Aug 14, 2011

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Ao no Exorcist episode 18

Alright, so the episode started right where the last one ended. A demon bird mounted an attack on the young Rin and Izumo. Fortunately Rin and Izumo survived the attack, thanks to Yukio and his anti-demon gun.

Right after that the principle, Mephisto, called for a meeting, ordering all the exwires to go check on the barriers while the teachers look for the demon.

It turns out that the demon who attacked Rin and Izumo, is somehow connected to Konekomaru, their fellow exwire. Konekomaru, being somewhat jealous of Rin, is struggling hard not to get possessed by that demon. Unfortunately Rin’s eyes are not fooled, he spotted the demon inside Konekomaru right away. Rin, only doing what he’s supposed to do, tries to exorcise the demon by force, but his fellow exwires wouldn’t allow it.

This is a clear case of mistrust. Due to Rin’s origin, nobody will even consider trusting him. Like I said before, the only ones he can trust at this point are Shiemi and Izumo.

Later on Konekomaru loses control and gets taken over by the demon, once again mounting it’s attack on Rin. After a short struggle, that almost cost Rin his life, Konekomaru once again regained his consciousness and decided to trust Rin for once. Konekomaru parted with the demon, jumping down into Rin’s arms after which Rin finished off the demon.

Now it seems that the demon managed to infiltrate the school in the first place because someone used Mephisto’s keys to get passed the barriers. Personally, I think it’s all Mephisto’s doing. I think he’s testing out Rin, trying to see what he’s capable of doing.

Anyway, it all ends well this time. Rin once again gained a friend who trusts him, everyone is safe and Yukio still hasn’t been overpowered by the demon within.

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