Sep 26, 2011

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Ao no Exorcist episode 24

Man, I wish I had this episode yesterday when I was tackling that bowl of ice cream. It’s a shame knowing that this anime ends next week, it definitely has to potential to go on much longer.

The time has finally come. Satan, who has taken over Yukio’s body, wants to merge Assiah and Gehenna in order for demons and humans to coexist in the same world. Goes to show that Satan is desperately trying to fulfill Yuri’s wish, that he cared for her and will do anything in order to fulfill that one wish. Sure, his methods of doing so might be wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Vatican wronged him first. I suppose it’s human nature to fear something you cannot understand, fear changes to hate and hate changes to violence.

Satan is constantly guarding the portal that connects both worlds. He plans on using it for his demonic invasion. He wants to fulfill Yuri’s wish, but Yuri didn’t want it like that, she wanted demons and humans to coexist peacefully, without regular occurring bloodbaths. Rin and the rest planned to use that to their advantage. Someone would distract Satan and engage him in battle, whilst the other one destroys the gate while Satan is busy.

One thing led to another and now Rin, who was supposed to destroy the gate when he had the chance, comes help Shiemi and Shura, who were about to be killed by Satan. Rin knows he can’t defeat his father, but he would be damned if he let his friends die. His only chance was to hold out against Satan while he tries to get through to Yukio. Rin keeps shouting his name, but it doesn’t seem to be working, he’s just getting beaten by Satan. Satan was just about to deliver the finishing blow when Yukio hears Rin’s calls. Rin regained consciousness and some of the control over his own body. Yukio wanted to kill Satan along with himself, in order to save his brother and the rest of the world, but Rin stopped him must in time. Rin told him to stop acting cool and to return back to normal, and that’s when Yukio gained full control over his body. Satan’s hold over him was gone, causing Satan to vanish back to the Demon world. But Satan can still destroy the world by merging Assiah and Gehenna, as the gate is still open.

The next episode will be the last, which is a shame, but it also promises to be one hell of an episode! I cannot wait to see how Rin is going to defeat his father, what Yukio is going to do and what Mephisto’s roll is in this, he just sits there in the air watching the show likes it’s a ballgame. We’ll see.

  1. Best episode of the entire anime!

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