Jul 5, 2015

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Aoharu x Kikanjuu

This is going to be a tough one… I feel as though this is one of those shows that will interest me for the first few weeks before I get tired of it and gradually stop watching. I guess the first episode didn’t really “wow” me in the end.

Aoharu x KikanjuuI have very little complaints about the artwork though. I like the fact that we’ve got such a boyish heroine. It never occurred to me that Hotaru was a girl until it was mentioned by her friend. That was pretty cool.

But hey, it’s one of those shows about toy guns and about fanatic characters that like playing with them. The first episode was nice, but like I said; I feel that I’m going to lose interesting after a few episodes.

This will be something for you to check out. I don’t think it’s anything special but I certainly don’t dislike it. If they manage to keep things interesting then it’ll definitely be worth watching.

Plot Summary: Hotaru Tachibana is a girl disguised as a boy. Through strange circumstances she finds herself drawn into the world of survival games by a host, Masamune Matsuoka. The two form a team with ero-manga artist Tohru Yukimura and aim to be the be the best in Japan.

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