contribute in their own way, even though they were dragged into this mess in the first place. They know that they only put themselves in danger and that they may get in the way of victory, but they wanted to help no matter what. Very commendable indeed!

It caught my eye that Hakaze and the rest of her clan may soon have to find a way to live without magic. There’s a very good chance, if you believe the theory, that their ability to use magic may disappear along with the tree they’re trying to destroy.  It’s amazing what they’re willing to sacrifice for the sake of others.

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 23 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.56_[2013.03.22_23.43.46]I’m truly looking forward to next week’s episode. Not because Yoshino got shot at the end and that I want to know if he survives or not, because I know he will, but I want to know if they Hakaze and the rest actually lose the ability to use magic. Besides, there are still a few things that are left uncovered. One thing’s certain; Yoshino will survive and he probably won’t end up with Hakaze, even though Hakaze will continue to follow him around as though there’s honey on his ass. Mahiro, as you might as well guess, will probably end up alone for the time being.

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Mar 16, 2013

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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 22

Things just went way too easily, didn’t it? I thought that there was going to be a lot more drama, a lot more arguing and a way bigger struggle. Things have never gone this easy in this show, never. There has always been doubt or some kind of struggle.

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 22 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.59_[2013.03.15_23.11.09]I was excited. I sat down in my chair with a few mini pizzas and fired up the episode. It started out right; Hakaze was retrieving the letters that Aika left her in order to prepare to tell Mahiro and Yoshino the truth about what happened. You’d think that there was going to be a huge, doubt-filled argument after all that’s happened so far.

So what happened? Hakaze sat everyone down and gently told her story, showed them the letter and apologized (kind of). I was waiting for it. I was waiting for Mahiro to jump up and raise hell. That’s why I was completely shocked when Mahiro didn’t even raise his voice. That’s why I was completely shocked when Yoshino didn’t ask anything else. They both just accepted.

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 22 [720p].mkv_snapshot_22.23_[2013.03.15_23.12.59]Yeah, I was definitely shocked and disappointed. The only one that raised hell was the guy you’d least expect, but I suppose it’s always like that. Megumu, the biggest coward in the show thus far, went completely crazy when he saw how calm those two were. I cheered as he continuously drove his fist into their faces.

The final two episodes will show their final struggle as they try to take down that evil tree with the help of Megumu, whose power exceeds logic. It’s kind of ironic that the weakest, strangest character suddenly becomes the key to saving the world from that reset. We roughly know what’ll happen, we roughly know how, so how are they going to make things interesting? I wonder…

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Mar 9, 2013

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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 21

W-w-what!? Really? Only in Zetsuen no Tempest do you see things like these. I mean, really, another twist in the middle of a twist? Really? That is amazing. It was pretty boring at first. It was new, contained a lot of ridiculous theories and it was pretty farfetched. Look at it now… It’s awesome!

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 21 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.33_[2013.03.08_23.33.18]We know that Aika turned out to be the Mage of Exodus, we do. It soon took another turn when Aika, although the Mage of Exodus, wasn’t interesting in fighting Hakaze, the princess and Mage of Genesis. Rather, she was a lot more composed than Hakaze, even when she heard that she was going to die in a few hours.

How did this happen? I thought that it was Hakaze’s job to kill the Mage of Exodus? Did I miss something? The roles switched. Aika was ready to die and Hakaze didn’t want her to. She even tried to stop her from going, but failed when Aika proved to be too strong for her. Aika really loved Yoshino and Mahiro. She loved them to the point where she was willing to sacrifice her live so that they could continue theirs.

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 21 [720p].mkv_snapshot_16.17_[2013.03.08_23.35.54]I swear, if Kotoura-san had even half of this drama then the ratings wouldn’t be dropping. That’s why I love Zetsuen no Tempest. The only thing that I would change would be Hakaze’s indecisive personality. She thinks that she knows what she wants, but she tends to change her mind in the heat of the moment. That’s just silly.

Also, why is it that Hakaze doesn’t just rush back to the future to tell Yoshino and Mahiro what really happened to Aika. I’m pretty sure that they’re dying to know by now. The question is; will they really believe the story? I suppose they might if Hakaze shows them Aika’s suicide letter, providing those two can recognize her handwriting. Hurry up time, I need to know what happens!

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Mar 2, 2013

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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 20

W-w-whaaat!? How in the hell could I not see this coming? The twist in this episode was absolutely incredible. I didn’t even calculate this twist in my theories. Hell, I didn’t even think of it as a possible option. Zetsuen no Tempest, well done!

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 20 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.00_[2013.03.01_23.01.22]The episode starts out normally like any other. The characters were discussing their future plans, thinking about on how it all started and working on new (logical) theories. I didn’t expect much, although I was pretty darn interesting in Hakaze’s idea to travel true time again. She decided to go back to that island, find the object that her brother left here there in case of an emergency and use that object to get off that island. It’s quite the interesting idea and, based on what I’ve seen before in Zetsuen no Tempest, very possible. I cannot believe I said that, but I’m definitely not taking it back.

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 20 [720p].mkv_snapshot_22.23_[2013.03.01_23.02.30]Hakaze managed to transport herself to the past once more. She had a month before Aika’s death, so getting there in time should be a piece of cake for her. I didn’t really think about that part. Hakaze can use magic to travel a lot faster, so of course she’s going to make it in time. That was never an issue, even though she needs to sacrifice something in order to invoke the magic.

However, finding Aika’s killer took a strange turn when the killer turned out to be Hakaze after all. That was not all that surprising. The surprising bit was when Aika turned out be the Mage of Exodus, which in turn justifies Hakaze for killing her. The question is; will Mahiro and Yoshino accept this when and if Hakaze tells them the truth? I honestly can’t wait to find out! I need more!

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Feb 23, 2013

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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 19

I feel betrayed. I truly feel betrayed by this episode. I can’t begin to explain how I was looking forward to this, only to find out that it was the exact opposite of what I wanted to see. It feels as though the animators shoved their fists up my ass, moved it all the way up, grabbed my heart and yanked it out in one swift pull. Thank you, Japan! At least use some lubricant next time!

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 19 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.03_[2013.02.22_22.29.16]Everyone is aware of the situation revolving Mahiro’s sister Aika. She was killed and nobody knows who did it or why. This led to a hunt eighteen week hunt (and still rising). Now, we have Mahiro, a guy that was in love with his sister but wasn’t actually aware of it, plus we have Yoshino, the guy that secretly dated Mahiro’s sister. What do you think will happened when Mahiro finds out the truth, that his best friend was the one that dated his sister behind his back? Any normal guy would’ve assumed that he would go crazy and try to beat the living daylights out of Mahiro. Yes, I definitely assumed that. Some things are stronger than friendship.

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 19 [720p].mkv_snapshot_12.58_[2013.02.22_22.29.50]I thought that the two would fight, after which it turned out that Yoshino was a Mage of Exodus, too. That’s kind of what I hoped would happen this week. What happened? The two remained calm, talked it out and walked back home together. What in the name of holy hell? Is that what we’ve been waiting for? Really? F*ck off!

I’m tired of writing this post. I’m way too agitated. The only thing that makes me want to watch next week’s episode is Hakaze. She suddenly became a lot more open about her feelings for Yoshino. Hell, she pretty much made it very clear in front of everybody that Yoshino is hers and hers alone. I’ll be honest, I’m kind of happy about that. Why shouldn’t she go for it? I’ll be waiting, for now.

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Feb 16, 2013

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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 18

I love how the story in Zetsuen no Tempest got a lot more dramatic. No more nonsense theories about logical and illogical solutions to the most ridiculous problems. I’m really glad we got passed that, because I feel good about the way things are going right now.

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 18 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.53_[2013.02.15_23.37.53]Things are going to be a lot more dramatic now that the cat’s out of the bag. Yoshino told Hakaze about his ‘real’ girlfriend and Megumu explained to the idiotic threesome that Aika was indeed Yoshino’s girlfriend, although Mahiro seems to think differently. He is still not sure if it’s true or not. He thinks that they weren’t a couple at all, seeing as Aika treated him as garbage whenever he was around. Maybe he realized that it was all a show they put on when he was there to watch, maybe he thinks they were on bad terms after all. He wants to speak to Yoshino and Yoshino wants to speak to him, so that promises to be quite the entertaining scene.

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 18 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.25_[2013.02.15_23.39.25]I also noticed that Yoshino has Hakaze in his pocket. He now has her heart as well as her guilt-filled head. She fell in love with him some time ago, plus now she feels responsible for what happened to his girlfriend. She thinks she was killed by the Tree of Genesis that tried to ensure Hakaze’s safety, and that gives Yoshino a lot of power in the form of a girl that would do anything for him right now.

I must admit that I had my doubts about this show at first, but this episode blew all of that away. I, too, started to think that Yoshino might be a Mage of Exodus. His actions no longer seem random. It’s as though he’s planned it all. He always manages to explain himself at just the right times. Coincidence? I highly doubt it.

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Feb 9, 2013

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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 17

This definitely isn’t just my imagination. Zetsuen no Tempest is definitely starting to lean towards comedy. Unacceptable! A slight hint of dry comedy was fine, just like in the beginning, but the comedy is slowly starting to take over the entire show. Stop it!

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 17 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.14_[2013.02.08_23.08.08]The beginning started out right. Those government officials are having a tough time dealing with the Mage of Exodus. He, Megumu, self-proclaimed mage of Exodus, spent most of his time traveling and making trees disappear in front of large audiences. We all know that it’s just a cover to keep people satisfied for the time being. We all know that there’s a lot more going on in the background. We all know that they’re currently still searching for the real Mage of Exodus, as they all believe that Megumu, even though he clearly has the power, is not the one. He, from what I understand, does not possess the mind-set of the Mage of Exodus. That’s what made Yoshino a target in the first place.

[HorribleSubs] Zetsuen no Tempest - 17 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.30_[2013.02.08_23.08.49]As I said; the beginning was fine. Everyone was busy doing their thing, but it soon went downhill when Yoshino and Hakaze had a bit of time for themselves. Those two should not be alone. Hakaze starts acting like an idiot, and that’s when the show starts leaning too much towards comedy. Just stick with dramatic action, please.

I’m not worried though. Yoshino’s little secret is finally out. Megumu spoke his mind on the matter, proving once and for all that those guys over there are all idiots. And Yoshino is telling Hakaze himself, so everyone knows now. It’s about time. This should get rid of the comedy and bring back the action, right? I’m really hoping I’m right…

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