Oct 3, 2011

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Ao no Exorcist episode 25

Ah geez, another great anime that meets its end. I really enjoyed watching this, really. I’m pretty sure that they could’ve milked quite a few more episodes out of this, but oh well…

Rin and Yukio finally fought Satan and his demon army together; it was the battle that we were all waiting for. The rest of Rin’s friends took off to fight off demons on another front with the use of their special keys. I would like to point out that I still dislike the character Angel, he’s a total tool, but I do have to admit that his attack is badass.

Rin, Yukio and Blackie, Rin’s familiar, headed towards the gate that connected both worlds. They had to destroy it as soon as possible, before it destroys the world. Riding on a demon cat’s back is hard enough, let alone having to fight of thousands of incoming enemy demons. When Rin fell and Yukio grabbed his hands, something happened, the brothers’ powers suddenly merged into this blue-flame phoenix that headed straight for the gate. The brothers finally succeeded and destroyed that damned gate, causing Satan and his followers to lose the ability to shift between worlds like that.

Everything returned back to normal; Rin went back to school with his classmates, Yukio was once again a teacher, Shura and Angel were still fighting demons as well as each other and Mephisto is still the same old sinister bastard that observes things from behind the scenes.  Seriously, he contributed nothing to this fight, absolutely nothing.

After that Yukio, after having obtained some of Satans memories when he was possessed by him, takes Rin to the place where their mother gave birth to them. He was doubtful of their existence, he wasn’t sure if this world was ready for them. But Rin spoke his mind and life went on. The two went back to the world of exorcism, but with a lot of change. Rin finally started following his own sense of justice, no more pointless killing. Every story has two sides, and he wouldn’t kill until he heard both of them.  I was very happy to have seen that, truly a great ending, bravo!

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