Feb 8, 2012

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Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 05

They weren’t kidding with the name Ano Natsu de Matteru. The story got a huge boost during this episode, seeing as a lot of things have happened. This was definitely a must-see episode. The only thing wrong with this episode is that it only lasted twenty minutes.

The story continues as their summer vacation has just started. Naturally they all come together in order to shoot a film, after all; they are the film club. Tetsurou played some character from Men in Black while Ichika played the role of the alien. I’m sure she loved the irony, god knows I did. It was a very confusing and strange script. The only good lines came out of Ichika’s mouth, the rest was absolutely nonsense. Why you ask? Remon wrote it, enough said.

Ichika and Kaito were getting a lot of alone time, and Kanna took notice of that. She wasn’t pleased to see him hang around with her so much. Jealousy truly is a green-eyed monster. It’s a vicious circle of love they find themselves in, and eventually people will get hurt by it. I’m not sure why Tetsurou helps Kanna and Kaito so much, seeing as he’s the one that likes Kanna. Idiot will only end up hurting himself.

Anyway, the day came to an end and they all went home. Kanna, due to circumstances beyond her control, ended up at Kaito’s house. Things got a little awkward for her when Kaito only paid attention to Ichika. She started asking all sorts of questions and whatnot, but she ended up asking the one question that caught all of their attention. “So Ichika, when exactly are you going home?” she asked, after which it got a little quiet. Sure, she regretted having asked that, but it was a pretty valid question. It sure got Kaito thinking.

You’d think that the episode was pretty much over, but no! Kanna encountered Tetsurou while walking home, only to tell him what happened. There he tells her that he knew about her feelings for Kaito, after which Kanna tells him even more. This resulted in Tetsurou paying an unexpected visit to Kaito in the middle of the night, telling him in secret that Kanna is actually in love with him. He was shocked, and so was Ichika, seeing as she was listening in on their conversation. If all the anime I’ve watched up until have taught me anything, it’s that the next episode is going to be a whole lot of fun to watch.

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