Sep 20, 2011

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Ao no Exorcist episode 23

I knew it. I damn well knew it! Yukio is just one big tool. He thinks he’s all that, but in the end it’s Rin who prevails. Rin is the type of guy that acts based on his own sense of justice, he has his morals, his own idea of right and wrong. Yukio on the other hand just does everything that his superiors tell him to, which makes him the perfect tool, just one small lie is enough to get his engine fired up.

In the end Yukio ended up awaking too. But, unlike Rin, he cannot control that power. In fact, after seeing the truth, he ended up getting possessed by his father, Satan. The truth being that their Mother once acted as Satan’s medium. He, at that time, meant her no harm. But their grandfather did not like that, especially after hearing that she had become pregnant with Satan’s children. He immediately ordered for her and the unborn children to be executed.

Why? Why must they be killed? They didn’t do anything wrong. Until that day Satan didn’t do anything wrong, for as far as we know, either. I understand now why Satan did what he did, I would go on a rampage too if the lives of my loved ones were in danger. Satan was just trying to find an medium that could hold his power, whilst all the exorcists were busy slaughtering his kind.

Their grandfather ended up opening a gateway to Gehenna alright, but it would only to them wrong. They opened up a path where demons could travel to Assiah, many demons indeed, including their leader Satan. It’s up to Rin now. Rin, the same guy who all exorcists labeled their enemy because of his family tree, will have to face his father once and for all whilst battling his own demons.

I can only hope that the fools who call themselves exorcists will stay out of his way if they cannot be of any use to Rin. It’s their fault, no matter how you look at it. But on the other hand, it could’ve been Satan’s plan to impregnate their mother in order to create a perfect vessel for him, i’m still not too sure. The anime is nearing it’s end, I cannot wait for the next episode.

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