Aug 13, 2013

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Ao no Exorcist Movie

I have to make up for the fact that there’s no Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S this week, so I decided to write a short post about the Ao no Exorcist movie. This is truly one of the pieces that deserves another season.

[Hatsuyuki]_Ao_no_Exorcist_The_Movie_v2_[10bit][BD][720p_h264_AAC][D87B49FF].mkv_snapshot_00.41.41_[2013.08.12_20.16.18]Before I go ranting on about the possibility of a second season or the fact that they’re considering it, I’ll just go and say this before I continue; this movie was disappointing. I fired up the movie with a certain mind-set, expecting to see certain things. I’m pretty sure my expectations weren’t that high this time, so that can’t be it.

This episode revolved almost entirely around this little demon and his meddlesome powers. You’d think that the situation would get so complicated that the exorcists would have no other choice but to act. Did that happened though? Not really. This movie could almost be called a funny spin-off if you ask me.

[Hatsuyuki]_Ao_no_Exorcist_The_Movie_v2_[10bit][BD][720p_h264_AAC][D87B49FF].mkv_snapshot_00.55.58_[2013.08.12_20.16.36]The fact of the matter is; both Rin and Yukio barely used any of their demonic powers. You’d think that you would get to see a lot of action, a lot of demonic transformations and attacks, but no… Yukio stuck to his gun and Rin unsheathed that blade of his about three or four times throughout the movie. That is utterly disappointing, especially if you consider that those two characters are the big stars in this story. You’d want to see more, you’d want to learn more about them and their powers, and you’d probably want to see more than you see in a regular episode, because this was rather embarrassing.

[Hatsuyuki]_Ao_no_Exorcist_The_Movie_v2_[10bit][BD][720p_h264_AAC][D87B49FF].mkv_snapshot_01.02.32_[2013.08.12_20.16.52]That’s right, I said it; your average Ao no Exorcist probably contains an equal amount of action if you compare it to this movie. This movie, if you ask me, was more about trying to build up suspense, storytelling and comedy. The story was fine, the suspense was practically non-existent and the comedy was lame. It truly lacked action.

This movie could’ve been so much better if Rin and Yukio were more involved. Having Rin babysit a little demon that eats memories is kind of lame in the long run. At least make him transform when the city was being overrun by demons. I can only hope for a second season at this point. Don’t bother making another movie if it’s going to be of the same quality as this one.

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