Jan 17, 2012

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Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 02

It’s here again! I’ve been waiting for this episode ever since Ano Natsu de Matteru turned out to be pretty good. The plot summary didn’t seem like anything special, but the first episode sure left me wanting more. You know, that character Remon sort of reminds me of Taiga from Toradora! I cannot help but see a slight resemblance between those two characters.

So the story continues with everyone recuperating from that unfortunate incident. Nanami, kaito’s sister, still couldn’t believe what happened and kept fainting, while Kanna was jealous beyond belief. She thought that her man was about to be taken from her by some unknown girl from a foreign country. I can’t entirely blame her, but it’s not exactly first come, first serve, at least not with me anyway.

The four of them sat down and talked things over. It’s a good thing that those people were slow, because Ichika was slowly leaking vital information about her home planet, her real situation and her real reason for being on planet earth. Hell, those people probably wouldn’t have believed her anyway, so she’s not exactly in any real danger. Anyway, their conversation ended up in Ichika staying at the Kirishima household under the agreement that she helps out around the house.

This did not fall well with Kanna. It showed when Kaito walked her home. She was really anxious and wanted to know what his plans are. Kanna even ended up telling the rest of the club about the current situation, resulting in them coming over to kaito’s house the very next day for their “club meeting”.

I don’t know why, but Remon, who slightly resembles Taiga from Toradora! In looks as well as in character, decided to bring something to drink with her. The club, not knowing that those beverages contained alcohol, gulped gallons of that stuff down, resulting in them getting drunk. Remon didn’t stop there, she decided to play all sorts of games, making everyone say and do things that neither of them normally would.

That Remon is truly diabolical. Still, not much came out of it, except some good video graphic material of a few drunken teenagers. It’s a good thing that Kaito was drunk though, that strange pattern started to show again on his forehead. Ichika noticed it and called her alien companion for help in order to cure it with just one kiss on the forehead.

It was quite the interesting episode. I’m still not sure what happened when Ichika first landed though; did she accidently kill Kaito? And what about those strange spots that keep appearing randomly on his body? I can’t wait to find out more!

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