Feb 1, 2012

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Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 04

They subbed this week’s episode a little bit faster than usual, allowing me to watch this episode during the day. It’s too bad that these fansubbers have lives, otherwise they could’ve released the episode on an regular schedule, so that we wouldn’t have to wait for each episode.

The episode started out with Kaito and Ichika trying to pick up their lives. It was really tiresome as both of them were nervous as hell, seeing as neither of them knew what to do. Those idiots went to their friends with obvious hypothetical questions, thereby unintentionally informing their friends of the current situation. In the end nothing happened, as neither one of them would take the initiative to talk about what happened a few days ago.

Well… I can’t say that nothing happened. Kaito encountered Tetsurou’s hot ass sister on his way home. She told him to get in the car so that he could help her out with her shopping trip. Ichika saw him leaving with her and decided to follow them. They went from buying clothes, to buying lingerie where they finally ended up at Tetsurou’s house. Ichika didn’t waste any time so she decided to teleport inside to take Kaito with her. This evolved into a huge pointless discussion until Tetsurou came home to clarify things.

It seems that Tetsurou’s sister had yet another fight with her spouse. Yes, she’s married, give up guys! That piece of information changed the whole scenario, as Ichika finally returned to normal, or as normal as she can get. Still, it was obvious that Ichika had feelings for Kaito, she discovered that too. She was angry when she saw him with another woman, she was even angrier when he refused to leave and she told him to shut up every time he tried to explain.

I really enjoyed this week’s episode. It was hard not to laugh as Kaito was being dominated by those two women. I really hope to see more of Tetsurou’s sister, because I loved to see her and Ichika fight over nothing. Putting all that aside; I don’t think Tetsurou is walking the right path, I mean… he claims he doesn’t like Kanna, but he clearly does. How much longer could that idiot possibly keep up that idiotic charade? Oh well… their summer break is about to begin, which means the real story is too. Please hurry up with Ano Natsu de Matteru!

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