Jan 24, 2012

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Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 03

I’ve been waiting for this episode. Well, I’ve actually been waiting for the new Bakuman episode, but Ano Natsu de Matteru will do just fine. I’ll be keeping my eye on Lemon a little bit, as I can’t help but think of Taiga when I see that character.

So the episode starts with everyone overreacting because of what may or may not have happened last night. What do we know? Well, first; they were all drunk, thanks to Lemon. Second; they were playing ridiculous and daring games, thanks to Lemon. Third; there may or may not have been an incident where Kaito was shot down by Ichika, partially thanks to Lemon. Noticed how Lemon’s name keeps appearing?

So they got drunk, who cares? They didn’t anything stupid, so life goes on. Unfortunately; those kids do not have my mentality, which is why they all decided to go to Kaito’s house again. But plans soon changed as Kaito’s stupid little daydreams got to him. What was supposed to be a simple visit, just like yesterday, has now turned into Lemon, Tetsurou and Mio following Kaito and Kanna, while Ichika tries to follow them all.

So what? Some people like going to the movies, some like doing karaoke and others like following other classmates. It takes all sorts to make a world, you know? But things soon started looking like a date, as Kanna and Kaito were doing everything that made them look like a couple. Also, I’m not sure that the story is behind Kanna and Tetsurou, but Mio insists that Tetsurou stops before he gets hurt again. I sense yet another love polygon coming on.

This whole episode was just one big misunderstanding. It’s a good thing that Lemon followed Kaito and Kanna so close though, otherwise she wouldn’t have been caught, and if Lemon hadn’t been caught then Kaito would never have met up with Ichika like that in order to talk it all out. Things worked out this time, although Kanna dropped the ball once again on that whole confession issue.

Quite the funny episode, as one might expect from Ano Natsu de Matteru. But I seriously sense one hell of a love polygon coming on. In my head it goes something like this; Ichika is oblivious to it all, Kaito likes Ichika, Kanna likes Kaito, Tetsurou likes Kanna, Mio then likes Tetsurou and Lemon likes voyeurism. Things are going to get busy on the love department from now on, that much is sure.

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