Sep 6, 2011

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Ao no Exorcist episode 21

This episode really got me agitated. It’s that damned Paladin, he really pisses me off.

This episode is the continuation of the previous one and revolves around Professor Neuhaus’ injured wife. She ended up in Shiemi’s garden. Shiemi decided to take her in and help her. But she didn’t know that everyone was looking for that woman. Rin, after heading out to look for her, got called by Shiemi and asked if he could come to her garden to help her with the woman. Rin agreed to go, only to find out that the woman Shiemi was talking about, was none other than Professor Neuhaus’ wife. Rin wanted to dispose of her but Shiemi wouldn’t allow it. Shiemi convinced Rin to leave her alone, for now.

This is where things go bad. An army of exorcists, led by the Paladin, suddenly shows up at Shiemi’s doorstep, wanting to kill that woman. Shiemi and Rin wouldn’t allow it. But the exorcists and that Paladin were hell bend on killing her. Rin deflected the attack that the paladin mounted at that woman. But shura got between them, she did not want Rin to take on the Paladin because he would only get killed. The army of exorcists were still trying to kill that women, which led to Shiemi using some sort of skill that sealed the entrance to the garden with huge roots. The Paladin and the remaining exorcists were about to attack, when suddenly the bells in the tower near them went off. This means that the Paladin and his troops were getting called back because of an emergency.

This episode made me realize one important thing. The organization behind the exorcists is no better than Satan at this point. They tried to kill innocent people and invaded Shiemi’s garden without her permission. They even held her at gunpoint. This was unacceptable. I think it’s about time that Rin and his friends stood up and acted purely on their own sense of justice.

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